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									The front of a car typically gets more viewing attention than any of its other sides. For
this reason, many people choose to update their vehicles with new grilles, headlights,
and chrome trim. However, you can create an even more stylish look if you customize
your car with chrome hood ornaments.

If a car once had an ornament that fell off, you should consider replacing it. Having
visible drill holes at the front of the vehicle certainly can be an eye sore and new
ornaments really do not cost that much today.

These items will be attached to the front of the vehicle, and it will sit on top of the
hood and protrudes upward or forwards from it. They are sometimes installed right on
top of the hood and above the grille, and at other times, they may actually be attached
to the top part of the grille.

The largest selection of items will be found online. While most major retailers of car
accessories will carry a decent range of these items, they may not make them
according to your specifications. However, there are specialty stores that carry a very
wide range of ornaments and there are also sculpture artists who create them
according to your specifications.

Chrome ornaments are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Before
purchasing one, you should ensure that it does not throw the proportions of the
vehicle off balance and that it does not steal too much attention away from the rest of
the vehicle. There are some pretty large and flashy chrome items on the market these
days and they may not complement every vehicle.

Some of the types that you may find while you are shopping around online include
classic styles that are typically featured on classic cars, and a wide variety of animals
and mythical creatures. You can also find the iconic flying lady.

If you want to give a car a unique sense of style, you may want to customize your car
with chrome hood ornaments. There are tons of styles available, so you should be able
to find something that suits your tastes and the car. If you are pretty picky, you may
want to contact an artist and have one made just for you. Many artists are able to work
directly from a picture that you provide as long as there is enough detail in the image

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