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					            Flash back, main focus on boy’s experience when he was a baby

   -   Mum bathing a baby in the bath tub, baby splashes around, with toys
   -   Phone Rings
   -   Mum rushes out to answer call
   -   Cockroach peeps out of crack on wall
   -   Scatters across wall, floor to bath tub
   -   Close in to baby’s toys
   -   Baby seemed to be scared and stunned, verge of crying
   -   Cockroach freezes, fold in(warp) and disappear
   -   Baby screamed
   -   Mum rushes in, puzzled
   -   Mysteriously, Baby suffer from fever

Interval: Immediate switch

            Current time, boy in the classroom

   - Boy daydreaming in class, teacher teaching on the board
   - Dream:
   Red curtain drew, he’s a magician on stage, he bows, a monster appears behind,
   audiences go ‘awww’, Boy closed his eyes, flicked his thumb, monster disappears.
   Sticks hand into pocket, shuffle a deck, and drew out a card with the monster on it.
   Audiences applauded. Boy grinned.
   - Back to reality: Bell rings
   - Boy continue to stone, students around him scatter
   - Crushed paper ball hits boy, woke up
   - Pack up back, looking drowsy

Interval Boy left class, boards a bus

            Terrorists’ hijack. Time Bomb
   -   sIeepy boy dozing off on the bus, drooling away
   -   suddenly bus halts, knocked onto the window, startled
   -   afew masked men jumped out of the car, boarded the bus
   -   carrying a time bomb, one of them planted it on the bus
   -   Terrorists left instructions for bus to drive into the museum, left bus.
   -   As traveling towards the museum, police arrived to create road blocks and
       helicopters appeared.
    -    Bus slowly approaches museum, terrorists convinced that their plan would
    -    As bus drove into museum, creating a big crash and stops
    -    Bomb did not tick off, no traces of bombs/explosives on bus

Interval: Police were puzzled, Up on news. Boy watched on tv, feeling weird? That
nostalgic feeling he got while on the bus.

              Second day, back in class, transfer student (new boy) introduced.

Interval: New boy quiet and cool, PUNKISH. Not much friends. Main boy and new boy
eventually became close friends (illustration of progressive activities that brought the 2
boys together)

              suddenly, new boy talks to main char about his beliefs, hinting his

Interval: Main character feels the same, but reality tells him not to believe new boy.

              On the way home together, attacked by armed gang
    -    new boy wanted to protect his friend
    -    unleashed sIeeping ability
    -    proved to the boy of the ‘feeling’ inside him is something special
    -    going out of control, the gang was badly trashed
    -    1 died, boy saw, in horror and panic, unconscious ability kicks, he warped the
         corpse into another dimension
    -    New boy noticed the phenomenon, returned to normal, only to realize things
         have gotten out of hand
    -    Boy stunned, unable to speak

Interval: Passer- by witnessed the bizarre incident. Boys ran off, took shelter in an
abandoned garage, for afew days

              Morning. Grabs news paper, shocked. Strong protests and critics.

Interval: showing boys constantly on the run, disappear from ordinary life. Not
accepted by people, live in fear. Struggling to live.

             As they were buying bread from a road side shop, police noticed them.
Started pursue, crowds wanted to attacked them, jeers everywhere. Boys felt
traumatized. Main char’s unconscious ability kicks in again, this time with the will in
mind to let everyone be out of sight.
Interval: Switch to another dimension, a cockroach, a time bomb, a city of people all
like a piece of paper

            In a time lapse, the boys realised themselves standing in the middle of no
   - To see the entire city in dead silence.
   - ‘Where did everyone go?’
   - Shows empty areas (office, road sides, basket ball court, market, zoom out to
       district, zoom out to entire city view) ALL EMPTY
   - Boys stunned yet again, main boy fainted.

Interval: Switches to a isolated and messy room

             Discovery of same kind

   -   In a dark curtained room
   -   Man drops beer glass bottle
   -   Pick up paper
   -   Laughs like Siao, suddenly, news paper burns
   -   Burning news paper fell onto the groud, alcohol on group spreads the fire quickly
       around the room
   -   Man stood on the spot, pick up another beer bottle and started drinking again

               What is the root of the problem? The unfortunate boy born with this
mysterious ability, or the harsh reaction from society that caused this disaster upon
themselves? Should such people be accepted? Can they really live normally? What could
be done if such people really existed?

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