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					My Suspense Story: Outline of Plot                   Your name _____________

        Suspense Plot Elements               Your examples
      Exposition (introduction
      (Begins story by introducing        Decide how your story will begin. Introduce
      setting and characters. Can be:     place, time and characters: (don’t forget
      1) long - slowly gets more          FORESHADOWING)
      exciting, or 2) begins with an
      exciting start and then goes
      back to introduction material )

      Example: Craven Island was
      said by the old ones to be
      haunted but I didn’t believe
      that. This was 2007, and I
      was a scientist with a degree
      from Modern University; I
      did not believe in ghosts.

      Rising action:
      (After intro., the suspense rises
      with a first small problem)

      Example: The second night a
      small ship passed by the
      island. It turned back several
      times, as if looking at my
      campsite. Hard as I could
      try, I could not see anyone on
      the ship.

      Plot:                               List your plot actions here. Don’t forget to
      (Problems rise and fall,            build in pauses (falling action)
      increasing in intensity)

      Example: 1) Ship disappears
      2) Noises like footprints near
      the tent 3)
      Pet dog disappears 4) Cold
      chilly fog makes it very hard
      to see 5) …
(Make sure to plan surprises
into your story)

Example: The dog was
returned by a ghostly girl,
who warned me to leave the
island, because the others
were coming.
The camera began having
pictures on it that I had
never taken.

(How will the problem become
most intense?)

Example: I knew now that
ghosts existed and I should
escape immediately. But I
was a scientist; I had to stay
and film them, to prove to
the world that ghost exists.
That night they came – but
more – many more – than I
had wanted.

(How will the problem be
solved? What happens after
this last event? Should you do
a surprise ending?)

Example: I woke up in my
boat far out at sea. I had no
idea what had happened to
me on the evil island. My dog
was gone. As I floated under
a starlit sky, I watched the
last pictures on my camera-
pictures I had not taken. I
saw a girl’s ghostly hand
pushing my boat out to see –
The last picture showed the
ghost girl staring out to see
at my boat – holding a ghost
dog that looked exactly like

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