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4x4 Winch


									4x4 Winches

Avenger 4x4 Australia P/L are proud to announce the latest Mako TDS series winch

Our new range of winches are rope suitable, with an automatic double tapered cone
brake on the end of the gearbox there is no heat build-up in the drum like common
in-the-drum-brakes. With this and the highly water resistant features and design the
new TDS series winches are the fastest growing winch in the entire world.

Using a rotating ring gear as in the picture above, means the gears are ALLWAYS set
ready to run which puts an end to any final drive gear meshing that can occur unlike a
sliding cluch type winch. The easy turn freespool lever drops and retracts a an
enormous 18mm pin into one of the eight provisins around the ring gear, a ring gear in
addition makes free spooling an total opperation.

Our brand new TDS series winches are built to the peak specifications with strict
quality control measures, every individual winch has its own unique serial number for

Our Mako TDS range offers:

A Powerful, reliable, highest quality, heavy duty series wound motors, sealed
solenoids, 3 stage planetary gearboxs, revolving ring gear clutch with extremley
freespool levers. Automatic external twice tapered brake on the end of the gearbox -
ideally perfect for the use of synthetic ropes as there is no heat build up by usuall
in-drum brakes. The Mako TDS 9.5 has a ratio of 173:1 to offer fast line rate making
them perfect for off road use whilst the Mako TDS 12.0 offers a ratio of 254:1 and the
massive torque and brute force of the Mako TDS 16.5 - 315:1.

All Kingone winches use machined gears (not punched) and are made from alloy steel
for greater hardness, wear capabilities and its extreme rust resistance, they are also
pressed together in the housing for much better strength.

Both drum supports are not simply sealed, on all models have ‘V-ring' seals bearing
on the drum flanges to help impede the entrance of mud and water. All TDS Mako
winches come with a 5m handset with operation LED indicators, heavy duty roller
fairlead, handsaver strap and mounting hardware, we even incorporate a FREE super
heavy duty 22,000lb swingaway pulley block

The new TDS Series has been designed and built for OFF-ROAD & RECOVERY use

Standard Features -
* Double automatic cone brake drum
* Specifically manufactured sealed motor drum supports
* Heavy Duty Sealed Solenoids
* V ring seals in both drum flanges
* 3 stage heavy duty planetary gearbox
* Rotating ring gear clutch with an easy to-turn freespool lever
* Roller Fairlead
* FREE Swingaway Pulley Block 22,000lb
* 5m control lead with power and operation indicators.

The Ultimate Accessory for an Avenger Evolution Bull Bar

All Mako TDS winches are CE certified for the

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