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					An antique collector car is what is commonly used to describe that special category of
cars which have lived through generations and have survived eons of competition
from more modern brands, and still maintain the integrity of having been an
automobile of a time best preserved in museums and told in old folk tales of nostalgia.
They best capture the meaning of the adage "old is gold" because to find a well
maintained machine of that sort would be a magnificent feat indeed.

Insuring these pieces of treasure would therefore require the use of specialty insurance
packages that offer clients an antique collector car insurance rate suitable for the
protection of the value of the antique car should a pre - specified event occur. There
have always been debates as to what kind of car qualifies for the esteemed title that is
antique, but the dominant theory is that an antique car has to be at least 30 years old.

This fact alone invalidates the use of regular car insurance packages which cover cars
with the normal life of between 10 to 15 years. The rarity of the antique car has forced
insurers the world over to come up with policies which accommodate the uniqueness
of antique cars and so offer an antique collector car insurance rate specific to
individual cars. The adopted method for coming up with an agreeable rate will
involve the full appraisal of an antique car by a professional valuer in the employ of
the insurance company.

Another way of calculating the antique car's value is to simply use its original cash
price at which it was bought. Normally in such cases documentary proof will be
required. The importance of getting the correct value of the antique car will be
witnessed when it comes to calculating a suitable antique collector car insurance rate
which will determine how the insurance premiums will be paid.

It is important for you to perform due diligence as far as comparing the insurance
policies that offer an antique collector car insurance rate different from each other so
that you may get a cover that is relevant for protecting the value of the antique. By
and large the antique collector car insurance rate will depend on the kind of cover you
decide to take. In this regard, there are several options including cash value, agreed
value and stated value insurance.

Cash value insurance is designed to give the value of the antique car at the time of the
policy issue. It has a flaw of not being flexible enough to make room for appreciation
of car value and so many have been known to avoid this type of insurance. The agreed
value policy can be applied to those clients who only use their cars on special
occasions and times and so can get out of paying premiums for the full coverage of
the car at all times. The stated value provides cover for the stated amount of the car in
the full duration of the policy.

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