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Automotive air conditioning problems


									Air conditioning does not cool in the customer complaints, but do no essential
diagnostic equipment, how the failure of the air conditioning is a preliminary
diagnosis of what? Medical care for patients in the TCM approach is often used when
the pulse, in fact, the automotive air-conditioning fault diagnosis can be as automotive
air conditioning pulse. Automotive air conditioning pulse was high and low pressure
in the air, the normal opening the hood you can see. We should note launch x431,
lexia3, mb star of use.

Check the temperature in the high and low pressure pipes to be set prior to air
conditioning to maximum cooling, maximum air flow, blowing straight position, the
air circulation, A / C switch. Outlet temperature, according to empirical values about
5 ° C around the normal. We should pay attention to a few detection techniques, such
as launch x431.

Support from the hood that electronic fan running while the compressor is also
running. If not running, then release the high pressure tube protective cover, gently
press the matter with Lee High exhaust thimble, to see if there is a strong coolant
overflow, if the failure is that air-conditioning system in the circuit. Strong to
overflow if there is no refrigerant, air conditioning tube carefully see whether there is
grease all fittings, air-conditioning system if there is proven to be leak points, such
repairs may be waste of time, it is likely to maintain a 1, then there would be other
Department leakage, it is inevitable. Please be owners on the maintenance of adequate
understanding of leakage. Finally remember to protect the cover fastened.

Hand-to-high-pressure pipes and low pressure pipe, carefully feel their temperature.
In the refrigeration system working under normal circumstances, the normal
temperature high-pressure pipe about 50 to between 60 ° C, which is firmly clenched
hand can live for 30 seconds or so longer and can not hold on. Low-pressure tube
temperature of about 5 to 6 ° C between, that is, hand by hand to feel the ice.

Failure phenomena are the following:

The first is air-conditioned hands felt just high and low pressure pipe line with the
normal temperature, but do not feel the car is cool. lexia3 also a very good car
detection tools. Sure that the air conditioning refrigeration not a problem. The
problem may lie: the temperature of air conditioning systems. Check Heating switch
control pull it off, check whether the heating valve closed position. If you can touch
the water valves before and after the normal situation should be close to the engine
side of the high temperature, low temperature side near the body. If incorrect, adjust
the heating switch to the off state, such as cooling water can not be effectively closed
the entry of the replacement of heating switch. Temperature, wind board control
system. Adjust the temperature knob feel the temperature is changed, if change
control board may pull off the wind, such as the loss is adjusted to re-install. Feel the
wind outlet volume is large enough, if the wind is a small amount of evaporator block,
to be pulled down to clean the evaporator.

The second is the touch control air-conditioning, high-pressure pipe hot or hot, of
course, not cool low-pressure pipe. This case, the compressor may occur frequently
off phenomenon. Especially in the case of high speed engine compressor does not pull.
Avoid high-speed operation of the engine can not be a long time, otherwise it will be
dangerous. View between the condenser and the water tank and is blocked by dirt. If
yes, dirt can be removed. If dirt does not block, then view the refrigerant observation
window to see if too much refrigerant. Phenomenon is to see the liquid flow, but do
not see any bubbles, then prove excessive filling refrigerant, and need to do a standard
for taking the time to add the word. Note: For high-pressure tube overheating, but also
see whether the bottom of air conditioner compressor oil, if the limit is that the
compressor pressure valve has been damaged, need to replace the compressor.

The third is the touch control air-conditioning, low temperature, high pressure pipes,
while the low-pressure pipe and high temperature. We must not overlook the use of
mb star. This case, is not effective to make compressors for circulating refrigerant
may need to replace the compressor.

Finally, if the start of air conditioning systems, the two electronic fan while running.
But is the air pump does not smoke is very likely to burn the vehicle computer, and
can be repaired.

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