2011 Porsche Cayenne Review

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					Though critics have knocked the fact that the luxury chic car maker has been dabbling
in SUVs, they may close their lips after seeing the new 2011 Porsche Cayenne.
One of the most noticeable changes is the drive. In former models, the critics were
right, Porsches SUVs were heavy and didnt have the smooth drive that Porsche
owners covet. But they have learned a lot since their first trial in 2003, and have even
gone leaps and bounds from last years model.
This years model is lighter and more agile than ever. A 400 pound drop from past
models can contribute to the overall more Porsche-feel. How did they accomplish this
incredible Biggest Loser like weight loss? They plainly have shown their innovation
by being able to cut pounds everywhere. First off, they have used a widespread
amount of aluminum in the doors, hood and chassis. Then they went on to the engine,
park break, and even the tires? I had no idea that tires could be made lighter, but
somehow they achieved it.
The Cayennes towing capacity is enough for all your kids friends and their lacrosse
equipment (it gets maxed out at about 6,000 pounds). The V-6 engine makes is just
enough car for those beginning drivers, which makes the Cayenne a great SUV to
pass down for a Sweet 16 gift-- when the time comes.
But if you are more into saving the world by day and coming home to the family at
night, you might want to try the 2011 Cayenne S Hybrid. Yes, thats right, it comes in
Hybrid. For those out of the loop-this will be Porsches third year making the Cayenne
S Hybrid. Coming from an avid Cayenne consumer, the design for these eco savers
has only gotten better from the 2009 debut. Now the design- and this goes for all the
2011 Cayenne models- is sleek and even sexy? I wasnt sure if an SUV could be
considered sexy, but this transformation is something like The Swan (you know, that
reality show that used plastic surgery to turn ugly ducklings into The Swan).
One of the main gain of going hybrid is the fuel economy which is about 22/25. The
2011 Cayenne S Hybrid can go from 0 to 60 in 6.1 seconds, which is pretty good. The
great thing about this model is that it has a parallel hybrid system which means that
there is no perception of the various drive modes (gas, gas and electric, and electric).
What does this mean for the owner of this hybrid? It means that while they are just
driving around, taking their kids to school, running errands and going to date night
with the wife, they dont experience any change in feeling from the regular Cayenne S
to the Cayenne S Hybrid. At last, you can feel like you are saving the world without
any sacrifice in speed or luxury.