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Alternative Fuel Conference Set


									With the increasing threat of global warming, environmentalists have been urging
automakers to design eco-friendly vehicles. These vehicles should be designed to run
on alternative fuels which will bring lesser toll to the environment. Alternative fuels
are also usually renewable sources thus energy dependence can be achieved. Recently,
a conference was set concerning the promotion of the use of alternative fuels.

The International Energy Agency is one of the many groups calling for the
widespread use of alternative fuels. And the promotion of alternative fuels and
vehicles will be given a boost by a conference recently set by the Alternative Fuel
Vehicle Institute (AFVi). The Alternative Fuels & Vehicles National Conference +
Expo will be held from the 11th to the 14th of May next year.

The said conference will be an avenue for those who are interested in entering the
alternative fuel industry. Since the industry is relatively young and has only been
growing significantly recently, newcomers to the industry are expected to need expert
pieces of advice.

The conference will be held at the Las Vegas Rio All-Suites Hotel. Attendees of the
conference will hear from experts who will be speaking during the event. The
convention of the experts and newcomers to the alternative fuel industry is expected
to further accelerate the promotion of alternative fuel vehicles. This is a key factor in
reducing the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere, thus reducing
the threat of global warming.

The huge amount of carbon dioxide produced by vehicle running on petroleum fuel is
trapped in the atmosphere and it then radiates heat towards the surface of the planet.
Thus if the production of greenhouse gases continue at a very high rate, global
warming will become more threatening. This is the reason why automakers and
environmentalists are looking for a solution to the amount of carbon dioxide emitted
by vehicles.

It is expected that about 2,000 individuals will be attending the conference. Aside
from experts and newcomers to the industry, representatives of automakers are also
expected to attend the event. Even Japanese automakers like Subaru, which makes
Subaru performance parts, are expected to be present at the event. Automakers who
have developed and who are currently developing alternative fuel vehicles can
provide expert opinions to producers of alternative fuels.

Aside from automakers, the conference will also be attended by technology
developers like companies developing lithium-ion batteries for hybrid vehicles. Bus
and heavy truck manufacturers are also expected to join the conference. Even makers
of automotive engines will also be attending the conference.
The event will feature a wide array of alternative fuel vehicles available today.
Showcasing these vehicles would give attendees of the conference the impression that
huge leaps in the industry have already been taken but there is yet more to be done.
The vehicles that will be shown during the conference will be composed of light,
medium, and heavy duty vehicles.

The last day of the conference will be Public Day. As the name suggests, the last day
will be for ordinary folks.

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