The Block by hcj


									The Block
Function: semi self-sufficient single housing
Location: can be built in any type of locations.
Definition: The Block= domain, estate, habitant, mass, territory.
The block= independent block or territory which can stand independently or as
part of a small number of blocks.

Design concept
The design idea is to create a compact contemporary semi self-sufficient single
housing. The block can be arranged as single housing as a collective independent
housing system either vertically or horizontally.

Envelope: semi translucent plastic or modular prefabricated recycle lightweight
material or mixture of lightweight cement.
Structure: mixture of aluminium and carbon fibres honeycomb structure.
Power source: solar cell/battery or outside using play and plug system.
Water: water source using play and plug system and then process using reverse
osmosis system.

The block as design
The block will be available on various sizes: S, M, and L, depending on the space
requirement and lifestyle.
It can be arranged individually as a group of blocks, both horizontally and
vertically. The block is an independent housing system therefore it can be built
almost everywhere and the connected to basic living necessities using plug and
play system.
The block interior design arranged according to the three basic human activities:
working-resting and grooming.
Working= working space and cooking space.
Resting= integrated bedroom/living room.
Grooming= dressing and bathroom.

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