Car Buying Tips and Tricks by aihaozhe2


									If you have not began shopping for your new car you may be searching for a few tips
and tricks, if this is the case then these should give you some pointers to start with.

#1 - Be Informed

Learn how to research on the internet to get all the information you can about the
vehicle you are planning to trade in. You can also use the internet to find rebates and
low interest rates on the models that you might wish to purchase. Information such as
dealer invoices can even be found on-line which will give you a heads up when it
comes to negotiating.

#2 - Know What You Want

Before you begin your search, know what model you are interested in including the
body style, color and the price you are willing to pay. When you visit a dealership,
most salespersons will try to sell you a car based on what they believe you should
have instead of the one you want. Make a list of cars that you will be happy to own, it
is always better to have at least two or three in mind; this gives you flexibility, which
will help you in the negotiating process.

#3 - Do Not Impulse Buy

The number one rule is do not let the salesperson see how much you like a car. If you
allow your emotions to get in the way of buying a car, you may find that you just
bought a car that you cannot afford and you are not happy with.

#4 - Long Term Maintenance Costs

Think about the cost of maintaining the car you plan to purchase. Some cars that look
flashy; have large great looking wheels, and other specialty items can cost quite a bit
if the need arises to replace any of the parts. Foreign cars parts may also cost more
than American car parts. Do your homework again, so you will know what to expect
when you need replacement parts.

#5 - Insurance

Talk with your insurance agent prior to buying a new car. Ask how much your
insurance will be and be sure to include any amount over what you are paying now to
the price it will cost for the new car. Be sure that you can afford the increase in
insurance along with the car payment.

#6 - The Car Salesperson

The person that is selling you a car is not there to save you money; therefore, you can
expect him or her to treat you like their best friend. They are there to get the most for
each and every vehicle on the lot. This gives the salesperson a good commission and a
pat on the back from the manager.

#7 - Save Time and Money

Instead of going to the car dealership first, you can save quite a bit of time and in
many cases money if you talk with your banker about a new car loan. You may find
that you can get a lower interest rate on your own rather than using the dealership for
the car loan.

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