Things I Effed Up at my First Company by marks

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									  How not to Fuck Up the First
        Time Like I Did

Lessons from Both Sides
of the Table

 Mark Suster

 NextGen Conference, January 2011

  Software development at
   Andersen Consulting

  BuildOnline, CEO in
   London at 31
   (sold to public company)

  Koral, CEO in Palo Alto
   (sold to

  VC in Los Angeles
  The Stupid Mistakes I Made the
            First Time

      (but not the second time!)

** there were no blogs, no instruction manuals ;-)
I Didn’t Start Young Enough
I Wasn’t Passionate About My Idea
I Raised Too Much Money
I Had Too Many Cofounders
I Pushed PR Before Our Product Was Ready
I Launched Too Many Products & Overspec’d
I Internationalized Too Early
My Team Was Too Much Like Me
I Hired Too Senior of a Team
I Attended Too Many Conferences
I Didn’t Flip Burgers
I Charged Too Much
I Became a Prostitute for Revenue
I Never Thought About Selling the Company
I Stayed Too Long
                    Take Aways

1. Don’t be afraid to try when you’re young &

2. Find a topic you’re passionate about

3. Start lean
                  Take Aways (cont.)

1. Flip burgers

2. Don’t be a ho

3. Focus on your customers – nothing else matters

Mark Suster

NextGen Conference, January 2011

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