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					Bajaj bikes have been the classiest and the most updated bikes entering the market
these days. Considering the fierce competition on going in the market, Bajaj seem to
go more particular about infusing advancements in its offerings.

Hereby the thoughtful models launched by this prestigious brand include the most
popular Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTS-I. This addition made to the Bajaj Pulsar family is the
new Bajaj Pulsar 220cc DTS FI. Taking a look at it once, this appears to be macho
bike that pledges to deliver A-one performance to the bike lovers. The design is
male-oriented that can be categorized as ergonomic design which makes it easy to
maneuver on Indian roads. Adding a distinct feature to this bike, it is instilled with
fuel injected engine that is oil cooled, having front and rear disc braking. Further, it is
equipped with tubeless tyres, and a digital speedometer console, where as the
ellipsoidal projector headlamps delivers further support to its chassis. The bike has a
smooth acceleration which is primarily due to the fuel injected engine that has been
designed perfectly by expert engineers.

This pick from Bajaj bikes has given supreme contribution owing to which the
position of this brand has been catapulted to the peak. Weighing its popularity in the
market, it stands undeniable that the market sources have marked this bike model as
very powerful that can hit a top speed of around 135 km/h in stock form.

There are many who are still not aware of the fact that it is instilled with DTS-FI
technology. It is like the DTS-I, introduced by Bajaj Auto that has absolutely different
way of working. DTS-FI stands for Digital Twin Spark Fuel Injection that enables the
engine to have two spark plugs where the positioning is different. The high swirl
along with the turbulence of the air-fuel mixture in combustion chamber is generated
due to offset positioning of the twin spark plugs. Thus, it has high combustion that
makes it highly efficient to deliver excellent mileage. The Pulsar DTS-FI gets the
credit for the first two-wheeler in India so as to employ hydraulically actuated 230
mm rear disc brake.

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