Buying a Volkswagen Passat delivers a good driving by aihaozhe2


									Volkswagen Passat is a sensible car that mixes practicality with pleasure. It isn't
boring as the Jetta and is liked by most of its buyers for the practicality it provides. It
is also affordable compared to Audi, BMW or Mercedes equivalents.


The Passat, though very good at being a practical car, can't however, match the
Mondeo as per the interior space. The interior space it offers is still massive. The boot
will hold plenty of shopping and family related items. Covered storage areas can
benefit from the car's air conditioning capabilities. It can comfortably accommodate
four individuals with sufficient headroom and legroom.

The handling is predictable and feels steady is lower models. The quicker models are
comparatively responsive and the car tends to roll when driving around the corners.
However, inside the cabin, it will be smooth and quiet. VW have done a good job of
keeping the Passat's motoring costs down. The engine options ranges from a 1.6-litre
petrol model which takes 11.4 seconds to hit 62mph before topping out at 124mph -
and goes up to the 3.2-litre V6 model which slashes the 0-62mph time to 6.9 seconds
and raises the top speed to 153 mph.

The Passat is evidence of bold and innovative design technique. It provides an
inviting, useful interior as well as an engaging driving performance. It looks classy
and appealing. If you are in the market looking for practicality, space and durability,
Volkswagen Passat might be an option to consider.

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