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					Bronx Prom Limo
Make It A Prom Night To Remember

Bronx Prom Limo offers professional and affordable prom limo service in New York,
New Jersey and Connecticut. Bronx Prom Limo will have you and your friends travel
in style. Bronx Prom Limo offers the best in prom limo services in the Bronx and the
New York tri state area.

Bronx Prom Limo understands how stressful prom can be on a teen, with prom
dresses, prom gowns, prom hairstyles, prom tuxedos, food and dining plans and
having to worry about the right prom limousine service to and from the prom.
Reserving a limousine with Bronx Prom Limo for your prom makes it easier and
convenient for you to go to and from your prom. Bronx Prom Limo will ensure you
will enjoy your trip with our prom limousine service and the Bronx Prom Limo
limousine service will ensure your trip to and from your prom will be a comfortable

Prom night, there is nothing like your prom night, and there is no way better way to
get to your prom than in a luxurious limousine provided by Bronx Prom Limo! Bronx
Prom Limo makes sure you arrive at your prom in the comfort, safety, and style that
our prom limousine service prides itself on providing for your prom night.

Our fleet of Bronx County limousines for proms range from the standard Lincoln
stretch to the Hummer H2 to our brand new Double Decker Hummer Limo. We
feature beautiful, modern, and exotic prom limos such as the Excursion & the Rolls
Royce. We offer a range of prom limos to best suit your occasion.

Reserve your prom limo early with Bronx Prom Limo and ensure that you get the
latest and newest limousine for your special prom night. Bronx Prom Limo wants
your Bronx Prom Limo experience to be special, memorable and like no other. Bronx
Prom Limo will make sure you are safely transported in style to and from your prom.

Feel free to view and tour our showcase of exotic prom limousines at our Bronx Prom
Limo location every Monday night from 5:00 PM through 9:00 PM.

If you live in New York, New Jersey or Connecticut RESERVE one of our exotic
prom limos for your prom and MAKE IT A NIGHT TO REMEMBER!

Call us for special Prom package pricing

(866) 288-5800

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