Beginning Your Automobile Detailing Business

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					A car detailing service professionally cleans, washes and waxes the inside and outside
of automobiles, wagons, RVs and even boats. There's no shortage of cars to detail, but
detailing can be labor-intensive, so take care you enjoy vehicles before you start this
type of automotive business.

Many people who work in the auto detailing business are actually independent
contractors and they receive payment for every car they do and the store deals with a
buyer and cuts them a check at the end of each day or week for all the cars that they
have detailed. It is kind of like a running your own business, but someone else is
paying all the bills.

Work opportunities in auto detailing are good as you can learn a new trade on the job
and get paid well for doing it. There is a enormous lack of America for auto
technicians and technicians and this Problems frequently spills over into auto
detailing as folk move up into the upkeep of automobiles. But if you do not see
yourself as someone that turns a wrench for a living then maybe you may be someone
who makes vehicles look beautiful.

So how does one find your customers? If you are on a low budget, network with folks
you know or print business cards and drop them off at local car agents or car firms.
You might debate forming a partnership where they get a slice of your profits by
advertising your service at their place of business. You might also place an
advertisement in the yellow pages, newspaper or local magazines offering a first-time
purchaser discount to draw in new purchasers. If you can, use humor in your adverts,
it's a good way to draw in attention.

Volunteering in your community is another cheap technique to get your business name
out there. Take part in local events and give away discounts for your automobile
detailing service. Hold a drawing to gather names of prospective clients, the winner
receiving a free detail service. You can also advertise on telly, radio and the internet
for less money than you might imagine. Submitting a press release is a great example
- the media will promote you for free if you send them a great news story about your

Personally having been in the mobile auto detailing and car wash business for some
twenty-three years ; I have never heard about any one asking for proof of training or
certification, if a consumer did that, they're up to something, probably a competitor.
Rivals do a lot of fishing, but are generally mentally inferior, lacking private character
and scared.
So how does one actually start an automobile detailing business?

Learn your trade thoroughly. If you don't already have detailing skills and knowledge,
work a side job. Ask automotive experts about suggested products. Pick up a cheap
start-up guide on ways to start an automobile detailing business or interview an
already-successful car detailing businessman who can offer you advice.

Find out who your customers are. What are people in your area looking for in a
detailing service? What value will you offer them and how much are they prepared to
pay you for it? Check out rival's costs. You don't necessarily need to be the cheapest -
so long as you offer more value ( i.e. Further service options, quicker service, more
acceptable location, weekend or evening hours, on-site service, etc ). Discover how
you can start your car detailing business today and visit

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