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									Q: I just received a quote from Admiral Car Insurance which was pretty low. Are they
a legitimate company? If so why the lower price? Thank you for your help.

A: Admiral Car Insurance has been writing policies in the UK for quite some time and
good for you for receiving a quote you find affordable. With that being said there are a
few things you should do before buying an insurance policy from Admiral or anyone

Car insurance policies can be intimidating to the average person due to the amount of
legalese and fine print in a policy. Buying auto insurance is not a complicated process
however. Put aside all the clauses, sub articles, and five dollar words and take two
things into account.

1. How much does the policy cost?
2. How much coverage do you receive?

That's all there really is to it. Have the agent give you these two numbers and compare
them with quotes you have received from other car insurance companies. The last
thing you should do after receiving these figures is to make sure the company has
been in business for a while just to be sure they will be there if you need them.

When buying car insurance, whether it is Admiral Car Insurance, or another company
simply follow the above advice and you should do well for yourself.

Lastly, we would strongly recommend that you shop online for additional auto
insurance quotes. Comparing quotes from several different companies is a great way
to save money on your annual auto insurance premiums.
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