An Introduction To The 2009 Ford Fiesta by aihaozhe2


									The 2009 Ford Fiesta represents the latest line up of products from Ford. It has long
been one of the most popular cars in the world, being cheap and practical to run and
also highly reliable and efficient. The 2009 version is expected to sell in millions with
production lines all over the world.

It certainly is going to be a world class car and is expected to sell in many millions. It
will be produced in many countries all across the world and all the continents. While
this line of cars has always been the budget range, it now comes with lots of different
features that you typically expect in a more luxury model.

The Ford Fiesta is a highly respectable car these days, with all the features more than
you would expect of a car if this budget. It also has a high safety record and a certain
degree of practicality about it. They have always been small cars with two doors, and
ideally suited to new drivers or second cars.

There also cheap to run due to their small size and cheap to insure. Also, due to Ford
being a very common company with factories all over the world, parts for the car is a
relatively cheap, making them extremely efficient and cheap to run. This is one of the
reasons they a popular all over the world and especially with new drivers.

The latest iteration of the model has also included a number of considerable upgrades
to safety, including five air bags and even a bonnet which can cushion pedestrians.
The manufacturers have completely redesigned this car by integrating features into it
that you are typically find a much larger cars.

However, this is no miniature Mondeo and in fact the car has been redesigned itself
from the very start. It is a very solid build, made from extremely high tensile steel to
be as robust and safe as possible. This is certainly a leap ahead from the tin cans that
these cars were often considered to be.

Most surprisingly, the car comes of a whole load of extra features that you are
typically consider very luxury. It has a voice activated Bluetooth sound system, and
all sorts of other entertainment features built into the vehicle. Also, the vehicle comes
to power steering, which is a nice addition, even to a small car.

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