5 Ways That The Access Tonneau Cover Gave Us The Discount That Was Most Needed

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					How could my family be saved by such a simple purchase? I'll go over 5 ways that I
not only was able to salvage several dollars by purchasing my new bed cover but I'll
also mention how I was able to save my trip to Mexico.

We had planned our summer vacation for what seemed like ages. It was a gathering
with my 4 closest college friends, whom I have spent many days and nights with
enjoying the finer beverages and waves of the world. What better place to go than
Mexico, right? For those of you that aren't from Southern California or haven't
traveled to the southwest, Mexico is the perfect place to let loose with some beers,
tacos, and find some great secluded waves without having to fly and fork out the
heavy pocket load.

Just the thought of some fresh (as fresh as they can be) carne asada street tacos and a
cold cervesa, got us moving at 6AM in the middle of July. Even at the early hour, we
could feel the heat and couldn't wait to get in the water. Prior to hitting the freeway on
route to the border, I had installed a new Access tonneau cover on my F150 so that we
could keep our clothes and surfboards covered. I wasn't too keen before making the
purchase, but once I found discount truck bed covers on an online accessories site and
found out how quick it could ship out, I was sold. I didn't find the Access cover at any
local shops so this seemed like the best way to go.

So the journey began and I was about to find out the many ways that I could save with
my new Access truck bed cover.

Let me highlight the 5 main ways we saved....

- With the amount of driving that we did from surf spot to surf spot, these truck bed
covers actually save you gas! I even saw something about this on that Myth Busters
TV show. The trip we made in the past seemed to put a big dent in our pockets. Not so
much this time, but my tune-up might have helped too

- When camping over-night, locals have been known to grab your stuff from your
camp site while you're sleeping. I even know a buddy that had his shoes stolen from
his feet while he was sleeping (probably had a few too many tequila shots too and
passed out without feeling a thing)

- Buying the Access cover online saved me big time. The shipping was free and the
price itself was as low as I've ever seen it

- We were all able to jam into my one truck. In the past we had to take a few cars
because we only had so much room in our cars for our clothes, surf gear, and each
others bodies

- The cover saved our boards and our wallets from having to buy new boards. We
traveled over some really rough terrain and our boards would have surely popped out
of the bed of my F150 if we didn't have the bed cover

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