2012-2013- by aihaozhe2


									It has come to my attention that many people do not believe that some event in the
years 2012 to 2013 will happen. After I realized this, I selected to discover why so
many folk didn't believe. It is my conclusion that many people have experienced this
so called dooms day scenario in the past and it never happened. There are 2 events
that have been determined by scientists that will happen.

First, the realignment of the Earth, Sun, and the Milky Way universe in the near future
will occur. What will precisely happen and to what extent, none of the scientists really
can pin down, but what they do know is this. During the next five years the Earth, Sun,
and the center of the Milky Way universe will realign after 26,000 years. This
realignment will have some effect on Earth, but to what extent scientists can't
determine. There's no written history of events that occurred 26,000 years ago to
verify how in depth the outcome will be. The only archeological find that scientists
can use is the Mayan calendar, but the Mayan civilization wasn't even in existence
26,000 back so the accuracy of the calendar hasn't been determined. So be careful of
what you hear over the web, most of what you hear and see is only used to frighten
folks. The facts are only this, the realignment of the big 3 and that civilization will
continue to exist since we are still hear from the last alignment.

2nd, the passing of our tenth Planet crosses between the orbit of the Earth and Sun.
On Dec. 30th 1983, astronomers found a new planet using the IRUS telescope. This
planet is roughly the size of Jupiter, has a very long orbit, and only shows itself every
3,500 to 3,600 years. This so called tenth Planet isn't speculated nor has NASA
researcher and astronomers around the planet didn't determine its existence. This
planet is confirmed and is of great concern to the governments around the planet.
What will happen when this planet comes near to Earth, scientists cannot determine. It
will have some result on Earth and our existence but won't wipe out homo sapiens.
We are still here from the last time and we'll be here the next time.

For more accurate information on 2012 and 2013 events, please visit the Algrandus
Oracle website here: 2012 Prophecies

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