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           Arthritis & Autoimmunity Research Centre Foundation

           ANNUAL REPORT 2006 – 2007
                                  e     he
                            Messag From t Chair
                                                                                   [ BOARD OF DIRECTORS ]

                            It was in 1998 when the vision of creating a distinct fund-raising organization to support arthritis
                            and related autoimmune disease research became a reality. It occurred when a group of exceptional
                            researchers from the former Wellesley Hospital formed a synergistic relationship with the talented
                            researchers at University Health Network. This alliance of basic, clinical, surgical and population
                            health experts were united by one common goal, to beat arthritis.

                            We knew for this group to succeed, a core              So we are setting new aspirational goals
                            of dedicated volunteers had to make a                  for raising funds to reach this objective,
                            commitment to provide the financial                    knowing that we can make a difference by
                            means for these gifted individuals to do               supporting this research.
                            their work.
                                                                                   Being the recipient of Brazilian Carnival
                            Today, the Arthritis & Autoimmunity                    Ball this past April has given us a great
                            Research Centre (AARC) Foundation is an                start on this goal. I am delighted that over
                            established, well-respected organization.              $2.6 million was raised which will help
                            Over the past eight years it has raised more           our mission to support scientists, purchase
                            than $36 million to ensure these scientists            equipment and hire laboratory staff.
                            have the resources to research the prevention,
                            treatment and cure of arthritis and related            We have exceptional donors who believe in
                            autoimmune diseases.                                   investing in innovative research; donors
                                                                                   whose endowments provide seed funding
                            This year a subcommittee of the Board was              for startup experimental projects; donors
                            struck to consult with AARC scientists                 building funds to make a difference in
                            about their vision for the future. First               areas such scleroderma, lupus, and psoriatic
                            and foremost was the need to increase the              arthritis research and donors who help new
                            annual level of support that further                   researchers establish their laboratories in
                            advances the Research Centre as the leading            their early years.
                            global research centre of excellence.
                                                                                   Thank you for so generously helping
                            While the tremendous success has been                  make the original 1998 dream, a reality.
                            achieved over the past eight years, increased          Yes, with everyone believing in the same
                            funding is required to:                                dream, we can beat arthritis.
                            •   Expand and strengthen the breadth
                                of arthritis research
ANNUAL REPORT 2006 - 2007

                            •   Retain the best research scientists
                                and clinician scientists                           John W. Teolis
                            •   Recruit preeminent academics.                      Chair
Eleanor Fish,                         PhD
                                       [ ARTHRITIS & AUTOIMMUNITY RESEARCH CENTRE ]

Imagine a scenario where every patient who walks into a rheumatology clinic at the UHN is asked to
consent to participating in a research program designed to provide individualized care based on a personal
genetic signature. Not science fiction, but the vision of AARC scientists.

On January 16, AARC scientists met with                signature genes and protein biomarkers
a single prescribed objective: to set the              that are diagnostic of early arthritis – even
research direction and priorities of the               before the bone and cartilage destruction
AARC. Through a collaborative process an               is evident by X-rays or other diagnostic
overarching research priority emerged:                 tests. For example, biomarkers that predict
An Integrated Translational Research                   whether the individual will suffer an
Program. The integration of basic, clinical,           aggressive progressive disease or a mild
and population research to enable innovative           disease that goes into remission early.
translational research for the identification          Biomarkers that will define which medication
of determinants of autoimmune diseases.                regimens the patient will respond to.
                                                       Biomarkers that are disease-specific and
By building the kind of infrastructure to              are potential targets for therapeutic
support this vision, basic scientists and clinician    drug development.
scientists in the AARC are collaborating to
develop a Centre that will be the foremost in          For this concept to become a reality this
‘biomarker discovery’ for autoimmue diseases.          requires the collaboration of AARC scientists
                                                       across all disciplines: immunologists,
Every patient will provide a specimen,                 molecular biologists, rheumatologists,
whether a blood specimen, a fluid aspirate             surgeons, population health experts,
from a swollen joint, or a tissue biopsy at the        bioinformaticians, clinical trialists.
time of surgery. These specimens will be               We have made our commitment to this
carefully processed and separated into single          collaborative program. With the continued
cell fractions for subsequent analysis of genes        support of the AARC Foundation, together

                                                                                                             ARTHRITIS & AUTOIMMUNITY RESEARCH CENTRE FOUNDATION
and proteins. Each specimen will have a                we will beat arthritis – and beat them all.
characteristic gene and protein signature,
which will be compared with the patient’s              Let me take this opportunity, on behalf of
medical status: disease type, disease severity,        all the scientists in the AARC, to thank the
medication status, drug responsiveness.                Board of AARC Foundation and Foundation
And considered in the context of the patient’s         personnel for their tireless efforts and
personal information – gender, age, ethnicity,         commitment to the AARC.
etc. At each visit, as the patient’s health
status changes, so does the gene and protein           And finally to you the donors, who share
signature. By comparing these signature                our vision, thank you.
profiles from many patients with the same
disease, and comparing the profiles that
emerge from different diseases, it will be
possible to identify unique ‘biomarkers’ that
                                                       Dr. Eleanor Fish
are associated with specific diseases and
                                                       Director, AARC
patient characteristics. For example,
     Donor List
                                         [ 2006 - 2007 ]

     A sincere “thank you” to all our generous donors and event attendees. The Arthritis & Autoimmunity Research
     Centre Foundation appreciates each and every gift it receives and we are truly grateful for your support of
     arthritis and related autoimmune disorder research. This Annual Report lists gifts of $250 or more received
     during the fiscal year between April 1, 2006 and March 31, 2007. It includes donations, new pledges and pledge
     payments received within that period.
     Individuals who give $1,000 or more annually are members of the Governors Circle.
     Thank you for helping the Arthritis & Autoimmunity Research Centre beat arthritis!

    $1,000,000 Plus                      Loree and Jerry Beniuk               Joanne and Greg Joel                Jennison Fund at the Toronto
    The T. Robert Beamish Family         Monique and Bill Blundell            Morris and Miriam Kerzner              Community Foundation
                                         Eugene Boccia                        Look Magazine                       Anne and Larry Ullman
    $100,000 Plus                        Norman J. Boersma                    Fern and Ron Lougheed               Estate of Mary Alberta Walker
    CIBC                                 Cathy and Rudy Bratty                Elizabeth and Robert Marshall       Jennie I. Wildridge
    Great-West Life, London Life         George and Martha Butterfield        Kathryn and Rod McBey               Windstar Investments Inc.
       and Canada Life                   Maxine Cadsby                        Mr. and Mrs. William McDonald       Susan Wong-Quon and Jack Quon
    Arthur and Sonia Labatt              The Janet Calderone Corona           McLean Budden Limited               Janet and John Woodbridge
    Gary Norton                             Memorial Trust Fund               C. June McLean                      The Lillian and Don Wright
    Alfred G. Wirth                                  Sharon A. McLean                       Foundation
    Elizabeth Wirth                      Dr. Simon Carette                    Janie and Jock McLeod               Brenda and Terry Yates
    Bob and Joan Wright                  Barbara and John Carroll             Anne McPherson and                  Martin Zarnett
    Anonymous (1)                        Tom Closson                              Catherine McPherson             Anonymous (2)
                                         Terence J. Colgan and Donna H. Jez   Carolyn Keystone and
    $25,000 Plus                         Joan and Frank Copping                   James D. Meekison               $250 Plus
    Bristol-Myers Squibb Canada Inc.     Ruth Crawford                        Wendy Melvin                        Claus Altvater
    Florence and Joe Chiappetta          Elsie Cross                          Estate of John William Mitchell     Philip Anisman
    Estate of Lyla Ada Crossley          Norman Cross                         John and Gloria Morrison            Anne-Marie H. Applin
    Patrick Hodgson Family Foundation    Sherry Taylor Drew                   Mary and Milan Nastich              Wendy and Robert Atkinson
    Nancy and John McFadyen              Trudy A. Eagan                       Dorothy E. Norton                   Salah Bachir
    Ted and Julie Medland                Jane and Peter Eby                   Jane Harvey and Donald O’Born       Sandra Balind and Victor Rodrigues
    Peter and Dena Silverstone           Brenda Emslie                        Anluan O’Brien                      Becton Dickinson Canada Inc.
    Scotiabank Group                     Claire Estlick                       Joan & Gerry O'Mahoney              Abbey Beker
    TD Bank Financial Group              Joyce Evans                          Tony Pacaud                         Fran and Peter Bennett
    R. Howard Webster Foundation         David and Sandra Fanning             Dr. Christopher and Colleen Paige   Audrey and Gilbert Bennett
    Anonymous (2)                        Carol Ann and Paul Flynn             Paul Palmer                         Merle Bessner
                                         Franklin Templeton                   Vivian E. Pilar                     Anne Elizabeth Beynon
    $10,000 Plus                            Investments Corp.                 Robert Popham                       Norma Bliss and Ronald Shepherd
    Gail Drummond and Bob Dorrance       Marg Franklin                        Cynthia Struthers and               BMO Fountain of Hope,
    The Grandey Family Foundation Inc.   Anna Marie Frediani                      Keith Powell                        Employees’ Foundation
    Mary Lou and Paul Little             Madeleine and Greg Frenette          Frances and Tim Price               James N. Bowersock
    Kenneth and Sheila McArthur          Ross E. Fullerton                    Sarah and Mark Rochon               R. P. Bratty Family Foundation
    Gayle Wagman and Marc Milgrom        Gale and Allan Garber                The Rogan Foundation                Donna Brock
    Bruce H. Mitchell                    The George and Helen                 Harry and Evelyn Rosen              Shea and Michael Bunston
    Philip S. Orsino                        Gardiner Foundation               Roy C. Foss                         Carole Chabot and Derek Dodd
    Italo P. and Rita Rosati             John F. Glasier                      Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rueter          Sook Yee Chan
    The Sam Sorbara Charitable           Dr. Duncan A. Gordon                 Linda J. Sauro                      Ken Cheong
       Foundation                        Mary Graham                          Douglas and Marie Schatz            Lisa and Tim Cherry
    George H. Stedman Estate             Gerri H. Grant                       Glenda J. Scott                     Anthony Cheung
       (Private Foundation)              Tierney and Sander Grieve            Sears Canada Inc.                   Rob Collins
    Liz and John Tory                    Tennys J. M. Hanson                  Ms. Naju B. Shroff                  Michael Cooper
    Anonymous (1)                        Rosann and Brian Harrison            James F. C. Stewart                 Peter Cowie
                                         Jan and Bill Hatanaka                Eleanor and John Tait               Kathleen Crook and James Penturn
    $1,000 Plus                          Mr. and Mrs. George Heller           The American Friends of UHN, Inc.   Patricia Crowe
    Honey and Roy Agar                   IBM Canada Ltd.                      The Sprott Foundation               Bettina Rush Daalderop
    Alarmforce Industries Inc.           Jackman Foundation                   The Staniszewski Foundation         Ellen Davis
    Clive Algie                          W.Edwin Jarmain and Anna Stahmer     Brian and Joan Tobin                Robert and Catherine Deluce
    Harry Appelton                       Ann and Kenneth Jeffrey              C. Maureen Topp                     Susan Doherty

Wendy Dryden                         Nita and Donald Reed                John Barford and Jon Love          Carolyn Keystone and
DST Output Canada Inc.               J. Anne Reeve                       Barrick Gold Corporation               James D. Meekison
Helen Duncan                         Helen Reid                          The T. Robert Beamish Family       Mercedes-Benz Canada Inc.
Dorothy Dunlop                       Paula Rich                          Ms. Jalynn H. Bennett, C.M.        Merck Frosst Canada Ltd.
Herman and Carol Dyck                John and Jackie Riddell             Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP       Metrus Development Inc.-2
Leilah Edroos                        Anne Rogers                         BMO Financial Group                Bruce H. Mitchell
EggPlant                             Itzhak Rosenbaum                    Bontan Corporation Inc.            Moksha Yoga Downtown
Nancy and John Embry                 Gretchen Ross                       Borden Ladner Gervais LLP          National Bank of Canada
Barbara Esplin                       Millard S. Roth                     Bristol-Myers Squibb Canada Inc.   Naylor Group
John T. Evans                        Vivian and Morris Saffer            Brookfield Asset Management Inc.   Northern Ethanol Canada Inc.
John Finlay                          Glen Scase                          Burgundy Asset Management          Northstar Aerospace
Dr. Paul R. Fortin                   Janet and Michael Scott             Cadillac Fairview Corporation      Novopharm Limited
Bonnie Fowler and Cliff Dresner      Frank D. Selke                      Cameo Fine Cabinetry               Jane Harvey and Donald O’Born
Lawrence Galoni                      Pippa Shaddick and Victor Pavao     Canadian Venture Capital           Ogilvy Renault
Louis Gambino                        Pirkko Shalden                         Corporation Inc.                Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP
Nancy and Stephen Gangbar            Francis Shapiro                     Teresa Cascioli Charitable         Pal Insurance Services Limited
David L. George                      Mr. and Mrs. C. Richard Sharpe         Foundation                      John Penturn & Son Limited
The Shirley and Jerome Giblon        Virginia Shaw                       CGI                                Porter Airlines Inc.
    Charitable Foundation            Tom and Catharine Shea              CIBC                               Cynthia Struthers and Keith Powell
R-J Gilbert                          David Smith                         CIBC Mellon                        PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Robert and Deborah Gilchrist         Susan Smith                         Commercial Alcohols Inc.           Progress Luv 2 Pak Int’l
Barbara Goldring                     Hugh and Bernice Smythe             Complex Supply Inc.                RBC
Crawford Gordon                      Meldon and Elaine Snider            CTVglobemedia                      Rocky Bay Investments Ltd.
Cynthia Groves                       Carol Song                          Mark and Ann Curry                 Brian Rose
Mary Hallward                        Ronald S. Steinberg                 Tiziana and Louis Tolfo “Dance     Gerry & Caren Ruby Family
Evelyn Harvey                        Valentina Sulaj                        for the Cure for Lupus”             Foundation
Mary Hicks                           John and Beth Teolis                Michael Davies                     Vivian and Morris Saffer
Hydro One, Employee’s and            Lawrence O.Thomas                   James Doak                         Schering-Plough Canada Inc.
    Pensioner’s Charity Trust Fund   Nancy Thomson                       Gail Drummond and                  Scotiabank Group
J. R. Cowling Foundation             Dr. and Mrs. J. Carter Thorne          Robert Dorrance                 Dan LeBlanc and Jeremy Williams’
Hugh R. Jennings                     Travelers Guarantee Company         Downsview Kitchens                     “Sea-Doo Adventure”
Brian and Sherril Johnson                of Canada                       Downtown Fine Cars                 Teranet Inc.
Amy Kalman                           Mary Jean Tully                     Elte                               TD Bank Financial Group
Julia Kane                           Neil Turnbull                       Embraer                            T.R.L. Investments Limited
Katina Kavouris                      Dr. and Mrs. J. David Van Loon      Ernst & Young LLP                  Teck Cominco Limited
Marion and James Kenney              Pearl Veenema                       Fabricland                         Beth and John Teolis
Susan and Dr. Ed Keystone            Geoffrey Walker                     The Fairfield Classic Collection   The Princess Margaret Hospital
Sue and William Kidd                 Roger Wallis                        Fairlane Asset Management Ltd          Foundation
Susan Knight                         Libby Wildman                       Fairwater Capital Corporation      The Printing House
Dr. and Mrs. Oscar Kofman            David Willmot                       FirstService Corporation           The Sixty Three Foundation
Hugh Krentz                          Jack Wiseman                        GMP Securities L.P.                The Woodbridge Company Limited
Charles and Marie Lafond             Ron Wolf                            Goldman Sachs Canada               Tiffany & Co
Dana Lampe                           Sandra and Andrew Woodbridge        Goodmans LLP                       Tilley Endurables
Peggy Latimer                        Helen Woodward                      Helen and Anthony Graham           Toronto General & Western
Susan Laurin                         Luci Wyers                          Great-West Life, London Life           Hospital Foundation
Diane Letsche                        Alice Young                            and Canada Life                 Torys LLP
Doug and Linda Lewis                 Kate Zeidler                        Great Gulf Homes Limited           Town Shoes
Gary E. Lewis                        Anonymous (1)                       Groundlayer Capital Inc.           University of Toronto
Gillian Lewis                                                            Brian and Rosann Harrison          W Studio
Judythe Little                                                           Harry Rosen Inc.                   Judy Wells
Audrey Loeb                          The Foundation is also grateful     Heenan Blaikie LLP                 Woodbine Entertainment Group
Jura Loudon                          to the support of the following     Hoffman-La Roche Ltd               Woodbridge Foam Corporation
F.M.                                 sponsors, third party event         Holt Renfrew                       Bob and Joan Wright
Kirk Maltby                                                              Hurley Group of Companies          Yamana Gold Inc.
                                     organizers, in-kind donors and
George Mann                                                              I3 Advisors Inc.                   Brian Yu
Fern Matlin                          advertisers who so generously
                                                                         IBM Canada Ltd.                    (Anonymous 3)
Barbara McCulloch                    contributed to our Special          Donald K. Jackson
Tom Montgomery                       Events in fiscal 2007, with gifts   W. Edwin Jarmain and
Erin Moraghan                        ranging from $2,000 to                 Anna Stahmer                    The AARC Foundation makes
Stephen Munro                        $250,000:                           Johnson & Johnson Medical          every effort to assure accuracy
Lyssa Neel                                                                  Products                        in its listing of donors. Should
Janet Nelson                         3M Canada Company                   Patrick and Barbara Keenan
                                                                                                            an error or omission occur,
Martha Nurse                         Abbott Laboratories, Ltd.              Foundation
Raili O’Born                         Acrohelipro Global Services Inc.    The Henry White Kinnear            however, please advise the
Philip Olsson                        AGF Management Limited                 Foundation                      Foundation office.
Dr. and Mrs. Gilbert Ou Hingwan      Alarmforce Industries Inc.          Lang Michener LLP
Julia Paisley                        Aldervest Inc.                      Lawrence & Company Inc.
“Park n’ Fly” BML Group              AMGEN Canada Inc.                   Eleanor McCain
Matthew Pierce                       Leonard Asper                       Margaret McCain
Leslie A. Quackenbush                Assante Euchre Event                Nancy and John McFadyen

                                                                                                                   ANNUAL REPORT 2006 - 2007
                            Financial Report
                                                                        [ 2007 ]

                            The Arthritis & Autoimmunity Research Centre Foundation has made great strides over the past five years by
                            raising more than $18 million in support of more than 100 basic, clinical and population health researchers
                            working together to beat arthritis. On behalf of the Foundation Board of Directors, I am pleased to report
                            another successful year in our fundraising and awareness building activities.

                            AARC Foundation fund balances increased                  rate on funds by a total of one percentage
                            from $19,558 to $21,630, a 10.6% increase,               point over the next two years to be consistent
                            while the Foundation grants totalled $2,827,             with most other funds researched. This proposal
                            including $1,250 for our core research                   was subsequently approved by the Board and will
                            program and $1,577 in donor directed grants.             be implemented starting in fiscal 2008.
                            We had a very active year for fundraising, with          The Finance Committee has also recommended
                            total donations received at $3,650, including            to the Board that, to the extent possible,
                            record receipts for all of our annual events,            increased focus be placed on fundraising for
                            Day at the Races, St Regis Room, Dance                   core research as opposed to specially directed
                            for the Cure, and a new event, Power of                  research, as the Foundation wishes to support
                            Movement. We also enjoyed a 10.5% return                 the exciting objectives set for the next five to
                            on our investment portfolio in 2007. Despite             seven years.
                            an active year, Foundation expenses were once
                            again managed to a level consistent with last            The investment portfolio is measured on
                            year. The Foundation was also the benefactor             a market value basis and figures here are
                            of the 2007 Brazilian Carnival Ball. As this             reflective of market value performance.
                            event was held in April, the financials which            Mercer Investment Consulting is hired
                            include net proceeds of 2.6 million dollars              annually to evaluate the performance of our
                            will be reflected in our 2008 financial report.          investment manager McLean Budden, and
                                                                                     reviews its findings jointly with the Finance
                            In addition to the Board’s role in fundraising           and Investment Committees. Since inception
                            and volunteer development, the Finance                   in 2000, investment returns have performed
                            Committee continues to ensure that the                   well relative to their respective index benchmarks.
                            Foundation is fiscally responsible and                   The asset mix is considered to be balanced,
                            accountable to our donors for the stewardship            similar to other hospital foundations.
                            of funds held and invested by the Foundation.
6                           Activities included a review and discussion
                            of our audited financial statements with
ANNUAL REPORT 2006 - 2007

                            representatives from Ernst & Young and
                                                                                     Brian T. Harrison
                            review and approval of budgets for Foundation
                            expenses. This year, the Finance Committee
                            accepted a proposal from the Investment
                            Committee to reduce the annual withdrawal
A Five Year Perspective
Summary of Revenue, Expenditures and Grants [As at March 31, 2007]

                                                                  2003                  2004                  2005                 2006                 2007
Donations and Bequests                                            4,278                3,159                 3,454                4,233                3,650
Grants from Toronto General &
  Western Hospital Foundation                                       488                  250                     –                    –                    –
                                                                  4,766                3,409                 3,454                4,233                3,650

INVESTMENT INCOME (LOSS)                                        (1,160)                2,329                   902                1,986                1,842

Fundraising, Administrative
  and General                                                       713                  694                   635                  615                  593

Grants to University Health Network
   for research, medical eduation &
   patient care programs                                          3,214                2,808                 1,827                2,608                2,827
Transfer of Funds to various
   health care institutions                                         100                    –                      –                   –                    –
                                                                  3,314                2,808                 1,827                2,608                2,827

General Fund                                                        561                  56                     –                     3                  52
Restricted Fund                                                   2,487               1,110                 2,162                 3,600               3,842
Endowment Fund                                                    9,384              13,502                14,400                15,955              17,736
                                                                12,432               14,668                16,562                19,558              21,630

The above figures have been extracted from the Arthritis & Autoimmunity Research Centre Foundation’s audited financial statements as at March 31, 2007.
You are invited to call the Foundation office at 416-340-4975 if you would like a copy of these Audited Financial Statements. Auditors – Ernst & Young LLP

Creating a lasting legacy

Named endowments can be established with gifts or pledges of $25,000 or more. They are a wonderful
way to pay tribute to – or create a lasting legacy in memory of – someone special in your life.
The Arthritis & Autoimmunity Research Centre Foundation is pleased to recognize the following
named endowments:
Ewart R. Angus Fund                         Manulife Financial Research                 Helen Milgrom Fund for                       W.P. Scott Fund
Arthritis & Autoimmunity                      Endowment, honouring                        Rheumatoid Arthritis Research              Marion Smith Medical
   Research Centre Endowment                  W.R.C. Blundell                           Norton-Evans Endowment for                     Research Fund
CIBC New Scientist Fund                     McLean Endowment for                          Scleroderma Research                       The Smythe Chair in Arthritis
The Robert Dorrance & Gail                    Osteoarthritis Research                   O’Mahoney Family Research Fund                 Research
   Drummond Research                        Ted and Julie Medland Research              The Powell-Struthers Endowment               TD Fund for Medical Discovery
   Endowment                                  Endowment                                 Morris & Vivian Saffer Arthritis             John and Beth Teolis Fund for
Jane and Peter Eby Fund                     James Meekison & Carolyn                      Research Fund                                Lupus Research
Edward Dunlop Challenge                       Keystone Endowment Fund                   Scotiabank Group Director's                  Wellesley Hospital Auxiliary Fund
   Research Grant                           Merck Frosst Professorship for                Chair, Centre for Medical                  Wirth Endowment for Arthritis
                                              Arthritis Research                          Discovery at UHN                             Research

                                                                                                                                         ANNUAL REPORT 2006 - 2007
  Board of Direc ors
                                                   [ 2006 - 2007 ]

Honey Agar                           Nizar Mahomed, MD, ScD            Secretary                      Finance Committee
Anne-Marie H. Applin                 Nancy C. McFadyen
                                                                       Gerri H. Grant                 Brian T. Harrison, Chair
T. Robert Beamish                    Julie Medland
                                                                                                         and Treasurer
Joseph A. Chiappetta                 James D. Meekison
                                                                       Executive Committee            Paul D. Flynn
Allan H.T. Crosbie                   Gerry O’Mahoney
                                                                                                      Marg Franklin
J. Roderick Davey, MD                Christopher J. Paige, PhD         John W.Teolis, Chair           Marc Milgrom
Robert J. Deluce                     Keith Powell                      Allan H.T. Crosbie
Robert E. Dorrance                   Morris Saffer                     Trudy A. Eagan                 Investment Committee
Trudy A. Eagan                       Peter Silverstone                 Brian T. Harrison
Peter B. M. Eby                      James F. C. Stewart               James D. Meekison              Allan H.T. Crosbie, Chair
Joanne S. Ferstman                   Elizabeth Tory                    Keith Powell                   Marg Franklin
Eleanor Fish, PhD                    David S. Willmot                  Robert J. Wright, C.M., Q.C.   W. Edwin (Ted) Jarmain
Paul D. Flynn                                                                                         Frank Copping
Tennys Hanson                                                          Honourary Patron
Robert D. Inman, MD
Edward C. Keystone, MD                                                 Chan Hon Goh

Day at the Races Committee           Honourary Event Patron            Committee Members              Joanne Laschinger
                                                                                                      Gillian Lewis
                                     Sandy Hawley                      Sandra Balind
Honourary Chair                                                                                       Arne Nordtorp
                                                                       Fran Bennett                   Stephanie O’Born
Edward C. Keystone, MD               Event Chair                       Susan Doherty                  Kathleen Rueter
                                                                       Marika Fis
                                     Don O’Born                                                       Anne Ullman
                                                                       Brooke Hunter

St. Regis Room Committee             Chair                             Committee Members              Nancy C. McFadyen
                                                                                                      Julie Medland
                                     Marg Franklin                     Honey Agar
Honourary Chair                                                                                       Leslie Stephenson
                                                                       Anne-Marie H. Applin           Kelly Whitelock Latimer
Elizabeth Tory                                                         Trudy A. Eagan
                                                                       Jennifer Mason

             Chair                                              Vice Chair                                    Treasurer
          John W.Teolis                                  Robert J. Wright, C.M., Q.C                       Brian T. Harrison

    Arthritis & Autoimmunity Research Centre Foundation
    R. Fraser Elliott Building, 5th Floor, 190 Elizabeth Street, Toronto, ON M5G 2C4
    Telephone: 416-340-4975 Fax: 416-340-3496 Email:
    Charitable # 11929 0773 RR0001