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					Now a day s car has become a necessity in today's life and is no more a luxury. But
everybody cannot purchase a car right away as their bounded by their varied
constraints. So the best option is car leasing or contract hire for individuals as well as
businesses. And today it has gained immense popularity compared to purchase of a
new car outright is because of its user friendly features. Car leasing can be simply
described as an indirect way of financing a car and getting the car keys without any
sort of down payment or huge investment. Car lease deals works like an individual or
the person leasing the car takes the car on lease from the owner and in return pays a
regular monthly fee. Car leasing is generally long term agreements where the deals
are set up for minimum of 12 months and some car lease often lasts for 24 or 36
months. At the end of the agreement the person that takes the car on lease return it to
the owner and the agreement comes to an end. This simply allows to use the car
facilities without having making an investment or taking a loan.
On the other hand contract hire is generally restored by businesses and companies to
meet their requirement of cars. This is one of the most competent and professional
method of financial support for business cars. The car contract hire are generally
characterized with fixed contract period, fixed rental schemes and low initial
payments. Companies and businesses are making use of this more and more as they
do not want to block their funds in the investment of cars required by them as it does
not aid them directly in sales or revenue. On the other hand since they are part of
corporate world they are in regular need of cars and that also good expensive ones so
that they can maintain the reputation and prestige of the company.
There are many benefits and advantages of cheap car leasing and contract hire due to
which it can be recommended to every second person. Some of them are -
? The person taking the car on hire or lease is free from botheration of investment,
down payment, deprecation etc.
? It enables individuals to use that car which cannot be afforded by them otherwise.
Like hi tech cars like Ferrari, BMW, and Audi etc.
? The monthly lease or contract payment is much less than monthly loan repayment
had the person taken the car on loan.
? Many companies also include road tax, insurance and costs of break down in the
monthly costs only so there is no headache on the leasers mind.
? Hassle of selling or disposing the car, depreciation value, maintains of files and
accounts are eliminated.
? Moreover some countries like UK allows the monthly payment to be recorded as
operating expense, hence they are tax deductible.

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