Discover Ireland's stunning Causeway Coast

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					Ireland is renowned for its natural beauty, whether you're travelling around the rugged
coasts of the Republic or Northern Ireland. However, no area of the island's scenery
attracts visitors in their multitudes like the stunning Causeway Coast.

Most famous as the site of the Giant's Causeway - the beautiful, beehive-like
formation of basalt pillars stretching out to sea that has been unofficially designated
the eighth wonder of the world - travelling the length of the Causeway Coast can
reveal many more geological gems. From vast national parks offering the perfect
chance to get back to nature, to man-made marvels such as Dunluce Castle and Old
Bushmills Distillery, the northern coast of Ireland has much to offer travellers heading
out on the road.

While many points along the coast can be explored by foot, travelling in your own car
is the best way to see its myriad of sights and to get around at your leisure. Whether
you're content with a sweeping overview of the key features that can be accomplished
in a single weekend, or you prefer to spend a few more days really exploring the
nuances of the region, you'll find several excellent driving routes allowing you to
traverse the entire Causeway Coast.

If you're starting in Belfast, you can take your

Taking your time on the coastal route is certainly worth it, and you might regret
speeding through areas such as Carnfunnock Country Park, the Glens of Antrim and
the Gobbins Cliffs without paying them due attention. It's not just the natural
splendour of these regions that makes them so appealing to visitors though, as you'll
also have the chance to see many rare species of wildlife, including seabirds, in all
shapes and sizes.

Even if time isn't on your side, you should at least spend a little longer taking in the
area surrounding the Giant's Causeway, designed a UNESCO World Heritage Site,
which is located just outside of Bushmills. Your tour of the Causeway Coast can end
on a cultural note by driving into Londonderry in the west, unwinding in the
remarkable walled city and enjoying the famous Northern Irish hospitality.