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									Honda Civics are awesome. Honda Civics rock. Having a Honda Civic will make you
a living god. Okay, that last bit is maybe overstating the case a little, but the fact is
that Honda Civic owners are universal in their praise for these automotive wonders.
Here are the reasons that Honda Civics are awesome.

The Honda Civic was originally launched in 1973, and since that date it has been one
of the highest selling compact cars in the United States. This is due to its reliability,
high level of features for its price range, great gas mileage, and impressive
performance. Along with other Honda cars, Civics is also known for their safety,
comfortable interiors and beautiful design.

What is recent Honda Civics like? First, lets hear from the experts. Consumer Guide
puts it on its Best Buy list every year, including 2010. The insurance industry almost
always puts the 4-door sedan version of the Civic on its list of Top Safety Picks,
including 2010 as well.

The newest Civic is available in a wide range of models. The three basic versions are
coupes, sedans and hatchbacks. There are different levels of these three basic versions,
ranging from top to bottom: the DX, LX, EX and Si. The Civic sedan can also be
purchased in additional packages: the DX Value, LX-S, GX and the much loved
Hybrid. All models of the Civic come with antilock brakes, full length side, and full
length front airbags.

The Civic has a strong following of fans that strictly purchase it for its performance. It
is a machine that handles extremely well, has amazing power for its size and is
extremely easy to upgrade for racing. It is one of the most popular cars for people to
modify, turning them into something you would expect from the movie The Fast and
the Furious.

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Jim Duncan is a car enthusiast who frequently writes on the automobile industry. For
more information please visit the website http://www.teamhonda.ca/.

Jim Duncan is a Honda vehicle enthusiast who frequently writes Honda bikes and
Honda cars articles. She currently owns a Honda FIT and Honda CRV. For more
information please check out http://www.teamhonda.ca/

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