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Advice about Bosch VP 44 Diesel Pump

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					If you own a diesel truck with a Dodge Cummins engine, then you probably already
know all about the common issues that can occur. If not, then please read on. The
Bosch VP44 injection pump used in the Dodge Cummins engine from 1998 to the
2002 models has been to known to have its share of issues. This article will help to
explain some of the common failures and advice on how to avoid costly repairs.

Bosch VP44 injection pumps perform four basic functions:

1) Producing the high fuel pressure required for injection

2) Distributing the high-pressure, metered fuel to each cylinder at the precise time

3) Metering the exact amount of fuel for each injection cycle

4) Varying the timing relative to engine speed.

The Bosch VP44 is an electronic rotary distributor pump that can vary fuelling and
injection timing, and also contains fuelling, timing, and diagnostic data.

The number one cause of Bosch VP44 injection pump failure is a drop in fuel line
pressure which is usually due to a malfunctioning lift pump. Normal fuel pressure is
around 15psi and if the pressure drops below 5psi an injection pump failure is
probable. Remember bad lift pumps can run unnoticed until costly damage is done to
the Bosch VP44 injection pump.

The following are the top two most common mechanical failures:

1) Rotor Seizure

Another mechanical failure with the Bosch VP44 injection pump happens when the
rotor seizes in the distributor section of the pump. The most common cause for the
seizure is a lack of lubrication. Since the Bosch VP44 injection pumps are lubricated
by the fuel, weak lifts pumps can again be blamed for this failure. The seizure will
then break the Drive Plate and the truck will stop running, never to start again, until
the Bosch VP44 injection pump is replaced.

2) Check Engine Code 216

This is the most common mechanical failure and occurs over a period of time when
weak lift pumps, with low fuel pressure, rupture the diaphragm in the front of the
injection pump. The timing piston will then vibrate to a point where it wears the
housing of the pump down until the fuel is able to bypass the piston. Dodge has
recognized this problem for some time, and they no longer even sell the lift pump that
goes on the side of the block anymore, instead they replace it with a unit that is now
mounted in the tank.

Preventing Bosch VP44 injection pump Failure
The best way to avoid failures of the Bosch VP44 injection pump is to prevent them
from happening. Purchasing a replacement lift pump, one that is of a better quality
than what comes from the factory will help. If that option is too costly, you can also
install a gauge to monitor your fuel pressure. With the gauge you will be able to know
when your lift pump is going out and can easily fix the problem before you lose the
Bosch VP44 injection pump.

Preventing problems before they occur is the best way to take care of your truck.


David Leonhardt and Corey Rozon are Ottawa ghost writers. Upgrading to the Bosch
VP44 injection pump and alos to other edge juice performance products can help your
truck run smoother and deliver more power. Check out the other diesel performance
products and accessories available online.

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