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									Modern cars are much more complex than cars built twenty or thirty years ago.
Manufacturers build advanced cars and include more and more accessories and
features in their cars, and all these features are based on electricity to run. In addition,
in some cases, people install after market accessories into their cars (such as more
powerful audio systems) and it should come to no surprise that a car's battery is very
heavily loaded.

You may use the car's electric systems to excess or you may forget you left your car's
headlights on over night. So batteries problems are quite common and frequent and if
you know what to do in such scenarios, reconditioning an old battery or reviving an
apparent dead battery is quite easy.

The most important of these actions can be performed by anyone with the proper
equipment and the necessary accessories and best of all it will not cost you over $40.
In fact, these tips can be put into practice when it comes to various batteries
reconditioning, from car batteries to cell phone and even iPod batteries.

You can even take things further, because if you learn how to recondition batteries,
you may even find it to be a profitable business venture on a small scale. There are
several things you have to take into consideration when reconditioning a battery.

First, batteries of all sorts, car batteries included, are filled with dangerous acid and
proper handling is vital to avoid any accidents. If you injure yourself while
reconditioning a battery, consult a medic at once, as many dangerous chemical
elements are included in a modern car battery. Batteries nowadays are more
environmental friendly than a couple years ago, but they still have components that
are dangerous to the environment so dead batteries and batteries' parts should be
disposed of in their proper places.

  So let us get started and you will see how easy battery reconditioning really is.
Modern rechargeable batteries allow users to forget about annoying power cables that
hinder the manipulation of power tools and that restrict movement of any device to
length of the cable from a power source. Many electric devices are portable and their
batteries are very compact as well. When reconditioning batteries, it is important to
take on board that an unhealthy battery can have its causes in the chargers that

However, more frequently, it is the battery, which is killing the charger. People will go
and buy new chargers all the time, without knowing that the problem is in the battery

Every battery has a determined lifespan in which it functions properly and once this
period has passed, a battery will require reconditioning. Car batteries are no different.
They are charged while the car is moving, but after some years, a car battery will
require maintenance as well. New batteries develop a memory effect but
reconditioning a battery properly should remove this effect completely.

Another important thing when reconditioning a battery is to know how to accurately
measure the charge capacity of the battery in question. This will vary from battery to
battery, but once you know precisely how much energy a battery can store at a given
time, you can start assessing the amount of improvement you have to do to the battery.
Knowing how to revert a reversed cell cannot be overstated as you will not be able to
recondition the battery until you have fixed the reversed cell.

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