Clever Marketing for Your Limousine Service by aihaozhe2


									Smart business owners don't miss any chance to get their company noticed. Especially
with the depressed economy, it is critical that you expand your presence and
opportunities to generate leads. The easiest and most popular way for people to find
you is to do an online search. Search engines present 3 unique opportunities to be
placed on the first page. The ten most popular listings on the left hand side of the page
are so called "natural listings;" ideally your homepage would appear there if it is
optimized for relevancy to limousine service and your local service area. On the right,
you will find paid ads and you can opt to run a paid campaign and appear there too,
for certain search phrase combinations that you consider important to you.

For searches that contain a city, a third group of listings are available at the top, on the
left hand side, with a map. Google calls these local listings MAPS. The main thing
you need to do is make certain your Google local listing is thoroughly optimized. The
good thing is that it's a chance to advertise for free.

Here are step-by-step instructions on what you need to do:

1. Make sure you have a Google ID email for your business. If you don't already have
a Gmail account, you should sign up for one.

2. Now access the maps link in the upper-left corner on Google's homepage. Place
your cursor in the search box, and type in your business name, city, and state, and
click "Search".

3. If a listing is available for your business, click on "More Info" link. There are tabs
for details, photos, and reviews, etc. Click on those to see some examples of what's
being offered. Typically, there is nothing because the first listing is retrieved from
online listings so there is usually only an address and telephone number, but not a
service description, etc.

4. Choose the edit button and then click the claim this business button. Log into your
account with your Google ID for the business.

5. You will be required to confirm basic contact information, and create a relevant
keyword marketing description of no more than 200 characters. Briefly state why
someone should place trust in your limousine service and mention the kinds of cars
available (sport utility limos, party buses, etc), and the various services your company
offers (airport, wedding, winery, etc.) Don't be concerned - there are other ways to add
more to the details later.

6. Then you will be able to choose five categories that relate to the business (key in a
keyword and it will give you a list of choices). In addition to "Limousine" you can try
"transportation", "airport", "wedding", and any other words to find related categories
until you reach five, which is the maximum.
7. Next are hours of operation, methods of payment, and uploading of any pictures
and videos you want to add. People like to see what they are getting, so be sure to
include some clear photos of your fleet inside and out to put here. They set your
listing apart from the rest.

8. Finally is the opportunity for a special item. Sometimes they offer you some
suggestions but this is another spot to get marketing and keywords. You can put items
like guarantees, areas you serve, discounts, promotions, vehicle types, etc. You invent
a category (vehicles, for example) and put Lincoln limousines, Cadillac limousines,
SUV Hummer Limousines, etc. Two listings are going to be critical to your company's
success: the services you offer, and which major towns you serve. These terms are
what people will include in their search phrase.

9. The last thing is to have the listing confirmed. The easiest way is to wait by your
main business phone and Google will contact you immediately. Just follow the
prompts and enter the personal identification number displayed on the screen. You
could also warn your office of the incoming call, give them the PIN number and
initiate a click call. Another technique is to have a postcard sent to the business
address and then enter in the personal identification number at a later time.

10. After you are verified once, you may use your Google ID to modify it when the
need arises. To modify or verify a listing, you can go to

You can follow a similar process on Yahoo, as well.

Receiving reviews is important to your company's credibility, makes your listings pop,
and it is believed that high review counts are one of the contributing factors used to
select which local listings to present. An easy way to entice customers into giving you
reviews is to offer a discount on their next limousine ride in exchange for a good

That's it, in a nutshell. Claim and augment your local listing on Google for your
limousine agency so you have more of an online presence. Applying all the steps
above will enhance your marketing messages as a business, improve the relevancy of
your local listing and increase the chance that it will show up and entice people to
further explore your limousine serves. A local listing that is enhanced, along with
alternative, clever online and traditional marketing tactics, will have your business
succeeding in no time.

About the Author:

Wheeldon Biscayne runs a limosine service company and is always on the lookout for
new marketing techniques. When it comes to purchasing custom built limousines, an
Escalade limo, or even Limousine bus for his fleet, he goes to Krystal a top limousine

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