Assessing Needs in the Electric Wheelchair Decision Making Process

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					Advances in electric wheelchairs have made mobility a reality for many with more
significant challenges. Instead of the stereotypical chair, today's electric wheelchairs
come as a personal mobility option loaded with high tech features and capabilities.
These chairs come with four to six wheels, easy maneuverability, and programmable
joysticks for ease of navigation.

Electric wheelchairs are built for individuals with greater mobility issues, offering
durability, stability, and a wide array of seat movement options including motorized
stand, tilt, support, and recline functions which can be tailored to individual needs.

Electric power wheelchairs are best suited for those who:

Need joystick based navigation due to upper body mobility issues
Need posture support
Will be in the chair for extended periods of time and cannot sit comfortably in a

There are three drawbacks of electric wheelchairs:

They cannot be folded down. This limits their use with standard automobiles, lifts and
light duty trucks. These are best suited for customized vans (another expense) where
four point tie downs can secure the chair.
They are extremely heavy.
They are much more expensive the personal mobility scooters. Prices for upgraded
electric wheelchairs can range up toward around $15,000.

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