Minutes Oct. 15th by xiuliliaofz


                                       20 Board of Student Organizations
                                          Talbot Lecture Hall, Portland
                                           Friday, October 15 , 2010
     Meeting started: 1:05pm
I.   Call to Order
II.  Attendance
     1. Absent – AFS, Active Minds, AHA, Biology Club, Catholic Newman Club, Chess Club, CSI, ESSA, Garden Club,
          Geology Club, German Club, IVCF, Local Eaters, Multicultural SA, Muslim Student Association, Philosophy
          Symposium, PSSA, RISC, SMASH, SMOAC, Student Sociology Assoc., College Democrats, College Republicans,
          Value Investing Club
III. Approval of Minutes – September 24 , 2010
     1. Questions/Discussion
          1. No Questions or Discussion
     2. Approved by consensus
IV. Guest Speakers
     1. Chris O’Connor, Student Involvement & Activities
          1. Susan Worcester
               1. Make Dog Pound Nominations for Oct/Nov
               2. List of local media contacts for event promotions to hand out
               3. Still need student orgs. and leaders for the news flush
               4. The link for the dog pound is on the agenda
               5. There is an email – Harvest on the Harbor (Oct. 21-23) – needs volunteers, see Susan if interested
     2. Ashley Williams-Phaneuf, Student Body President
          1. Not present – She wanted to speak about the gubernatorial candidates event
               1. Morgan DeBlois – The one right after the vote? I can talk about that. (Student Senator, Chair of LDB)
                     1. Meet & Greet: organized by Asia, Allie and Ashley; bringing the elected officials to USM so that
                         students can talk to them about higher education and their plans to support higher education.
                         Taking place on Dec. 6 . Invites and flyers are being made and you will all get an invitation.
V. Executive Committee Reports
     1. President: Nate Smith
          1. As an E-Board, we represent Student Concerns, so I wanted to throw that out to you and let you know
               that as an E-board we go to meetings where we can voice student concerns. If you have concerns or
               ideas you can get them to the administration through us if you want – we can represent them for you if
               needed. Just to clarify. Email us.
          2. We have a lot of proposals today. If we approve everything today, we will have $700 in SP. Right now we
               are in the process of submitting a proposal to the Senate for more money. Just wanted to let you know
               and to keep that in mind today.
     2. Vice President: Brandon Caleb Guzman
          1. Not present.
     3. Treasurer: Ethan Ehlers
          1. Proposals that we have been getting in have been fantastic and detail-filled or not. You cannot have too
               much information on your proposals. If you are going to spend $5.00 on pencils. For example, look at the
               Swing Club GOB request – for each expense line item, we would like to see an explanation of exactly
               where the money is going in order to process the GOB requests quickly. If we don’t have enough detail,
               we have to send it back to you and have it revised, which increases the time for approval. Please be more
               detailed to make it easier for you and for us.
     4. Secretary: Caroline Breton
          1. I’ve still been getting some website requests from people, that’s great, you can contact me at any time to
               get your information updated. For the new groups, contact me and let me know that you would like a
               page on our website.
          2. All the forms that you need to send to the BSO (GOB, SP, starting a new group) are on our Blackboard
               site. Some people have been having issues on the website with the links, which I have not been able to
               troubleshoot at this point. If you cannot access a form on the website, you can find them all on
               Blackboard. Go to the community tab and search “Board of Student Organizations” and you can add
               yourself or you can email me and I will add you manually.
VI. Proposals
    1. 20-GOB. 13 (SWING) – amount requested: $455.00
        1. Anna Tibbetts – Swing Club wants to bring a teacher for a weekly one hour lesson at USM, which is $250
            ($35/hr) which is a decrease from $50/hr. We want $50 for advertising and $150 to get a sound system
            for an iPod that is easily portable and to use at our meetings for dancing. $10 for printing and flyers as
        2. Questions/Discussion
            1. DISCO – Are you buying the equipment or renting it?
                 1. Buying
            2. RFL – You can pick up the equipment and use it, but have you concerned using the equipment
                 already purchased by the PEB so that we are buying more?
                 1. Is it easily reserved for each meeting so that I don’t have to run around and find it?
                      1. Chris or the chair of PEB could answer that question, but the cable connector for the iPod
                          to the sound system is like $5.00 so it would save money.
            3. Ethan – Where will the equipment be stored?
                 1. I hadn’t thought about that – is there a closet in the office for this to be stored?
                      1. Nate – We can store it at the office, but anytime we see an equipment line item we want to
                          know where it will be stored so that we have access to it.
                          1. We were hoping to have it on campus so that I don’t have to lug it.
                               1. Ethan - Have you talked to ITT? They have nice sound systems and you just sign up
                                    and they set it up and everything for you, all you have to do is plug it in and it’s
            4. SALSA – Where are you meeting? Because in the Gym there is a room with mirrors and a sound
                 system already set up and it’s free to use.
                 1. Wow, I hadn’t thought about that.
            5. RFL – Motion to amend this proposal and make the line item for equipment $0 whereas there is
                 equipment on campus that can be used and if you cannot use it you can always submit another GOB.
                 1. Second – ACS
                 2. Questions/Discussion
                      1. Swing – That’s cool with me.
                      2. MUNO – Move to close discussion.
                          1. Second – SEI
                 3. Vote
                      1. Passed – 33-0
        3. Passed – 35-0
    2. 20-GOB.14 (SCUBA) – amount requested: $150.00
        1. E-board approved this morning, since it is under $500.
        2. Questions/discussions
            1. No questions/discussion
        3. Approved by consensus
    3. 20-GOB.15 (GSSO) – amount requested: $235.00
        1. Motion to amend to take the $25 out of equipment and the $30 out of promotional items because that
            event has been cancelled. (Bringing the total to $180.00)
            1. Second – RFL
            2. Questions/Discussion
                 1. SWSO – Can you clarify the numbers for me?
                      1. Nate - We would be looking at $40 for the operating expenses, for office supplies, and the
                          total off-campus request would be the same. And that’s because it was for an event that
                          was cancelled.
            3. Vote
                 1. Passed - 35-0
        2. Representative: Sarah Moon – We are bringing the owner of Nomia to campus to do a feminist sex toy
            education invite-only party for students and members of the GSSO – we need to pay her to do that, so
            that’s the speakers/performers request. We’re going to have some food at the event, so that’s the food
         part, and we need office supplies (pens, pencils, binders). GSSO has been tired and we don’t have
         anything lately and we kind of need to get our sh*t back together – that’s the $40.
     3. Questions/Discussion
         1. RFL – Where are you getting the food from?
              1. The grocery store, probably Hannaford.
         2. Ethan – You said the event is invite only?
              1. Yes we have to keep it small because she won’t show to a large group of people.
                  1. As a BSO-sponsored event, I believe it has to be open to all students.
                  2. Nate – Correct, Student activity fee cannot be used for events open to only a segment of
                       students, it has to be open to the entire student body.
                  3. Ethan – So how would one go about getting invited?
                       1. Talk to me, I’m standing here now.
                  4. Nate – Will there be a group limit?
                       1. Yes, there’s a size limit. You guys don’t have events with size limits? I mean, that’s
                            basically what I mean by invite-only. There is a size limit for this event. So when we
                            have events in Abromson and they say they can only fit so many people, I mean, what
                            do you mean? I can’t have an event with a size limt?
                                 1. POI – Sarah – I know from experience with GEB, which is also funded by
                                      Student Activity Fee funs, for large events we have to oblige by fire codes,
                                      which seems to go with the representative is saying, so that’s totally
                  5. Ethan – I just wanted to make sure that any student could be invited, not that you couldn’t
                       limit the size, but that should anybody want to come to the event that there was a
                       mechanism in place so that they could be open to everybody.
                       1. Yes, absolutely, we’re not limiting students, just size.
     4. Vote
         1. Passed – 31-0
4.   20-GOB.16 (SPICE) – amount requested: $350.00
     1. Susan – Last meeting was our first meeting as a new group so we’re trying to set up some infrastructure
         – binders, pens and pencils for keeping records. I have a friend in print screening who can do T-shirts and
         buttons to get the word out about the parent group. We’ve had great positive feedback about the group.
         Through VistaPrint I can get discounts and I can get pretty much anything I want and I would just have to
         pay for shipping, so I was thinking of doing a banner which is $15 to ship it as well as postcards to hand
         out and to put out in places where students meet. Also, we want to put together an event, not sure in
         what capacity since I am the only group member, so I wanted to put something together with food to
         help get people there and spread the word, whatever the event may be.
     2. Questions/Discussion
         1. ACS – Can you explain the equipment charge? I don’t understand what program this is talking about.
              1. Can we amend that? We can take that right off - the intention there was to help with the GSSO’s
                  Rocky Horror that was cancelled recently. Motion to amend to zero.
                  1. Second – ATSA
                  2. Vote
                       1. Passed – 31-0
         2. DISCO – The explanation states that you are going to buy a software program for $100 as an
              equipment expense but I don’t see it accounted for on the other side of the proposal.
              1. Ethan had emailed me about a typo. I’ve since learned that I can amend that. I got this in fast
                  because I wanted it. It’s not even on there.
                  1. Nate – I think your question is about the last sentence talking about a software program
                       available through Hour Exchange Portland that costs about $100. This is the equipment
                       1. Right, but we just brought equipment to zero so you can take that right off there.
                            1. Nate – Ok, so we’ll disregard that last sentence.
         3. EHTC – Could you give us some examples of what your group has or might be planning on doing?
     1.   We’re working on putting on events with the Women’s Resource Center. We’re trying to work on
          events with some type of exchange program for babysitting (“I’ll watch your kid, you watch my
          kid”), it’s really still coming together. Another idea is to have some maybe family
          1. Nate – We’re all here validated by the Senate, so our right to be here as a group is just as
                good. You should save information for after the meeting, if you’re interested in the group.
                1. I was just thinking in reference to the money that they’re asking for for supplies and
                     equipments. I was just looking for an example of an event.
4.   RFL – Have you talked with the Women’s Resource Center about maybe them giving you money for
     the group?
     1. I didn’t know to ask Lindsay a question like that, so no, but I have been talking with her through
          the whole process.
5.   SALSA – What is the $100 for food for?
     1. I want to have an event on campus, which is in its baby stages, maybe tables where we can have
          something that will bring people in. I don’t know what I’m saying. I really want an incentive to
          bring people there if they can get there and I want it to be family friendly so that they can bring
          little kids there. That’s really vague.
          1. I was just thinking that $100 is a lot of money for food when you can spend like $2.00 a box
                to make a dozen cupcakes or get store-bought cookies for like $5.00. I was just wondering
                why it was so high.
                1. I may have overshot, but that could be changed.
     2. Nate – We have been seeing that figure for GOB requests all semester too, it’s a pretty standard
          amount. But you can propose to amend it if you want.
          1. SALSA - Propose to amend to $50.
                1. Second – EHTC
                2. Questions/Discussion
                     1. RFL – I think it may be smart to stay with $100 just because it supposed to be
                          family friendly, and if these parents are bringing their children they may not eat
                          the same things that their parents do. I think it was smart of this group to have
                          over-budgeted just in case that happens.
                     2. HSA – I think $100 is completely reasonable – I think that if they’re putting on
                          multiple events, you can save things in between events. She’s thinking of the
                          semester and it seems safe to over-budget just in case.
                     3. ACS – My only concern is you don’t have an event planned yet and you have no
                          idea of when, where, who, how many, or anything like that.
                          1. SPICE – I know that there is a craft fair taking place on the Gorham campus, so
                                that’s something that I would like to be represented at. We’re so new that I
                                don’t know what’s available. I just wanted to be out on the Portland and
                                Gorham campuses, and be seen, and have incentives for people to come over.
                     4. Ethan – I’d just like to point out that we still have plenty of GOB remaining for the
                          semester, so we’re not low on GOB funds - not that you should go out and spend
                          freely, but we’re not even close to running out of funds.
                     5. DISCO – Isn’t the purpose of GOB funds to plan events on campus and for money
                          for food, soI don’t think $100 for the semester is unreasonable.
                     6. SNAPL – I don’t think it’s unreasonable and some of us have resources to get free
                          things, so if you want to talk later, just let me know.
                3. Vote
                     1. Defeated – 33-0
6.   RFL – For printing cost, you said VistaPrint could get these postcards. Have you compared the price
     of Vista Print to the USM printing services on Forest Ave for USM?
     1. Again, I didn’t know that that was a resource. I figured to pay for shipping and not the actual
          product was a good deal, but I would be more than happy to look into that.
7.   PRH – Don’t we as groups have the opportunity to use the SGA copy machine? Can we do so many
     copies for free?
              1.   Nate – There isn’t a certain amount that you can make for free, you have to use GOB request
                   money to put into an account, but we do have an office copier that is available to all the student
                   groups. 8x10, black and white type stuff.
                   1. How much is it per copy?
                        1. 4 cents
         8. PMHSS – I think a student group can get 40% off at Xpress copy but $50 for printing doesn’t seem
              like much.
              1. Nate – And the money for printing can be used in multiple different places after being approved.
                   We’re just approving the amount, and afterwards they decide where to spend it.
         9. SPA – Yield.
     3. Vote
         1. Passed – 35-0
5.   20-GOB.17 (SWSO) – amount requested: $250.00
     1. Kevin Sweeney – I am a fourth year social work major, I am also your undergrad rep to the dean search
         committee for the purple college and I am the social work intern at the centers for sexuality and gender
         diversity. We asked for $70 last month, which was significantly under-requested - $70 doesn’t go far. We
         are essentially a new organization, which was defunct 2 years ago, and we are now an active organization
         as of the end of the spring semester last year. Our primary goals are to recruit active memberships and to
         form collaborative efforts with other similar organizations – such as GSSO, Psychology, etc. - that are
         involved in social issues but from a different discipline.
         1. We’ve asked for $50 for office supplies – we were left with nothing, no pens or paper.
         2. In terms of printing, the $50 figure represents the fact that we are not only sending things out to the
              entire social work program of several hundred people but we are also sending these types of things
              out to our associated groups in an effort to begin the collaboration.
         3. $50 for promotional items is for cheap T-shirts but we are trying to raise campus awareness and
              promote the image of our organization and department on campus.
         4. We’ve also asked for $100 in food for this semester which is dedicated to a November event that will
              pull together our collaborators of other groups, as well as the Center for Women, the Center for
              Multicultural Students, the Center for Sexualities and Gender Diversity. We are trying to be
              “interdisciplinary.” That’s the basis of our request.
     2. Susan – I just wanted to state too that with this we asked for color ink cartridges and not for black
         because we have been able to work with the social work department who will doing the printing for us
         as long as we provide our own paper for black and white printing, in an effort to cut costs.
     3. Questions/Discussion
         1. Ethan – In my experience it is cheaper to get color prints done from a print service, per page, than it
              is to print it off from an inkjet color printer. That was our concern, with the color ink cartridges. We
              saw office supplies and printing and we were wondering if you had researched that.
              1. Susan - The printing pretty much covers those ink cartridges, like my printer is $26 for a color
                   cartridge, so we were going to get two of those which will last us a while. As far as the office
                   supplies, like Kevin was saying, the $70 from before wasn’t enough.
                   1. So the office supplies are just office supplies and the printing is for the cartridges and paper.
                        1. Yes, because except for the paper all of our other printing is taken care of through the
                              social work department.
     4. Vote
         1. Passed – 34-0
6.   20-SP.11 (SNA) – amount requested: $250.00
     1. Emma Boucher – This event is on Oct. 28 , and as you can see the list of things that the students from
         the Bayside partnership, which is part of our academic curriculum. The SNA helps out with each
         partnership and this is a big event for the Bayside community. We’ve had a lot of costumes donated from
         Deering High school, the students are going to be baking cookies, we have a house where we’ll put bowls
         of gross things for the kids (ages 4-15). We’re requesting a bouncy house, that’s the purpose of this
         proposal but if you look at all the other things we’ve put together we aren’t asking for much. We’ve got a
         lot of fun things for kids (like the wood cut-outs with holes for pictures) and we’ve made a list for the
         kids/parents about trick-or-treating safety.
     2.  Questions/Discussion
         1. SWSO – What’s a bouncy house?
              1. It’s a big blow-up thing that you can get inside and bounce around in. You can come see it!
         2. MENC – When is the event?
              1. Oct 28 from 4-6pm on Stone St. right behind Portland High School. Join us!
         3. Sarah – Just out of curiosity, how is this benefiting the USM community?
              1. The USM community of student nurses. We are growing a closer connection with each of the
                   communities that we partner with, which is why they are called partnerships. The Bayside
                   community is one of those – we held our 10 annual health fair there this last year. We are
                   trying to get a little bit closer with the community so that they know that they can trust us and
                   rely on us for services as well as resources.
                   1. Is there an opportunity for other USM students to get involved with SNAPL and how?
                        1. Just show up and volunteer.
                              1. Nate – You just want to go in the bouncy house.
                                   1. SNAPL – You’re allowed. It’s true you can! I’m going to.
         4. SPICE – From SPICE’s perspective, we fully support this – it’s exciting to me that there is some type of
              trick-or-treating safety, something that will keep my little one safe and my friends’ little ones safe. I
              think this is a terrific opportunity and I thank you for thinking of it.
              1. Thanks – we’re also giving away glow necklaces so they have a light, even though one of the tips
                   is don’t go after dark, we’re still giving away glow necklaces.
         5. GSSO – We also need to remember that there are a lot of non-traditional students on campus with
              children so one of the big things is doing things for the students that have children. Try thinking
              outside of the box.
         6. RFL – Just so that everyone at USM can hear about it, I recommend that you fill out the Event
              1. I already have!
         7. SWSO – Comment – the SWSO would be pleased to send information out to our members as well as
              the masters-level students if you send me the information.
     3. Vote
         1. Passed – 34-0
7.   20-SP.12 (SNA) – amount requested: $150.00
     1. Emma Boucher – This is for the American Nurses Association of ME conference at the Senator Inn in
         Augusta. Admission is $25 per student, we plan to carpool, on Oct. 28 all day.
     2. Questions/Discussion
         1. DISCO– Do you have 10 confirmed participants?
              1. No.
         2. RFL – How will you plan to use the information that you receive here to bring it back to USM?
         3. Well just like when we went to the OMNI, the Nursing Leaders of ME, on our website on Blackboard
              we came back and wrote a little bit about each speaker to provide the students with information
              that we learned from the conference.
         4. SIFE – Would it be too much to ask for students to contribute $10 or something to the fee. I know it’s
              a small chunk of money, but…
              1. Nate – They are; $10 actually.
                   1. I just didn’t think I saw anything in student contributions.
                        1. SNAPL - Come to our soup sales – you’ll see how we do it.
         5. ATSA – I think this is fine for us to allow it to be free for students to go to this event that will benefit
              them. We don’t need to ask $10 from them.
     3. Vote
         1. Passed – 32-0
8.   20-SP.13 (MUNO) – amount requested: $3000.00
     1. Marian & Shaw –We are requesting money for a conference in PA hosted in by the University of PA. We
         went to it last year and have gone to it in previous years as well. This is an integral part of what our group
         does – attend conferences, learn about other cultures, learn about public speaking, make connections
         with other groups etc. So conferences are essential – I know that they are expensive. I also wanted to
         point out that since this proposal was put in, we have raised $600 through bake sales and there is a lot of
         participation in raising the funds, so we are not just asking for money, we’re also creating money for
     2. Questions/Discussion
         1. GSSO – I just wanted to know why do you have to fly? Can’t you drive to Philly for much cheaper
              than you can fly there?
              1. Not on Thursdays. It starts Thursday night. It has to more to do with student scheduling and the
                   safety of driving that many students down there. Dollar value-wise it’s fairly close, because I
                   travel to Philly a lot. We think it’s safer and a better idea to fly.
         2. GSSO - So you’ve raised $600 now, is there a projected amount extra that you will have raised by the
              date of the conference?
                   1. We think we will have $300 additional fundraised that will help reduce the burden on the
                        student’s themselves – we do a bake sale every Thursday in Luther Bonney; please stop by
                        and hit the nurses, because their soup is awesome. We recognize as a group that
                        conferences are expensive, but we definitely do fundraising. In addition, we’re also starting
                        a monthly bottle drive on the Gorham campus.
         3. SPICE – The $600 you raised – is that going towards this or something in the future?
              1. The fundraising that we’re doing now is just open and available fundraising for any of the
                   conferences that we do. What we’ll do of course is that we’ll subsidize any students that are
                   having issues and cannot make the full dollar-value commitment and then whatever’s left over
                   will be for additional conferences for the rest of the year.
                   1. Does it have to be 12 studets? Could it be less than 12 students to save money and then
                        have them bring information back?
                        1. It’s hard to save money on conferences due to the traveling and the fees involve. We
                             have actually decreased from 20 students last year to 12 this year, but we want to leave
                             the availability open as there are a lot of students involved in this group and there are a
                             lot of majors involved as well. 12 people are going because it’s not a conference where
                             we get handouts and brochures, it’s a conference where we participate as a country
                             and have different committees arguing different perspectives, so the more students
                             that go the more students that learn about it.
         4. ACS – I just wanted to know when is this happening?
              1. The 11-15 of November.
         5. SEI – I was just wondering if you looked into taking a train. I understand about scheduling, but it can
              be less expensive and it’s convenient too.
              1. It’s the same amount of money and it takes 12 hours.
         6. HSA – Could you subsidize what you are fundraising now again your flights? I understand that you’re
              fundraising, but could you take half the money that you’re fundraising and put it against this.
              1. Simply put, we have 3 other conferences to fundraise for this year. We are making sure that
                   each student is contributing volunteer hours for fundraising and they are paying $90 on top of
                   the food while they are on this trip.
         7. SPICE – The 3 other conferences, are you going to be asking for funding for those conferences as
              well. Can I ask that question? Will you want SP funds for those 3 conferences?
              1. Absolutely, we will be asking for funding in the spring.
         8. HSA – So this is the only one you have planned for this semester.
              1. Right, that’s going to come out of these funds. There are other things that partner with the class
                   that will come out of separate funds.
         9. Ethan – I see that you have asked for the full $250 allowable amount per student. In the future, with
              your other events, will you be trying to reduce that through the use of your fundraising or will you
              also be asking for that much for those conferences as well?
              1. Probably the full event – one of our conferences is close to $2000 per student, but usually there
                   are not 12 people going to that. Also, the idea is to achieve parody so that half of it is coming
                   from the BSO and the other half is coming from student contributions and fundrasiers.
         10. Passed – 30-0
9.   20-SP.14 (ATSA) – amount requested: $2081.00
     1. Andrew – ATSA treasurer. We are asking you to fund the trip to the EATA conference in PA. We’ve
         fundraised with disc golf, car washes, leaf raking, bake sales, etc. We volunteer in the community and we
        make charitable donations to students in the AT programs. Just to throw this out there, the reason for
        not using all of our funded money is because next semester we are sending a group to the Boston
        Marathon to volunteer and we fund an end of year party for our group that costs $600. We use our own
        funds to manage our group – we don’t ask for group. We are sending 13 students – it’s a great learning
        experience with workshops and lectures. It’s good for professional development and for networking and
        job searching. It’s a lot of fun and it’s our biggest event. We represent USM and USM AT when we are
        there and we send a good group of people when we are there. There is a dinner involved with this
        conference where we get to see the people that are responsible for making rules and regulations for AT,
        which helps our students to realize that they are part of a bigger picture.
    2. Questions/Discussion
        1. SPICE – Is there a reason it has to be 13?
             1. That’s how many people signed up.
                   1. Is this the type of conference where you could bring information back to share and not have
                       that many people going?
                       1. We don’t have a venue for posting experiences on the internet or anything. We have 40
                            students and this is a small sample of students. We discuss through word of mouth
                            with the rest of the group and tell each other about how it went.
        2. SPICE – Is $50 per person realistic for food?
             1. That’s just the estimate - they are going to be covering their own food. With this proposal I
                   wanted to make it free for them, so whatever food costs they have above that is on them. It
                   might be more. I put exact amounts – I got estimates from the hotel, etc., but any additional
                   expenses will come from our own funding.
    3. Vote
        1. Passed – 35-0
10. 20-SP.15 (PRIH) – amount requested: $500.00
    1. Beverly Burton – We’re having a fundraising event for the winter trip to the DR. I checked with regards to
        the Designing Women event in May and found out yesterday that we made $1200 that day. I was told we
        ran out of food and could have made more money. Students had used their own money to buy the
        supplies before. We were hoping to get some help with this since the students use their own money to
        buy all the supplies for the trip. The supplies go to the patients we see. We are going to go shopping the
        Saturday before the event to get all of the supplies.
    2. Questions/Discussion
        1. RFL – What are the baking supplies? It’s not really listed.
             1. Cookies, cake mixes, etc. Someone will be in charge of that.
    3. Vote
        1. Passed – 35-0
11. 20-SP.16 (GASA) – amount requested: $3750.00
    1. VP of GASA –We are asking for $3750 to help us go to the Society of American Archeology meeting in
        Sacramento, CA. It’s from March 30-April 3 . We are asking for this amount now because we are getting
        a good deal on plane tickets, where if we asked for it from SP in the spring semester, we would pay $250
        more per student. We have fundraised $500 so far and we are having another fundraiser tomorrow in
        Gorham featuring the Pub Crawlers from 4-11pm and then a dance party afterward in the Brooks
        Student Center. If you look at the proposal, basically for the entire trip the only thing we are asking for is
        money for the plane tickets. Everything else the students are fundraising and the food is completely on
        the students. We are having another fundraiser at the Empire in January – an Indiana Jones themed band
        event. The rest of the money is from fundraised or students. We have 15 students going and we didn’t
        limit the amount because as a BSO group you are supposed to allow as many students from the group
        that want to go. 15 is the solid number that we have that are committed to fundraising the allotted
        amount of funds that we need.
    2. Questions/Discussion
        1. RFL – It says we also intend to ask for money from the Student Senate after seeing the BSO. What
             will that be for?
             1. PMHSS – It says “only it if fails at the BSO will it go to the Senate.”
        2. ACS – I was wondering if this is like the big thing you are doing this year or do you have any other
     1.   It’s one of 2 big things - this is for the students. In the spring, we have our 6 annual KNAP-In
          event that is open to the whole USM community and the community around USM. We will
          probably be asking for $500 for rock for the event to teach flint-knapping and making primitive
          stone tools.
          1. So your fundraising pretty much toward your other event.
                1. As of right now, the fundraising is going all towards this trip. We have money from last
                    year carrying over, fundraised, for the flint-knapping event in the spring.
3.   ESC – I was curious, you’re putting up 15 students in 3 hotel rooms.
     1. 15 students in 3 rooms, 4-5 people per room.
4.   GSSO – Say you get $3750 today, but you do all this fundraising, how much of that money is coming
     back, like, to the BSO?
     1. Well, the actual airfare is $5700, so we have to fundraise $1500 in addition to complete the
          airfare. The $3750 is at the $250 limit, per student, but yes if we do fundraise more we’ll give
          back more of the BSO money. This is just a projected amount of what we’re hoping to fundraise,
          but we’re hoping to fundraise more.
          1. How much money are you making from the fundraiser tomorrow?
                1. We’re thinking possibly $500. It’s free - we are suggesting $5 at the door from students
                    and we are selling food. We could have charged admission, but we wanted to make it
                    free and open to USM students.
5.   HSA – Yield.
6.   SPICE – I’m just curious - Does it have to be 15 students?
     1. It was 3 and then 6 and then 15 students signed up. We can’t tell them they can’t go – we’re
          not allowed to. It’s against the BSO to not allow students to go.
          1. But essentially if 2 were to go and bring the information back, would they necessarily be
                missing out.
                1. There are few archeologists in ME. The SAA includes all the high-end archaeologists in
                    ME and outside of America which is useful for networking, for schools and for jobs. It’s
                    not something that we can totally bring back. The things that we can bring back, we
                    will, but these 15 students are committed for an archeology job in the future.
     2. GSSO – You can’t tell them they can’t come but you don’t have to pay for them. The BSO does
          not have to pay for them. So you can limit the amount of students that come and say we have
          this much funding and all of you can come, but you have to pay for yourself.
          1. These students are all pitching in to fundraise almost $5000 total for this trip.
                1. But if you’re going to go to a conference an you’re not going to bring back enough stuff,
                    if 2 people go and can’t bring back enough information for 13, than how do you expect
                    to go and contribute to the rest of the population?
                    1. Again, the meaning is heavily on networking, which, as students, is important for
                          us to go on to go to grad school. And like I said, the things that we can bring back
                          to make accessible to students after this conference, we are going to bring back.
                          We are also going to do a power point presentation of what each student has
                          learned and what other students can take from this meeting to go out into the
                          1. I understand that, we all want to go to events, we all want to go to
                               conferences, but taking 15 people to Sacramento is excessive.
7.   PC – I just wanted to make the comment that these conferences are for the networking and the
     experience, which are invaluable and cannot be “brought back.” You can’t bring back opportunities
     to meet people in your career path. This type of stuff is what we should be funding, which brings
     opportunities directly to students to further their education and their lives.
8.   DISCO – If you read the proposal, they have already planned out a lecture to bring the information
     back to the USM community.
9.   VSO – I encourage anybody who is not a proponent of this type of proposal, airfare is pretty
     expensive no matter what these days. The students cannot determine where the conference is going
     to be and if that’s where they want to go and it’s on the other coast, then you find a way to deal with
     it. Put yourself in his shoes and if you had a student group and you wanted to go to an event on the
     other coast, think of how you’d feel.
        10. MUNO – I just wanted a point of clarification. Every time you submit a proposal you’re going to be
             required to defend how what you want to do will benefit everyone one campus.
             1. Nate – Yes, not necessarily that your SP will benefit everyone on campus. The purpose for that is
                  to be able to bring things back to campus. For example, the SMOAC is going hiking and that
                  benefits those students and there is an opportunity for that to enrich the student body. But it’s
                  not a requirement.
                  1. Can the opportunity to enrich the student body be to come to the meetings and find out
                       about what transpired at these events?
                       1. Yes.
        11. HSA – Conferences are really important, I agree, but 15 people paying for airfare is a lot. I know
             that’s pretty much all you’re asking for, but I don’t know why you cannot risk the prices going down
             and wait until February, when the prices usually go down. Why can’t you wait until March and
             fundraise more to contribute to the cost for everything.
             1. Nate – By signing up for it now, they’ll be saving 200 per student.
                  1. GASA - But if they don’t go down and it isn’t more expensive, we’ll be asking for the same
                       amount of money in January.
        12. Sarah – All I want to say is that getting people involved is difficult, and I applaud you for getting 15
             people involved. I think it sounds like a fantastic opportunity.
        13. ATSA – I want to applaud you for the amount of money you have raised and that you are putting into
             this. Are there any plans to ask for any more money?
             1. No. If we ask for more money, it will be for the KNAP-In event, but I don’t think we will have to.
                  1. Again, I applaud you and I think this is a reasonable amount. Conferences are really
                       important to USM students.
        14. MENC – We’re planning on sending 24 people to a conference in Baltimore and I’m just wondering if
             you can wait to ask for the money. We are planning on having a Wii tournament fundraiser and we
             would like to bring it up to the BSO and the groups to go half and half with us, so if you find that you
             can’t make enough money, you’re welcome to go in with us.
        15. UCC – 10 minutes ago we approved MUNO to go to a conference for the maximum per student that
             they are allowed and they are taking 12 students. This group is taking 15. I don’t understand, those
             that are opposed to this event, no one weren’t opposed to MUNO so why are you opposed to this
             one? It’s a conference, it’s the same thing, its the max per person. They have fundraised a ton of
             money and they are planning on fundraising even more money. If you can get 15 people committed
             to go to something, I mean you can’t give one group the max for one group and not to another.
             1. Nate – When this proposal came to the E-board, we actually laughed at it and thought they
                  couldn’t fundraise that much, but when we asked them about it we found out they had already
                  fundraised that much money and were planning to fundraise more. I have seen more
                  fundraising for this event than any event this semester.
        16. ACS - I know some people have mentioned waiting, but they are sending 15 people and if you wait
             until Jan/Feb/March, you won’t be able to get 15 people out on the same flight and out of a
             convenient place. If you wait you will run into the trouble of having to fly out of Boston. Hotels fill up
             quickly for big conferences. You can’t really wait on something until last minute for 15 people.
             1. And to cut down on the airfare more, we are flying out of Boston. We are leaving vehicles in
                  Boston to decrease the cost.
        17. VSO – We just sent a lot of people to MUNO. If you didn’t get the airfare, it’s $250 more per person
             which is $3000 more than the $3750 that they are asking. Also, If you are looking to cut costs
             anymore, think about taking the train.
        18. SCUBA – Yield.
        19. RFL – Whereas they have raised so much money, etc. Motion to move to the previous.
             1. Second – SWSO.
                  1. Vote
                       1. Passed – 30-4
    3. Vote
        1. Passed – 32 - 4
12. 20-SP.17 (SCUBA) – amount requested: $1000.00
    1.  Don Drake, co-chair of SCUBA. We’re trying to get 8 students scuba-certified. I am one of the instructors.
        We’ve worked really hard with the dive shop – I volunteer all my time. We’ve cut the price of scuba-
        certification in half. The students are paying $100 per person and have to spend an additional $150-200
        for equipment. The money is for pool-time at the Westbrook school pool for a discount compared to the
        Portland Y. We have knocked the class time down and cut the price down. The other costs are for the
        rental gear from the dive shop so that students only pay for their own personal gear.
    2. Questions/Discussion
        1. ACS – My concern is that you have 2 SP forms and you don’t have any fundraised money.
             1. That’s what our GOB was for. We don’t have any fundraising yet. We’re going to be selling used
                  gear to make a profit and we are trying to get a band in at Gorham, and event with donations
                  ($2-3) at the door to get the campus involved.
                  1. So are you hoping to use the fundraised for more events?
                        1. We have 230 students interested and we had a full Discover SCUBA at the Y for 25
                            students. We have a wait list for doing this event next semester. We are also working
                            with other departments to get faculty and students involved.
                            1. Nate – As fundraising is concerned, they have only been active this semester.
        2. GASA – I did my scuba cert through them, and $100 per person is a deal because it was $500 per
             person when I did it.
        3. MUNO – you are planning on using the recently received GOB money for fundraising?
             1. Yes, for tabling. We’re having a hard time scheduling – we had a hard time getting a meeting
                  time for our group itself.
    3. Vote
        1. Passed – 33-1
13. 20-SP.18 (SCUBA) – amount requested: $550.00
    1. This is our prequel to the certification class. We have 2 of these events for 25 people each. This is to pay
        for the dive gear to come down and for the pool rental/classroom time. It’s open to the first 25 people
        who sign up. We have a wait list because we’ve had so much interest. You get in the water, use the
        equipment, try it out underwater and figure out breathing while swimming around in the pool for 30-40
    2. Questions/Discussion
        1. DISCO - Since you have so many students who want to sign up, have you considered charging $5-10
             per person?
             1. We were hoping to get a $5-10 donation to sign up, to start fundraising.
                  1. What about requiring it from students?
                        1. We are not opposed to it.
                            1. POI – TJ – The admission cost is part of the proposal, it’s on the second page.
                                 1. POI – Ethan – I suggested that they make it a $5-10 suggested donation, since
                                       they could not deposit the student contribution ahead of time if they are
                                       making a donation at the door.
        2. VSO – Is this going to be a semi-annual event or maybe more than once per semester?
             1. We are hoping to do it at least once per semester, maybe twice.
                  1. Can you increase it from 25 people?
                        1. The only way we can do that is to increase time in the pool. It depends on the pool and
                            the skill level. We are limited on the amount of gear and it is very expensive. We have
                            one set of complete gear and all of the training manuals for people to get certified.
                            1. If you have any more of these events, are you continually going to rent out pools?
                                 1. If USM adds a pool, great. To do a discover scuba school in open water is very
                                       difficult and they can get very anxious. The pool is safer and controlled.
        3. Salsa – Yield
        4. SPICE – Is this a necessity for students getting certified?
             1. It’s not. We’re doing Discover Scuba so that people can experience it. Some people may not like
                  it – they can try it out before spending the money to get certified.
        5. HSA – This is one of the cheapest, most reasonable proposals we’ve seen today. The entire intention
             of Scuba Club is to get people certified. If we passed the last one, I think it’s only fair to pass this
         6.  RFL – I want to applaud the Scuba club for having over 200 people interested and having the last
             discover school fill up in 5 minutes.
             1. Thank you – the funds to keep doing this is basically our only issue right now.
        7. EHTC – Could you have people pay for this if you are going to keep doing it?
             1. We will, we want to help minimize these costs. We have minimized costs as much as we can.
        8. SALSA – Clarification – you are doing a donation for this one to contribute to the discover school
             next time? Are you going to charge next time?
             1. Now that we have everything in place, we are going to require each student participating to pay
                  at least $5.00.
    3. Vote
        1. Passed – 34-0
14. 20-SP.19 (SEI) – amount requested: $1060.00
    1. Ciera – We are asking for money to go to a conference on Nov. 18-19 in NYC at the New School hosted
        by the Center for Public Scholarship. We have a confusing issue on the proposal - we have 2 non-students
        who want to go with us and they are going to pay the full amount for travel and accommodation, but
        they want to pay the full amount to the office so they can sign up with us, so I put the full amount of
        their accommodation and travel expense under student contributions – that’s the $455 figure you’re
        looking at, that’s them paying for their accommodation and travel. We have planned 2 other trips to NYC
        for conferences in the past and they have been very successful. We value the things that we learn at
        these conferences and it’s a great experience for our members. We are taking the Amtrak because it is
        less expensive than taking our own vehicles.
    2. Questions/Discussion
        1. SWSO – I used to be a lecturer at the New School. They do extraordinary conferences that are
             nationally known. By staying in Newark they are saving money on hotels. Why 3 double rooms and 4
             1. We have several couples who are staying in the single rooms, and several non-traditional
                  students who are older and don’t want to share a room.
        2. Ethan – I just want to make sure that we are clear that $455 under student accomodation is for
             travel and accommodation for the non-students. So is the total cost of accommodation ($1500) for
             the 9 students or for everyone?
             1. That’s for everyone.
                  1. So it would be $1045 for the 9 students attending.
        3. HSA – With the fundraising, what are you doing to fundraise?
             1. We have over $255 now from bake sales and we are planning to host a debate and dinner
                  where admission will be charged.
                  1. I know a lot of people don’t like to share rooms, but at least the GASA is. You are going to
                       New York and you have non-traditional students, but getting doubles may save cost.
                       1. Yes, it might, but I can’t make that call for those students.
                            1. The conference is on the 18 , could you table it for the next meeting and talk to
                                 the people involved?
                                 1. It’s too last minute for the next meeting.
        4. MUNO – We are trying save money by packing people into rooms with multiple genders and some
             people sleeping on the floor. Why can’t you do this – you have 7 rooms for 9 people?
             1. We have 11 people. We have one non-student who is paying the full price for his room, the
                  other is for a couple. It’s actually cheaper for the couples to stay in single rooms.
        5. EHTC – Could you maybe have the people who want the special accommodations pay extra out of
             their own pocket rather than apply it equally over everyone that is attending?
        6. SCUBA – Yield.
        7. RFL – Can we get the updated numbers with the non-students taken out?
             1. Accommodation would be $1187 and travel would be $758.
                  1. Could we get updated fundraising & student contributions as well please?
                       1. Ray – You did it exactly right. You had to put it under students because there isn’t a
                            non-student column. You did exactly what you were supposed to do. Her trips are
                            impeccably run and incredibly well-organized. This is a function of the form and not the
                  1.     Nate – Also, look at the SAF, which was done appropriately and is $117.78 per
8.   HSA – Motion to table for next week. I think you should ask students to make
     1. Second – MUNO.
     2. Questions/Discussion
         1. RFL – I just think it’s weird to table this for the next meeting. Prices may change by then and
              they might not get enough money that they need to go on this trip.
              1. Amtrak tickets will go up and we got a pretty good deal on the hotel at $99 a night and
                    $115 a night.
         2. Ethan – If we table it to November 5 will that give you enough time to make reservations?
              1. The conference may be full by the time Nov. 5 comes around. We would still have
                    time to make reservations since they’re in Newark, but I do think we are saving money
                    in a lot of areas. We’re not asking for money for food and travel is cut by $300 by taking
                    the train which takes 12 hours and we are missing class.
         3. SPA – I was just wondering if we were to pass this as is, would it be possible for them to go
              back to their group and discuss making changes to the accommodations and then perhaps
              give some money back to the BSO.
              1. Definitely. We wouldn’t have the same incentive to do it, but we are meeting on
                    Wednesday and I can definitely say, hey we got the money but people aren’t very
                    pleased, everyone else is sharing rooms, could we squeeze into less rooms. Pushing it
                    off would not be ideal, it makes it a lot less likely that it will happen.
         4. SPICE – Is there any way that we can conditionally approve this and once she makes that
              1. Nate – Keep in mind, we are talking about a motion to table this.
                    1. Ok, than this can wait.
         5. SALSA – Yield.
         6. SWSO – They did an extraordinary job of reducing the cost of this. If they had stayed in
              Manhattan and flown down there, as other proposals have done, this would be quite higher
              than it is right now. And I only raised the issue of the singles just to get an understanding of
         7. SCUBA – I think what she’s doing is great. The issue of the single rooms – some people
              aren’t going to do that no matter what. Obviously if they were willing to room up in the first
              place, they would have decided that from day one. I’m sure it was talked about and this was
              brought up in the group. I don’t see an issue with it personally because some people are
              going to feel like that – obviously the non-traditional student and the couple, if they feel
              more comfortable in a single, I don’t see that being an issue.
              1. It is only $117 per student and we’re staying for 2 nights. It’s not very much money.
         8. Sarah – I don’t want to impede the democratic process, but it is 3pm and I’d hate for us to
              lose quorum for this. So I’d like to make a motion to move to the previous and vote to vote
              on the motion to table.
              1. Second – RFL
              2. Vote
                    1. Passed
     3. Vote
         1. Defeated – 1-28
9.   SALSA – Is it possible to subtract one of the room costs and have the non-student pay for his room
     and have the other 3 students that are each getting single rooms, put them into one room?
     1. Nate – the reason they are getting single rooms is because they don’t want to be in one room.
         1. Would they still want to be in their own room if they had to pick up their own cost? They
              might want to be in their own room because they think BSO is going to pay for it.
     2. SEI - Well they are paying to get from Newark to NYC and back on Thursday and Friday plus 2
         dinners. And it’s $40 student contribution, so it’s over $100 per student to go down there. I
         don’t think they would go if they had to pay for their own room as well.
                             1.    Not necessarily their own room cost, but there’s an extra cost by having their own
                                   room. 4 people are staying in one room, while 2 people get another room, but they’re
                                   all paying the same amount.
                                   1. We don’t have 4 people in any of the rooms – we don’t have people sleeping next
                                        to each other in the same bed, that’s just not what any one of us is willing to do,
                                        and if you can’t understand that, then I’m really sorry, but I can’t do that, I’ve got a
                                        boyfriend, the way it is for most people going on this trip.
                                   2. POI – Ethan – I think there’s a lot of confusion. Who’s paying for what rooms?
                                        Who’s paying for the rooms for students and who’s paying for the rooms for non-
                                        students attending?
                                        1. The non-student is paying for one of the single rooms and then there is
                                             another non-student paying for half of a double room.
               10. RFL – Whereas we have been talking about this for a while and whereas the group has stated that
                     they will go back to the group and talk about the need to change things, I would like to make a
                     motion to move to the previous.
                     1. Second – GASA.
                     2. Vote
                          1. Passed – 30-0
         3. Vote
               1. Passed – 30-0
VII. Concerns
     1. RFL – I just wanted to reiterate that the BSO E-board posts everything and that you have an opportunity to
         read all of the proposals and to get in touch with the group to ask some of these questions before the
         meeting. The other thing is that we get through some of this meeting and then groups are like our money is
         disappearing, but the E-board said at the beginning of the meeting that they would be asking the Senate for
         more money before the next BSO meeting. Just putting that out there.
     2. SPICE – I just want to say, I don’t want to tell anyone that they can’t say what they need to say, but there also
         needs to be respect that people are voting the way they are voting for a reason and I feel that some of the
         comments made today were taken as being almost derogatory and I didn’t appreciate that and I know that
         I’m not the only person here that feels that way.
         1. Nate – Comments made by members of the BSO?
               1. Comments like, “we passed this so why don’t we pass this one?” People are voting the way they are
                     voting – we’re all here so that we can vote the way that we want to, the way we see fit, and it seems
                     like you’re saying “well, you voted on that so just shut up” and I don’t appreciate feeling stifled like
                     1. Nate – I’m sorry, I’m not sure that that was the intent of the comment but thank you for
                          showing us your concern.
     3. GSSO – I just wanted to follow that up with, the conversation back and forth the room at a couple of points I
         felt like the BSO didn’t do a very good job of reining it back in for that very reason. We shouldn’t have to
         defend what we vote on in here. If I past voted on something it doesn’t matter, I still have the right to
         question someone standing up there and I think that you guys need to do a better job of making sure that
         that doesn’t happen again. And I think that short-circuiting the democratic process three times with motions
         to move to the previous is something that needs to be considered. I understand that we’re all under a time
         crunch but we only have a few of these meetings go, and that really does silence the population and that’s
         not right.
         1. Nate – As far as the democratic process, the motion to move to the previous is the process that we have
               to adhere by. It says in the BSO constitution that we must run our meetings by Robert’s Rules of Order,
               10 addition, and in Robert’s Rules of Order you can move to the previous, so that is a democratic
               process that we deal with and it was a majority rule to approve it.
     4. SPICE – Last year, was there an ending time-frame? Last year it seemed that the meetings went on until they
         were finished. I don’t want to be here later on a Friday afternoon, but I’m feeling like we really need more
         1. Sarah – It says in the constitution that groups only have to be here for the 2 hours and that’s what it’s
               been as long as I’ve been here. That can be changed, but that’s the way it is right now.
         2.    Ethan – Last year we did have a time frame , I don’t remember us going even close to the end or even
               over the end last year, so this issue didn’t come up. As Sarah said, at 3pm you are free to leave without
               any repercussions.
      5. Nate – Regarding the constitution, I’ve been talking to some of you about creating a committee to revise our
         constitution. It was brought to our attention last semester that there were some holes in our constitution –
         it’s an old document that has not been revised in a long time and we need to bring it up to speed. So I’d like
         to throw it out there that if anyone is interested, please get in touch with me and that’s going to be a
         committee meeting for the rest of this semester and the beginning of next semester. The amended
         constitution will come before the board for approval.
      6. MUNO – Yield.
      7. Trying to start a Renewable Energy group, and if anyone is interested, we’d like to use aspects of physics,
         chemistry, environmental science, so I’d be interested in talking to you.
VIII. Announcements
      1. ACM – Next week is National Chemistry Week. The chem. club is celebrating national chem. week by giving
         out free coffee and donuts next Wednesday morning the 20 from 8:30-10:15am in front of the Science
         Building. Come by and have some coffee.
      2. GASA – Reminder: We have a fundraiser tomorrow night at the Brooks Student Center with the Pub Crawlers.
         We will be raffling off gift certificates from stores at the mall, stores in Freeport, food, etc. It’s for the trip. It
         starts at 7pm.
      3. MUNO – Every Thursday in Luther Bonney from 10-3 we do a donation-only bake sale to help support our
         expensive trips. So please stop on by.
      4. Nate – For ASL, there is a flyer here about an event by Robert DeMayo, a deaf one-man show that is
         happening tonight.
IX. Adjournment: 3:15pm

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