Choosing Car Seat Cover Fabrics by aihaozhe2


									Purchasing custom fit car seat covers is a great way to protect your vehicle's interior
and maintain resell value. When installed correctly, you wouldn't even know a quality
cover from the car's stock fabric. Selecting a retailer for your seat covers is half the
battle - you then have to choose which fabric suits you and your lifestyle! There is a
large array of different fabrics and materials to choose from, all of which have
different benefits to appeal to different tastes.

Popular Seat Cover Materials:

- Leather - Classy and elegant, exact fit leather seat covers are a great choice to
protect your car's stock leather seats, or dress up old fabric. Easily cleaned from spills,
genuine leather lasts for years with periodic maintenance with a leather conditioner.
- Endura - Perfect for those who enjoy 4-wheeling and the outdoors, Endura covers
are waterproof and durable. Made from a nylon/polyester blend, this material provides
a protective barrier from kids, pets and the elements. Typically available in a variety
of colors and patterns, Endura also helps to maintain even temperatures during winter
and summer extremes.
- MircoFiber - Durable and soft, microfiber covers are UV fade resistant and
extremely resilient to stains. For optimal comfort and breathability, microfiber makes
an excellent choice.
- Leatherette - For the luxurious look and feel of genuine leather that doesn't break the
bank, leatherette is a great alternative. Quality leatherette covers are moisture resistant
and breathable, while regulating temperature during extreme heat or cold.

Clearly, there are numerous choices for seat cover fabrics and materials, each with
their own unique qualities and versatility. Evaluate your lifestyle and budget to
determine the best option for you and your car. Always be sure to buy from a
reputable dealer that guarantees exact fit to your make and model.

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