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									If we compare between open face helmets and full face helmets, the open face does
not have safety feature completely like full face helmet. But in the other side, this type
of Bell helmets have something to be considered by the people to chose. It has air
circulation unlike the full face helmet, where it will be cool in hot summer. Therefore
if you want to look so stylish and different, it is better for you to choose the bell
helmets, especially for summer touring.

Since the bell helmets bought by Italian manufacture, it start to disappears and
difficult to find it on the road. But actually Bell helmets just change their distribution
strategy. It still exists in off road and bicycle. Well the result of this changing is the
Bell helmets become a household in their market.
The Bell helmets name recently reenters the motorcycle helmet world. It is caused by
some great designs which are added to these helmets. As well a line of open face
street helmets, now the bell helmets have a full line of Snell M2000 and DOT
approved off road helmets and motocross helmets.

In order to take the helmet market, bell helmets already have several great designs.
Therefore these helmets can reenter the bike world. It also had standard of Snell
M2000 and DOT in off road and bicycle.

Of many style of Bell helmets, the open face is the best one. Open face helmet has its
own characteristic, like the Mag 8 with European style has a good looking and
provides the comfort for the user. It is not a problem if the people use open face
helmet for hot summer season, it will be the great choice. By using this helmet, the
user will feel the air across their face. Besides, the Mag 8 also has the shape which
works well for the round shape head. The Mag 8 is available for every size, from the
small one to the extra large. So every people from many ages can use this helmet.
Mag 8 is designed to have minimal problem. If the user has larger ears, it is not a
problem because the helmets have huge ear pocket. The unique thin padding and
better air flow in this helmet make it is quiet and there is no turbulence. So, can be
said that the Mag 8 is the best choice if you try to find the bell helmets with comfort
and quiet on your ride.

A fixed painted visor has minimal lift at speeds in excess of 60 mph, so it is not too
bad for Mag 8 to use it as the visor. This kind of visor has its overhangs that can keep
the sun out of your eyes and lets the air slip through. Crystal clear with a large
viewing area and resists to air pressure is the visor of Mag 8. And the paint with a
bright blue metal flake color in this helmet is the thing that will surprise you, because
it is full of spirit and of course shimmers and shines. These bell helmets are also
completed with the wide black bumper that covers the bottom of the bell helmets and
it's attached with the standard D-ring system. So confidently a DOT can be worn.

Bell's are one of the best quality helmets. The other helmets that are equivalent with
Bell helmets are shoei or suomy helmet. Bell helmets lose from motorcycle world for
several years but now, these helmets can be hanging on every bike.

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