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					From one nasty stain to another

We actually had a mat on the garage floor at our house; it wasn't a rubber mat or a
professionally designed one. It was just some vinyl floor covering we took out from
the kitchen. How wrong we were to use this. When we finally decided to throw this
old mat out, we found that not only had it glued a nasty mess of slime on the garage
floor but it had also left us with a big blue mark that is now irremovable to humankind.
Yes, the kitchen flooring was a dark blue colour vinyl. Combining this with the engine
oils, petrol spills and other liquids was enough to help dye the colour from the mats
onto the concrete flooring of the garage. The end result: a massive cleaning exercise
which was doomed to failure. A cost of nearly 500 dollars in failed cleaning bills,
steam cleaner hire etc., not to mention a lot of useless elbow grease and wasted sweat.
So after learning that lesson we decided it was time to go professional.

Some of the pros to think about when going in for rubber garage floor mats.

1. Since most garage floors are made of concrete, the oils and other substances such
as green brake fluid slime and coolants will create a nice multi-coloured mess in the
middle of the floor. These stains will be impossible to remove and in turn could
actually decrease the value of your property by as much as 8%.

2. Insulation is always a problem in winter. Cold drafts can come in through the
garage and into the rest of the house when the garage is not insulated properly. With
the help of rubber garage floor mats and covers that can act as seal thresholds for the
main doors, insulation improvement to the garage and the whole house can be

3. Garage mats and covers will also help decrease the noise level from the garage.
When someone arrives home from work for example, the mats will dampen the
engine and other noises that usually resonate through the rest of the house. And if
your children enjoy noisy instruments like drums or bass guitars…

4. Garage mats and covers will also help with your parking too. They act as parking
markers so that two cars can park in their correct positions at anytime. No more
knocks and scratches!

So the moral of the story is as always, don't try to save money by being cheap as we
were; it'll only cost you more money in the long run. We had to learn the hard way,
that huge blue stain will be there forever and we will never be able to remove our
garage floor covers. For expert advice, go check out the professionals. Companies like
garageaccessories have a huge range of floor mats, floor covers and rubber covers.
You can order online or phone toll-free. All orders come with installation instructions,
tools and all you need to know for guaranteed floor protection.
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