Demystifying Shock Absorbers

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					Shock absorber is amongst the most popular spare parts for cars in the aftermarket for
the simple reason that it is essential not only for a smooth ride but also for the life of
the vehicle itself. Good shock absorbers ensure that the vehicle is able to adjust to the
jerks made imminent by the uneven roads of the countryside while also ensuring that
the ride is comfortable for the passengers. In other words, Shock absorbers enable
enhanced driver control and passenger comfort while on uneven roads.

Apart from the fact that shock absorbers are also paradoxically called shockers in
some countries around the world, there also seem to be many other misconceptions in
the minds of people regarding what a shock absorber actually does or how it actually
works or absorbs the shocks.

Contrary to popular notion, conventional shock absorbers do not support the weight of
a vehicle. The fact is that they help control spring and suspension movement in a
vehicle. Shock absorbers work more or less as oil pumps that help in reducing the rate
of Bounce, Roll or sway and even Brake dive and Acceleration squats that are felt by
the vehicle while being driven. Shock absorbers are able do this by turning the kinetic
energy of suspension movement into thermal or heat energy, which is dissipated
through the hydraulic fluid in them.

Shock absorbers have a piston rod, which has a piston at its one end and works with
the hydraulic fluid on the vehicle's pressure tube. The shock absorbers have hydraulic
fluid in them and this fluid is pushed through the tiny holes inside the piston when
encountered with a jerk. However, the holes being too small, the piston slows down
because of the resistance and also brings down the movement of the suspension and

The amount of resistance a shock absorber can offer depends on the speed with which
the suspension moves and the number and size of the holes in the piston of the shock
absorber. Science has made it possible for engineers to develop superior shock
absorbers, which are velocity sensitive. These shock absorbers offer great hydraulic
damping capabilities and provide more and more resistance depending upon how fast
the suspension moves. The more speed by which the suspension moves, the more
resistance the shock absorber provides. As such, modern shock absorbers are able to
adjust to even the most uneven road conditions.

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