Camel v's Ferrari by aihaozhe2


									Camel v's Ferrari

I was skyping with a mate of mine recently discussing the important current affairs of
Cobar, not far from Nowhere, and somewhere in outback New South Wales, Australia.
There's a severe water shortage in the region and it was this observation which
brought us to the topic of camels. I confess my knowledge of camels is limited. I do
know they had some cigarettes named after them, and I'm also aware that they come
in different varieties (the animal that is), essentially one humpers and two humpers.

After much debate on the ride-ability of these "ships of the desert", I came to the
conclusion that a two humper camel would be better to ride than the one humper. But
the truth of the matter is, "how would I know?" I've never ridden one of these sand
spitting beasts in my life, and the last time I looked at my To Do List, test driving
camels in Cobar wasn't on it!

What did prevail from this realization however was the old adage" there's no
substitute for experience". How can any individual or party comment on another's
plight with any weight of conviction without first having been subjected to the
situation themselves?

Furthermore I have presumed recent experiences within my own personal
circumstance, that it is not possible for anyone to effectively engage in my line of
business, that is the offering of products and opportunities to interested parties (in the
booming industry of personal development), without first having test-driven the home
based personal development program for oneself.

Picture this:

A prestige showroom with flaming red Ferraris adorning the floor. A man (William)
with more money than friends happens to be walking by, window shopping. The
Ferrari salesman (lets call him Umberto) woos the window shopper off the street with
a toothy grin and a sassy assistant. Before Willy the window shopper has a chance to
evaluate the opportunity, he finds himself sitting at the wheel of a GTO 350, with the
sassy lassy laced up beside him. Umberto's cheekily sat on the bonnet, sizing up Mr
Money Bags with one of his trademark million dollar grins.
"It's the best on the block Willy" Umberto says

"Oh, really, and what makes you so sure?"

"Come on Willy, it's a Ferrari mate."

"And its red," comes the steamy comment from the passenger seat.

"You got me there" replies Willy, "but what else can you tell me about it?"

Umberto skids off the bonnet, does his best Fred Astaire across the showroom floor,
and returns with the specifications and a glossy brochure.

"Its, Its….its all in here" assures a stuttering Umberto, as he hands it to a rising Willy,
who's now out of the car and planning his departure.

"Thank you, I'll come back to you after I've checked this out."

Umberto is a defeated man. The fact is, he had pictured Willy's early departure b4 he
had even entered the door.

Just as William is about to exit the premises another man (Mario) walks in "Did you
find what you were looking for?" he says. Before Willy can respond, Mario follows
up with, "Have you ever driven a Ferrari"

"No I haven't. What's it like?"

"You my friend, don't know what you're missing out on. This here GTO 350 is the
most technologically advanced piece of machinery made without wings. If you don't
have hairs on your chest before you jump in (Mario at this point undoes some buttons
to reveal a carpet of chest hair), you will by the time you eventually peel your
white-finger grip from this wheel. It's got G forces to match any G spot, and with 12
kick arse cylinders barking GO DADDY GO, you'll be red-lining on your ECG in no
time, and that's only 1st gear. A tap of the tip-tronic and 2nd gear's gonna put you in
the back seat if there was one, but there's not so hold on baby coz we got 700
stampeding stallions of horse power action that'll literally strip the white lines off a
runway! I can't tell you about 3rd, 4th, and 5th gear as I blacked out from the rush, but
when I came to in 6th gear, that's when I noticed the extra hair growth on my pecs as
the wind had torn my shirt wide open. I tried to squeal in delight but my cheeks blew
out like a puffer fish. My friend, if this car could talk it would yell one word,
"MORE". You know what GTO stands for? It stands for Go…To>>>Orbit."
Willy's adrenaline was surging. "Can I take it for a test drive"? he said

Folks, its obvious what I'm saying here, experience counts for everything! Poor old
Umberto, didn't care for the experience. He just wanted the money. Mario on the other
hand, lived for the experience, and money came along for the ride too.

Where I work, in the Personal Development industry, it's about the experience. And
there's plenty of money along the way too!

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