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					The Edge Juice with Attitude is designed, manufactured, and backed by a company
that has had 10 years in the diesel tuning market, so it's reputation is solid. The Edge
Juice connects to your diesel electronics to monitor and enhance injector timing and
duration. However with the Attitude monitor, the Juice is not just for performance, it
also comes with built-in gauges to assess vehicle parameters such as EGT, boost
pressure, transmission slip, backdown, etc. But since you have a lot to worry about
while driving your truck, the Edge Juice has safety features built in to it that are
adjustable to your comfort level. These features will "defuel" the programmer to
prevent damage to your vehicle, which can give you peace of mind because your
truck is your investment.

The Attitude monitor is easy to use and navigate with a menus accessible at your
finger tips. Adjusting between power levels can give you up to 125HP, but it is as easy
as pushing up or down on the buttons on the in-cab display monitor. Under the hood,
installation is almost as easy as Edge has designed all of the connections with factory
style/OEM connectors that simple plug in between the factor injector, rail pressure,
and MAP sensors. The only connection that requires any use of tools is drilling and
tapping the exhaust manifold for the pyrometer probe to measure EGTs.

The Edge Juice can grow with you if you have other upgrades on your truck to
support higher performance. The Juice can be "unlocked" to allow you to access level
6 intended for racing applications. Also the Juice with Attitude can be "stacked" with
a pressure-style box such as the Edge EZ module if you are looking for further
adjustability and fine tuning your performance needs.
If your looking for versatility, safety, easy installation and performance then you need
to consider putting the Edge Juice with Attitude on your Cummins, Powerstroke or
Eric Schumann
Edge Juice with Attitude Monitor
Thoroughbred Diesel

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