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					Keeping an automobile in service and reliable depends on the condition of a few
major items. Mobile car service companies are a good way to keep your car in proper
condition without having to take it to a shop. Regular car servicing will extend the
longevity of a vehicle and make it safer to operate. Having a list of items for them to
check and service will assure the most value from their visit.

Tyres are always a number one concern. Affecting both safety and gas mileage, proper
pressure should be maintained at all times. Checking tyre pressure should be on the
list for the mobile car service to check, but it should also be checked by the driver on
a weekly basis. Tread should be examined for wear, and the sidewalls checked for
bruises and scuffs. The spare also needs to be checked for proper inflation.

The battery should never be left in service until it is about to fail. It is better to replace
it a bit prematurely than to be stranded on the road or be unable to leave home in an
emergency. Pay attention to any change in its performance and have it checked
immediately if it seems to have difficulty starting the engine.

Filters can be depriving your car's engine of air and fuel, and if left unchanged can
cause the engine to shut down. Continuing to operate a vehicle with dirty fuel and air
filters will decrease both performance and gasoline mileage. They are inexpensive to
replace and should be checked often.

Overlooking an oil change seems harmless enough but major damage can be inflicted
upon the engine by operating it with dirty or depleted oil. Oil looses its viscosity and
can no longer be depended upon to perform satisfactorily after it has been in the
engine for a given amount of mileage.

Cooling fluids, and the radiator system, should also be on the schedule to be checked.
It is best if fluids are replaced on a regular basis. Radiator fluid should always be
added by way of the reservoir tank and is a task best left to the professional.

A visual inspection of hoses and belts should always be performed when servicing the
car. They are a lot less expensive to replace than being stranded and towed.

Brakes are an item the driver can check by listening for a change in the sound of the
automobile when coming to a stop. They should always be on the list for inspection
during servicing but being aware of changes in how they sound will alert the driver to
their need for immediate attention.

To keep your car in reliable operating condition check with your mobile car service
company to assure your list is complete, and schedule car servicing on a regular basis.

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