8 Tips For Avoiding a Speeding Ticket Or Moving Violation by aihaozhe2


									Any driver who has ever been pulled over and received a ticket knows the sinking
feeling of seeing flashing headlights in the rear view mirror. There are many ways to
avoid this situation by driving safety and being aware of your surroundings. Some
helpful tips include:

1. Always know the speed limit where you are driving; on unfamiliar roads, do not
assume that you know the limits, and remember that the speed limit can abruptly
2. Try to keep up with the flow of traffic on freeways; driving too slowly can
sometimes be just as dangerous as speeding.
3. Speeding is never a good idea, especially at night when there are fewer drivers,
making it easier for you to stand out.
4. Pay attention to other drivers and be prepared for any sudden movements or
swerving on their part; always drive defensively and don't assume that other drivers
are paying attention.
5. Be informed about traffic light photo cameras; you may not know you received a
ticket until it arrives in the mail.
6. In unsafe driving conditions, such as snow, fog, or heavy rain, drive extremely
carefully and adhere to the reduced speed limits.
7. Always make sure your license, registration, and insurance cards are up to date.
8. Try not to be distracted by cell phones, radios, or eating in the car.

If you are pulled over, remember to be respectful to the officer, even if you believe he
or she is wrong. You will have your chance to defend yourself later in court if you are
ticketed, and arguing with a police officer will not help.

Your driving record will follow you across state lines. This is especially true in the
New York Tri-State area. Since it is difficult to get good insurance if you have accrued
too many points, or if you have had your license revoked or suspended in the past, it
makes sense to fight any tickets that you may receive. The procedure and process
connected to traffic courts can be extremely complex and time consuming.
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