Setup for DXB Plot and TIFF plot drivers_ by malj


									Setup for DXB plot and TIFF plot drivers:

                               Go to File->Plotter Manager…

                               If either of the following plotters are not in the list of plotters
                               available to AutoCAD:

                                     DXB File.pc3
                                     TIFF Version 6 (CCITT G4 2D Compression).pc3

                               …Please add them using the “Add-A-Plotter Wizard” icon in the
                               Plotter Manager list.

                                                         Select “Next>” in the Introduction Page
                                                         dialogue box instructions and then select
                                                         “My Computer” in the Begin dialogue
                                                         box, then select “Next>”.
To set up the DXB File.pc3, select “AutoCAD
DXB File” for the Manufacturers column, and
select “DXB File” in the Models column in
the Plotter Model dialogue box.

Select “Next>” in the Import Pcp or Pc2
dialogue box.

Select “Plot to File” in the Ports dialogue box
then select “Next>”.

Make SURE that the name is exactly
“DXB File” in the Plotter Name dialogue box
then select “Next>”.
Then finally, select “Finish” in the Finish
dialogue box.

To install the “TIFF Version 6 (CCITT G4 2D
Compression).pc3” plot driver, repeat all of
the steps as before, except in the Plotter Model
dialogue box select “Raster File Formats” in
the Manufacturers column, and select “TIFF
Version 6 (CCITT G4 2D Compression)” in
the Models column.

Set up the following custom paper sizes from
the plotter configuration editor “TIFF Version
6 (CCITT G4 2D Compression)” selection.
Select “add” to setup each orientation.

User 1 1800.00 x 2700.00 pixels
User 1 2700.00 x 1800.00 pixels
User 1 2400.00 x 3150.00 pixels
User 1 3150.00 x 2400.00 pixels

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