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					BMW, the Ultimate Driving Machine is the preferred marque of driving enthusiasts
and those who appreciate fine machinery. BMWs are probably the best engineered
automobiles in the world with a well deserved reputation for high performance in
racing, rallying and driving in general. Like every other fine machine, a BMW
requires a maintenance program consistent with its precision engineering.

Whether you bought your BMW for performance driving, or just because you enjoy
the pleasure of a great handling, high-performance automobile, your BMW sports
roadster, sedan, coupe or SAV will sometimes require the attention of a trained and
highly qualified technician. All that precision manufacturing and great performance
comes with a small caveat: Only let qualified technicians work on your BMW!

Properly maintained and serviced, a BMW will provide many, many miles of driving
pleasure, often rolling up hundreds of thousands of miles of trouble-free travel, before
any major mechanical work is required. The operative phrase here is "properly
maintained and serviced." You want your BMW to have the attention of a technician
using the proper replacement parts and service procedures. Your technician should be
knowledgeable in the service recommendations of the people who designed and built
your car, a tech that has the tools and technology to diagnose, service and repair the
precision machine that is a BMW.

Like all things mechanical, sometimes a BMW will break. Parts wear out, even when
properly serviced and maintained, particularly when they are subjected to the stresses
and strains of the stop-and-go driving of the daily commute. If this does occur, you
can rest assured that help is at hand. The Taylor Company, on Foothill in Pomona is
the independent BMW service facility recognized for their highly trained and skilled
technicians and superlative work on BMWs. They treat their clients' cars as if they
were their own, maybe even better.

Whether your BMW is a classic 2002 or a late model 3, 5, 6 or 7 Series, or one of the
new BMW Sports Activity Vehicles, Taylor Company BMW Service is the place to go
for service and repairs. WE SPEAK BMW, fluently!

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