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BMW cars


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									Design chief Chris Bangle has been quietly applying a completely new look to the
German brand's model range; the traditional double kidney grille is a constant carried
over from earlier models, but the narrow glass house and the slab sides, with concave
curves on the long body panels and step-hipped rear styling on the saloons, are
becoming omni-present throughout the range. The 3 series is now ready for the
coming years. The other conspicuous trend from BMW is to grow its model range; the
introduction of 1-and 6-series and of the X3 MPV has lead to the current range being
broadest ever offered under the Bavaria brand. And all that is missing is a people
carrier-but this is not likely to appear, as BMW's executives feel that such a machine
would be at odds with the sporting aspirations of its buyer. In a bold statement of
intent, the forthcoming M5 comes with a monstrously powerful V10 petrol engine
allegedly related to that in BMW-Williams F1 face car.

BMW 6-Series
Re-entering the substantial four seat, two door coupe market after a break of several
years, BMW is for the first time joining the coupe with the roadster variant, which
promises fresh air and performance in equal measures. With sporting drivers of a
certain age in mind, the accent is as much on comfort and predictability of handling as
it is on absolute performance. However the 645ci version, with its 4.4 litre V8 has
sufficient power to thrust the big machine towards the horizon at rates formerly the
exclusive domain of super cars.

BMW 7-Series
A substantial car designed to take the business away from the Mercedes-Benz S-Class,
the 7-Series was the first of the new sculpted BMWs, and even a couple of years after
its introduction its look still polarize opinion. From the inside the car is equally
imposing, although its reliance on an over-complex driver information system has
alienated many owners. Despite its bulk the car handles well, and a set of engines
ranging from a modest diesel through to a 6.2 litre V12 ensures that all tastes are
catered for. The long wheelbase variant is proving popular amongst German soccer
managers and politicians.

The second generation of BMW's mid-sized sports car is a considerable improvement
on its predecessor, offering excellent body rigidity and a choice of engines that allow
it to accelerate and corner at respectable sports car rates. A fast-acting power roofs
allows rapid changes from open to closed, and unlike many sports cars the luggage
compartment is substantial-it will take two full sets of golf club. Unlike the Z3-M, it
is not expected to be a closed car, but to instead remain a roadster.

Almost mandatory for soccer players and for rock stars, BMW's bigger off-roader is
equally at home in the urban jungle as it is in the mud, thanks to a sophisticated
chassis. Taking on the mighty competition from Mercedes-Benz M-class, X5 seems to
be holding is own, with a high level of customer satisfaction that has lead directly to
sales retention.

Variety of choice is a wonderful thing-and the auto industry offers more variety than
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