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									Application Due:             Tuesday, September 14, 2004 (Postmark)

Workshop:                    Tuesday, August 10, 2004 at 7:00 p.m.
at the Ford Amphitheatre

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The Los Angeles County Arts Commission operates the John Anson Ford Theatres, a
Los Angeles County regional park facility which includes the 1,240 seat Ford
Amphitheatre and a smaller 87 seat [Inside] the Ford Theatre. The Ford Amphitheatre
summer season is a multi-disciplinary performance series running from May through
October. The core of the season is comprised of productions that are part of the Ford
Amphitheatre Summer Partnership Program – partnerships between the Arts
Commission and professional arts organizations in Los Angeles County. Leased events
produced by other community organizations and independent promoters, as well as
events presented by the Ford Theatre Foundation, round out the season’s offerings. A
listing of the 2004 season can be found on the website or a
brochure of the 2004 season can be requested by calling (323) 856-5793.

The goals of the Ford Amphitheatre Summer Partnership Program are to:

   Support Los Angeles County resident arts organizations by assisting them to
    successfully present performances in a 1,240-seat amphitheatre. Success is
    measured by artistic achievement, increased exposure for the organization,
    organizational growth, and financial return;

   Continue to build an identity for the John Anson Ford Theatres as a home for
    exciting arts events;

   Develop new audiences for the partner arts organizations, John Anson Ford
    Theatres and the larger Los Angeles County performing arts community.

To accomplish these goals, the Arts Commission provides significant presentation
support to participating arts organizations which, in turn, provide the residents of Los
Angeles County with a rich cultural sampling of performing arts of the region.

1) Under the Ford Amphitheatre Summer Partnership Program, the Arts
   Commission is interested in receiving proposals for:

      Performing Arts Performances: These are typically two-hour (or longer)
       evening events that are geared for adults or families with older children.
       Work may be in any performing arts discipline.

      Film Events: As the Ford is equipped with 35mm projectors and a full size
       movie screen, proposals for film screening events are also sought and will
       receive full consideration.

   Similar to a grant program, proposals for the Ford’s Summer Partnership
   program are considered on a competitive basis. Those projects accepted receive
   significant presentation support and assistance toward realization of the proposed
   project. To submit a proposal under this program, carefully read through the
   entire guidelines presented here and then complete an on-line application
   available at

2) Under the Ford Amphitheatre Rental Program, the Arts Commission is
   interested in receiving proposals for the mounting of arts and entertainment
   events at the Ford. Under this program, use of the facility is licensed on a
   straight fee schedule (note: discounted rates are available for nonprofit
   corporations). This program is typically utilized by commercial concert
   promoters, amateur performance events (e.g., dance studio recitals), or
   producers whose proposals are not accepted under the Summer Partnership
   Program. For more information on the rental program, see the Ford website at: or call the Ford
   Administrative Office at (323) 856-5793.

3) The Arts Commission is also interested in receiving proposals for the
   Big!World!Fun! Family Series. Produced by the Ford Theatre Foundation,
   Big!World!Fun! is a series of one hour long Saturday morning performances
   designed to introduce young audiences to the performing arts and world cultures.
   For this series, admission is free for children and just $5 for adults. Flat
   guarantee fees are paid to the artists featured in this program. To be considered
   for Big!World!Fun!, complete an on-line application available at and submit a promotional package to:

       Big!World!Fun! Artists Selection
       Ford Amphitheatre
       2580 Cahuenga Blvd. East
       Hollywood, CA 90068

Big!World!Fun! proposals, including promotional packages, need to be submitted to
the Ford Amphitheatre no later than Wednesday, October 13, 2004 to receive full
consideration. To receive a copy of the 2004 Big!World!Fun! brochure, or for further
information, contact the Ford Administrative Office at (323) 856-5793.
**NOTE: The rest of this document pertains specifically to the Ford
Amphitheatre Summer Partnership Program.


The Arts Commission provides substantial support to organizations selected to
participate in the Ford Amphitheatre Summer Partnership Program. The following
information itemizes some of the principal support provided by the Arts Commission
as well as key responsibilities of the organizations selected to participate in the


The Ford Amphitheatre is a 1,240 seat outdoor venue. Although greatly improved
over the past ten seasons, the Ford is a rustic outdoor theatre and should be viewed
in that light. The Ford’s entryway was renovated in 2000. It features accessible
winding paths from the box office to the amphitheatre, a waterfall, two-dozen species
of trees and plants and limited tables and chairs for picnicking.

The Ford’s small theatre, [INSIDE] THE FORD, which seats 87, is available for
activities held in conjunction with events scheduled in the amphitheatre. These
events may include pre-performance lectures, receptions, etc. An outdoor picnic
area for special receptions is also available on-site.

[Important note to companies: multi-performance proposals for use of the small
theatre during the summer season usually cannot be accommodated, as priority is
given to programming in the amphitheatre and the two venues cannot be used
simultaneously for different events. For information regarding use of the small
theatre during winter months, contact the Ford’s Administrative Office at (323)-856-


The Ford Amphitheatre has basic sound, lighting and 35mm projection packages that
are made available to producers participating in the Partnership Program at no
charge. A complete inventory of equipment is available on-line at:
The Ford also recently purchased a new stage monitor sound system that is available
for use for a nominal fee. Events combining film and live performance elements
should consult with the Ford’s Production Manager to discuss technical details of the
proposed project. Any additional equipment needed for a production will be the
financial and organizational responsibility of the Licensee. For additional technical
information about the theatre, contact Arthur Trowbridge, the Ford’s Production
Manager, at: or (323) 856-5785.


For events in the Summer Partnership Program, the County shares the inherent risk
of event producing through a licensing fee that is based on a percentage of the box
office sales instead of a flat rental fee. This fee is deducted from ticket sales at the
time of settlement with the event’s producer. As indicated below, percentages are
based on the type of producing organization and the day of the week of the
performance(s). For the Partnership Program, no additional licensing fee is charged
for rehearsal days.

              Performance Time/Day                              Licensing Fee
                                                           Non-profits  For-profits
Evening - Saturday                                            15%           25%
Evening - Friday and Sunday                                   10%           20%
Evening - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday                 5%           10%


   The Ford has a Production Manager that will work with partner organizations in
    advance of events with regard to all aspects of their technical and production
    requirements and to develop a detailed plan for their scheduled time in the

   Technical crews are scheduled for rehearsals and performances as needed, and
    are paid for by each organization. Costs for crew members are billed according
    to the following rate schedule:

Type                 First 8 hours in a     Hours over 8, but       Hours over 12 in
                     day                    less than 12, in a      a day
Stage Supervisor,    $28.00/person/hour     $42.00/person/hour      $56.00/person/hour
Sound Monitor
House Audio          $33.00/person/hour     $49.50/person/hour      $66.00/person/hour
House Master
Other Technical      $23.00/person/hour     $34.50/person/hour      $46.00/person/hour
35 mm                Call Ford Production Manager for Details (323) 856-5785

These rates apply for both rehearsal and performance days, and for set-up, rehearsal,
performance, strike and restore. Under normal circumstances, and for budgeting
purposes, event producers should plan on at least six crew members during set-up,
rehearsal, performance, strike and restore: a stage supervisor, master electrician,
audio engineer, and 3 additional crew. The Production Manager, in consultation with
the event producer, will determine exact staffing required and provide the producer
with an estimate of anticipated crew costs prior to the event. Typically crew costs for
Partnership Program events are deducted from ticket sales at the time of settlement
with the producer.

   Organizations may be allowed to use their own crew (with the prior approval of
    the Production Manager) for load-in, load-out, set-up of set, props and costume
    operation, but must use Ford Amphitheatre crew when hanging and focusing
    lights, rigging, and operating the Ford’s sound and light control consoles.

   Groups must attend at least two production/technical meetings with the
    Production Manager.

   Groups must provide a Technical Director and/or Production Manager that is
    familiar with the artistic and technical details of the event. This person must
    attend the two production/technical meetings with the Ford’s Production Manager
    and be present for all rehearsals and performances.


The Arts Commission will provide a house manager and house staff for each
performance at no additional cost to Summer Partnership Program producers. Any
additional security staff needed (as determined by the Ford’s Managing Director) will
be billed at $20 per hour. The cost for this will be deducted from ticket sales at the
time of final settlement with the producer.


Centralized box office services are provided at no cost to groups participating in the
Summer Partnership Program. The Ford’s box office has the capacity to handle
phone orders, mail-in orders, web sales and walk-up window sales (both advance
and day-of-event at-the-door sales). The on-site box office is currently operated six
days a week during the summer season (closed on Monday). Summer Partnership
groups may also consign tickets from the box office to use for their own off-site sales
and promotional activities. For additional information about the Ford’s box office
services, contact Susanna Erdos, the Ford’s Box Office Manager, at or (323) 856-5788.


Organizations participating in the Summer Partnership Program are each required to
provide a certificate of third party liability insurance in the sum of at least
$1,000,000 prior to the beginning of the summer season (i.e., no later than May 1).
This can be provided through any qualified insurer. For convenience and to aid event
producers in obtaining appropriate insurance coverage, the county has arranged with
a broker, Municipality Insurance Services, to offer a nominally priced insurance
program with pre-approved coverage and limits of liability. To receive a free
quotation through this program, call 800-420-0555 or visit the website

Organizations are also responsible for providing Workers Compensation and
Employers’ Liability Insurance for the artists, administrators and crew employed by
the organization. Automobile insurance may also be required, particularly in cases
where larger delivery vehicles will be needed.

The marketing campaign for the Ford Amphitheatre season is designed to raise
overall awareness of the venue and to promote events included in the Summer
Partnership Program. The Arts Commission will provide:

      A full season brochure and/or other discipline specific informational pieces
      A web site that includes descriptions of all events included in the summer
       partnership program, with an on-line sales mechanism to allow for internet
       sales and the capability to host audio and video promotional clips provided by
      A season press release to the region’s media announcing the season and
       including information about events included in the summer partnership
      Placement in the Ford’s electronic (e-mail) newsletter;
      Placement on the Ford’s electronic sign seen by nearly 2 million each week
      Individual event postcard mailers
      Press and marketing consultations.

Because the Ford Amphitheatre season is marketed as an entity, each organization
has primary responsibility for the marketing and public relations of its individual
event. The marketing efforts of the Arts Commission are not intended to replace,
but rather to supplement the organization’s own marketing and publicity efforts.

Each organization must have a Marketing/Public Relations staff person dedicated to
working on the proposed project, or hire a public relations firm/practitioner to
publicize its event. This staff person, or the publicist, must attend the December
introductory meeting and a marketing workshop meeting.

In addition, each participating organization shall make its mailing list available for
joint marketing efforts. The organization’s mailing list will be merged/purged against
the lists supplied by other organizations for the season brochure mailing. The
organization’s mailing list will only be used for the Ford Amphitheatre 2005 season
and will not be sold or added to the Ford’s permanent list. Participating
organizations with e-mail lists are also expected to transmit an announcement
regarding their Ford performance to their list that also offers an opportunity to sign-
up for the Ford’s electronic newsletter.

For additional information about marketing, contact Linda Chiavaroli, the Ford’s
Director of Communications, at or (323) 871-4554.


The Ford Theatre Foundation coordinates all event merchandise sales. Craft booths
and vendors, and their placement, must be approved in advance by the Ford’s
Managing Director or his designee. 25% of gross sales of on-site merchandise will
be paid to the Ford Theatre Foundation.


Before preparing its proposal for the Ford’s Summer Partnership Program, each
organization should consider the following items:

Production Expense & Budget

Organizations should budget for all production expenses, including costs of:
 Artists and Designers, including light and sound designers, etc.
 Licensing fee for use of the amphitheatre
 Producer’s Technical Director and/or Stage Manager
 Event technical crew (plan for both the Ford’s technical crew and any other crew
   needed, and for rehearsal and performance)
 Sets and costumes
 Supplemental lighting, staging and sound equipment
 Royalties
 House programs @ 1,000 for each evening performance, (note: programs may
   not be sold)
 Marketing and publicity
 Public Relations Firm/Practitioner, if organization doesn’t have dedicated
   marketing staff
 Expendables (everything from water to gaffer’s tape)
 Insurance, including liability insurance and workers compensation insurance

Exclusive Presentation

Program and artists identical to those featured at the Ford Amphitheatre may not
appear at any other site in Los Angeles County within the period three months prior
to or three months after the scheduled Ford performance. Other Los Angeles
appearances too close to the Ford appearance often lead to diminished audience
attendance and ticket sales.

Length of Runs (Suggested)

       Dance organizations should propose one performance.
       Music organizations should propose one performance program, or may propose a
        series spread over the summer.
       Theatre productions and Film Festivals can run a maximum of one week, if
        time permits.

Evaluation Criteria

The following criteria will be considered in evaluating and determining the relative
strength of proposals:

    •    Artistic excellence
    •    Suitability of proposed work or artists for a 1,240 seat outdoor venue
    •    Demonstrated financial, administrative and producing capabilities of producer
         and/or artist(s)
    •    Realistic marketing plan with an adequate budget
    •    Realistic production plan with an adequate budget
    •    How proposal will contribute to the Ford creating a diverse, interesting and
         stimulating multi-disciplinary season that reflects the diversity of the County’s
    •    Ability to work cooperatively with other organizations and production staff
As the popularity of the Summer Partnership Program has grown in recent years,
competition has increased and acceptance to the program has become more
selective. Applications should be sure to carefully address each of the above
evaluation criteria.


If appropriate, organizations should consider collaborating with others to submit a
joint proposal. For collaborative projects, the applicant should be that entity which
will have primary fiduciary responsibility for the project being proposed.


Application Deadline

Proposals must be filed electronically by Tuesday, September 14, 2004 at 5
p.m and mailed supplementary materials must be postmarked by this date.
Late, incomplete or faxed applications will not be accepted. Applicants are strongly
encouraged to attend the workshop at the Ford Amphitheatre on Tuesday, August 10
at 7:00 pm.

Application Components

Each organization must submit a complete application to be considered for the Ford
Amphitheatre 2005 Summer Partnership Program. If an organization is applying for
two or more different events, event proposals and project budgets must be
submitted for each event.

Proposals for the 2005 Summer Partnership Program are to be submitted online
through the Arts Commission’s e-grant system at:
A complete application contains the following components:

       1. An Event Proposal with an organizational profile, brief overview summary
          of the program being proposed and a preferred time frame for
          performance dates.
       2. A Project Budget showing projected income and expenses associated with
          the program.
       3. A summary of the organization’s recent past performances (2003-2004)
          and a projected schedule of upcoming performances for 2004-2005. The
          schedule should indicate venues and programs. If available, additional
          submission of a season brochure is appreciated.
       4. A Proposal Narrative (maximum of three pages — see narrative
          requirements below).
       5. A copy of the organization/artist’s standard technical rider. If available,
          the specific technical rider or requirements for the proposed program
          should be submitted.
       6. List of the Organization’s Board of Directors with occupations, if nonprofit.
       7. Complete financial statement, audited if possible, for the last completed
          fiscal year.
       8. Copy of 501(c)(3) letter, if nonprofit.
       9. Organizational History (maximum of 2 pages – see organizational history
          requirements below). *
          10. One 2003 or 2004 review. *
          11. A list of references with contact information for at least three
              venues/presenters for which the organization has performed in the past. *
          12. Sample video or cassette tape, labeled, preferably of the work proposed
              for the Ford. If music, personnel should be consistent with the proposed
              program. *
          13. Plays: if an organization is proposing presentation of a play that has not
              previously been performed in Los Angeles, include one copy of the script.

* Items 9 through 12 are not required for previous Ford participants.
New applicants must include all requested information.

Submitting the Application

Items 1, 2 and 3 are submitted on-line at Items 4
through 11 may be submitted on-line or by mail postmarked no later than Tuesday,
September 14, 2004. Artistic documentation (items 12 and 13) should be sent by
mail (postmarked) or delivered to the Ford Amphitheatre no later than Tuesday,
September 14, 2004. All submissions should clearly indicate the name of the
applicant organization and what proposal the submission is for. Mail submissions
should be sent to:

                 Ford Amphitheatre 2005 Season
                 2580 Cahuenga Blvd. East
                 Hollywood, CA 90068

Narrative Requirements

A proposal narrative (Item 4) is required for all applications.

The narrative may be a maximum of three pages, single-spaced, 12 point font or
larger. The following must be included:

   I.        A description of the proposed project. Be specific. Include repertoire,
             artists, etc. Address the issue of suitability for an outdoor venue of 1,240
             seats. If the organization is weighing two different project ideas, both
             may be addressed in the narrative as alternate project proposals. If there
             is uncertainty as to the availability of the specific artists to be presented,
             also provide information regarding what alternative plans are being
             considered and the timeframe for solidifying the commitment of artists.

   II.       A description of the proposed marketing and publicity plan with proposed
             timeline. How does the organization propose to market and publicize the
             project beyond the marketing support provided by the Arts Commission?
             How much does the organization propose to spend on marketing? Who
             will be involved in executing the marketing and publicity plan?

   III.      If the project will involve significant technical design (e.g., lighting, sound,
             set, etc.), also include a description of the proposed technical plan
             identifying key milestones with a timeline for accomplishing them.

Organizational History Requirements
Organizations which have not before participated in the Ford Summer Partnership
Program should provide a description of their organization (2 pages maximum, single
spaced, 12 point font or larger) that includes the following information: *

   Brief history;
   Artistic mission;
   Track record of successful productions;
   Fiscal and administrative stability, including number of people employed both full
    and part-time;
   Demographic description of the typical/traditional audience.

*If the applicant has participated in recent Ford Amphitheatre seasons, it does not
need to provide an organizational history unless there have been significant changes
since last participating.


October 2004
    Proposals audited and evaluated by staff to determine completeness of
     application, meeting of eligibility requirements, and fulfillment of criteria.

November 2004
   Recommendations presented to Arts Commission.
   Recommendations of the Arts Commission sent to the Board of Supervisors
     for adoption.

December 2004
    Letters sent to organizations announcing whether their proposals have been
     accepted or declined.
    Joint meeting for all companies selected to participate in the Ford Amphitheatre
     2005 season.


For any questions or other communication regarding the Ford Amphitheatre 2005
Summer Partnership Program or application process, please contact:

       Sherrill Herring, Operations Coordinator
       Telephone: 323-856-5793
       Fax: 323-464-1158

       Dave Pier, Managing Director
       Telephone: 323-856-5792
       Fax: 323-464-1158

These guidelines and on-line application forms and information about the Ford
Amphitheatre and its 2004 Summer Season can be accessed on the Ford
Amphitheatre web site:
For information on other programs of the Los Angeles County Arts Commission, visit

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