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					Don't Kill the Poor Pigeons!

Yes, there still are people who actually say please don't kill pigeons
and pigeon haters actually think that such people are mad. It is indeed
weird to think how people always want to get rid of pigeons, when once
upon a time they were the biggest possible asset that a person could have
and they also use to command a very high price compared to any other
bird. One of the main reasons of the same was that when telephones didn't
exist, these birds use to be used as messenger services. Even after
telephones arrived, they were not present in many areas and when
telephone conversations were not safe, as in the sale of the military,
pigeons use to be used to ferry messages across from one person to the

It must be remembered that no matter how much we hate pigeons and how
much we want to get rid of pigeons, or in extreme cases how much we would
love to kill pigeons, these birds were once the greatest possible secret
messenger service and the only hope for those who wanted to reach their
near and dear ones but had no means to. These birds were also credited
with carrying vital communications during the times of the World War II
and have helped save millions of lives by carrying messages from people
stuck in remote areas, where no forms of communication are available.

But then they do say that too many cooks spoil the broth and pigeons have
multiplied at an enormous pace and are hated by almost everyone today. In
fact they are hated to the extent that people no more look at possible
ways on how to get rid of pigeons. People simple want to kill these
birds, also known as sky rats and poop monsters. Unfortunately for such
people, killing birds is illegal in many countries, and that is why
everyone is looking at trying to solve their pigeon problems in a more
humane way without having to kill each individual bird or even flocks of

One of the major reasons for people wanting to kill these birds is that
they are poop monsters. They poop simply everywhere making wholesole
areas terribly dirty and stinky. And if you had just bought a new car,
driven to your office, and come out in the evening only to find the
entire car covered with pigeon poop, you would probably want to scream
and then go and kill pigeons. A similar feeling arises when you get up
early morning for a nice jog in the fresh air only to find your car and
street covered up in pigeon poop!

The smell and dirt is also unhygienic and unhealthy, which is yet another
reason for people to want to get rid of pigeons.

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