Adding Personality with Bumper Stickers by aihaozhe2


									Bumper stickers are a remarkable technique for adding custom qualities to your car.
Bumper stickers have been around a lot longer than you may imagine. There is an
interesting history behind bumper stickers and they have more than just a few uses for

As said by online sources, the initial bumper sticker was created by Forest P. Gill.
Forest was a silkscreen copier working and living in Kansas City. The first bumper
stickers appeared throughout the United States after World War II. They weren't the
archetypal "sticker" styles that are being used presently. They were attached to the car
with supports that would envelop in the region of the bumper itself.

Bumper stickers are a great way to add eccentricity and individuality to a car. They
are easy to remove so if you change your mind you can replace it or take it off entirely
with a little help from a greasy solvent. Some examples of the most common bumper
stickers that are being used in North America are ones that read "Support Our Troops"
and the stick stature fish character which represents Christianity.

Another excellent use for bumper stickers is for promotional purposes. A lot of
companies who want to endorse their name will give out bumper stickers for clients to
put on their cars. A great way to advertise is to give your customer a discount in return
for them displaying your company bumper sticker on their car for a certain time frame.
Many Radio Stations and bands will give out bumper stickers to their listeners and
fans for free to help get the name out there.

Bumper stickers are a lot more than something you just stick on your car. They have
been around since the 1950's and they are still very omnipresent throughout the world.
By adding a sticker to the back of your car you are letting someone know your beliefs,
likes or witty quotes. Companies that give out bumper stickers with their logo on it
are smart for doing so because they get at least a few dozen views every time a car
with their label on it goes out for a spin. Bumper stickers are a fun way to add
personality to your car or to get your company name out to the masses.

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