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									Revealed Once Again …..

The PROVEN Method of Making
As Much As N130,000 per Month
   Making Use Of Your Email


                   Toyin Omotoso & Akin Alabi


Before we get started in this report, I need to warn you about some things that are highly important
and here they are:

    1. If you know you are not going to learn and use the information in this report, I will advise you
       to drop it right away and not even use it.

    2. Secondly, I will advise you to print it out to read. Scrolling through it hurriedly on your
       computer won't help you. I mean it.

This report would be a different ONE because it is likely to be the last one I will write this year. I thank
God for everything that happened in my business this year.

I experienced an increase of more than 1500% over last year.

So, you need to drop everything you are doing right now and pay special attention to the information
that I am about to share with you in this report.

To start with, let me tell you a story:

In 2005, I was a Botany student in the university who got interested in making money online and
when I got started, the first method I used to make money was a method that had to do with your
email and your phone number.

This was when I knew almost nothing about making money online.

I ONLY read a report of like 5 pages from my a guy called segun that I considered to be my mentor
then about how to make money using your email. This guy was the one I often talked about that he
made N3m online in 90 days.

When I read the report, I just went straight into action.

That was when I made the first money I made selling my personal information products.

As at then, I thought that the method was very simple and that it couldn't be the real thing so I left it
and started looking for very advanced systems of making money online and I wasted a lot of time and
money because the ones I went after were either very complex for me or they needed a lot of time
and money to do.

Those are stuffs like CPA and adsense as at then.

Later on in 2007, after going through a lot of “brokeness” period, I picked a copy of success digest
one day and I was reading it.

           What I saw in it almost killed me!
I read the story of 3 young guys who were blood brothers. These guys were making 6 figures on a
monthly basis using nothing but their email and their phone number.

As a matter of fact, in that interview, they said their bank had to call them to ask about the kind of
business that they were into because they were undergraduates then.

This was the same system that I had abandoned 2 years ago simply because I thought it was too

That drove me into going into the business again and I came out with a little business that generated
a monthly income of N16,000 for 10 months due to some mistakes that I made.

Now listen to this CAREFULLY:

I personally know more than 10 ways that you can use to make a fortune online even though I only
use 1 of them right now. I had to drop the rest to focus on ONE.

Out of all the 10 ways, the most simplest one is the one I am about to introduce to you in this report.

As a matter of fact, it was this same system that I adjusted to make money using the CB cashmagic

Let me be OPEN and PLAIN to you.

No matter how smart you are, you can't learn everything about making money online in a month. But
if you pick the correct money making system to master, you can start making money online within
your first month of starting.

How true is that?

VERY true.

The problem with people is that somebody who is new to internet business wants to go into highly
complex and advanced money making systems that they do not even have the money to fund.

If you observe, you will see that I am now into videos and audios because I have the capacity to work
on them and operate them online.

But I didn't start that way.

I now have a NEW business that totally caters for the international market because I have been able
to learn what it takes to make money online using simple systems.

I was teaching some people earlier this year on how to make money online and they were asking me
questions on how they can use PAYPAL, do CPA and some other complex stuffs.

I kept telling them that they do not need those things but the look on their face showed that they did
not believe what I was telling them.

I and other internet marketers have made a lot of mistakes when we were trying to make money
online and we keep telling people not to do the same but they just won't listen.

An example is the PAYPAL issue. People will come to me that they want to open a paypal account
and I will tell them that they do not need one.


I don't have one and I do not need one. They will go ahead to open one but they realize that it will just
lie their dormant with zero dollars.

For God's sake, take my advice:

               “don't fall into the same pit that others have fallen into”
Later in 2008, I was reading success digest again and I read the story of one part 2 student of
Olabisi Onabanjo university who was churning out N50k per week using ONLY his EMAIL and his

The guy's name is Paul Oghogorie. You can call the customer line of success digest to verify that
claim if you do not believe me.

It got to a stage that this guy was the one paying his school fees and that of his siblings while in
school for God's sake

….Using WHAT?

                                  His EMAIL and his phone.

By the time he wrote an ebook titled “How to turn Your lazy Email Into a 24 Hours ATM machine”,
people rushed it like crazy.

I have a copy of the ebook too and I discover that it is all the same thing...the same system

Here is even something MORE funny...

In January 2009, I created an ebook on how to browse free with ZAIN network and I gave away the
PLR rights to it. (NOTE - PLR means Private Label Rights which means that anybody who buys it can
put their name on it and sell it as if it was their own)

I sold this browsing manual for N1270 apiece and I sold like 40 copies which means I made like

Okay, I now travelled to Lagos to attend a seminar on selling information by Dr. Sunny Obazu and at
that seminar, I met this guy called PAUL OGHOGORIE.

We got talking and he said “ THANK YOU” for that browsing product of yours. I said what is it about
the product?

He said he sold 80 copies of that product at N2000 per copy and my head went OFF.
Can you imagine that?

I created that product and gave him the rights to sell it and keep the profits and yet, I could only
make N51,000 while he made N160,000 selling it

            Do you know the reason why I am saying all of this?
Here is the reason:

Don't take this system for granted...NEVER!

That is why I warned you at the beginning of this report that you should not even start it if you know
you wouldn't apply it.

Okay , listen to this...

Some few days ago, I was going through an exercise that I normally do once in a while.

I would ask myself:

'What would I do if I lost everything I have?”

I am a realistic person. I am not that hooked with anything I have. I know that everything could go
away within a minutes even though I do not pray that should happen.
So, here was my answer to myself:

If I lost everything (and by everything I mean all my ebooks, laptops, properties, money,
house,subscriber list, websites etc), the ONE thing I won't lose is the knowledge that I have in my
brain that I have gathered through reading, studying and learning from others.

You do not have an idea of what I know about making money because I am JUST coming.

Here is what I will do.

    1. I will try and see if I can get somebody to lend me some money like N20,000.

    2. If everybody decided not to lend me any money, I will go and look for a job that can pay me
       anything from N15,000 per month and I know that won't be difficult. By the way, that is
       because I did not collect my certificate in school and I do not have any plans of going
       there to collect it.

    3. I will work that job for 2-3 months and during that time, I will create a HOT info-product in
       form of an ebook. I will buy a notebook and write it there and take it to a computer centre to
       help me type it and convert to a PDF file.

    4. Out of the money I am paid, I will buy a used phone for N2,500/N3000.

    5. I will now use some of the money too with the system I am about to teach you to sell the book
       and I will do all my work from the cybercafe.

    6. From the first sales that I made, I will place another advert and sell more of the ebook.

    7. I will now buy a laptop and get internet connection and other tools.

    8. Once I get to this stage, I am back...


Did you notice that I did not mention anything like a website throughout my plan?

The reason is that since the people I am selling to are Nigerians, it is not compulsory for me to use a


You may not know the reason why I am so CONVINCED about what I wrote up there.

The reason is that I have done it before and I can repeat it again if the need arises.

Okay, I am about to bring in Akin Alabi's teachings on this but before I do so, I will like to let you know
that I decided to write this report because I know that by next year, I will be much more committed
to my international customers.

Don't mind me.

The reason is that they pay more.

Can you imagine somebody paying you $397 for a single product. That is N60,000 and I know that
Nigerians can't pay that much.

If I sell a product priced at $397 to 1000 people, you now how much that is, don't you?

One MORE thing...

Do you know the reason why most people will never make money online?

This may look stupid but it is true.

Somebody buys an ebook priced at N1,500 and he thinks he would get everything on that topic from
that book.

Well, it is possible in some cases where the topic is shallow.

But in most cases it isn't.

Do you know why people sell some seminars for N3500 and the same topic for N25,000?

It doesn't take calculus to know that they are telling you that you will get more content and training
when you pay more.

Let me tell you something that I now know due to experience.

It is customers who pay you small prices like N500 -N3500 who give you most problems.

That is why I decided to stop creating low priced products that will give me troublesome customers.
Instead, I prefer to put in long hours of work and create something sophisticated that sells for a
good price which would get me serious customers.

Do you even know that I have people who send me emails that I should not be selling any of my
products but that I should be giving everything away for free.

Can you imagine that?

How much do I make? Even a guy like Eben Pagan who makes over $30m annually does not give his
products away for free.

I mean why would I go through sleepless nights, attend seminars, buy books, study and study only to
create products that I would be giving away for free.

I try as much as possible to give away as much things that I can give away for free like this report
that you are reading right now because I learn a lot from other people's free stuffs too.

For instance, Eben Pagan is my current mentor but I have been feeding on only his free products up
till now because his products sell for $2000 (N300,000) or more.

Of course, I would still buy his products as soon as I am able to afford them easily because I know
that doing that will give me a 3000% breakthrough.
I am not doing ONE on ONE training right now for people because most people can't pay for it.

I mean how can I spend a whole day with you in a room and all you can pay me is N50,000?

I receive calls from people who say they want to meet with me for some training and they are not
willing to pay my fees.

In the past, I would oblige but I do not do that again.

I have invested a lot in my career and brain and if anybody wants my time and knowledge, they
should be ready to pay. If not, then they are free to try other guys.

I don't need to beg anybody nowadays to pay me for anything. If you are paying for anything, you are

doing it for yourself because of what you will gain.

Let me tell you this:

I did not sleep through the night today.

Do you want to know what I was doing?

I was watching the videos of a guy who made $4.5million in his first 18 months of starting internet

I also listened to 10 audios from the millionaire creator, Dan Kennedy where he was teaching about
how you can sell your ideas and make money from them.

And that is why I have the guts to increase my one on one training fee to N100,000.

Who would pay that?

Well, I don't know but with what I just learned from the guy that I watched his videos (By the way, the
videos are priced $797), I can start a new internet business if you lock me in a room with internet
connection and after a month, I should have created a business of at least $2000/month income.

So, if you are one of those who complain that you have been buying products from people but you
are not making money, I have got a question for you:

Take a look at the last product you bought and I want you to be honest about this.

Go through the instructions in it again and ask yourself. Did I actually follow these instructions step
by step as I was directed in this product till the end?

When you do that, you will discover that you have a lot of blame yourself.

It is so funny how people blame experts and gurus that they are not sharing the exact things they do
to make money whereas it is the people who are not doing exactly as they are told.

For instance, I trained some set of people some times ago on how to make money from blogging and
I emphasized the fact that to make money from the system, heavy traffic is necessary through
article marketing.

I even said nobody should expect any result until after they have submitted at least 100 articles.

Yet, somebody send me an email the other day complaining that what I taught him as not working
and that I should refund his money.

So, I replied him and I asked him to send me the blog he created and all the other activities.

When he did, I went through it and I discovered that his blog system was okay BUT do you know how
many articles he submitted?

You won't believe it.

He submitted ONLY seven articles.

And that is despite the fact that I hammered it into their ears that they should not expect anything
until after they have submitted a MINIMUM of 100 articles.

The conclusion is that up till now, he has not submitted more than the 7 articles and somebody like
that could now go out and start to shout all over the place that what I taught him is FAKE.

I have stopped teaching blogging anyway.

I discovered that Nigerians are too lazy to handle it.

Sincerely...Nigerians are LAZY....very LAZY

Maybe that is why there is a lot of robbery and money rituals and embezzlement because people just
do not want to do what they are supposed to do.

Sorry for saying all of that.

I just had to let you know that if you want to succeed BIG, you need to take things seriously.

                                  If it is hard, then do it hard – Les Brown

Okay, let's go to what we have.

This teaching that you will be going through is a tutorial that Akin Alabi created but I will be adding
my own suggestions to it. Just watch out for anywhere you see Toyin's Comments.

I intentionally had to go and use Akin's tutorials so that you will at least hear it from another person
apart from Mr Toyin Omotoso because some people think I am lying whenever I talk of making
money selling information products online and making money from them.

Somebody even sent me an email that “what on earth can anybody sell to make that much in a
month (Question – Is N130,000 per month a BIG amount of money?)

                                                            Akin Alabi's MINI Course On

     How To Earn N130,000/Months Selling Info
                Products In Nigeria

Over to Mr Akin Alabi
---------------------------------------------------------- Mini Course Starts Here ---------------------------------------------------------------------

This course is about how you can earn N130,000 just by selling info products just by using emails
and autoresponders.

It's a process I've mastered over the years and it is fail proof so do yourself a favour by using the
information I pass across here.

I'll start by telling you the things you need to get started in this business. They are...

1) A product

2) An Email Address

3) An Autoresponder Account

4) A Sales Letter

5) Follow Up Email Messages

6) Promotion

7) N20,000 Or Less!

With the above, you can launch your own N130,000/mth part time business in 7 days or less!

Like I said earlier, you will be needing 7 things to start this.

Let's start with the first...

A Product To Sell

You need a product to sell to make money with this system. An information product.

An information product is anything guide that can teach people how to do something. It could be a
manual, ebook, book, audio tapes etc.

Information products could be about anything. It doesn't have to be about making money online like
a lot of people think. (Toyin's comments - if you want to even create make money products, you had
better roll up your sleeves because Nigerians are ready to make it tough on you...don't allow them)

I've got information products on many areas:

- Football betting (Toyin's comments - Let me tell you this: Akin Alabi created a product on this which
sold 100 copies at N4500 per copy within the first 30 days of selling it.)

- Making money online

- Canadian immigration ( I sold something on this recently- Toyin)

I've seen an information product on 99 ways to open a beer bottle. I don't know how many copies
were sold but that should tell you this concept could be about any topic. ( Toyin's comments – This
means topics that people would pay money for NOT just any topic, please NOTE)

To give you ideas on what you can create, go to (Toyin's comments Do you remember my CB
Cashmagic system)

There are over 10,000 products there that you can get ideas from. Make sure you look through.

( Toyin's comments okay, let me help you with this. The kind of product you should be looking to sell
to people is something that helps them to solve a serious problem. I mean it. And you probably know
most of these things. My fellow info-colleague Efe Imiren made 17million naira last year selling what
she knows about how to get a Uk or US Visa)

Now I can hear you say "Akin I can't write".

The truth is that you don't need to be a William Shakespare to create information products. Here
are ways of creating them without writing.

- Interview an expert, record and transcribe it

- Organise a seminar, invite people to speak and

- Use private label materials or Resale right materials. ( Toyin's comments - I gave out resale rights
to my HOT CB CashMagic recently, if you are interested, visit

I'm sure you can come up with an information product if you are very determined.

The next thing we will be needing is an email address.
You will need a regular contact with your prospects and customers and email is the cheapest way

Everyone here has an email address. You can however open a new one for your campaign
so as you don't mix up personal emails with your business emails.

A free yahoo or gmail address will do.


Let's move on...

The next thing you will be needing is an autoresponder account.
An autoresponder is an automatic response robot made possible by the Internet.

When you place an ad and tell people to ask for more information, you can't possibly be sending your
messages to hundreds of people one by one. It will take forever to do so especially when you are
sending it to like 5,000 people.

You will need an autoresponder where you will program your messages. When people send emails
to your autoresponder, your sales messages are triggered and they begin to arrive in their inbox.

There are many autoresponder services out there. The best are and

I recommend to Nigerians because they have a free version you can start with
before you spend money.

So go to and sign up.

Toyin's comments

This TOOL is very important of you want this to be profitable for you. As a matter of fact, if you see
anybody selling information through the internet without an autoresponder, please tell them that
they are in DANGER lane.

Also, I will tell you to go for the paid version immediately. It will help you a lot and it costs just $10
(N1500) to start with. That is not much.

Let's go on...

The next thing you will be needing is a sales letter.

This is no doubt one of the most important aspect of this business model. Your sales letter is your
salesman in print.

Your buyer won't be seeing the product you are offering so you need to write it well if you want to
make money.

You should learn how to write your own sales letter. Don't ask me to write it for you because my fee
N1,000,000 (One Million Naira).
(Toyin's comments- my own fee is N100,000 for now. Mine is not as high as that of Akin Alabi but
you do n't have to pay anybody for this. You will be able to do it yourself.)

Basically, a sales letter is made up of the following.

- Headline
- Opening Hook
- Product Intro
- Benefits
- Price and Bargain Appeal
- Bonuses
- Money Back Guarantee
- Post Scripts.

All good sales letters out there will have all and maybe more of the above.

I cannot possibly give you a complete tutorial here. You need to learn from the masters of
the game.

Most sales letter writing courses are expensive but you can start with the free ones.

Go to google and search for "free copywriting tips" without the quotes and you should come
up with something good.

Toyin's comments

The sales letter is the weapon here. You do not need to write it like mine or like the way Akin Alabi
writes. As a matter of fact, there are few rules you just have to follow and that is all. Do you
remember those 3 brothers that I said they were making 6 figures as students? I once tried to see
what their sales copies looked like and believe me, even as at that time, mine was 20 times better
than theirs and they were making money.

By the way, I will give you a personal formula that can be used to create killer sales copies fast within
30 minutes for your products.


The next thing you will be needing is a series of follow up email messages.

Let me explain how this works.

Have you ever requested for information either by email or by entering your email address into
a box on a website?

I'm sure you do.

The reason why this is necessary is because research has shown that most people do not
buy products the first time they see it.

Did you then notice that you kept receiving emails and reminders from the website owner? ( Toyin's
comments This shouldn't be new to you if you are on my list. For instance, all the messages I sent
for the past 10 days have been programmed by me 10 days ago.)

What you probably did not know that those messages have been stored in an autoresponder
so once you trigger it by sending an email to it, pre written emails are sent to your inbox.

In fact, 97% of people don't. That means if you want to sell as much as possible of your products,
you need to keep reminding them.

In this type of business that I'm teaching, the initial and instant message that will go out to
them is the sales letter.

That is where you will sell to them with all the skills you know about sales letter writing.

The next series of messages will be reminders and giving them more reasons to buy from you. This
is where you now start to provide them with more information and proof to give them reasons and
convince them to buy from you which is great so far your product actually works.)

Try to have at least seven messages that is spread over 21 days. You have a better chance
of increasing your conversion that way.

We will talk about promotion next. When I'm done with all of them, I will then teach you how
to "arrange" them one after the other so that starting it will be very easy for you.

The next thing you will be needing is promotion.
You will need to promote your offers. You cannot expect to make money in this business without
promoting it. (Toyin's comments - By promotion, akin is talking about you going out to aggressively
advertise your product to the people who need it)

If you create the best information product in the world and you hide it under your cupboard, no one
will see it and no one will pay you money.

The kind of promotional technique that I suggest you use is by placing small and inexpensive ads in
newspapers and magazines targeted to your niche.

Here is what I mean by targeted:

When you have an information product that talks about romance, it will make sense to advertise in
a romance journal.

Do not advertise a romance product in a stock market newspaper. That will be unwise. Make sure
your ads are targeted.

You should start with ads as small as 2" by 1" or 2" by 2". They cost less than N10,000 in most
newspapers and magazine.

I know a lot of you will wonder how small ads can ever sell. (Toyin's comments - Small ads are also
called classified ads)

The truth is that they do sell if you write them well. (NOTE – writing them well is one thing you must
do very well too if you expect tremendous results)

Here Is how to write small ads or Classified ads guaranteed to pull people to
your offers.
A good ad should have three main components.

They are:

1. The Headline
2. The Body
3. The Call To Action

Let's start with the headline. It is very important you get this right. It will serve as an ad to your

Make it bold and arresting. You can either give a hint about the ultimate benefit of your product or
arouse curiosity.

See examples below.

                                           REVEALED AT LAST!

                                CANADIAN IMMIGRATION SECRETS!!!

                                         AKIN ALABI EXPOSED!

                              WHO WANTS TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE?

2. The Body

In one word, state the ultimate benefit of your product. Tell your readers what it can do for

Make it as short as possible. Do not try to say too much in your ad. It will cluster it and make it
impossible to read.

See the examples below:

                     Discover How To Relocate To Canada As A
                     Skilled Worker Within The Next 3 Months!


                       Have You EVER Wished You Could Find A
                        Way To Get Cheap Laptop Computers
                          For As Low As N20,000 Online?

3. Call To Action

No matter how good your ad is, if you don't tell people what you want them to do, they won't do
anything. So be clear about it.

Ask them to send for a FREE information by sending an email to your autoresponder. Once they
send it, your sales letter and follow up messages starts going into their inbox.

A call to action will simply say "For FREE Instant Info, send an email to

Now using our examples, let's take a look at an ad we have written.

                                        REVEALED AT LAST!
                                 CANADIAN IMMIGRATION SECRETS!!!

                     Discover How To Relocate To Canada As A
                     Skilled Worker Within The Next 3 Months!
                               "For FREE Instant Info, send an email to

I hope that was clear?

We're almost done. Just a couple of more steps and that will be all.

The next and last thing you will be needing is N20,000

You will be needing this for a few things. Things like paying for your ad, paying for a month's
subscription of your autoresponder account and other little stuffs.

You will be needing the money to get started. Put it together so your journey can be smooth.

Not having it will delay a lot of things.

( Toyin's comments - There was a time that I was VERY broke in 2008. I sat down and wrote an
ebook titled ARTICLE CASH which teaches how to find article writing jobs online and get paid for
writing them.

After that, I borrowed N6500 from a friend and I placed a small classified advert to sell the small
ebook. I placed a price of N3750 on it and when the advert came out, I sold 12 copies which is
N45,000. So I returned the N6500 I borrowed but I made the mistake of taking my friends out to
have fun with the money so I wasn't able to place another advert.)

So we now have all we need. So what is the next thing to do?

That is what the final part will deal with. I will show you how you can start from the moment
you finish reading this teaching to earning your first sale.

It's simple.

Here we go. It's time to round it all up.

Here is how I suggest you go about running your business. I've laid it out in a step by step manner.

I won't be going over the details here as I've explained them earlier.

Step 1: Create a product

Discover a need in the marketplace and create a product to fulfill it.

Step 2: Write A Sales Letter

Write a powerful sales letter and a few follow up messages.

Step 3: Get An Autoresponder Account

I suggest you sign up for getresponse. Preload your sales letter and follow
up messages in it.

Step 4: Write And Place An Ad

Write a short but powerful advert that you will use to sell your product. Place it in a target

Step 5: Respond To Questions

Many people that respond to your ad will contact you for more questions. Make sure you respond
to them ASAP. This is where you will need your phone number.

Step 6: Repeat The Process

As soon as your first sale comes in, do not spend it on yourself. Run the advert again. The secret
in this business is repeating the stuffs that work over and over again.

That's it. I've equipped you with the information you need to earn N130,000 monthly selling info
products on a part time basis.

Now go out there and make the money.

All the best.

Akin Alabi

                                ----------------- END OF COURSE----------------------

So, did you understand the course?

Hopefully, I believe you should because if you have been reading my mails and any of my reports,
most of these things should not be new to you again.

Is this SYSTEM fail-proof?

Yes and No!

This system is ONLY a way of selling your ideas or that of somebody else...SIMPLE!

There are 3 things that could make you fail if they are not handled very well when you are setting it
up and here they are:

     1. Your Attitude – believe me! This one is the major problem most people have. They start

        something like this with a make money attitude and that is where they get it wrong. This is
        not just about making money. It is about building a business. That means you just can't run it
        anyhow. You have to run it like a business.

     2. Your Product – The second thing that can make the whole system go wrong is if you are
        selling a products that people are not interested in buying. For instance, check out the
        example that Akin Alabi used up there. A product on immigration to developed countries will
        sell like crazy. I remember a man who sold an ebook using this method on how you can travel
        to the US without a VISA. He sold it for N10,000 and made a lot of money.

     3. Your Promotions – Finally, you need to know that if any of your classified adverts or sales
        copy is poor, it will affect your profits.

So, how do you solve the above problems?

I think that is simple as well.

     1. Once you start, take what you want to do seriously as a business. This means you would draw
        a plan for it and record all your transactions. It also means you must not delay what you are
        supposed to do today till tomorrow.

     2. About your product, you can HIT on what is HOT by either buying resale rights to a HOT
        material that is selling like crazy already or you do your due diligence to get a HOT product.
        For instance, my CB cashmagic is HOT and some smart people have gotten the resale rights
        to sell it using the exact materials that I used in selling it.

     3. And about your promotions – Sincerely, this shouldn't give you problems. One thing I like
        about the internet is that resources are always available. You can simply find KILLER sales
        copies and tweak them to work with what you are selling. And talking about your classified
        adverts, you can actually take a look at various classified adverts and pick the ONES that are
        great and edit them to use.

Now, there is something more and what you are about to lay your eyes on is the most deadly aspect
of this report.

So, proceed with caution:

If you have a product that you created and it sells for N5000 ONLY, how much would you have to sell
to make N130,000 per month?

JUST 26 copies.

And all you have to do to keep making money is to keep advertising until the response rate starts to
reduce and then you create another product and start the program again.

Believe can start this within 7 days...

And if you are able to carefully monitor it like a woman named Mrs Iyabo Oyawale, you can start
making N100,000+ selling simple information from your email.

Did I hear you say Who is Mrs Iyabo Oyawale?

Well, Mrs Iyabo was a woman who was the deputy editor of a magazine. I think it is encomium and
one day, she discovered the same thing I am teaching you and she fired her boss.

She started by selling some information on “how to start a business”

TODAY, she is financially okay and she has lots of time to spend with her kids at home.

Won't you want to reach that level too?

Remember I told you that you are about to encounter something deadly and here is it :

   Introducing the ADVANCED N130k/month EMAIL
 CASH COURSE for people who want to start netting in
  over N100k per month with their email and phone
What is this all about?

Well, this course is for people who want to take things to the EXTRA mile.

I created this course for people who want to take the bull by the horns and give their financial life all
it takes to succeed by completely mastering this system.

This is an ebook!


This is a Fully Loaded Course.

When I was writing this report, I knew that there are 3 types of people who would read it.

     1. People who would read it just for the sake of reading it because they are looking for magic
        formula to make money.

     2. People who would read it and go ahead to get started without the need for extra trainings.

     3. And people who would read it, and ask for more help in mastering it so that they can reduce
        their risks of failing to zero and increase their success rate.

Which one of those 3 groups are you?

I want you to IMAGINE this:

You are able to get this training and in 7 days from now, you already have an ebook priced at
N5000. You place an advert in The News and from the advert, you sold 22 copies. That is

You take N20,000 from that money and place another advert.

This one brings a higher return of N28 sales which is N140,000.

Total profits for 1st month is N140,000 + N90,000 = N230,000.

In the next month, you place bigger adverts priced at N70,000 (because the bigger your adverts,
the more people who see them and the more responses you get)

This time around, you make an accumulated sale of 70 sales.

That is 70 X N5000 = N350,000 for second month

So, while your partners at work are complaining about their salary, you are simply smiling inside.

Of course, these are just merely representations but they are what can happen if you put together a
solid campaign ONCE you understand how this works.

In the ADVANCED N130k/month EMAIL CASH COURSE, you will have access to
Comprehensive step by step lessons on how you can start up your N130k email
Business Within 7 Days such as:

     – Discover as many hot topics as possible online that you can sell and sell and keep all the
       profits for yourself (E,g I just discovered a product at I am not the
       owner but I can make as much money from it as possible by selling it via resale rights)

     – I will show you what to do so that you can sell a N2000 product for N6000 or more with
       just some few changes.

     – You will also be able to write your own killer classified adverts.

     – You will also DISCOVER how you can get the information products that you will be selling
       for FREE. Yes! Paul taught me this and I will show it to you.

     – You will MASTER how to independently set up your own autoresponder using getresponse.

     – You will have complete access to as many sample adverts, headlines and sales copies as
       possible that will help you pull enormous response and make you more money

     – You will learn the EXACT publication where you should place your adverts for high responses.

     – You will learn MAGIC words that when used in your adverts, brings you a lot of

     – You will learn how to AVOID the common mistakes that so many newbies often fall into ( I fell
       into it too)

     – You will learn how to get people to trust you even though all they see is your email.

     – You will have access to a Blueprint that will enable you to get started in at least 7 days.

     – You will learn my MAFIA trick of creating follow up messages without even thinking.

     – You will learn how to price your products right and how to get people to buy from you over
       and over again.

I can't list it all here.

By the way, Here is Something You Have to take very important even if everything else is taken

The training contains HOURS upon hours of carefully recorded

     1. VIDEOS
     2. Manuals and
     3. AUDIOS

that will help you become a BOSS of this system. Once you can pull it off, you will be able to go
ahead and fire your own boss too if you like just like Mrs Iyabo.

But do you know something?

For BONUSES, I will ALSO give you 3 of Paul's manuals on How he makes millions just from selling
information products from his email.

Here they are:

     1. Discover how You Can Turn Anything You Know Into a N50,000 - N100,000
        Monthly Income Selling Simple Information Products With Little or No Start Up


     2. Discover How To Produce a Killer Information product in 6 hours and get 500
        Nigerians and above to sell it for you while you keep all the profits even if it is to
        the tune of N1million.

     3. How I and My friends Make millions and how You Can begin to chop Out
        Emergency N50,000 - N1million Selling Simple Info-products that will cost you
        nearly nothing to create.

I have done my best to bring you this teaching by akin alabi and I even added one or two things to
make it more explanatory.

So, the ball is now in your court.

If the information in this report is okay for you, go ahead and do something to get started.

If you are one of the FEW who wants extra training, there are 2 choices.

     1. Pay N9500 only for the ADVANCED course and get started with this system OR

     2. Pay for a personal one on one coaching on how getting you to succeed at this business via
        email for a FULL month. (NOTE – You will also get the complete N9500 training materials
        when if you decide to go for coaching instead.) Get more details on this COACHING at

Whichever one you choose, you can follow the instructions below to make payments:

                               ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS
Make payments into any of the bank accounts below:

Bank 1 – GTBank
Account name – Omotosho Oluwatoyin
Account Number – 461-489008-110


Bank 2 – UBA
Account Name – Omotoso Oluwatoyin
Account Number – 05600034846699

After the payments, send your payment details (name, email, teller number,phone number) to

Once your payment has been confirmed, I will send you the 7-Day Training System with exercises
and the bonuses so that you can download unto your computer and get started.


You are the SOLE determinant of how your bank account is going to look like. It is so funny that
people just go into a new year and they set goals for a new income without doing anything that will
bring about that particular income.

Isn't that funny?

Just try and give this all the EFFORT and whatever you can to make it work. If you can pay for the
coaching, I will advise you to do so because for a full month, I will be working with you to make sure
that your new email business starts well and succeeds well. You will even get some of my info-
products that you can use to get started too.

I will coach you for a full month via:

     1. Phone
     2. Yahoo messenger
     3. Email

If you can't go for the coaching, just get started with the advanced training which you can pay
N9500 for if you order for it right now. It is a perfect one and I can confidently tell you that I have put
in everything that will make you succeed in there.

ONE more thing.

In september, I made a lot of money selling an small e-manual on how you can turn any phone into a
blackberry phone. The e-manual was created by a colleague of mine and he got the information free
of charge from a newspaper known as Success Digest Extra.

I gave out the resale rights of that report to the people who bought so that they too can sell and
make money from BUT I guess most of them did not know how they can sell it.

Here is a proven system to do so.

Don't miss out on this.

Okay, let me close this report by asking you a question.

Let's say you want to send out 3 soldiers for a special assignment and you now do the following:

     1. You train soldier A for just 1 month and send him off with just a pistol.

     2. You train soldier B for 6 months and send him off with a car, fully equipped ammunition and a
        bullet proof vest.

     3. You train soldier C for 2 years and send him off with a car, a jet, fully equipped ammunition,
        bullet proof vest, James Bond equipments and you monitor all his movements from base to
        warn him of impending dangers

Here is my question: which of the soldiers is likely to succeed faster and come home alive out of
the 3?

You see, it doesn't take any magic to know that the most trained and most equipped person is likely
to become more successful. ( Just like somebody who attended Harvard University and somebody
who went to Unilag)

So, here is what you have in terms of the people who will read this report:

     1. Some people will ONLY get trained from the MINI course in this report – soldier A

     2. Some will advance to getting trained from the contents of the ADVANCED Email course
        which goes for N9500 – Soldier B

     3. Some will advance to registering for a FULL Coaching session with me at– Soldier C

Whichever ONE you choose, you can succeed and that is the message.

Lest I forget, if you are reading this report right now, I have even given you the Resale rights to sell it
using this system and make money by doing so. Just don't sell it for more than N2500.

Did I hear you say How can I sell it? Kidding me, right?

Don't finish this report and do nothing.

That will be a mistake. Do something.

I wish you success.


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