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									                                                   Moderators: Carolyn Woodhouse, Laura
Monday, April 27, 2009                                         Rasar King
                                                   4.01   Developing a competency-based
                                                          academic curriculum with effective
                                                          outcome assessment to evaluate public
1                            09:00-10:30                  health workforce training -- Carolyn
                              Nusret Fisek                Woodhouse
Public Health in Municipalities                    4.02   Developing a competency-based
                                                          academic curriculum with effective
Moderator:   Adem Esen                                    outcome assessment to evaluate public
Speakers:    Kadir Topbas, Asim Guzelbey,                 health workforce training -- Laura Rasar
             Gaye Doganoglu                               King

                                                   5                            11:00-12:30
2                            09:00-10:30                                       Sergio Arouca
                         James Flemming
                                                   Governance: A Critical Element to the
The UK Public Health Association - Climate         Success of a Public Health Association
Change and the Ecological Crunch -
Addressing the Public Health Crises of the         Moderator:   Yohane Nyasulu
21st Century                                       5.01   Public health association governance:
Moderator:   Angela Mawle                                 What does it mean? -- Lucie Granger
                                                   5.02   The process of strengthening the
2.01   Agents of change - leading the transition          governance of ANSAP -- Naxalia
       to ecological public health in 2050 --             Zamora
       Hermione Lovell                             5.03   The experience of the Swiss Society for
2.02   Agents of change - leading the transition          Public Health -- Markus Kaufmann
       to ecological public health in 2050 --      5.04   The experience of the Public Health
       Angela Mawle                                       Association of South Africa -- Stephen
2.03   Climate change, sustainable places and             Knight
       cities: Public health making the global
       connections -- Ruth Passman
2.04   Educate, agitate, organise: Building a      6                            11:00-12:30
       community of interest in public health                                  Refik Saydam
       and sustainability -- Gabriel Scally        Improving the Health of the Socially
                                                   Marginalised: A Workshop on Capacity
3                            09:00-15:30           Building in Public Health Associations
Student Congress - Making a Difference in          Moderators: Lars Moller, Alex Gatherer
Public Health: Education, Research and             Speakers:    Alan Maryon Davis, Cheryl
Practice                                                        Easley, Ulrich Laaser
Moderators: Dilek Aslan, Shahin Khaniyev           6.01   What WHO HIPP has achieved --
                                                          Andrew Fraser
                                                   6.02   The constant challenge of mental health
4                            11:00-12:30                  and prisons -- Angela Greatley
                              Nusret Fisek         6.03   The essential need for schemes such as
                                                          WHO HIPP -- Corey Weinstein
Developing a Competency-Based Academic             6.04   Two approaches to build capacity in
Curriculum with Effective Outcome                         meeting the socially marginalised: WHO
Assessment to Evaluate Public Health                      Europe and WHO PAHO -- Lars Moller,
Workforce Training                                        Alex Gatherer
6.05    A draft policy resolution for the WFPHA    10.02   Rhetorical analysis of polio
        -- Alex Gatherer, Corey Weinstein                  immunization campaigns in northern
                                                           Nigeria -- Richard Kamai
                                                   10.03   Language, HIV/AIDS and stigmatisation
7                              11:00-15:30                 in Nigeria -- Bassey E. Antia
                           James Flemming
Re-democratizing the Health Sector in              11                            12:30-15:30
Brazil: The Experience of the Local Forums
                                                   Ministers of Health Luncheon (Closed)
Moderators: Helena Monteiro, Alvaro H.
Speakers:     Dais Goncalves Rocha, Ronice         12                            14:00-15:30
              Franco de Sa, Antonio                                              Nusret Fisek
                                                   Accreditation of Schools of Public Health in
                                                   the U.S. and the Approach to International
8                              11:00-15:30         Applicants
                                 Behcet Uz         Moderators: Laura Rasar King, Carolyn
Supercourse on Public Health
                                                   12.01   Public health program accreditation
Moderator:    Pinar Okyay
                                                           standards & process -- Laura Rasar
                                                   12.02   Public health program accreditation
9                              11:00-15:30                 standards & process -- Carolyn
                                 John Snow                 Woodhouse
The Rule of Law: What Does Public Health
Have to Do with It?                                13                            14:00-15:30
Moderator:    Mengistu Asnake                                                  Refik Saydam
9.01    Orientation to the World Justice Project   Improving the Health of the Socially
        and rule of law -- Judith A. Gillespie     Marginalised: Examples of technical support
9.02    Improving the health of the public         available from WHO Health in Prisons
        through health budget monitoring --        Project
        Winifred Carson-Smith
9.03    Promoting access to basic health           Moderators: Lars Moller, Alex Gatherer
        services in Africa -- Mengistu Asnake      Speaker:      Andrew Fraser
9.04    Human rights and rule of law: How are
        they related? -- Cheryl Easley             13.01   Launch of the WHO/UNODC Kyiv
9.05    Improving the capacity of public health            Declaration and report on women's
        NGOs to utilize media and communicate              health and prisons -- Lars Moller
        with the public -- Barbara J. Hatcher      13.02   Getting action -- Angela Greatley
                                                   13.03   A hearty welcome for the Kyiv
                                                           Declaration: A view from the USA --
10                             11:00-15:30                 Corey Weinstein
            Charles-Edward Amory Winslow           13.04   Mental health: The Trencin Statement --
                                                           Andrew Fraser
Workshop on Culture, Language and Public           13.05   TB: Harm reduction -- Lars Moller
Health                                             13.06   Mental health promotion in prisons --
Moderator:    Bassey Antia                                 Alex Gatherer
10.01   Hausa perceptions of HIV/AIDS and
        their implications for prevention and      14                            14:00-15:30
        management -- Baba Mai Bello                                           Sergio Arouca
Skills Building Workshop on Advocacy for                                     Andrija Stampar
Smoke-Free Environments                          A Global Health Argument for Maximizing
Moderators: James Chauvin, Theodor               Local and International Investment in the
            Abelin                               Public Sector
Speaker:      Nazmi Bilir                        Moderator:    Jirair Ratevosian
14.01   Hacettepe University, Turkey -- Elif     18.01   A global health argument for investing in
        Dagli                                            the public sector while shrinking the
14.02   Canadian Public Health Association --            private, non-government sector -- Amy
        James Chauvin                                    Hagopian, Jirair Ratevosian, Wendy
14.03   Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada --            Johnson
        Cynthia Callard                          18.02   Focus on private sector provision can
14.04   Public Health Association of Bosnia &            undermine the capacity of the public
        Herzegovina -- Aida Ramic-Catak                  sector to achieve universal access in
14.05   Tanzania Public Health Association --            low-income countries -- Anna Marriott
        Bertha Maegga                            18.03   NGO Code of Conduct -- Wendy
14.06   Public Health Association of Turkey --           Johnson
        Dilek Aslan                              18.04   A human rights framework applied to
                                                         health system development -- David
15                           16:30-19:30
                              Allen Jones
                                                 19                            11:00-12:30
Opening Ceremony
                                                                             Rudolf Virchow
Speakers:     Hikmet Pekcan, Paulo
                                                 Prevention and Control of Non
              Marchiori Buss, Kadir Topbas,
              Recep Akdag, Margaret Chan,
                                                 Communicable Diseases
              Ihsan Dogramaci, Abdullah Gül      Moderators: Shanthi Mendis, Samir Banoob
                                                 19.01   NCD prevention and control: Global
                                                         response to challenges -- Ala Alwan
16                           19:30-21:30         19.02   Addressing health inequities in NCDs
Welcome Reception                                        through primary health care -- Shanthi
                                                 19.03   The role of NGOs and public health
Tuesday, April 28, 2009                                  associations in planning and
                                                         management of hypertension prevention
                                                         and control in the developing world --
                                                         Samir Banoob
17                           09:00-10:30
                              Allen Jones
                                                 20                            11:00-12:30
Making a Difference in Global Public Health:                                     Allen Jones
Education, Research, and Practice
                                                 Public Health and Weapons of Mass
Moderators: Paulo Marchiori Buss, Ulrich         Destruction: What to Do?
                                                 Moderator:    Paul Walker
Speakers:     Sigrun Mogedal, Stephen A.
              Matlin, David M. Sanders           20.01   Introduction -- Hikmet Pekcan
                                                 20.02   The threat of chemical weapons and
17.01   Leavell Lecture: Women's health from             global public health -- Rogelio Pfirter
        the gender perspective -- Ayse Akin      20.03   Nuclear weapons, nuclear testing, and
                                                         public health -- Tibor Toth
18                           11:00-12:30
20.04   Global biosecurity, disease surveillance,                          Florence Nightingale
        and public health -- Richard Lennane
                                                    High-Performing Schools of Public Health
                                                    and Communication Skills Training
21                            11:00-12:30           Moderator:    Heather G. Stockwell
                              Louis Pasteur
                                                    23.01   Using social constructivist theory and
Redesigning Health Systems in a Changing                    principles of service learning to
World                                                       transform public health doctoral
Moderators: Ariel-Pablo Lopes, Ulrich                       education -- LIsa A. Ulmer, Eunice
            Laaser                                          Omanga, Alia Turganbaeva, Yeetey
Speakers:     José Gomes Temporão, Sania            23.02   The effect of communication skills of the
              Nishta, Richard Sezibera                      midwives working for basic health
                                                            services on their status relating to
                                                            training people about health -- Ilknur
22                            11:00-12:30                   Aydin Avci, Hacer Gök Ugur, Ayten
                          James Flemming                    Yilmaz, Nesime Güzel
Continuing Education in Health Care                 23.03   Meeting the information and
                                                            communication needs of health
                                                            managers and health workers in
Moderators: A. S. M. Nurullah Awal,                         developing countries: What roles can
            Madhumita Dobe                                  mobile/wireless technologies play? --
                                                            Adesina Iluyemi
22.01   The work of permanent health education
                                                    23.04   New media devices for participatory
        facilitators for the qualification of SUS
                                                            learning -- T. B. Dinesh, Shailaja Tetali
        health care in the region of Araraquara,
        São Paulo, Brazil -- Cinira M. Fortuna,
        Silvia Matumoto, Trude Ribeiro da           24                            11:00-12:30
        Costa Franceschini, Silvana Martins                                          John Snow
        Mishima, Maria José Bistafa Pereira,
        Adriana Katia Corrêa                        Community Mental Health
22.02   Strengthening management capacity for       Moderators: Syed Mohamed Aljunid,
        HIV/AIDS personnel in Vietnam:                          Mengistu Asnake
        Midterm evaluation of a national training
        program -- Josef Amann, Hoa M. Do,          24.01   About the psychic experience of the
        Janna Brooks                                        man waiting for paternity -- R.A. Maciel,
22.03   Use of a Canadian online public health              CP Rosenburg, A. O. A. Reis
        professional development program in         24.02   Youth who engage in self harm and their
        the Caribbean -- Hilary Robinson,                   risk of motor vehicle crashes:
        James R. Rossiter, Annella Auer                     The DRIVE study -- Alexandra LC
22.04   The influence of health education on the            Martiniuk
        prevalence, intensity and morbidity of      24.03   True aspect of life with asthma -- Selma
        schistosoma haematobium infections in               Oncel, Zeynep Canli Ozer, Mualla
        high risk groups in a schistosome                   Yilmaz
        endemic area in South Africa -- C.T.        24.04   How mental health ministerial
        Wolmarans                                           orientations generate change in public
22.05   Education research findings from                    health system: Lessons from the
        physicians in Canada - implications for             Quebec experience with regard to new
        practice and public health outcomes --              practices implementation -- Denise
        Brenda Lovell, Raymond Lee, Jose E.                 Aubé, Catherine Vallée, Leo R. Poirier,
        Corrente                                            Louise Fournier, Pasquale Roberge
                                                    24.05   Are young adult's mental health needs
                                                            met at the local health care centre? --
23                            11:00-12:30                   Pia Åsbring
24.06   Embarking upon a health career: Mental      26.02   Differences in low birth weight and
        stress in health students in France,                preterm birth in Spanish and immigrants
        2007 -- Joël Ladner, Sebastien                      newborns -- Andres A. Agudelo-
        Grigioni, Herve Villet, Pierre Déchelotte           Suarez, Diana Gil-Gonzalez, Laura I.
                                                            Gonzalez Zapata, Enrique Regidor-
                                                            Poyatos, Elena Ronda-Perez
25                            11:00-12:30           26.03   Impact of legal status and other social
           Charles-Edward Amory Winslow                     demographics determinants in use of
Environmental and Occupational Health II                    health care services -- Sónia F. Dias,
                                                            Maria A. Cortes
Moderators: Leslie Nickels, Peter Orris             26.04   Health literacy and self management of
25.01   The psycho-social benefits of home: A               gestational diabetic: A study among
        cross-sectional study from Turkey --                Vietnamese, Cambodian, Thai and
        Fehminaz Temel, Songül A. Vaizoglu                  Laotian women in Sydney -- Sansnee
25.02   Pesticides use in salt range wetland                Jirojwong
        complex, Pakistan -- Fauzia Khan,           26.05   Avoiding identities: The health between
        Ahmad Khan                                          submission and the resistance --
25.03   The neurotoxic effect of high aluminum              Thereza Christina B. Coelho, Ewen
        levels in drinking water in Kirazli area            Speed, Andréia Beatriz Silva dos
        (Canakkale, Turkey) -- Coskun Bakar,                Santos, Samanta Cardoso Góes,
        Alper Baba, Handan Isin Ozisik                      Larissa Castro Rodrigues, Hèlvia
        Karaman, Fatma Sengunalp                            Fagundes
25.04   Higher depressive symptoms among
        arsenicosis patients: Evidence from a
                                                    27                            11:00-12:30
        case-control study conducted in an
                                                                                     Behcet Uz
        arsenic-affected rural village of
        Bangladesh -- Md. Mobarak Hossain           Improving Performance and Productivity of
        Khan, Aklimunnessa Khandoker,               the Health Team I
        Alexander Kraemer, Mitsuru Mori
                                                    Moderator:    Alexander Kramer
25.05   The blood and hair heavy metal levels in
        two districts with different ground water   27.01   The informal sector providers in
        concentrations -- Dilsad Save, Onur                 Bangladesh: How equipped they are to
        özlem Köse, Serdar Sülün, Fatma                     provide rational health care? -- Syed
        Sengunalp, Orhan Gunduz, Alper Baba                 Masud Ahmed
25.06   Electromagnetic field mapping and           27.02   Pharmacist in healthcare management:
        health status of workers exposed to                 Case study of India -- Manthan D.
        electromagnetic fields in a university              Janodia, Sreedhar Dharmagadda,
        hospital -- Mustafa N. Ilhan, Meltem Çöl            Virendra S. Ligade, Nayanabhirama
                                                    27.03   Local planning – an experience on a
26                            11:00-12:30                   primary care center in Florianopolis,
                             Sergio Arouca                  Brazil -- Carlos Daniel Moutinho
Health Problems of Migrants, Refugees and                   Junior Sr.
Minorities I                                        27.04   Effect of training on performance of
                                                            obstetrics and midwives in Tabriz in
Moderators: Janis Dawn Huntington,                          regards to infection control -- Fariba
            Giuseppe La Torre                               Bakhshian, Hossein Jabbari Sr.
26.01   The relationship of immigration             27.05   Improving quality through accreditation:
        documentation status and prenatal care              The health insurance case -- Hesio
        adequacy with birth outcomes among                  Cordeiro, Maria de Fatima Siliansky
        Hispanic women in the US -- Kathleen                Andreazzi, Alexandre Nordskog,
        A. O'Rourke, Andrea Thurman,                        Andrea Lozer, Tatiana Alves, Maristela
        Chelsea Bowen, Sarah McKinnon                       Bernardi, Telma Ruth Pereira,
        Rosemary Pereira, Carla Godoy,              29.04   Adolescents living with HIV/AIDS: A
        Danielle Mattos, Bruno Catrolli,                    case study from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil --
        Fernando Nunes Gomes                                Luiz A. Montenegro, Sarah Escorel,
                                                            Monica Malta
                                                    29.05   HIV risk reduction interventions for
28                             11:00-12:30                  youth in Sub-Saharan Africa in a
                              Refik Saydam                  theoretical perspective: Gaps in theory
Poverty, Health and Development:                            and the “relational-situational” factor --
Achieving the Millennium Development                        Kristien KE Michielsen, Marleen
Goals I                                                     Temmerman
                                                    29.06   TB patients care seeking behavior and
Moderators: Bosiljka Djikanovic, James                      diagnosis delay in Jogjakarta province
            Chauvin                                         Indonesia -- Riris Andono Ahmad,
28.01   Historical analysis of birth cohorts not            Yodi Mahendradhata, Adi Utarini
        vaccinated against rubella prior to
        national rubella vaccination campaign,      30                             12:30-14:00
        Brazil -- Samia Samad, Cristina                                      Sadrivaan A and B
        Segatto, Sotero Mengue, Brendan
        Flannery, Cristiana Toscano                 Turkish Posters
28.02   Reaching health to the unreachable:         30.01   Evde Bakýmýn Kronik Hastalarýn
        Mobile medical teams and partnerships               Yaþam Kalitesine Etkisi -- Selma
        -- Sheikh Mohammed Shariful Islam                   Kahraman
28.03   Creating 'health corridors' for improving   30.02   Toplum Katilimi ÇaliÞmasi: Bir Örnek --
        access to health care -- D. Abdella                 Handan Zincir
28.04   Sexual and reproductive health of           30.03   Malatya Il Merkezindeki 18 Yas Ve Üzeri
        married men and access to services in a             Kadinlarin Kanserle Ilgili Bilgi Düzeyleri
        rural area of Bangladesh -- Owasim                  Ve Iliskili Faktörler -- Pinar Balaman V,
        Akram                                               Erkan Pehlivan
28.05   Breastfeeding at first hour: Individual x   30.04   Gaziantep Il Merkezinde Yaşayan
        institutional factors -- Cristiano S.               Yaşlıların Yaşam Kalitesi Ve Etkileyen
        Boccolini, Márcia L. Carvalho, Maria                Faktörler -- Semiha Aydın, Leyla
        Inês C. Oliveira                                    Karaoğlu
                                                    30.05   The Evaluation of Government
29                             11:00-12:30                  Elementary Schools in Terms of
                               Nusret Fisek                 Physical Activity Facilities in Malatya --
                                                            M. Genc
Progress on Prevention and Control of               30.06   BÝr Tip FakÜltesÝnde ÇaliÞan
HIV/AIDS, Malaria, and Tuberculosis II                      Kadinlarin aÝle ÝÇÝ ÞÝddete
Moderators: Jeffrey Levett, Erol Inelmen                    MaruzÝyet Durumlari -- Birgül ÖzÇirpici,
                                                            Meltem Akýn, Eda Içbay, Neriman
29.01   Risk on HIV/AIDS among the hotel                    Aydin, Servet Özgür
        based sex workers in Dhaka                  30.07   Turgut Ozal Tip Merkezınde Calisanlarin
        metropolitan area -- Dr. Md. Rezaul                 Hasta Bina Sendromu Konusunda
        Karim                                               Tutum Ve Sikayetleri (Bir subjektif
29.02   Evolution of the main indicators of the             degerlendirme) -- Rukuye Aylaz, Gulsen
        tuberculosis epidemic in Romania                    Gunes, Erkan Pehlivan
        between 2000-2006 -- Andreea L.             30.08   Dünya'da Ve Türkiye'de Gıda
        Golli, Emilia Pãtru                                 Güvenliğinde Son Durum: Gdo Ve Halk
29.03   Focus group discussion on HIV/AIDS                  Sağlığı -- Gülümser Kublay, Bilge
        risk behaviors in a fishermen's                     Topuksak
        community of east cost, Malaysia --         30.09   Hemsirelik Bölümü I. Ve IV. Sinif
        Niza Samsuddin, Aishah Ali, Mohd                    ögrencilerinin Yaslýlýk Ve Yaşlanmaya
        Aznan Md Aris, Syamsul Draman
        Iliskin Düşünce Ve Görüşlerinin               30.21   Olweus Ogrenciler Için Akran Zorbaligi
        Değerlendirilmesi -- Hülya Kulakçý                    Anketinin Geçerlilik Ve Güvenilirliginin
30.10   Malatya Ýl Merkezinde Yaþayan 2-5                     Incelenmesi -- Hilal Tipirdamaz Sipahi,
        Grubu çocuklar Ve Annelerinde Anemi                   Ali Osman Karababa
        Prevalansý Ve Diyetle Ýliþkisi -- Leyla       30.22   Isparta Ve çevre Ilçelerde Tarimsal
        Karaoğlu, Mehtap Omaç, Güray Özen,                    üretiminde Kullanilan önemli Pestisitler
        Elvan Türkol                                          Ve Bu Pestisitlerin Insan Sagligi
30.11   15-49 Yaþ Evli Kadýnlarda Umutsuzluk:                 üzerindeki Akut Etkileri -- Serdal ÖgÜt,
        Sosyal Destek Algýsý, Sosyoekonomik                   Gökben N. Çetin, Nesimi Kisioglu,
        Durum Ve Ýliþkili Diger Faktörler --                  Erdogan KÜÇÜkÖner
        Hülya Kulakçý, Deniz Kocoglu,                 30.23   Ondokuz Mayis Üniversitesi Tip
        Makbule Tokur Kesgin                                  Fakültesi Son Sinif Ogrencilerinin
30.12   Saglik Ve Kurumsal Sosyal Sorumluluk:                 Mesleki Riskler Konusundaki Bilgi
        Saglik Temali Sosyal Sorumluluk                       Düzeyleri -- Ozlem Terzi, Nilden H.
        Kampanyalari Uzerine Bir                              Arslan, Sevgi Canbaz, Yildiz Peksen
        Degerlendirme -- Deniz Sezgin Emuler          30.24   Intern Doktorlarin Beslenme
30.13   Türkiye'de Sagligi Gelistiren Okullar Agi             Aliskanliklarinin Saptanmasina Iliskin Bir
        Projesi Ve Mevcut Durum -- Serap                      Arastirma -- Senem Divrik Gokce,
        Coban                                                 Funda Elmacioglu, Sennur Dabak,
30.14   Saglýk Gelisiminde Yeni Bir açýlým:                   Yildiz Peksen
        TAT Uygulamalarý Hemþirelik                   30.25   Izmir Konak Belediyesi Temizlik
        Egitiminde Yer Alabilir Mi? -- Gülümser               Iscilerinde Psikososyal Etmenler Ve Is
        Kublay, Bilge Topuksak                                Kazalari Uzerine Etkileri -- Aysun
30.15   Küresel Isinma Halk Sagligina Tehdit                  Akgun, Ahmet Soysal, Yucel Demiral
        Mi? Halkin Bilinçlendirilmesi Ve Sagliga      30.26   Mugla Devlet Hastanesinde Çalýþan
        Etkilerinin Azaltilmasinda Hükümetlere                Hemþirelerin Þiddetle Karþýlaþma
        Düsen Görevler -- Bilge Topuksak,                     Durumlarýnýn Ýncelenmesi -- Metin
        Sevket Kalanlar                                       Picakciefe, Emel Igneci, Ayse Elibol
30.16   ManÝsa Ýlmerkez EczanelerÝnde                 30.27   Diyabetik Hastalarda Metabolik Kontrol
        ÇaliÞan Eczaci Ve Kalfalarin AcÝl                     Durumu Ve Etkileyen Faktörler -- Riza
        KonrtasepsÝyon Konusunda BÝlgÝ Ve                     Çitil, Yusuf Öztürk, Osman Günay
        Uygulamalari --                               30.28   Yeni Tütün Yasasinin Üniversite
30.17   Gaziantep Üniversitesi Saglık                         Personelinin Çevresel Sigara
        Yüksekokulu Ögrencilerinin Sigara İçme                Dumanindan Etkilenimi Ve Sigara Içme
        Durumları Ve Saglıklı Yaşam Biçimi                    Düzeylerine Etkisinin Degerlendirilmesi -
        Davranışları -- Gülendam Karadag V,                   - Nuray Yesildal, Gözde Metin, Ömer
        Diðdem Lafçý                                          Miroglu, Okan Ozturk, Ayhan Tanyeli,
30.18   Malatya Ýl Merkezinde Yaþayan 2-5                     Fatih Ak, Sinemis Çetin Dagli
        Yaþ Grubu Çocuklarda Annelerinden             30.29   ÝÇME Sularinda Laktozu Fermente
        Þiddet Görme Düzeyi -- Mehtap Omaç,                   Etmeyen Gram NegatÝF
        Leyla Karaoðlu, Elvan Turkol, Güray                   BakterÝLERÝN VarliÐININ
        Özen                                                  AraÞTIRILMASI -- Hanifi KÖrkoca
30.19   Ulusal Pnömokonyoz Önleme Eylem               30.30   Lise Ögrencilerinin Flört Ýliþkisinde
        Plani -- Dr. Buhara Önal, Mehmet Berk,                Þiddete Ýliþkin Tutum Ve Uygulamalarý
        Dr. Rana Guven                                        -- Özcan Sezer, Leyla Karaoglu, Merve
30.20   Balata Üretimi Yapilan Isyerlerinde Is                Ünal, Erkan Sezer
        Sagligi Ve Güvenligi Kosullarinin Ve          30.31   Samsun'da Lise Ögrencilerinin Fiziksel
        Asbestoz Sikliginin Arastirilmasi -- Dr.              Siddete Maruziyetinin Degerlendirilmesi
        Buhara Önal, Dr. Selim Erkin Tan, Dr.                 -- Ahmet Tevfik Sunter, Sevgi Canbaz,
        Ayse Ozturk, Dr. Bülent Gedikli, Dr.                  Sennur Dabak, Cihad Dundar, Yildiz
        Bülent Simsek, Dr. Emine Kaplan, Dr.                  Peksen
        Deniz Altaylar, Dr. Fikret Lami Aygun,        30.32   Istanbul Belediyesi Otobüs Garajlarinda
        Dr. Ibrahim Akkurt, Dr. Nuri Vidinli, Filiz           Çalisan Soförlerde Ve Revizyon
        Ünal                                                  Isçilerinde Örgütsel Stres Ve Etkileyen
        Faktörler -- Nihat Sahbaz, Erdogan         32.02   Concept map and problem-based
        Ozden, Nadi Bakirci                                learning in health management post
30.33   Türkiye'de Kanser Kayýt Çalýþmalarý                graduate course -- Yuri Gorbaneff Sr.
        Ve “Aktif Kanser Kayýt Merkezlerinin       32.03   Training in public health skills at the VU
        Kurulmasý” -- Emire Olcayto                        University Medical Center in
30.34   Saglýk Okuryazarlýk Düzeyi Ve Hasta                Amsterdam: The PREPARE model --
        Hekim Ilýskýsýnýn Degerlendirilmesi --             Marc Soethout
        Meriç Colak, Fikriye Yýlmaz, Korkut        32.04   Knowledge and attitudes about science
        Ersoy                                              and scientific research amongst medical
30.35   Hemþirelerde öz Bildirime Dayalý Maruz             students of Trakya University Medical
        Kalým Degerlendirmesi -- Yucel                     Faculty -- Galip Ekuklu, Burcu Tokuc
        Demiral, Alp Ergor, Hakan Baydur,          32.05   An affordable web-based public health
        Gulhan Kaya                                        education programme: Peoples-Uni
30.36   Ege Üniversitesi Hazırlık Sınıfı                   model -- Perihan Torun, Richard F.
        Ögrencilerinde Tütün, Alkol, Madde                 Heller
        Kullanýmý Ve Sosyo-Ekonomik Düzey          32.06   Integrated non-communicable disease
        Etkisi -- Ayse Güler, Feride Aksu                  risk factor intervention: Customised and
30.37   Iþ Doyumu Ve Iþ Stresi Arasýndaki                  personalised approach -- Mustapha I.
        Iliþkinin Degerlendirilmesi -- Hakan               Feisul, Ariffin-Omar Zainal, Samad A.
        Baydur, Yucel Demiral, Alp Ergor,                  Ismail, Daud Noor-Azah
        Gulhan Kaya                                32.07   Brazilian national telehealth program --
                                                           Haddad, AE, Alkmim, B, Chao, WL,
                                                           Brenelli S Brenelli, Campos FE
31                            12:30-14:00          32.08   Tracer study as a tool in updating public
                          Sadrivan A and B                 health curriculum: Tracer study of
Poster: Characteristics of High-Performing                 faculty of public health UI 2003, 2006,
Schools of Public Health                                   and 2008 -- Sandra Fikawati, Ahmad
31.01   What is necessary to improve education     32.09   Environmental health risk
        of public health in Japan? Historical              communication of nanotechnology:
        view of public health education in Japan           Policy issues and challenges for third
        -- Kazunari Satomura, Toshitaka                    world countries -- S.A Adesina
        Nakahara, Suketaka Iwanaga, Megumi         32.10   Adapting communication tools to
        Noami, Keiko Kusaka, Hiroaki Inuzuka               increase direct care workers' knowledge
31.02   Study of premenstrual syndrome with                and performance: A community
        academics of the medicine course --                partnership approach for sustainability --
        Patricia Colombo Compri, Lucia de                  Russell Morgan
        Fátima C.C. Hime, Agnes Yumi Inou,         32.11   Maternity, education and work in
        Ana Clara S.B. Neta, Ana Paula Graça,              adolescence: Talking the adolescent
        Eliza R. A. Andrade, Gabriela V.                   language -- Rosalina Ogido, Néia
        Velucci, Gerson J. Freitas, Johnata D.             Schor
        Paula                                      32.12   Attitudes and intention for cervical
                                                           cancer screening of the unmarried
32                            12:30-14:00                  Korean nurses -- Hae Won Kim
                                                   32.13   The investigation of relationship
                          Sadrivan A and B
                                                           between parents' attitude and
Poster: Communication Skills and Devices                   adolescent aggression -- Esra Zengin,
in Public Health Training                                  Behice Erci
                                                   32.14   Health for All Italia: An informative
32.01   Using indigenous puppetry for health
                                                           system as basic instrument for
        communication: A case study from rural
                                                           monitoring and evaluating public health
        Dadu – Pakistan -- Fayyaz Ahmed
                                                           policies -- Alessandra Burgio, Marzia
                                                           Loghi, Alessia D'Errico
32.15   E-learning training in health promotion             community health promotion: Ideas for
        and health education programs                       chronic disease and mental health
        development: A Greek paradigm --                    prevention -- Ernest N. Khalema
        Georgios Giannakopoulos, Filippos T.        33.09   Publication rate of Turkish public health
        Filippidis, Yannis Tountas                          doctorate theses (PHDT) and public
32.16   Social communication and                            health specialization theses (PHST) in
        communication of risk in public health --           international and Turkish national peer-
        Rosane Lopes                                        review journals -- Hilal Tipirdamaz
32.17   Jovens e Aids: Discursos, Mediações e               Sipahi, Raika Durusoy, Isil Ergin, Hür
        Apropriação de sentidos youngsters and              Hassoy, Alper Durmus Sonmez, Ali
        HIV: Discourses, mediations and                     Osman Karababa
        meaning apropriations -- Kátia Lerner,      33.10   Using community participatory action -
        Janine M. Cardoso                                   research (CPAR) in immigrant
                                                            community health promotion: Ideas for
                                                            chronic disease and mental health
33                            12:30-14:00                   prevention -- Ernest N. Khalema, Janki
                          Sadrivan A and B                  Shankar
Poster: Core Public Health Competencies             33.11   Undergraduate public health education
                                                            at medical faculties in Turkey -- Shahin
33.01   A summer project course for MPH                     Khaniyev, Oguzhan Altiparmak, Necati
        students: The 10-year experience of                 Enver
        Tehran University of Medical Sciences,
        School of Public Health and Institute of
        Public Health Research -- Kourosh           34                             12:30-14:00
        Holakouie Naieni, Bezad Pooya,                                        Sadrivan A and B
        Alireza Ahmadvand
                                                    Poster: Reforming Public Health Education
33.02   Competencies to work in public health
        area: Perceptions of graduates and          34.01   A U.S. perspective on pharmacists and
        employers in Indonesia -- Ahmad                     public health in practice and education --
        Syafiq, Sandra Fikawati                             Paul L. Ranelli
33.03   Preparing the public health workforce for   34.02   The global classroom: A case study in
        the implications of incarceration --                offering epidemiology courses online --
        Henrie M. Treadwell                                 Aurora Sanchez-Anguiano, Heather
33.04   Training needs assessment of the public             G. Stockwell, Samantha Lopez,
        health nurse (PHN) competency at                    Sandhya Srinivasan
        health post in Nepal -- Shyam Lamsal,       34.03   Challenges of public health education
        Angur Badhu                                         system reform in Georgia -- Mamuka
33.05   Teaching intercultural competence:                  Djibuti
        Preparing health professionals for the      34.04   Apprentices' level of knowledge about
        21st century -- Gopal Sankaran,                     sexually transmitted disease -- Selma
        Padmini Murthy                                      Oncel, Arzu Akcan, Ozen Kulakac,
33.06   Corporal practices and health promotion             Kadriye Eravsar, Necati Dedeoglu
        - the development of personal abilities     34.05   In touch with health: A blended learning
        through corporal practices: A                       scenario for sexual and skin health
        commitment with the Brazilian                       education in European schools -- Erika
        population -- Andrezza C. Moretti, Ana              Deimling
        Maria Rabaçal, Elisabete Morishibe,         34.06   Evaluating puberty health program
        Katia, C. Rocha, Janete, F. Santos                  effect on knowledge increase among
33.07   Smoking among adolescents in an                     female intermediate and high school
        urban setting: A household survey --                students in Birjand -- Mitra Moodi,
        Mery Natali Silva Abreu, Charles                    Narges Moasheri, Mohammad Reza
        Ferreira Souza, Waleska T. Caiaffa                  Miri, Gholam Reza Sharifzadeh
33.08   Using community participatory action        34.07   Curriculum changes in a Brazilian dental
        research (CPAR) in immigrant                        school: The formation of dentists toward
        the community needs in oral health --               Gulf University experience -- Randah
        Celso Zilbovicius, Antônio Carlos                   Hamadeh
        Frias, Simone Rennó Junqueira, Maria        34.18   Community public health student
        Ercilia Araujo, Cilene Rennó Junqueira              empowerment: Using appreciation
34.08   Effectiveness of oral health educative              influence control (AIC) and knowledge
        and mouth rinse programs in preventing              management (KM) -- Yupa
        dental caries in fluoridated area --                Apikomolkorn
        Simone Rennó Junqueira, José                34.19   No need to wait: We - medical students
        Leopoldo Ferreira Antunes, Maria Ercilia            - can help for public health education
        Araujo, Paulo Capel Narvai                          just now -- Gozde Yesiltepe, Gizem
34.09   The effect of diabetic diet education on            Ikiz, Ilker Kayi, Hacer Nalbant, Selma
        FBS and BMI of patients with type II                Karabey
        diabetes mellitus -- A. Kamran, Gh          34.20   Linkage of public health education,
        Sharifirad                                          research and practice via thesis work
34.10   Architecture for children: Understanding            supervision -- Gabriel Gulis
        children perception towards built health    34.21   Comparing effects of two educational
        environment -- maysaM.p Parvaresh                   methods in regards to infection control
34.11   An innovative public health training                in outpatient setting -- Hossein Jabbari
        institute in Bangladesh -- Shahaduz                 Sr.
        Zaman                                       34.22   The changes in smoking rates among
34.12   Extending public health teaching at the             Japanese and the potentially influential
        undergraduate level: What attracts                  factors -- Hiroaki Inuzuka, Toshitaka
        students from non-public health stream?             Nakahara, Kazunari Satomura,
        -- Josette Sin-yee Chor, Janice Yue,                Suketaka Iwanaga, Keiko Kusaka,
        Fowie Ng, Sian Griffiths                            Megumi Noami
34.13   Public health education in Ege              34.23   Prospects of public health education in
        University medical faculty: Developing a            Argentina -- Santiago Dalto
        community-oriented model -- Zeliha          34.24   Primary health care professional
        Asli Öcek, Meltem Ciceklioglu, Safak                masters programme in Brazil: Investing
        Taner Gürsoy, Feride Aksu, Meral Türk               in human resources to strengthen the
        Soyer, Hür Hassoy, Isil Ergin, Abdullah             national health system -- Camila
        Sayiner, Gülsen Kandiloglu                          Giugliani, Erno Harzheim, Gisele A.
34.14   Challenges and the new perspectives of              Nader, Airton T. Stein, Sérgio A. Sirena,
        the undergraduate medical students                  Júlio Baldisseroto, Margarita Diercks,
        education-module “Physician in the                  Bruce B. Duncan, Sotero Mengue
        Community” -- Bojana Matejić, Dejana        34.25   Student alcohol consumption at the
        Vuković, Milena Šantrić Milićević, Zorica           Universidad Nacional de Santiago del
        Terzić Šupić, Aleksandra Jović Vraneš,              Estero - Argentina -- Adriano Antonio
        Bosiljka Ðikanović, Janko Janković, Vuk             da Silva Pedrosa-Moreira, Klaysa
        Stambolović                                         Moreira Ramos-Pedrosa, Antonio
34.15   Needs-based education in public health:             Piranema de Mascarenhas Pedrosa
        Does self-efficacy predict the              34.26   Pre-graduate public health education in
        effectiveness of contraceptive use in               a new and global perspective in the
        Iranian women? -- Nooshin Peyman,                   faculty of medicine, Cukurova
        Alireza Hidarnia, Deborah Oakley,                   University, Adana, Turkey -- Hakan
        Fazlollah Ghofranipour, Anoshirvan                  Demirhindi, Muhsin Akbaba
        Kazemnejad, Farkhondeh Amin                 34.27   Health promotion for pregnant
        Shokravi                                            adolescents in a public health center
34.16   The impact of health education on                   through the construction of a pregnant
        breast cancer's detection - related                 group by students from State University
        health behaviors and self-efficacy of               of Campinas -- Ana Maria Girotti
        young females -- Sarah Shahed                       Sperandio, Carla Cristina Carvalho
34.17   Integrating public health in a medical              Celestrino, Fernanda Camelo Silva,
        problem-based curriculum: The Arabian               Heloisa Sisconeto Bisinotto, Isabela
        Mamere Alvarez, Italo Fernandes E.           34.37   Community public health institute --
        Santo, Livia Parente Passos, Luisa                   Lalanthica Yogendran, Ryan Van
        Manhezi de Freitas Oliveira, Maria Clara             Ramshorst, Katherine Nagel
        Marzano Moraes, Mariana Bonini
        Pampanelli, Mariana Dalbo Contrera
        Toro, Mariana Furukawa, Mayara Kunii,        35                             12:30-14:00
        Mario Marcos Silva, Silvia Renata                                      Sadrivan A and B
        Chagas Costa                                 Poster: The Role of Continuing Education in
34.28   You know what I need? Understanding          Health Care Development
        perspectives of teachers and parents
        about SRH knowledge, related needs           35.01   Health professionals: Education and
        and services for adolescents & youth --              work in Brazil -- Lygia Costa
        Mubasher Saeed                               35.02   Combination of educational, research
34.29   Strengthening preparedness for public                and practical components & the main
        health practice: Developing graduate                 condition for successful development of
        capabilities for a Master of Public Health           cell and molecular medicine -- Andrei P.
        -- Lois D. Meyer                                     Kiyasov
34.30   Equal opportunities for health: Action for   35.03   Thinking of professional education for
        development -- Chiara Bodini, Ardigò                 health to a globalized work and social
        Martino                                              world: The experience of Brazil's
34.31   Reform and innovation in public health               national school of public health
        education: A Chilean Experience --                   (Fundação Oswaldo Cruz/FIOCRUZ) --
        Leonel Valdivia, Giorgio Solimano                    Fernanda A. Santos
34.32   Education for activism and the struggle      35.04   Continuing medical education and
        for health: The experience of the                    training of core competencies for public
        International People's Health University             health professionals -- Xiangqun Mao
        -- Camila Giugliani, Denise A.               35.05   Developing a health equality
        Nascimento, David Legge, David M.                    imagination: Critical reflection, public
        Sanders                                              health practice and transformational
34.33   Training of public health workforce at               learning -- Roslyn Giles
        the Arkhangelsk International School of      35.06   E-health in Rio de Janeiro state - Brazil:
        Public Health (ISPHA): Meeting                       Promotion and education in primary
        Russia's needs and local health                      attention to health -- Celia Regina
        challenges -- Andrej M. Grjibovski,                  Pierantoni, Alexandra Monteiro, Marcia
        Alexander V. Kudryavtsev, Alexander M.               T. C. Oliveira, Diogo Goulart Corrêa,
        Vyazmin, Pavel I. Sidorov                            João Paulo P. N. Neves, Munique
34.34   The evolving role of schools of public               Santos
        health in the 21st century -- Alena          35.07   Use of Omaha model in care of the
        Petrakova, Thomas Cook, Kuku Voyi,                   elderly -- Gulbu Tanriverdi, Melike
        Laetitia King, Graham Lister                         Yalcin, Sevda Vurur
34.35   Education for working with health care:      35.08   The equal training programme on
        Experience of the Baixada Santista                   tobacco control -- Ayfer Aslan
        campus -- Angela A. Capozzolo Sr.,           35.09   Health promotion and drug abuse
        Alexandre O. Henz Sr., Sidnei, J.                    prevention: A postgraduate course --
        Casetto Sr., Jaquelina Imbrizi Sr.,                  Christiane Hillger Jr., Martin Huber,
        Roberto T. Kinoshita Sr., Maria de                   Darko Rovis Sr., Michal Siniarski-
        Fátima Queiroz Sr., Juarez P. Furtado,               Czaplicki Jr., Wilhelm Kirch Sr.
        Maria G. de Morell, Ricardo Guerra           35.10   The institutional support model of
34.36   Experiences of the sensitive in health               Diadema's public health school to
        education -- Sidnei, J. Casetto,                     provide educational opportunities and
        Jaquelina Imbrizi, Alexandre O. Henz,                quality in health care management --
        Angela A. Capozzolo                                  Catherine M. F. Pinto, João G. Negrão,
                                                             Fabio L. Alves, Cinthia S. Cristo
35.11   First year results of the pilot project for           collaborative learning to improve
        developing the oral health of primary                 outcomes -- Warwick B. Giles, Helen
        school students in Denizli -- Belkis                  Cooke
        Yurdasal, Ali Ihsan Bozkurt, Ilkay Öz,        36.05   Promotional schools of health - one to
        Aydin Tapali, Ahmet Ergin, Erdogan Tas                look at extensive of the oral health in the
35.12   Health at school: Conceptions of health               city of Rio de Janeiro - Brazil -- Mônica
        of professors of basic education                      Macau Lopes, Ruben Mattos
        Fortaleza-Ce -- Ana Maria Fontenelle          36.06   Working in HIV sector does not
        Catrib, Raquel F. Barretto, Maria                     guarantee high levels of knowledge, low
        Cristina P. SÁ                                        levels of stigma, or high frequency of
35.13   Surgical interventions preventing nerve               HIV protective behavior for Indian youth:
        damage in leprosy patients: The role of               An exploratory study -- Devaki Nambiar
        a university hospital as a referral centre    36.07   Training of top and middle level
        in continuing education and                           managers of national TB control
        development of interdisciplinary                      programmes in Asia -- Yodi
        programme to physical and social                      Mahendradhata, Riris Andono Ahmad,
        rehabilitation -- MK Gomes, F. Reis, B.               Andreasta Meliala, Yudhistia Sudibya,
        Couto, J.C. Cohen, E. Cabral, L.E                     Adi Utarini, Laksono Trisnantoro
        Castro                                        36.08   The profile of a primary attention worker
35.14   Reproducibility of caries detection and               in Brazilian health system: The
        clinical decision making among dentists               community health agent -- Celia Regina
        from public health system: The                        Pierantoni, Maria Ruth dos Santos
        importance of continuing education of         36.09   Health education: Acquisition of
        health workers -- Fabio L. Mialhe,                    knowledge mediated by use of an
        Antonio Carlos Pereira, Marcelo de                    educational game -- Marcos Antonio
        Castro Meneghim                                       Dos Santos, Rodrigo Siqueira-Batista,
35.15   Temporal trend of morbidity due to                    Giselle Rôças
        external causes: Subsidies to                 36.10   How does medical education affect the
        permanent education actions in                        nutrition knowledge and behaviour of
        emergency services in the state of                    students as future counsellors and role-
        Bahia, Brazil -- Isabela Cardoso de                   models for the population? -- Ayse N.
        Matos Pinto, Iracema Viterbo Silva                    Ozaydin, Ozgecan Astarli
                                                      36.11   Building health friendliness hospitals --
                                                              Fu-Li Chen, Peter Y. Chen, Tzu-Hsuen
36                              12:30-14:00                   Chuang, Yu-Wen Lin, Yun-Rou Chen
                           Sadrivan A and B           36.12   Extension project family health league:
Poster: Training Multidisciplinary Health                     The Universidade Estadual do Ceará
Workers                                                       experiment -- Marlene M. Avila, Lucia
                                                              C. Oliveira
36.01   Management education/training                 36.13   Specialization for care and management
        programme of Brazilian Ministry of                    in family health -- Dulce Helena
        Health -- Francisco E. Campos, Maria                  Chiaverini, Sonia Acioli, Gustavo
        C. Fekete, Marcia H. Sakai                            Figueiredo, Maria de Fatima Amaral,
36.02   Challenges in the university training of              Wilson De Maio, Ariadina Heringer
        nurses, doctors and dentists for public       36.14   Evaluation of the Brazilian
        health in Amazonia (Brazil) -- Rodrigo                Administrative Development Foundation
        Otavio Moretti-Pires                                  (Fundap) Health Professional Practice
36.03   Effectiveness of the designed structural              Program (PAP) of the years 1997 and
        education in control of type 2 diabetes in            2002: Improving public health services
        Tehran, Iran -- Mahnaz Solhi, Nasrin                  quality to population -- Cibele C. M.
        Ezatpanah, Hamid R. Baradaran                         Sancha, Yasmin Bujdoso
36.04   The fetal welfare, obstetric emergency,       36.15   Reflecting the local practice of health
        neonatal resuscitation training project               promoting schools -- Mário J. Santos,
        (FONT) program: Innovations in                        Brigida A. Riso, Odete Matos Pereira
36.16   Pharmacists in promotion of health and        38.02   The Health Programme 2008 - 2013 --
        prevention -- Marie-Pierre Sauvant-                   Tuuli-Maria Mattila
        Rochat, Chantal Savanovitch, Nathalie         38.03   Public Health and the EU Framework
        Marchiset-Ferlay, Jacqueline Godard,                  Programme for Research -- Kevin
        Marie-Hélène Papon-Souris, Martine                    McCarthy
        Tissier, Brigitte Vennat                      38.04   The European Union Health Portal -
36.17   Expanding the scope of practice of EMS                Objectives and Opportunities -- Tuuli-
        providers to include public health roles --           Maria Mattila
        Gürkan Özel
36.18   The boom of new health professional
        courses in Brazil: Clear imbalance - a        39                            14:00-15:30
        national problem -- Maria Helena                                    Florence Nightingale
        Machado                                       Global Public Health Workforce
                                                      Development: Challenges, Opportunities
37                             14:00-15:30            and Strategies
                                  John Snow           Moderator:    Gopal Sankaran
Addressing Culture, Sharing Power: Public             39.01   Public health workforce, economics and
Health Knowledge Production and Action for                    human rights -- Clyde Lanford Smith
Vulnerable Populations                                39.02   Workforce needs and development in
                                                              cancer prevention and control: Morocco
Moderator:    Danielle Groleau
                                                              as a case study -- Hala Azzam
37.01   From intimate to political voice: A case      39.03   Community-based organizations in
        for illustrating generalizability of                  public health: Microcredit and its
        qualitative data -- Danielle Groleau                  applications in improvement of family
37.02   Who is empowering who: Unlocking                      health -- Padmini Murthy
        maternal knowledge in breastfeeding           39.04   Human capacity building for global
        promotion -- Lindiwe Sibeko                           public health: Role of public-private
37.03   The use of the DSM-IV cultural                        partnerships -- Gopal Sankaran
        formulation in a multidisciplinary context:   39.05   Economic benefits of international
        A conversation analysis -- Nathalie                   collaborations in behavioral & social
        Dinh                                                  sciences -- Sonia Suchday
37.04   Influences of body and religious              39.06   Partners in health: Resisting
        representations in the constructs of HIV              privatization of the health workforce
        transmission -- Patricia Neves                        through collaboration with local
        Guimaraes                                             governments -- Joia Mukherjee
37.05   Genetic risk experience of breast cancer
        patients invited to participate in genetic
        testing within an academic framework in       40                            14:00-15:30
        Brazil -- Alicia Navarro de Souza                                        Andrija Stampar
                                                      Globalization and Global Health - Moving
38                             14:00-15:30            Beyond Analysis towards a New Agenda of
                               Louis Pasteur          Action

European Commission Workshop on                       Moderator:    David McCoy
Current EU Developments in the Field of
                                                      41                            14:00-15:30
Moderator:    Isabel de la Mata                                                      Allen Jones
38.01   The Commission activities in the field of     Health Impact of Wars and Armed Conflicts
        health promotion and prevention --
        Walter Baer                                   Moderator:    Samir Banoob
41.01   Health impact of wars and armed              44                             14:00-15:30
        conflicts: An overview of sufferings and                                James Flemming
        violation of human rights -- Samir
        Banoob                                       The Centennary of Chagas’ Disease
41.02   Risks of armed conflicts for international   Discovery: Past, Present and Future
        health and rescue workers -- Jirair          Moderator:    Paulo E. Gadelha Sr.
41.03   Message of peace for health -- Ihsan         44.01   Chagas' disease: The history of its
        Dogramaci                                            discovery -- Simone P. Kropf
41.04   Health impact of Russian incursion into      44.02   Research in chagas' disease: Current
        Georgia -- Alexander Kvitashvilli                    knowledge and challenges for the future
                                                             -- Tânia Araujo-Jorge
                                                     44.03   The epidemiology of chagas' disease in
42                             14:00-15:30                   the context of globalization and inequity:
                              Sergio Arouca                  Anthropogenic changes - migration and
                                                             invasion of natural environments -- João
Innovations in Education and Practice
                                                             Carlos P. Dias
Moderator:    Barbara J. Hatcher
42.01   The challenge for public health              45                             14:00-15:30
        education of implementing PHC in                                          Rudolf Virchow
        decentralized systems -- David M.
        Sanders, Lucy Alexander                      The Role of the Media in Public Health
42.02   Assuring a culturally-competent              Moderator:    Gunduz Tezman II
        international nurse workforce through a
        transatlantic dual degree program --         Speakers:     Ali Kirca, Ugur Dundar
        Marie O'Toole
42.03   Promoting social work's community
        based interventions to reduce family         46                             14:00-15:30
        stress -- Jesse Harris                                                         Behcet Uz
42.04   Promoting public health leadership
                                                     Revisiting Primary Health Care in the 21st
        development in the Caribbean region --
                                                     Century III
        Gillian Barclay
42.05   Reducing chronic disease through risk        Moderator:    Yehuda Neumark
        management -- Brenda Fenton
                                                     46.01   Gestational weight gain monitoring
                                                             curves: Predictive capacity to capture
43                             14:00-15:30                   adverse infant outcomes and
           Charles-Edward Amory Winslow                      longitudinal analysis in a large Brazilian
                                                             prospective study -- Gilberto Kac,
Intersectoral Action for Health: The Brazilian               Luciana Bertoldi Nucci, Maria Helena
and Canadian Experiences                                     Constantino Spyrides, Maria Inês
Moderator:    Helena Monteiro                                Schmidt
                                                     46.02   Cost-benefit analysis of treatment in
43.01   Sustainability, social development and               specialized hospital for long treatment
        public policies in Brazil -- Ana Maria               and rehabilitation -- Andrei Andreev,
        Girotti Sperandio                                    Neli Nesheva, Jasmine Pavlova, Lora
43.02   The socio-technical network for health               Afanasieva
        promotion in Brazil -- Ronice M. P.          46.03   Revitalising primary health care:
        Franco DE SÁ                                         Lessons from China -- Chaojie Liu,
43.03   Concepts and context of health                       David Legge
        promotion in Canada -- Margaret              46.04   Assessment of organizational and
        Hilson                                               performance characteristics of basic
                                                             health care units in the west district of
                                                             Ribeirão Preto–SP -- Maria José Bistafa
        Pereira, Silvana Martins Mishima,                  is it telling us, general practitioners? --
        Maria Cecilia Puntel de Almeida, Maria             Patricia Olaya-Contreras
        do Carmo Gullaci Guimarães Caccia-
        Bava, Silvia Matumoto, Nélio Augusto
        Mesquita Domingos, Cinira M. Fortuna       48                               14:00-15:30
46.05   Community-oriented primary care                                              Nusret Fisek
        (COPC): An approach for the Fahrettin      Facing the Brain Drain and Migration of
        Altay community -- Hale Arik, Philip       Health Professionals
        Blumenfeld, Abimbola Kola-Jebetu,
        Argaw Shire, Min-Nwe Tun, Samaya           Moderators: Alexandra Monteiro,
        Ismayilova, Sandra Lopez-Arana,                        Mohammad Perwaiz Iqbal
        Solomon Beza, Zakhro Djabbarova,           48.01   Building a professional Mexican nursing
        Catalina Lopez-Quintero, Yehuda                    workforce: A case study -- Allison P.
        Neumark, Rosa Gofin                                Squires
                                                   48.02   Perspectives on Bulgarian market for
47                            14:00-15:30                  nurses -- Nadia Veleva, Makreta
                             Refik Saydam                  Draganova, Gena Grancharova

The Global Threat of Chronic Diseases III
                                                   49                               16:00-17:30
Moderators: Brenda L. Green, Faruqeddin                                           Rudolf Virchow
                                                   Health and Rights: Let's Keep Our Promises
47.01   Vitamin D status in healthy free living
        elderly men and women living in            Moderator:     Feride Aksu
        Canada -- R. Barake, H. Weiler, H.         49.01   Health rights by means of ethical and
        Payette, K. Gray-Donald                            legislative aspects -- Hans-Ulrich
47.02   Systematic review of literature on                 Deppe
        health-related quality of life in          49.02   The right to the highest attainable
        overweight and obese children and                  standard of health: An ethos in search
        adolescents: On what domains are                   of a profession -- Peter Hall
        obese and overweight children and          49.03   Gaps among the promises, legislation
        adolescents most affected? -- Veronika             and practices, and the main obstacles --
        Ottova                                             Mustafa Sutlas
47.03   Prevalence of physical inactivity
        according to behavior and
        sociodemographic factors in a rural        50                               16:00-17:30
        population, Minas Gerais, Brazil --                                      Andrija Stampar
        Gustavo Velásquez-Meléndez, Paula
                                                   How to Strengthen Public Health Training
        Gonçalves Bicalho, Mariana Santos
                                                   and Research in the Model of Europe
        Felisbino-Mendes, Tatiane Géa-Horta,
        Rackel Aguiar Mendes Oliveira, Andrea      Moderators: Isabel de la Mata, Ulrich Laaser
                                                   Speakers:      Jacek Sitko, Helmut Brand,
47.04   The prevalence and risk factors of
                                                                  Michael Marx, Antoine Flahault,
        cardiovascular diseases in Çankaya
                                                                  Ilmo Keskimaeki
        district of Ankara ( the study of Ankara
        medical school) -- Professor MD Ferda
        Ozyurda, Assistant Professor MD Esin
        Ocaktan, Lecturer MD Ayse Yildiz,          51                               16:00-17:30
        Associate Professor MD Deniz                                                  Allen Jones
        Caliskan, K. Omurlu, Ruchan Akar, U.       Public Health and Weapons of Mass
        Ozyurda                                    Destruction: What to Do? (Part II)
47.05   An unrecognizable epidemic: Chronic
        musculoskeletal pain in Sweden - What      Moderator:     Deborah Klein Walker
51.01   Universality and implementation of the               Rafael T. Mikolajczyk, Mirjam
        Chemical Weapons Convention --                       Kretzschmar, Alexander Kraemer
        Ambassador Rogelio Pfirter                   53.03   The knowledge survey of intended to
51.02   Implementing the International Nuclear               prisoners about HIV/AIDS in Turkey --
        Test Ban Treaty -- Ambassador Tibor                  Hilal Özcebe, Funda Sevencan, Sevkat
        Toth                                                 Bahar Özvaris, Zafer Öztek, Seckin
51.03   Implementing the Biological and Toxin                Hekimoglu, Peyman Altan
        Weapons Convention -- Richard                53.04   A questionnaire on HIV/AIDS for the
        Lennane                                              dental chief officers of the American
51.04   Challenges to global abolition of                    countries -- Irene Tami, Miguel Aguero,
        chemical weapons -- Dr. Paul Walker                  Saskia Estupinan-Day
51.05   Human security: Expanding the scope of       53.05   New impetus in the organization of the
        public health -- Paula Gutlove                       infectious disease control in the
                                                             Netherlands -- J.F. Timmermans, G.C.
                                                             Jans, M. Vries de
52                             16:00-17:30
                               Louis Pasteur
                                                     54                             16:00-17:30
Public Interests and the Pharmaceutical
                                                                                James Flemming
Industry: A Changing World for Public
Health?                                              Evidence-Based Public Health Research
Moderator:    Maggie Huff-Rousselle                  Moderator:    Volney M. Camara
52.01   Universal access to essential                54.01   Family care arrangement and early child
        medicines: The Brazilian experience --               development: Evidence from a
        Reinaldo Guimaraes                                   population-based birth cohort study in
52.02   Pharma confronts the 21st century:                   Taiwan -- Jennifer Chun-Li Wu, Tung-
        Generic competition, compulsory                      liang Chiang
        licensing, and drug access and safety        54.02   Building a comprehensive evidence
        challenges from abroad -- Jack Warren                base for public health interventions:
        Salmon                                               Activities of the Cochrane public health
52.03   Trade agreements and intellectual                    review group -- Elizabeth Waters, Jodie
        property rights: What's new? -- Ellen                Doyle, Rebecca Armstrong
        Shaffer                                      54.03   Doing right things vs. doing things right -
52.04   Market distortions and failures for public           Developing a national plan for
        health: The other drug war -- Maggie                 eliminating needless blindness in
        Huff-Rousselle                                       Rwanda -- Raja Bollineni
                                                     54.04   A content analysis of Turkish
                                                             newspapers: Identifying articles
53                             16:00-17:30                   containing health information related to
                              Sergio Arouca                  physical activity -- Leyla Köksal, Feryal
Communicable Diseases Research                               Subasi, Luleci Emel, William Hey

Moderator:    Mohamad Haniki
                                                     55                             16:00-17:30
53.01   Predictors of tick bites in an endemic                                       Nusret Fisek
        Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever
        region, eastern Turkey -- Nazim E.           Family Health
        Beyhun, Zahide Kosan, Hamit                  Moderators: Michele Forzley, Sibel Mentese
        Acemoglu, Asuman Guraksin, Oksan                         Jr.
        Calikoglu, Serhat Vancelik
53.02   Factors associated with low vaccination      55.01   Determinants of preterm birth: Pelotas
        coverage among children in the Former                2004 birth cohort -- Mariangela F.
        Soviet countries: An example of                      Silveira, Cesar G. Victora, Ajd Barros,
        Kyrgyzstan -- Manas K. Akmatov,                      IS Santos, a. Matijasevich, FC Barros
55.02   Hev seroepidemiology and yearly                     infections frequency in workers -- Hilal
        change in primary school students (6 –              Ozcebe, Guledal Boztas, Selcuk
        13 YEARS), Ankara, Turkey -- Isil Maral,            Ozkan, Gulbuz Ozlem, Volkan Ulker
        I.Irem Budakoglu, Mustafa N. Ceyhan,
        Aysegül Atak, Mehmet Ali Bumin
55.03   Public health genetics leading to healthy   57                             16:00-17:30
        communities -- Apryl R. Brown                                             Refik Saydam
55.04   Stressors and pregnancy outcomes:           Health Systems Research
        Examining the role of life events on
        preterm labor -- Miguel Cordero, Paula      Moderators: Jihad Makhoul, Alvaro H.
        Repetto, Leonor Bustamante, Eliana                      Matida
        Guic                                        57.01   Preferences for health care
55.05   The effect of patient education on                  allocation: The views of different
        knowledge, self-management                          stakeholder groups -- Maike Schnoor
        behaviours and self-efficacy of patients            Jr., Jeannette Winkelhage II, Margrit
        with type 2 diabetes -- Nazli Atak, Tanju           Schreier III, Adele Diederich Sr.
        Gurkan, Kenan Kose                          57.02   Comparative study of the mechanisms
55.06   Prevalence and risk factors of febrile              of decentralization in function of
        convulsion in between the ages of 3                 stewardship in health systems of
        months – 6 years children in Trabzon --             selected countries and propose
        Murat Topbas, Ayse Aksoy, Fatma                     appropriate model for Iran -- Hossein
        Mujgan Sonmez, Sukru Ozgun, Gamze                   Jabbari Sr.
        Çan, Emine Çan, Asuman Yavuzyilmaz          57.03   Health costs evolution in Brazil: An
                                                            analysis utilizing the model of
                                                            components price and quantity --
56                            16:00-17:30
                                                            Rodrigo Mendes Leal, João
                       Florence Nightingale
                                                            Boaventura Branco de Matos
Health Effects of Global Environmental              57.04   The role of civil society in health policy
Changes                                                     processes -- Maitrayee Mukhopadhyay,
                                                            Katrine Danielson, Noortje Verhart,
Moderator:    V.P. Fynn
                                                            Evelien Kaminga
56.01   The measurement of whole body               57.05   Progress, challenges and results of
        vibration levels to which shuttle bus               regulating access to health services in
        drivers -- Funda Sevencan, Songül                   the unified health system (SUS) of
        Acar Vaizoglu, Tahsin Gokhan Telatar,               Minas Gerais, Brazil -- Maria do Carmo
        Cagatay Güler                                       Paixão Rausch, Poliana Cardoso
56.02   Motivating public health policy: A case             Martins, Rosana de Vasconcelos Parra
        for national environmental carcinogen
        exposure surveillance -- Perry W.
        Hystad, Eleanor Setton, Paul Demers         58                             16:00-17:30
56.03   Knowledge, attitude and practices of co-                                     John Snow
        benefits to improve health and climate      Institutional Care Applied Research
        change in Chinese population -- Emily
        Y. Y. Chan, Jean H. Kim, Joyce Leung,       Moderator:    Cara de la Cruz
        Sian M. Griffiths, Joseph TF Lau            58.01   Impact evaluation of primary health care
56.04   Community responses and health-                     on hospital admissions in Florianopolis,
        seeking behavior during elevated                    Brazil -- Carlos Daniel Moutinho
        temperature in Chinese population --                Junior Sr.
        Emily Y. Y. Chan, William B. Goggins,       58.02   Inappropriate Antibiotic Use and the
        Jacqueline J. Kim, Timothy KW Ma, Yp                Health Policy Agenda in Mexico --
        Suen, Sian Griffiths                                Anahí Dreser, Kitty K. Corbett,
56.05   Effect of tobacco smoke to indoor air               Veronika J. Wirtz, Stuart Anderson
        quality and upper tract respiratory
58.03   Prevalence and risk factors of epilepsy    60.01   Impact of health-care system on social
        in between the ages of 0-17 years                  inequalities in care utilizations -- Zeynep
        children in Trabzon -- Murat Topbas,               Or, Florence Jusot
        Sukru Ozgun, Fatma Mujgan Sonmez,          60.02   Inclusion of human resources in
        Gamze Çan, Ayse Aksoy, Asuman                      maternal health policy processes:
        Yavuzyilmaz, Emine Çan                             Lessons for strategic human resource
58.04   An empirical study of the maternal-                planning -- Tim Martineau, Xiaoyun Liu
        embryo protection hypothesis: Public       60.03   Clarifying and framing the concept of
        health implications -- MM Weigel,                  health systems strengthening -- Jeremy
        Kathryn Coe                                        Shiffman, Tamara Hafner
                                                   60.04   Mechanisms of social protection in
                                                           health care and financial shocks impact:
59                            16:00-17:30                  The Argentinean case -- Daniel A.
                                 Behcet Uz                 Maceira
Long Term Care and Elderly Care                    60.05   Competing technological trajectories
                                                           and health system paradigms in Brazil --
Moderator:    Joseph R. Fitchett                           Sebastiao Loureiro, Erika Aragão,
59.01   Perception of risky sexual practices and           Fábio Mota, Luis Eugenio Portela
        dysfunctions among the geriatrics aged     60.06   Developing a model public health law for
        65 -102 years in western Nigeria -- King           the Pacific -- Genevieve E. Howse
        O. Odor                                    60.07   Utilisation of evidence in health policy
59.02   Architectonic barriers and handicapped             processes: Findings from the HEPVIC
        subjects: An epidemiological study of              project in India, Vietnam and China --
        the physical structure of health service           Tolib N. Mirzoev, Philippa K. Bird,
        units in seven Brazilian states --                 Nancy Gerein, Andrew T. Green,
        Fernando Vinholes Siqueira, Luiz A.                Stephen C. Pearson
        Facchini, Roberto Piccini, Denise
        Silveira, Elaine Thumé, Elaine Tomasi      Wednesday, April 29, 2009
59.03   Sensory impairment is related to
        mortality and long term care - Needs
        certification among older Japanese --
        Takehiro Michikawa, Yuji Nishiwaki,        61                             09:00-10:30
        Yuriko Kikuchi, Keiko Asakura, Ai                                           Allen Jones
        Milojevic, Satoko Iwasawa, Makiko
                                                   Revisiting Primary Health Care: Now More
        Nakano, Mutsuko Yamada, Kunio
        Mizutari, Hideyuki Saito, Susumu Ishida,
                                                   Than Ever
        Toru Takebayashi                           Moderator:    Hikmet Pekcan
59.04   Physical activity and age at natural
        menopause -- Zeynep Dilek Aydιn            Speakers:     José Gomes Temporão, Marc
59.05   Seroprevalence of tetanus antibodies                     Danzon, Tim Evans, Ahmet
        and immune response to a single dose                     Zafer Öztek
        of tetanus toxoid in the elderly -- Isil
        Maral, Mustafa N. Ilhan, Ayse Meltem
        Yalinay Cirak, Mehmet Ali Bumin            62                             11:00-12:30
                                                                               Andrija Stampar

60                            16:00-17:30          Child Rights and Public Health
           Charles-Edward Amory Winslow            Moderators: Munevver Bertan, Hilal Ozcebe
Strengthening Global Health Systems                62.01   Media, child rights, ethics and child
Moderator:    Farshad Ghazalian                            health -- Kadriye Yurdakok
                                                   62.02   Public health approach to violence
                                                           prevention and treatment -- F. Nur
                                                           Aksakal Jr.
62.03   Child rights in the context of training of           A view of public health professionals --
        health professionals -- Adem Arkadas                 Vesna Bjegovic-Mikanovic

63                              11:00-12:30          65                             11:00-12:30
                              Rudolf Virchow                                        Nusret Fisek
Geospatial Information, GEOSS, and Public            Public Health Associations and Policy
Health                                               Development: Do We Influence Public
                                                     Health Policy?
Moderators: Samir Banoob, Giovanni Rum
                                                     Moderator:    Margaret Hilson
63.01   Geospatial information: Public health
        needs and wishes -- Samir Banoob             Speaker:      Jose da Rocha Carvalheiro
63.02   Overview of the Global Earth
                                                     65.01   Evidence for policy: The experience of
        Observation System of Systems
                                                             the Public Health Association of Serbia -
        (GEOSS) and specific actions in the
                                                             - Srmena Krstev
        health domain -- Giovanni Rum
                                                     65.02   The challenges of influencing policy:
63.03   Meningitis environmental risk
                                                             The example of tobacco control in
        information technologies – the MERIT
                                                             Mozambique -- Martinho Dgedge
        project -- Eric Bertherat
                                                     65.03   Building policy and advocacy capacity
63.04   Development of a sand and dust storm
                                                             one step at a time -- James Chauvin
        warning system and its impacts on
        health decision making -- Emilio
        Cuevas                                       66                             11:00-12:30
                                                                                   Louis Pasteur
64                              11:00-12:30          Veterinary Public Health and Food Safety
                                  Allen Jones
                                                     Moderators: Mehmet Alkan, S. Dogan
New Trends in Public Health Education and                        Tuncer
Training - Consolidating a Profession:
                                                     Speakers:     Tjeerd Jorna, Michael P. Doyle,
Linking Challenges, Essential Functions,
                                                                   Irfan Erol
Competencies, Performance and Research
Moderators: Vesna Bjegovic-Mikanovic,
            Anders Foldspang                         67                             11:00-12:30
                                                                            Florence Nightingale
64.01   The health system core public health
        operations as a base for new                 Core Public Health Competencies
        professionalization of public health
        education -- Maria Haralanova                Moderators: Angeles Cabria Sr., Flavia
64.02   Development of core public health                        Senkubuge
        competencies: A worldwide task of            67.01   Survey on the status of global health in
        public health professionals – and an                 medical education (SOS – GloHME) –
        interaction between practice, science                educational benefits and capacities for
        and education -- Anders Foldspang                    “Health for All” -- Kayvan Bozorgmehr,
64.03   Meeting the new challenges of schools                Marloes van Kester, Vanessa Jessop
        of public health: From three cycle           67.02   Moving beyond cultural competence in
        education towards life long learning --              public health education to address
        Helmut Brand                                         health inequities -- Faye I. Hummel,
64.04   Bridging the gap between the                         Kathy Fitzsimmons
        competencies, learning and                   67.03   Closing the gap between the leadership
        performance: Applied public health                   and management demands of public
        learning -- Josef Amann                              health systems and how students are
64.05   How do we implement and evaluate a                   prepared to face them -- Joseph Dwyer
        new approach in public health training:
67.04   Core competencies for primary health                                         John Snow
        care management -- Milena Santric
                                                    Controlling the Tobacco Epidemic
        Milicevic, Vesna Bjegovic, Janna
        Brooks                                      Moderators: Camila Giugliani, Federico
67.05   Evaluation of metabolic syndrome                        Paredes
        prevalence in Eskisehir province -- Inci
                                                    69.01   Adolescent smoking in Beijing:
        Arikan, Selma Metintas, Cemalettin
                                                            Prevalence, affecting factors and
        Kalyoncu, Ömer Colak
                                                            school-based preventions -- Ling Li
67.06   Core competencies: Ensuring the voice
                                                    69.02   The critical role of abstinence self-
        of the public health workforce -- Ted
                                                            efficacy in predicting smoking cessation
        Bruce, Shannon Turner, Trevor
                                                            among quit intenders -- Nelson C. Y.
                                                            Yeung, Winnie W. S. Mak
                                                    69.03   Smoking and perceived health among
68                            11:00-12:30                   primary school students in Hong Kong --
                          James Flemming                    Man Ping Wang, Sai Yin Ho, Tai Hing
Training Multidisciplinary Health Workers I         69.04   Perceived smoking prevalence was
Moderators: Helda Pinzon-Perez, Pamela                      associated with smoking among primary
            Siegel                                          school students in Hong Kong -- Sai Yin
                                                            Ho, Man Ping Wang, Tai Hing Lam
68.01   Training, employment and performance        69.05   Barriers to recommending nicotine
        of public health workers in Latin America           replacement therapy to acute cardiac
        and the Caribbean -- Laura Magaña,                  patients -- Fiona Clarke McDonald,
        Gustavo Nigenda, Jose Arturo Ruiz,                  Nigel Stocks, Christopher Barton
        Nidia Sosa, Rodolfo Mendez                  69.06   First report of green tobacco sickness in
68.02   Evaluation of a training program in                 Arapiraca, Alagoas state, Brazil, 2007 --
        domestic violence against children and              Patrícia Pereira Vasconcelos Oliveira,
        adolescents for community health                    Camila Brederode Sihler, Lenildo Moura
        workers and nurses -- A.L. Machado                  Sr., Deborah Carvalho Malta, Jeremy
        Sr., Tereza Vecina, Ias Bordin                      Sobel, Tatiana Miranda Lanzieri
68.03   Role of policy models to facilitate
        multidisciplinary training of health
        workers at doctoral level -- Marino J.      70                             11:00-12:30
        Gonzalez                                               Charles-Edward Amory Winslow
68.04   Our contribution to international public
                                                    Environmental and Occupational Health III
        health workforce development: Training
        at the Braun School of Public Health        Moderator:    Fozia Abrar
        and Community Medicine in Jerusalem -
                                                    70.01   Test-retest reliability to evaluate
        - Yehuda Neumark, Jaime Gofin, Rosa
                                                            programs for preventing mercury
        Gofin, Ted Tulchinsky, Leon Epstein
                                                            exposure from gold production --
68.05   The use of health action model to
                                                            Volney M. Camara, Delma P.O. Souza,
        improve nurses’ competency in planning
                                                            Maria Izabel F. Filhote, Ronir R. Luiz,
        health education -- Sulafa Tarik Al
                                                            Camila O. Souza, Armando Meyer
                                                    70.02   Incidence of self-reported, non-fatal, on-
68.06   Medicine, mobility and global health:
                                                            board injuries among Sri Lankan flight
        Capacity building for qualified and
                                                            attendants -- Suneth Agampodi,
        committed medical doctors in health
                                                            Samath D. Dharmarathna
        care -- Kayvan Bozorgmehr, Peter
                                                    70.03   Investigation of formaldehyde levels in
        Tinnemann, Kirsten Schubert, Johannes
                                                            occupied temporary housing units
        Menzel-Severing, Frauke Schaefer,
                                                            supplied by the United States federal
        Stefan N. Willich
                                                            emergency management agency
                                                            following hurricanes Katrina and Rita --
69                            11:00-12:30                   Matthew W. Murphy
70.04   Global occupational health: Increasing    Improving Performance and Productivity of
        access to occupational health training    the Health Team II
        materials and practice tools -- Leslie
        Nickels                                   Moderator:    N. Ernest Khalema
70.05   WHO global plan of action for workers'    72.01   Blowing the whistle: Research findings
        health: Implementation update -- Leslie           of a qualitative study in the field of
        Nickels                                           nursing -- Monika Habermann, Maya
                                                          Stagge, Henning Cramer
                                                  72.02   An intrapartum care strategy with two
71                            11:00-12:30                 distribution points model: The right
                             Sergio Arouca
                                                          move to improve provision and use of
Health Problems of Migrants, Refugees and                 maternal health care in underserved and
Minorities II                                             poor areas -- Alfonso Rosales
                                                  72.03   The use of Omaha model to follow up
Moderator:    Mohammad Rasheduzzaman                      pregnancy at home -- Gulbu
              Shah                                        Tanriverdi, Melike Yalcin
71.01   Migration and perinatal health            72.04   Improving health care performance by
        surveillance: An international delphi             strengthening health staff motivation in
        survey -- Mika Gissler, Anita Gagnon,             transitional countries -- Iryna S.
        Meg Zimbeck, Jennifer Zeitlin                     Kyzyma, Kate S. Kyzyma
71.02   An exploratory study to assess the        72.05   Values oriented to coordination in
        reproductive health problems and health           integrated health CARE organizations:
        seeking behavior of migrant women                 Collaboration and teamwork -- Diana
        construction workers in Mumbai --                 Henao Martinez, M. Luisa Vazquez
        Shubha Nagesh                                     Navarrete, Ingrid Vargas Lorenzo, Jordi
71.03   Infectious disease surveillance,                  Coderch de Lassaletta, Rosa Ruiz
        response, and control among rural-to-             Cortinas, Jordi Valls Soler
        urban migrant workers in Shanghai:
        Understanding healthcare-seeking
                                                  73                            11:00-12:30
        behaviors -- Jane Mingjia Zhu, Zhao-
                                                                               Refik Saydam
        Lin Xia, Wei Lu, Qing-Wu Jiang, Yiliang
        Zhu                                       Poverty, Health and Development:
71.04   The impact of discrimination in           Achieving the Millennium Development
        immigrant workers' health in Spain        Goals II
        (ITSAL Project) -- Andres A. Agudelo-
        Suarez, Elena Ronda-Perez, Diana Gil-     Moderator:    James Chauvin
        Gonzalez, Ana M. Garcia, Fernando         73.01   Strengthening immunization program
        Garcia-Benavides, Carlos Ruiz-Frutos,             through involvement of graduating
        Victoria Porthe, Maria J. Lopez-Jacob,            health care professional students and
        John G. Love                                      health extension workers -- Hottessa
71.05   Hidden violence is a silent rape: A               Melaku Samuel, Donna Moralejo
        participatory assessment of sexual &      73.02   Pellagra: A diagnosis to be taken in
        gender-based violence determinants in             account in the 21th century -- Corina-
        female and male refugees, asylum                  Aurelia Zugravu, Ileana M. Prejbeanu,
        seekers and undocumented migrants in              Cornelia Rada
        Belgium and the Netherlands -- Ines       73.03   Understanding the linkages between
        Keygnaert, Nicole Vettenburg, Marleen             poverty, nutrition and disease
        Temmerman                                         occurrence in rural Ghana: Why
                                                          actualization of the Millennium
                                                          Development Goals matters to the rural
72                            11:00-12:30
                                                          poor -- Prince Osei-Wusu Adjei, Daniel
                                Behcet Uz
                                                          Buor, Peter Ohene Kyei
73.04   Windows of opportunity offered by the               healthcare financing scheme --
        national immunization days: The                     Azimatun Noor Aizuddin
        development of health and nutrition         75.07   Analysis of public spending on health
        days in Brazil -- Leonor M. P. Santos,              care in the Brazilian state capitals,
        Rômulo Paes-Sousa, Jarbas B. Silva Jr,              2000-2007 -- João H. G. Scatena, Ana
        Janine G. Coutinho, Muriel Gubert, Ana              Luiza Viana, Oswaldo Y. Tanaka
        Beatriz Vasconcellos                        75.08   Financing of dental services in Iran --
                                                            Reza Hossein Pour
                                                    75.09   Health insurance price regulation: An
74                            12:30-14:00                   economic analysis of Brazilian pattern --
                          Sadrivan A and B                  João Boaventura Branco de Matos,
Poster: Disaster Preparedness                               Rodrigo Mendes Leal
                                                    75.10   A dead end job: Health service financing
74.01   What are the elements that define a                 and some evidences for provision of
        public health crisis? -- Rafael Diaz-               sustainability in Turkey -- Nesrin
        Sarmiento Sr., Dionisio Herrera                     Çilingiroglu, Mahmut S. Yardim
74.02   Optimal solutions between rapidness         75.11   Public health financing in the trine
        and self sufficiency of mobile health               federalism: Minas Gerais state, Brazil --
        care facilities -- Omer Faruk Ergin,                Sebastião Helvecio R. Castro, Sulamis
        Suat Tulek                                          Daim
74.03   Indigenous concepts of natural disasters    75.12   Tobin tax and global health financing:
        in relation to health: An exploration in            Learning from Brazilian experience --
        rural Bangladesh -- Papreen Nahar                   Sulamis Dain, Sebastiao H. Ramos de
74.04   Pharmaceutical services management                  Castro
        for medicines received through
        humanitarian aid -- Elaine Silva
        Miranda, Claudia Garcia Serpa Osorio-       76                             12:30-14:00
        de-Castro, Cláudia Du Bocage Santos                                    Sadrivan A and B
                                                    Poster: Global Governance
                                                    76.01   ‘Globalizing public health': A Canadian
75                            12:30-14:00                   ‘KT tool' incorporating five proposals for
                          Sadrivan A and B                  global governance for public health --
Poster: Financing Global Public Health                      Véronique Lapaige
                                                    76.02   The construction of public politics: The
75.01   Comparing the expenditures of health in             case of the medical union of the Rio
        the countries which are European union              Grande do sul – Brazil -- Maria R. de
        members or candidates: In which part of             Assis Brasil
        Europe is Turkey? -- Hakan Tüzün            76.03   Attitudes and behaviors of religious
75.02   Effectiveness and financing of primary              officials with regard to organ transplant
        health care in Brazil -- Ana Luiza Viana,           and donation in Kayseri, Turkey -- Emel
        Hudson Pacifico Silva                               Güden, Fevziye Cetinkaya
75.03   Health financing and primary health care    76.04   Globalization and health: Inter-
        models in Brazil -- Hudson Pacifico                 regulatory competition among health
        Silva, Ana Luiza Viana                              care regulators -- Manouchehr
75.04   Resource allocation in research on                  Mokhtari, Doha Abdelhamid
        health care: The Argentine case --
        Daniel A. Maceira, Martín Peralta Alcat
75.05   Equity in health: Developing a needs-       77                             12:30-14:00
        based resource allocation formula for                                  Sadrivan A and B
        the public health care system of Iran --
                                                    Poster: Global Health Alliances for Health
        Mohammad H. Babaie
75.06   Ability and willingness of individual in
        farming sector to contribute to national
77.01   Intersectoriality: The ongoing debate or   79.03   Community oral health index for health
        international healthcare conferences --            agents -- Anya P. G. F. Vieira, Maria
        Maria Lúcia Teixeira Garcia, Cassiane              Vieira Saintrain
        Cominoti Abreu III                         79.04   South-South cooperation for
                                                           strengthening health systems to address
                                                           HIV/AIDS challenge in developing
78                             12:30-14:00                 countries -- Sheikh Mohammed
                          Sadrivan A and B                 Shariful Islam
Poster: Health & Geopolitics                       79.05   Health technology incorporation in
                                                           devoping countries: Who gains, who
78.01   Evaluating the performance of an                   loses? -- Hudson Pacifico Silva, Ana
        innovative public health insurance: The            Luiza Viana
        case of a decentralized province in        79.06   Local health governance in central
        Argentina -- Daniel A. Maceira, Pedro              Brazil -- Helena E. Shimizu, Jane Lynn
        Ariel Kremer                                       Garrison Dytz, Maria da Gloria Lima
78.02   Prevalence of erectile dysfunction in a    79.07   Communicative approach of situational
        sample of patients from Transylvania --            planning strategy in the local level:
        Cosmina Samoila, Mariana Vlad, I. S.               Health and equity in Venezuela --
        Bocsan, Dan Porav                                  Henny L. Heredia
78.03   The perspectives of clients and primary    79.08   New perspectives for the regionalization
        care providers on services provided in             of health care in Brazil -- Nelson
        exemplary primary care unit, Songkhla              Ibanez, Ana Luiza Viana, Paulo E. M.
        hospital network -- Phensiri Atthawong             Elias, Aylene E. M. Bousquat, Mariana
78.04   Trends in life expectancy in Bulgaria              V. Albuquerque, Fabiola L. Iozzi
        before and after the socio-economic        79.09   Symbolic violence experienced by the
        transition -- Angelika Velkova, Petkana            masculine homosexuals in the health
        Hristova, Mariela Kamburova, Stela L.              services: Negotiating the identity over
        Georgieva, Joana Simeonova                         stigma -- Maria Alix Leite Araujo,
78.05   The perspective of the diversity of                Miguel Angelo Montagner, Raimunda M.
        employment relationships and their                 Silva, Fagner Liberato Lopes, Maria
        consequences on nursing professionals              Michele Freitas
        -- Solange Baraldi, Vanessa Avelar         79.10   Facing domestic violence against
        Mendes                                             children and adolescents: Construction
78.06   Regionalization policy in Brazilian                of a protection network in a Brazilian city
        national health system (SUS) -- Vania B.           -- Tereza Vecina, a.L. Machado Sr., Ias
        Nascimento, Nivaldo C. Junior, Ieda M.             Bordin
        C Costa, Catherine M. F. Pinto             79.11   Information and health human resources
                                                           management system in African
79                             12:30-14:00                 countries of Portuguese language: A
                          Sadrivan A and B                 cooperation between Brazil and Guinea
                                                           Bissau -- Celia Regina Pierantoni,
Poster: Strengthening Global Public Health                 Tania França
Systems                                            79.12   Mechanisms of decentralization in
                                                           provision of health services in health
79.01   Public health medicine education and
                                                           systems of selected countries and
        training in the Netherlands -- Marc
                                                           planning a model for Iran -- Hossein
        Soethout, Jeannette de Boer
                                                           Jabbari Sr.
79.02   The oral health care system in Brazil --
                                                   79.13   Strengthening occupational health
        Anya P. G. F. Vieira, Juliana Paiva
                                                           service (OHS)
        Prado, Maria Vieira Saintrain, Davi
                                                           organization: Comparative models of
        Oliveira Bizerril, Carlos Santos Castro
                                                           Malaysia and Turkey -- M. Ariff
                                                           Tengku, Yucel Demiral, A. Ergor
                                                   79.14   Monitoring and evaluation as a tool to
                                                           support policy decisions -- Cláudia
        Valéria Fonseca Costa, Verônica                      Roberto Dullak, Delia Sanchez, Ana
        Machado, Regina Zuim, Thainá                         Sollazzo, Luiza Heimann, Lauro
        Malhão, Marcos Mandelli                              Ibanhes, Cristina Acosta
79.15   Evaluation of the new communicable           80.03   Pilot implementation of the newly
        disease notification system in Turkey --             proposed national indicator approach for
        Raika Durusoy, Asli Davas Aksan                      diabetes: Quality of diabetes care at
79.16   Evaluating the management capacity in                ministry of health (MOH) healthcare
        primary health services by private sector            facilities - Glycaemic control in Negeri
        at local public health system -- Cristina            Sembilan, Malaysia - alert mechanism --
        Maria Meira de Melo, Heloniza Oliveira               Nik Jasmin Mahir
        G. Costa, Geovana R. Silva Santana,          80.04   Closing the gap in decision making in
        Handerson Silva Santos                               health by a networking experience --
79.17   Impact of the rotavirus vaccine on the               Eliana Martínez-Herrera, Ruben Dario
        incidence of diarrhea in children: A                 Gómez-Arias Sr., Francisco José
        study on temporal tendency -- Maria                  Yepes-Lujan Sr.
        Rita Donalisio, Jose E. Corrente, Tania      80.05   Perceptions of ederly people's quality of
        Ruiz, Liciana Vaz de Arruda Silveira                 life in Vietnam -- Ha H. Le, Thanh
79.18   The project of management-economical                 Huong Nguyen, Chi Q. Nguyen, Tien Q.
        structure reform of Iran's hospitals, a              Truong, Cuong M. La
        reformist vision through increasing the      80.06   Multiple causes of death analysis:
        quality -- Negar Yazdani, Anis Abbasi                Results from a comparison between
79.19   Evaluation of Brazilian national system              France and Italy -- Michele Antonio
        of haemovigilance (NSH) -- Daniel                    Salvatore, Aline Désesquelles, Monica
        Freitas, Bárbara Simões, Wildo Araújo                Pace, Luisa Frova, Marilena
79.20   Health technology assessment and                     Pappagallo, France Meslé, Viviana Egidi
        public health: An alliance for better        80.07   Characteristics and limits of professional
        health systems -- Giuseppe La Torre                  masters programs in the health field: A
79.21   Applying Geoffrey Rose's ideas in                    study with alumni from Oswaldo Cruz
        Madrid: The reform of the health                     Foundation, Brazil -- Virginia A. Hortale,
        promotion centres network of Madrid                  Maria do Carmo Leal, Carlos Otavio
        city council -- Javier Segura del Pozo,              Moreira, Adriana C. Aguiar
        Mercedes Martinez Cortés, Marian Gil         80.08   Body posture, temporo mandible
        Nebot, Antonio Prieto Fernandez                      diysfunction and quality of life -- Maria
79.22   Performance measurement and the                      da Luz Rosário Sousa
        value of benchmarking among health           80.09   A proposal for training scientists in
        care providers -- Laura Raimondo                     Africa -- Maria do Carmo Leal, Wilson
                                                             Savino, Ilesh Jani, Virginia A. Hortale,
                                                             Paulo Marchiori Buss, João Fumane
80                             12:30-14:00           80.10   Carbon monoxide exposure in people
                          Sadrivan A and B                   living in apartment's of Santiago, Chile --
Poster: Building Capacity for Applied                        Dante D. Cáceres, Paulina Martinez,
Research                                                     Sergio Alvarado
                                                     80.11   Comparison of instruments used to
80.01   Feasibility and relevance of ‘Beyond the             measure quality of life impacts of illness
        numbers' methods in Uzbekistan -- Kirill             and injury -- Rebecca S. Spicer
        Danishevskiy                                 80.12   Collaborative research network: Building
80.02   Multi-centre study in primary health                 capacity for applied biomedical research
        care: Health care models, health system              in a public research institution -- Márcia
        integration and intersectoral relations in           de Oliveira Teixeira, Carlos José
        urban contexts in Argentina, Brazil,                 Saldanha Machado, Ana Tereza
        Paraguay and Uruguay -- Alicia                       Filipecki, Cristina Araripe
        Stolkiner, Ligia Giovanella, Yamila
        Comes, Ivani Bursztyn, Rosana
        Kuschnir, Maria Isabel Rodriguez,            81                             12:30-14:00
                        Sadrivaan A and B          82.03   Analysis of international physician
                                                           migration to the United States -- Chiu-
Poster: Characteristics of High-Performing
                                                           Fang Chou
Public Health Associations
81.01   Management of public health institutes
        in Serbia -- Sanja Matovic Miljanovic
                                                   83                             12:30-14:00
                                                                            Sadrivaan A and B
81.02   Health system managerial staffing
        patterns: Public sector experience from    Poster: Health Effects of Global
        Pakistan -- Abdul Hakeem Jokhio II         Environmental Changes
81.03   Strengthening of public health
        association -- María Zamora                83.01   Effects on mercury released from gold
81.04   Ways of the elderly to cope with pain --           extraction by amalgamation on renal
        Gulbu Tanriverdi, Handan Ozisik                    function and environment in Shanxi,
        Karaman, Ayse Okanli, Hacer Cetin,                 China -- Lin Tian, Ai Gao
        Nurcan Ozyazicioglu                        83.02   The study of indoor and outdoor-related
81.05   Methodology for building institutional             factors that affecting the school-age
        indicators for evaluating a federal                children's immune function -- Zhihong
        regulatory agency for health plans and             Zhang, Jianwei Gao, Jie Dong, Lili Guo,
        insurance -- Danielle Mattos, Juraci               Jifeng Mou, Zhijiao Song, Wuhong Zhao
        Vieira Sérgio, Bruno Catroli da Silva,     83.03   Health threats related to road paving in
        Andrea Carlesso Lozer, Fernando                    the eastern Brazilian Amazon --
        Nunes Gomes                                        Christovam Barcellos
81.06   Radar tiss - An analysis of the            83.04   How distinct stakeholders deal with
        implementation of health information               health impacts secondary to changes in
        exchange standards in Brazil -- Simone             production? the case of a federal paving
        Fabiano Mendes, Jussara Macedo                     highway in the Brazilian Amazon --
        Rotzsch, Rigoleta Dutra, Heitor Franco             Maria de Fatima Siliansky Andreazzi,
        Werneck, Luiz Eduardo de Souza                     Ivani Bursztyn, Marco Antonio Ratzsch
        Vieira, Adriana Chermut dos Santos                 Andreazzi, Luiz Fernando Rangel Tura,
        Winter, Wallace Corbo Ugulino                      André Búrigo
81.07   Brazilian permanent council of health      83.05   Trends and factors affecting secular
        standards (COPISS) -- Heitor Franco                change in age at menarche in Brazilian
        Werneck, Jussara Macedo Rotzsch,                   girls -- Jessica Rodrigues Oliveira,
        Rigoleta Dutra, Simone Fabiano                     Ana Maria Dianezi Gambardella, Maria
        Mendes, Luiz Eduardo de Souza Vieira,              Fernanda Petroli Frutuoso
        Adriana Chermut dos Santos Winter,         83.06   Dengue in the metropolitan area of
        Wallace Corbo Ugulino                              Recife, Brazil: Possible effects of global
                                                           climate change -- Paulo R. Barrocas,
                                                           Flavia FM Moraes, Raul Montagne,
82                            12:30-14:00                  Moacyr Araujo, Sandra S. Hacon,
                        Sadrivaan A and B                  Marcus Silva
Poster: Facing the Brain Drain: Responses
for the Health Worker Migration                    84                             12:30-14:00
                                                                            Sadrivaan A and B
82.01   Nurse migration: Challenge for the
        provision of health care -- Monika A.      Poster: Human Rights, Health Rights and
        Habermann, Maya Stagge                     Public Health Ethics
82.02   Keeping their health workers:
        Comparing “source country” approaches      84.01   Human right's perspective for cervical
        to self sufficiency -- Ivy Lynn                    cancer control in Soacha, Colombia --
        Bourgeault, Rishma Parpia, Nadia                   Carolina Wiesner
        Oryema, Husain Gulamhusein                 84.02   Ambiguity, contradiction and prejudice in
                                                           an information system of mortality:
                                                           Reconstructing the Brazilian identity --
        Thereza Christina B. Coelho, Ewen                     Tatiana A. Figueiredo, João Maurício B.
        Speed, Andréia Beatriz Silva dos                      Sant`Ana, Fernanda Affonso Paula,
        Santos, Tania Maria Araujo                            Claudia Garcia Serpa Osorio-de-
84.03   Reproductive health welfare index:                    Castro, Vanessa R. Souza, Leticia F.
        Implications for governance of                        Freitas
        reproductive health services in India --      84.14   Essentiality and legal access to
        Sandip Anand                                          medicines -- Vera Lúcia Edais Pepe,
84.04   Perception of Romanian people                         João Maurício B. Sant`Ana, Claudia
        regarding abortion -- Cornelia Rada,                  Garcia Serpa Osorio-de-Castro, Miriam
        Ileana M. Prejbeanu, Suzana                           Ventura, Tatiana A. Figueiredo, Leticia
        Manolescu                                             F. Freitas, Fernanda Affonso Paula
84.05   The essential value(s) of heath:              84.15   Health litigation equity and justice in
        Implications for global health equity -- J.           health? -- Miriam Ventura, Vera Lúcia
        David Guerrero                                        Edais Pepe, Claudia Garcia Serpa
84.06   Who is the target audience of integrated              Osorio-de-Castro, João Maurício B.
        care concepts for “the older Person?”                 Sant`Ana
         Stereotypes of the older population for
        integrated care - A comparison between
        Germany and Switzerland -- Anja C.            85                             12:30-14:00
        Dieterich, Susanne Kuempers                                            Sadrivaan A and B
84.07   Choice and opportunity for reproductive       Poster: International Health Regulations and
        health care for women with HIV/AIDS in        Global Cooperation
        Vietnam -- MaiHuong T. Nguyen, Nam
        T. Tran                                       85.01   Brazilian experience in the emission of
84.08   Advocacy in action: The role of health                the ship sanitation control exemption
        professionals in reauthorizing the US                 certificate/ship sanitation control
        global AIDS program (PEPFAR) -- Jirair                certificate for vessels in transit through
        Ratevosian, Amy Hagopian, Wendy                       the country, according to the
        Johnson                                               international sanitation regulations
84.09   Privatization of health and publicization             (2005) -- Patricia Pereira da Silva
        of violence: Violence towards doctors --              Freitas, Erickson Costa Ferreira,
        Emin B. Adas, Osman Elbek                             Ricardo de Almeida Gaspar, Rubens
84.10   Evaluation of Suleyman Demirel                        Jose Alcantara
        University last term students' behaviors      85.02   Ship sanitation certificates in Brazil --
        and attitudes about organ donation --                 Fabio Rocha-Miranda Sr., Ana Clara
        Yonca Sonmez, Erman Zengin,                           R. Bello, Camila Lacerda, Cristiano
        Kurtulus Öngel, Nesimi Kisioglu,                      Gregis, Enedina C. Reis, Janaína V.
        Mustafa Ozturk                                        Pacheco, Julio C. Colpo, Karla F. Baeta,
84.11   Observation of applications to Istanbul               Leonardo O. Leitão, Noemi Melo Cabral,
        chamber of medicine about                             Rodolfo N. Navarro, Viviane V. Marques
        ophthalmologists between 1987 and             85.03   Boomerang effect in health promotion
        2008 -- Kadircan Keskinbora, Gamze                    international cooperation: A register of
        Saraçoglu                                             the direct benefits in the “cooperator”
84.12   Drug utilization studies as a tool to                 country -- Ronice M. P. Franco DE SÁ,
        decision making in health care policy:                Rosane P. S. Salles, Maria Socorro M.
        Contributions of the Brazilian health-                Freire
        price databank to health technology           85.04   Protect, discipline and regulate: Health
        assessment -- Tatiana A. Figueiredo,                  surveillance in Brazilian public health --
        Vera Lúcia Edais Pepe                                 Ana Maria Figueiredo Souza
84.13   Law and health: The jurisprudence of          85.05   The Brazilian national sanitary
        the court of Rio de Janeiro in relation to            surveillance system: An analysis of
        the supply of drugs by the health system              intergovernmental relations in the
        -- Miriam Ventura, Luciana S. C.                      perspective of federalism -- Marismary
        Moraes, Vera Lúcia Edais Pepe Sr.,                    H. De Seta, Sulamis Dain
85.06   Ethical considerations of clinical trials in           I. Moran Alvarez, Veronica Cruz Licea,
        the developing world -- Joseph R.                      Maria del Carmen Iñarritu Perez
        Fitchett                                       86.10   A study of Birjand University students'
85.07   Biomedical education and research                      knowledge and attitude towards taking
        practices under pressure: Learning from                ecstasy pills -- Narges Moasheri,
        changes in the Brazilian regulatory                    Narges Moasheri, mohamad Reza Miri,
        regime on animal experimentation --                    hamid Reza Mashreghi Moghadam,
        Carlos José Saldanha Machado, Ana                      mohamad Reza Eslami, Morteza
        Tereza Filipecki, Márcia de Oliveira                   Moasheri
        Teixeira, Cristina Araripe                     86.11   Family developmental tasks of pregnant
                                                               teenage wives from southern Thailand --
                                                               Jitsai Lawantrakul
86                              12:30-14:00            86.12   The effect of instruction on knowledge
                          Sadrivaan A and B                    and attitude of couples attending pre-
Poster: Lessons Learned From Community-                        marriage consultation classes -- Mitra
Based Public Health Research                                   Moodi, Gholam Reza Sharifzadeh,
                                                               mohamad Reza Miri, Narges Moasheri
86.01   Evaluation of frequency of acute               86.13   Food advertising on Iranian children's
        diarrhea and distributions of intestinal               TV programs -- Maryam Amini, Nasrin
        parasites in a city center in summer                   Omidvar
        term -- Hakan Tüzün, Ferhat Coskun,            86.14   Effects of training for reproductive health
        Birgul Ozcirpici                                       on knowledge of reproductive health
86.02   The life experiences of elderly                        and behavior in young people -- Fatma
        widows: A qualitative research -- Sayed                Ersin, Zuhal Bahar
        Ali Naji                                       86.15   Effect of a habit on breakfast intake in
86.03   Sexuality related questions in a sample                elementary and junior high school
        of Turkish university students -- Ayse                 students -- Kimiko Miyahara, Hisako
        Yildiz, Hasibe Kadioglu                                Fujiwara, Masako Niinuma
86.04   Interrelation between oral health and          86.16   The effect of the AFS program in
        general well-being among Finnish and                   promoting asthma awareness, self care,
        Turkish pre-adolescents -- Ayse Basak                  and quality of life of school aged
        Cinar, Heikki Murtomaa                                 children -- Mohammad Al-Motlaq
86.05   Menopause-related knowledge, attitude          86.17   Impact of onset towards severity of
        and behaviour of 40 years and older                    erectile dysfunction in a sample of
        women living in a rural settlement in                  cardiac patients -- Mariana Vlad,
        eastern Turkey -- Edibe Pirincci,                      Cosmina Samoila, I. S. Bocsan, Dan
        A.Ferdane Oguzoncul, Rabia Akel                        Porav
86.06   Patient satisfaction in one of the hospital    86.18   Neuroprotective effects of genistein and
        in Tekirdag, 2008 -- Ülfiye Çelikkalp,                 folic acid against oxidative damage of
        Münire Temel, Gamze Varol                              beta amyloid 31-35-induced in rat
        Saraçoğlu, Melike Demir                                cortical neurons -- Xiao Rong, Yu
86.07   The health family program in Brazil:                   Huanling, Feng Jinfang, Xiao Yixiu,
        From the conquests to the challenges --                Yuan Linhong, Zhu Xian, Li Li, Xiang Li,
        Maria Fatima de Sousa                                  Ma Weiwei
86.08   Effects of childbirth education classes        86.19   Lessons learned from a collaborative
        on self-efficacy of nulliparous women in               community-university research model to
        coping with labour pain -- Mahboobeh                   promote children's health -- Carol J.
        Khorsandi, Fazlollah Ghofraniour,                      Henry, Dan Ramdath, Sharon Mangroo,
        Alireza Hiadarnia, Soghrate                            Anne Neufeld, Susan Whiting, Roy
        Faghihzadeh, Ka tayoon Vakilian                        Dobson
86.09   Prevalence of risk behaviors and               86.20   Perception of teachers and dinner-
        conducts associated with eating                        ladies concerning fruits and vegetables
        disorders in college students -- Cristina              consumption by children at schools in
                                                               the periphery of Rio de Janeiro city,
        Brazil -- Luciana Maria Cerqueira                    local birthing practices in India -- Sheela
        Castro, Livia Silva de Souza, Silvia                 Saravanan
        Cristina Farias, Caroline Moreira Leal,      86.33   Violence among university students in
        Silvana Pedroso Oliveira, Rosângela                  Edirne-Turkey -- Halil Evren, Burcu
        Lima Moreira Alcantara, Ines Rugani                  Tokuc
        Ribeiro de Castro, Solange Pontes            86.34   Sexually transmitted diseases'
86.21   Education as a strategy for health                   knowledge and reporting among males -
        promotion development -- Alvaro H.                   - Seval Akgun, I.Irem Budakoglu,
        Matida, Lenira Zancan                                Coskun Bakar, A.Dilek Simsek, Rengin
86.22   If quality of life of women with varicose            Erdal
        vein was related to surgery treatment? --    86.35   Barriers to the delivery and uptake of
        Isabella Karakis, Igor Stepanovsky,                  preconception care: What is important
        Arkady Bolotin, Arie Bass                            and what is changeable? -- Danielle
86.23   Cost-benefit analysis of screening for               Mazza
        diabetic retinopathy among Chinese           86.36   Survey of hospital infectious diseases in
        type 2 diabetes: Decision from different             sfax - Tunisia -- Yaïch Sourour
        perspectives of a population-based           86.37   The school as promoter of fruits and
        study in Kinmen, Taiwan -- Tao-Hsin                  vegetables consumption -- Luciana
        Tung, Chi-Ming Liu, Pesus Chou, Jorn-                Maria Cerqueira Castro, Caroline
        Hon Liu                                              Moreira Leal, Silvana Pedroso Oliveira,
86.24   Mother's knowledge and practice about                Silvia Cristina Farias, Livia Silva de
        child health -- Svetlana Jankovic,                   Souza, Rosângela Lima Moreira
        Dusanka Matijevic, Andjelka Kotevic,                 Alcantara, Solange Pontes
        Aleksandra Vuckovic, Vladana Djuric          86.38   Nutritional treatment of diabetes mellitus
86.25   School health nursing development                    focusing in the fibres as dietary
        project -- Kamer Gür, Ayse Yildiz, Ayse              components -- Adriano Antonio da
        Ergun, Hasibe Kadioglu, Saime Erol,                  Silva Pedrosa-Moreira, Klaysa Moreira
        Nurcan Kolaç, Seher Yurt, Filiz Adana                Ramos-Pedrosa, Antonio Piranema de
86.26   Decline on mortality for cardiovascular              Mascarenhas Pedrosa
        diseases in the city of São Paulo, Brazil    86.39   Oral health promotion for
        -- N. Farias, S. Alencar, Km Paiva, Jmp              preadolescents: A school-based
        Souza, R. Laurenti                                   approach -- Zahra Saied-Moallemi,
86.27   Primary attention: What do we know                   Jorma I. Virtanen
        about cardiovascular medicines:              86.40   Tooth loss and oral health impact profile
        Results of an opinion survey -- Sonia                in adults included in a job market --
        Cibrian, Aitziber Etxagibel, M. Teresa               Marília J. Batista, Maria da Luz Rosário
        Rigo, Miguel Caldentey, Gaspar                       Sousa, Lilian Rihs Perianes
        Tamborero, Margarita Servera                 86.41   Once upon a time: Lost internet
86.28   Therapeutic itineraries in the utilization           references -- Tahsin Gokhan Telatar,
        of health services in the south of Brazil:           Cenk Yeğiner, Mustafa Alparslan
        A socio-anthropological approach --                  Babayiğit, Necmettin Koçak, Serdar
        Denise E. Pires                                      Ulus
86.29   Sun exposure and age at natural              86.42   The survey of community residents'
        menopause -- Zeynep Dilek Aydιn                      medical demand in Peitou district, Taipei
86.30   How is interorganisational integration               -- Hui-Chuan Shih, Tao-Hsin Tung,
        developed? -- Ulla C. Wihlman                        Jorn-Hon Liu, Chi-Ming Liu
86.31   A university's male personels'               86.43   The survey of patients' satisfaction: The
        knowledge and effecting factors about                experience at Cheng Hsin rehabilitation
        family planning -- Seval Akgun, Coskun               medical center -- Shou-Zheng Yen, Tzu-
        Bakar, I.Irem Budakoglu, A.Dilek                     Suan Huang, Yi-Wei Hsu, Pei-Ju Tseng,
        Simsek, Rengin Erdal                                 Jorn-Hon Liu, Fu-Li Chen, Tao-Hsin
86.32   Training of traditional birth attendants:            Tung
        An examination of influence of               86.44   Obesity prevalence and some nutritional
        biomedical frameworks of knowledge on                characteristics among first grade
        students of eight universities, Turkey --   86.56   Incomplete dentine caries removal in
        Bahar Guciz Dogan, Hilal Ozcebe,                    clinically undetectable lesions -- Maria
        Dilek Haznedaroglu                                  Paula Rando Meirelles, Reginaldo
86.45   A university's male personnels'                     Bruno Gonçalves, Maria da Luz Rosário
        perceptions about actual and ideal child            Sousa
        number -- Seval Akgun, Coskun Bakar,        86.57   Mumps outbreak in a highly vaccinated
        I.Irem Budakoglu, A.Dilek Simsek,                   population-implication for public health
        Rengin Erdal                                        policy -- Adel S. Alsayyad, Mona
86.46   Nutrition and physical activity among               Almosawi, Kubra S.Nasser
        university students -- Halil Evren, Burcu   86.58   How programmes, people, places and
        Tokuc                                               processes interact: An example of the
86.47   Comparison of the functions of baby                 implementation of a community-based
        feeding before and after the family                 pilot programme for women living with
        medicine in Edirne, 2008 -- Gamze                   HIV in Montreal, Canada -- S. Lory
        Saraçoglu, Muzaffer Eskiocak, Seval                 Hovsepian, Joanne Otis, Astrid
        Alkoy, Hasan Dedeler, Ufuk Berberoglu,              Brousselle, Community-university
        Faruk Yorulmaz                                      collaborators of the programme "Pouvoir
86.48   A university's male personnel's                     Partager/Pouvoirs Partagés"
        knowledge and attitudes about               86.59   Promotion of the ocular health:
        vasectomy -- Seval Akgun, I.Irem                    Perception and conduct of mothers of
        Budakoglu, Coskun Bakar, A.Dilek                    schoolchildren -- Maria Ines Rubo de
        Simsek, Rengin Erdal                                Souza Nobre, Rita de Cassia Ietto
86.49   Assessing the risk of obesity in children           Montilha, M. Elizabete R Freire
        with previous adenotonsillectomy --                 Gasparetto, Zelia Z. L. C. Bittencourt
        Kenan Topal, Cuneyt Orhan Kara,             86.60   The nutritional status assessment of
        Serap Semiz, Ali Ihsan Bozkurt                      newly hospitalized patients at three units
86.50   Knowledge and attitudes of Turkish                  of governmental hospitals of Orumia,
        medical students about pandemic                     Iran -- Saeid Ghavamzadeh,
        influenza -- Osman Günay, Zeynep                    Mohammad HK Ansaari, Shaker Salari,
        Baykan, Melis Naçar                                 Amir Ouliaaei
86.51   Annual health perception variation          86.61   The influence of sucking habits on
        value: A different approach to                      occlusal development: A follow-up study
        inequalities in health -- Erhan Eser,               -- Rodrigo Walter Barbosa, Edson
        Mujde Serifhan, Pinar Baysan, Pinar                 Theodoro dos Santos-Neto, Adauto
        Dundar, Gokben Yasli                                Emmerich Oliveira, Eliana Zandonade,
86.52   Fragment and integration: Experiencing              Zilda Fagundes Lima Oliveira
        discontinuity of health intervention in     86.62   Humanization in the family health
        community on diabetes II patients --                services: The users' satisfaction --
        Wen Feng                                            Vanessa P. Gaioso, Silvana Martins
86.53   Burnout reduction in medical education:             Mishima
        An intervention -- Melis Naçar, Zeynep      86.63   The concept of health and sickness by
        Baykan, Iskender Gün, Fevziye                       families assisted by the strategy of
        Cetinkaya                                           family health -- Anete A. Fioranelli de
86.54   Actions of rehabilitation in group to               Paula, Márcia Thereza Couto Falcão
        visual impairments: Characteristics and     86.64   Deployment of consultation of nursing in
        perceptions of the users -- Rita de                 childcare: Feedback of actions -- Mirna
        Cassia Ietto Montilha, Maria Ines Rubo              A. Frota, Viviane Mamede
        de Souza Nobre, Roselilian da Cunha                 Vasconcelos, Mariana C. Martins,
        Pereira, M. Elizabete R Freire                      Vanessa G. Silveira
        Gasparetto, Zelia Z. L. C. Bittencourt      86.65   The domiciliary visit in the view of the
86.55   The validation of MNREAD acuity charts              family health strategy users -- Edirlei
        Turkish version -- Aysun Idil, Deniz                Machado dos Santos Sr.
        Caliskan, Baris Idil                        86.66   The validity and reability of the exercise
                                                            benefit/barrier scale for female Turkish
        students -- Tulay Ortabag, Suleyman         86.76   Importance of nutrition in preventing
        Ceylan, Aygul Akyuz, Hatice Bebis                   cancer and public health nurses's role --
86.67   The prevalence of the home accidents                Aysun Celebioglu, Gulengul Mermer
        and affecting factors among elderly in      86.77   The disability status and socio-
        Samsun, Turkey -- Hulya Dogan, Sevgi                demographic profiles of the disabled
        Canbaz, Berna Tander, Yildiz Peksen,                people applying to have disability
        Ferhan Canturk, Nimet Ozal Oruc                     identity card -- Emel Luleci, Feryal
86.68   Prevalence of obesity and its relation              Subasi, Leyla Koksal, Suleyman Avci
        with lifestyle in high school students --   86.78   Effectiveness of sexual
        Fariba Amini Sr., Tahereh Toulabi II,               health/reproductive (S/RH) and STIs
        Mohsen Khosh Niyat III                              education on improving the knowledge
86.69   Nasal staphylococcus aureus carriage                of students at school of foreign
        in medical students by four years                   languages at Hacettepe University in
        interval -- Nuray Yesildal, Ahmet Oluk,             Ankara/Turkey -- Sare Mihciokur,
        Beyza Sen, Aysenur Sahin, Selim                     Ensar Ozkizikli, Nihal Bilgin, Ayse Akin
        Sefali, Sinemis Cetin Dagli, Tevfik         86.79   Evaluation of the university students'
        Yavuz, Ender Guclu, Abdurrahman                     knowledge about cloning -- Rabia
        Tokmak, Mustafa Behcet, Elif Karali,                Sohbet
        Ozcan Ozturk, Erol Egeli                    86.80   University student substances make
86.70   The 5-year incidence of type 2 diabetes             dependency -- Rabia Sohbet
        mellitus in women over 15 years old in      86.81   The measurement of indoor bacterial air
        Ankara, Turkey: A population-based                  contamination of public sector hospital
        study -- Isil Maral, Neslihan Bascil                of Khairpur, Sindh, Pakistan --
        Tutuncu, Coskun Bakar, Elif Durukan,                Badaruddin Memon, Gul Hassan
        I.Irem Budakoglu, Secil Ozkan, Sefer                Bhutto
        Aycan, Remzi Aygun, Mehmet Ali Bumin
86.71   The opinions and behaviours of women
        on delivery mode who delivered at a         87                             12:30-14:00
        selected urban health center area of                                 Sadrivaan A and B
        Kayseri Province -- Arda Borlu, Fevziye     Poster: Public Health and Research:
        Cetinkaya                                   Evidence Based Policy On Health
86.72   Knowledge of 15-49 aged women
        applying to primary health care centers     87.01   Cost-effectiveness of prophylaxis
        in the provincial center of Kayseri about           against on-demand treatment in boys
        family planning methods and prevalence              with severe haemophilia in Iran --
        of contraceptive methods usage -- Serpil            Aliasghar Ahmad Kia Daliri, Jahanara
        Poyrazoglu, Zeynep Baykan, Riza Çitil,              Mamikhani
        Fatma Akpinar, Osman Ceyhan                 87.02   Strengthening systems' research use
86.73   Attitude toward and use of ecstasy in               capacity for improving health outcomes -
        medical university interns' based on                - Diane Gagnon, Miguel Ángel
        HBM -- Mohammad Hossein                             Gonzalez-Block
        Baghianimoghadam, Seid Saeed                87.03   Asthma and the new smoke-free law.
        mazloomy Mahmoodabad, Behnam                        What has changed? -- Joao Duarte,
        Baghianimoghadam, Soheila                           Rita Lucas, Joao Pires, Inês Matos,
        Mohammadi                                           Joana Figueiredo, Ágata Areias, Ana
86.74   The disabled “Good Worker” and                      Glória Fonseca, José Luis Castanheira
        strategies of inclusion -- Fernando         87.04   Goal-setting in health services in India:
        Donato Vasconcelos                                  Why it does not work? -- K. R. Nayar
86.75   Waist circumference percentiles for 6- to   87.05   The effects of a breast health promotion
        11-year-old children in Elazig city,                program on breast cancer screening
        eastern Turkey -- Edibe Pirincci,                   behaviors -- Selda Secginli, Nursen O.
        Yasemin Acik, Birsen Durmus                         Nahcivan
                                                    87.06   Pre-eclampsia and lipid profile --
                                                            Rubina Aziz, Tabassum Mahboob
87.07   The process of implementing a                       Mariana Camacho, Rafael Cleto,
        population-based approach to managing               Rodrigo Saddi
        local healthcare: The Québec example -      87.19   Assessing a public health insurance
        - Mylaine Breton, Jean-Louis Denis,                 scheme: Drawing evidence based
        Lise Lamothe                                        global lessons from Mexico's seguro
87.08   Health and development in developing                popular -- Adolfo Martinez Valle
        countries -- Paulo E. M. Elias, Ana         87.20   Health research: Perspective of
        Luiza Viana, Hudson Pacifico Silva                  physicians-in-training in a developing
87.09   Health policy-making in Vietnam, India              country -- Hassan Khan
        and China: Looking back the developing      87.21   In-house measures to be taken to
        process on human resource of national               prevent preschool children from home
        master plan for safe motherhood in the              accidents -- Hande Sahin, Sibel Erkal
        period 2003 – 2010 in Vietnam -- Duc        87.22   Heat shock protein 27 and 70 play roles
        Duong                                               in neurotoxicity caused by manganese
87.10   Health and development in the Brazilian             in rats -- Piye Niu Sr.
        socio-spatial background: An analysis of    87.23   Elementary public health index (EPHI)
        the national health conferences in Brazil           proposition and world review -- Roberto
        -- Fabiola L. Iozzi, Mariana V.                     García de Alba Godinez Sr., Ramón
        Albuquerque, Ana Luiza Viana                        Topete Macedo Sr., Rene J. Hernández
87.11   Foods and beverages available for                   Gutiérrez Sr., Alfonso Ruiz Gómez Sr.,
        purchase in school canteens from eight              Daniel Mora Plascencia Sr.
        cities of Santa Catarina state, south of    87.24   Adolescent reproductive health policy
        Brazil -- Cristine G. Gabriel, Francisco            process: A case study from Vietnam --
        A. G. Vasconcelos, Arlete C. T. Corso,              Thanh Huong Nguyen, Khanh Chi
        Bethsáida A. S. Schmitz, Dalton O.                  Hoang, Hoang Phuong Nguyen
        Andrade, Gilberto V. Caldeira, Manuella     87.25   Efficacy of betadine and decosept for
        Machado, Gabriela D. Ricardo                        surgical hand scrub on bacterial colony
87.12   The attitudes of safety in                          count -- Kobra Rezaei
        complementary alternative medicine on       87.26   High school students’ opinion on efforts
        the orthopedic patients at the hospital             of controlling tobacco epidemic -- Santi
        ambulatory services in Taiwan -- Chao-              Martini
        Ying Yang, TaChin Yen                       87.27   Performance assessment model; A
87.13   Mental health policy in Espirito                    suggestion for primary health care
        Santo/Brazil: Between planning and                  centers in Turkey -- Sarp Uner, Ahmet
        action -- Edineia Figueira dos Anjos                Zafer Öztek
        Oliveira, Maria L.úcia Teixeira Garcia      87.28   HEPVIC: Health policy-making in
87.14   Aligning evaluation research and health             Vietnam, China and India: A case study
        promotion values -- Louise Potvin,                  on domestic violence -- Thi Le Minh,
        David V. McQueen                                    Nga Nguyen Thi Hoang
87.15   Study on iodine nutrition of pregnant       87.29   New national health project for lifestyle-
        women in Guizhou, China -- Xiaosong                 related disease control in Japan: A pilot
        Li Sr.                                              study of prevention of type 2 diabetes in
87.16   Evaluation of the health policies in                Japanese patients with impaired
        Turkey -- Çiðdem Belgin DÝkmen                      glucose tolerance -- Hirohisa Imai,
87.17   Institutional factors associated with               Hiroyuki Nakao, Yuichiro Yahata,
        maternal mortality in Senegal: A national           Fumihiro Sata
        survey in 2001 -- Sêdo Muriel Koucoi        87.30   Physical activity in adults and elderly
87.18   Analysis of the quality of the prenatal             living in areas covered by primary health
        assistance to hypertensive pregnants in             care units in municipalities of the south
        the south region of São Paulo's                     and northeast regions of Brazil --
        municipal district in 2008 -- Jane E.               Fernando Vinholes Siqueira, Luiz A.
        Armond, Daniel Agnello, Júlio Cesar                 Facchini, Roberto Piccini, Denise
        Silveira, Gabriel Marujo, Lamiz                     Silveira, Elaine Thumé, Elaine Tomasi,
        Tannouri, Marcella Maia de Souza,                   Pedro Curi Hallal
87.31   Lot quality survey: An appealing method     87.40   Evidence-based law making: The case
        for rapid evaluation of vaccine coverage            of Mexican general tobacco control
        rates in developing countries –                     legislation: The legal basis for evidence
        Experience in Turkey -- Fehminaz                    based health policy -- Ector Jaime
        Temel, Banu Cakir, Sarp Uner, Levent                Ramírez-Barba Sr., Ernesto Saro-
        Akin                                                Boardman Sr., Arturo Vázquez-
87.32   Do university students support a ban on             Guerrero Sr., Miguel Angel Vázquez-
        smoking in university buildings? A                  Guerrero
        comparison of seven european                87.41   Smoking prevalence in pre- and post-
        countries -- Rafael T. Mikolajczyk,                 natal women in Serbia -- Srmena
        Nazmi Bilir, Christiane Stock, Annette              Krstev, Jelena Marinkovic, Snezana
        E. Maxwell, Walid El Ansari, Hilal                  Simic, Dusica Matijevic, Nikola Kocev,
        Ozcebe, Janina Petkeviciene, Dilek                  Susan Bondy, Sherryl Smith, James
        Aslan, Francisco Guillen Grima,                     Chauvin
        Alexander Kraemer                           87.42   Prevalence of falls in institutionalized
87.33   Obstetricians and pregnant women from               elderly in Rio Grande, southern Brazil --
        Formiga's town, in Minas Gerais states,             Lilian Gonçalves, Simone Theodósio
        Brazil. Deciding what kind of labor to be           Vieira, Fernando Vinholes Siqueira
        held -- Heslley M. Silva, Angélica S.       87.43   Attraction and retention in the logic of
        Rodrigues                                           human resources management: A
87.34   Prevalence of falls and associated                  study with physicians in the family
        factors in older adults -- Fernando                 health program (FHP) in Belo Horizonte,
        Vinholes Siqueira, Luiz A. Facchini,                Brazil -- Raquel Braga Rodrigues,
        Roberto Piccini, Denise Silveira, Elaine            Allan Claudius Queiroz Barbosa
        Thumé, Elaine Tomasi, Pedro Curi            87.44   Prevention of venous thromboembolism
        Hallal                                              in patients admitted to hospital: Topical
87.35   Development and evaluation of the                   common problem of public health and
        health educational model in primary                 angiology -- Katarina Dostalova,
        medical clinics: An experience in Taiwan            Stefania Moricova, Roman Kovac
        -- Li-Feng Lin, Fu-Hui Lee                  87.45   Usual source of care of 0-5 years old
87.36   Maternal and child health service                   children asociated factors and
        utilization in three population-based               evaluation of health care in Burhaniye
        cohorts in southern Brazil, 1982-2004 --            Balikesir -- Hür Hassoy, Meltem
        Juraci A. Cesar, Alicia M. Matijasevich,            Ciceklioglu, Safak T. Gursoy, Zeliha
        Iná S. Santos, Ajd Barros, Cesar G.                 Öcek, Feride Aksu
        Victora                                     87.46   Indonesian experiences in health sector
87.37   Health workers participation in a public            decentralization policy between 2001 –
        insurance scheme promoting public                   2007 -- Laksono Trisnantoro, Yodi
        health interventions in Mexico --                   Mahendradhata
        Gustavo Nigenda, Jose Arturo Ruiz,          87.47   Cost and role of non-evidence-based
        Aguilar E. Aguilar, Bejarano R. Bejarano            indications of antineoplastic medicines
87.38   Population perception of risk factors for           in São Paulo, Brazil -- Luciane Cruz
        non-communicable chronic diseases --                Lopes
        Fernando Vinholes Siqueira, Markus          87.48   Occupational health information system:
        Nahas, Luiz A. Facchini, Denise                     Challenges and perspectives in the
        Silveira, Roberto Piccini, Elaine Thumé,            Brazilian unified health system (SUS) --
        Elaine Tomasi, Pedro Curi Hallal                    Luiz A. Facchini
87.39   Congenital toxoplasmosis in Jalisco,        87.49   Epidemiological and socio-demographic
        Mexico -- Ma. de la Luz Galvan-                     profile of primary care workers in the
        Ramirez Sr., Diego Bentancourt-                     south and northeast of Brazil -- Luiz A.
        Sanchez, Marcela Vela-Amieva, Martha                Facchini, Elaine Tomasi, Elaine Thumé,
        Perez-Andrade, Jose Luis Vazquez-                   Denise Silveira, Fernando Vinholes
        Castellanos, Francisco Vazquez -                    Siqueira, Roberto Piccini
        Banda, Laura Rocio Rodriguez-Perez
87.50   Effectiveness of antenatal and well-baby              Kadioglu, Ayse Ergun, Saime Erol,
        care in primary health services from                  Kamer Gür, Nurcan Kolaç
        Brazilian south and northeast regions --      87.61   Quality in the assistance to the carrier of
        Roberto Piccini, Luiz A. Facchini,                    chronic renal disease: Factor associated
        Elaine Tomasi, Elaine Thumé, Denise                   to the provision of arteriovenous
        Silveira, Fernando Vinholes Siqueira                  vascular access -- Gisele M. Silva,
87.51   Epidemiology and primary health care                  Isabel C. Gomes, Fernando H. Rocha,
        network: Research strategy and support                Flaviana J. Moreira, Eli I.G. Andrade,
        to local services -- Luiz A. Facchini,                Mariangela L. Cherchiglia
        Roberto Piccini, Elaine Tomasi, Elaine        87.62   Impact of pharmacists’ council of Nigeria
        Thumé, Denise Silveira, Fernando                      (PCN) activities on hospital pharmacy
        Vinholes Siqueira                                     practice in the Southwest zone of
87.52   Antenatal care coverage in great urban                Nigeria -- Yejide Olukemi Oseni
        centers in Brazil -- Denise Silveira,         87.63   Yoga and health: Yogic leaders'
        Fernando Vinholes Siqueira, Luiz A.                   perceptions in southeastern Brazil --
        Facchini, Roberto Piccini, Elaine                     Pamela Siegel, Nelson Filice de Barros
        Tomasi, Elaine Thumé                          87.64   Access to kidney transplant in Belo
87.53   Socio-economic factors affecting infant               Horizonte/Minas Gerais-Brasil, 2000-
        mortality rate in Eskisehir province --               2005: A longitudinal study -- Elaine
        Selma Metintas, Hüseyin Fidan, Inci                   Leandro Machado, Francisco A.
        Arikan, Mesut Göktepe, Cemalettin                     Acurcio, Mariangela L. Cherchiglia
        Kalyoncu                                      87.65   Access to kidney transplant in Brazil: A
87.54   Cost effectiveness of glysemic control in             case of inequity? -- Elaine Leandro
        three different hospital outpatient clinics           Machado, Ana Paula Alvares, Maria
        in Istanbul -- M. Fatih Onsuz, Ahmet                  Emilia Costa Ferreira, Waleska Teixeira
        Topuzoglu                                             Caiaffa, Cibele Comini Cesar, Isabel C.
87.55   Utilization of health services and related            Gomes, Eli I.G. Andrade, Francisco A.
        factors in 0-5 year-old children living in            Acurcio, Daniele A. Szuster, Gisele M.
        Burhaniye-Balikesir -- Meltem                         Silva, Juliana Alvares, Mariangela L.
        Ciceklioglu, Zeliha Ocek, Safak T.                    Cherchiglia
        Gursoy, Hür Hassoy, Feride Aksu               87.66   The evaluation of the health services at
87.56   Comparison of level of cardiovascular                 public and private hospitals in Turkey
        disease risk factors and level of risk                between the years 2001 and 2006 --
        factor knowledge in Eskisehir -- Inci                 Asli Davas Aksan, Isil Ergin, Zeliha
        Arikan, Selma Metintas, Cemalettin                    Ocek
        Kalyoncu, Ömer Colak                          87.67   Free open source software in health
87.57   The evaluation of validity and reliability            sciences: A systematic review --
        of grading scale of menopausal                        Luciana T. Cavalini, Timothy W. Cook
        symptoms -- Selma Metintas, Inci              87.68   Use of information systems in health for
        Arikan, Cemalettin Kalyoncu                           assessing the assistance to chronic
87.58   The evaluation of menopause                           diseases: Patients with chronic renal
        symptoms of women at the age of 40-69                 disease in Brazil -- Mariangela L.
        in Eskisehir rural areas -- Selma                     Cherchiglia, Daniele A. Szuster, Daniel
        Metintas, Inci Arikan, Cemalettin                     R. Faleiros, Augusto A. Guerra Jr., Eli
        Kalyoncu                                              I.G. Andrade, Francisco A. Acurcio,
87.59   Determination of high risk regions of                 Diego Moura Carvalho, Grazielle D.
        anthrax in Turkey using exploratory                   Silva, Odilon V. Queiroz
        spatial analysis -- Reha Demirel, Saffet      87.69   Trade liberalization and public health in
        Erdogan                                               developing countries: Constructing a
87.60   Reason of referral to doctor and                      research agenda -- Leonel Valdivia
        following-up of students who visited to       87.70   Trends in rates of hospitalizations for
        the health office of an elementary school             primary care sensitive conditions in a
        in Istanbul -- Ayse Yildiz, Hasibe                    health system with universal coverage:
        Brazil, 2000 to 2006 -- Veneza                       during health care reform period in Bolu
        Berenice Oliveira                                    -- Seval Alkoy, Aysý Kiyan, Aslihan
87.71   Health care services for persons with                Catiker, Ilknur Ozkan, Sevil Albayrak,
        disability in Satun, Thailand -- Chatpilai           Muzaffer Eskiocak
        Jiaranai                                     87.81   A descriptive analysis of children treated
87.72   Project for preventing home accidents in             in urban hospital in Bangladesh -- Nazir
        children of 0-6 age group evaluation of              M. Hossain, Farhana Hasan, Alison
        training of trainers -- Mustafa Yorgancı,            Macpherson
        Zeliha Yıldırım, Türkan Turan, Sebahat       87.82   Out-of-pocket payments for health
        Altundag, Ali Eksi                                   CARE in Sivrihisar district, Eskisehir,
87.73   Monitoring quality of vaccination                    Turkey -- Filiz Koc, Cemalettin
        services provided for aged 0-23 months               Kalyoncu, Burhanettin Isikli
        children in Edirne: Using lot quality        87.83   The impact of public pensions on older
        technique and geographic information                 adults' physical and psychological
        systems during health care reform                    health -- Esteban Calvo
        period -- Seval Alkoy, Filiz Kurtcebe,       87.84   Congenital anomalies in portugal, 1997-
        Ahmet Ozgur Dogru, Necla Ulugtekin,                  2001: A spatiotemporal clustering
        Muzaffer Eskiocak                                    analysis -- Carla Nunes, Teodoro Briz,
87.74   Comparision of public health functions               Dulce Gomes, Carlos M. Dias
        before and after family medicine in          87.85   Transformation in health in Turkey: Are
        Edirne -- Muzaffer Eskiocak, Seval                   the provinces assigned for pilot study
        Alkoy, Gamze Saraçoglu, Hasan                        different from others? -- Muzaffer
        Dedeler, Ufuk Berberoglu, Faruk                      Eskiocak, Mevlut Ture, Hasan Dedeler
87.75   Comparison of variation of vaccination
        status of 0-23 month children in Edirne      88                             12:30-14:00
        during health care reform in Turkey --                                Sadrivaan A and B
        Muzaffer Eskiocak, Seval Alkoy,              Poster: Public Health Diplomacy
        Gamze Saraçoglu, Hasan Dedeler, Ufuk
        Berberoglu, Faruk Yorulmaz                   88.01   How can we make health education as
87.76   Comparison of variation of vaccination               an efficient part of health systems –
        application places for 0-23 month                    east- Azerbaijan and Ardebil in Islamic
        children in Edirne during health care                republic of Iran -- Nazila Tajaddini
        reform in Turkey -- Seval Alkoy, Gamze
        Varol Saraçoglu, Muzaffer Eskiocak,          89                             12:30-14:00
        Hasan Dedeler, Ufuk Berberoglu, Faruk                                 Sadrivaan A and B
87.77   Provider and user evaluation of              Poster: Public Health Impact of Armed
        community-based health services --           Conflicts and Political Unrest
        Seval Alkoy, Aysý Kiyan, Aslihan
                                                     89.01   Picking up the pieces: Post-conflict HIV
        Catiker, Ilknur Ozkan, Sevil Albayrak,
                                                             services in Bouaké, Côte d'Ivoire --
        Muzaffer Eskiocak
                                                             Julia E. Robinson
87.78   Comparison visual handicapped and not
                                                     89.02   Understanding the risk of sexual
        handicapped school children's values of
                                                             coercion and HIV/AIDS transmission
        weight, height, body mass index in
                                                             among adolescent girls; Perceptions of
        Istanbul, Turkey -- Ayse Ergun, Nadire
                                                             internally displaced persons in the
        Ercan, Saime Erol
                                                             eldoret idp (SHOW GROUND)camp --
87.79   Overactive bladder in female patients
                                                             Dooso Radido
        over 60 years old: Therapeutical
                                                     89.03   Mortality of Iranian ex-prisoners of war
        alternatives for a cost-effectiveness
                                                             in Iraqi detention camps (1980-90) -- Ali
        analysis in Brazil -- Leyla Gomes
87.80   Provider and user evaluation of
        maternal and child health services
90                            12:30-14:00           90.11   Factors influencing outdoor recreation
                         Sadrivaan A and B                  physical activity among elderly in the
                                                            south eastern part of Sweden --
Poster: Social Determinants of Health and                   Katarina Sjögren
Disease                                             90.12   Promoting an optimal profile of risk in
90.01   The assessment of knowledge and                     adolescents: An important step in
        attitudes of female commercial sex                  cardiovascular diseases prevention --
        workers working in Ankara brothel --                Sorina Irimie
        Peyman Altan                                90.13   Proposal for “Global Health Policy
90.02   Hypertension prevalence and                         Framework” designed to mitigate suicide
        associated factors in a poor community              -- Emine Meral Inelmen
        with high forced displacement in            90.14   Prevalence of major congenital heart
        Cartagena, Colombia -- Elizabeth                    defects by race/ethnicity and sex --
        Lopez Rivas, Angel Paternina, Luis                  Wendy Nembhard, Tao Wang, Melissa
        Alvis-Estrada, Virgen Pereira, Angela               Loscalzo, Jason Salemi
        Romero, Ismael Ballesteros, Ana             90.15   Social capital: Making a difference in
        Romero                                              global public health -- Claire R. Brown
90.03   Psychometric properties of the              90.16   Frequency of sexual dysfunction among
        menopause-specific quality of life                  15-49 year old married women -- Fatma
        questionnaire in a Turkish population --            Banu Karakoyunlu, Selma Oncel
        Ebru Turhan, Tacettin Inandi                90.17   Instutionalized aged people: Reasons
90.04   Investigation of relation between                   expressed in the collective subject
        physical activity and BMI with                      discourse -- Anya P. G. F. Vieira,
        cardiovascular disease -- Mahnaz                    Juliana G. Silva, Luiza Jane Eyre de
        Mardani Jr., Sadegh Rezapour II,                    Souza Vieira, Geisy L. M. Luna, Edith A.
        Susan Kheirian III                                  R. Silveira, Edmara M.P Martins
90.05   Suggestive behaviours of eating             90.18   Attitudes toward menstruation -- Nasrin
        disorders in undergraduate female                   Saadati
        students: Prevalence and associated         90.19   Eye health day care centers: Factors
        factors -- Vera Cristina Magalhães,                 related to the preparation of child day
        Celise Meneses, Gulnar Azevedo E.                   care providers -- Jane E. Armond
        Silva Mendonça                              90.20   Infantile respiratory illnesses and
90.06   The relationship of “Thought Action                 poverty: Consequence in the life of the
        Fusion” and “Thought Shape Fusion”                  children who live in a northeastern
        with eating attitudes -- Ece Varlik                 urban settlement of Brazil -- Ana Paula
90.07   Why there is less progress in improving             Soares Gondim, Carlos Caroso Soares
        cancer mortality and survival rates in      90.21   Sleep quality and the association with
        older age groups in England: A case of              traffic accidents -- Nüket Paksoy
        cancer inequality -- Imran Arain, Nigel             Erbaydar, Nesrin Çilingiroglu, Funda
        Bruce                                               Sevencan
90.08   Residential experiences of elderly          90.22   Effect of migratory and seasonal
        people from social support: A                       farmworks on growth and psychomotor
        qualitative study -- Heidarali Abedi,               development of aged 0-5 years children
        Shahin Salarvand                                    -- Zeynep Simsek, Ibrahim Koruk
90.09   Nutritional habits of university students   90.23   Children health status of migratory and
        living in two female dormitories in                 sesonal farmworkers in Sanliurfa --
        Ankara -- Mahir Güleç                               Ibrahim Koruk, Zeynep Simsek, Suda
90.10   The relation between quality of life and            Tekin Koruk, Nebiye Doni, Gülcan
        social support in gay men: A case of                Gürses
        Ýzmir, Turkey -- Saliha Altıparmak,         90.24   Risk factors that influence maternal
        Ayla Bayık Temel, Süheyla Altuğ Özsoy,              mortality in Indonesia: Case study at
        Şafak Taner Gürsoy, Osman Altıparmak                Cilacap -- Arulita Ika Fibriana
                                                    90.25   Strategies to introduce in the clinical
                                                            practice the delayed clamping of the
        umbilical cord to diminish child anemia -    90.37   Globalization and women -- Zuhal
        - Fernando Ruben Gonzales, Marjorie                  Bahar
        Viscarra                                     90.38   A study on estimation of subjective
90.26   School food supplementation                          probabilities of survival among the
        programme: A moderating factor of the                elderly in Korea -- Young - Hwa Lee
        intergenerational transmission of social     90.39   Life course socioeconomic trajectories
        health inequalities -- Christelle Roustit,           and c-reactive protein levels in young
        Francesca Grillo, Pierre Chauvin                     adults: Findings from a Brazilian birth
90.27   Transition from nomadic to sedentary                 cohort -- Aydin Nazmi, Isabel O.
        lifestyle as an important social                     Oliveira, Bernardo L. Horta, Denise P.
        determinant of child health -- Natalya               Gigante, Cesar G. Victora
        Bilenko, Lewis Reisman, Ilana                90.40   Risk factors of pre-term birth in Bulgaria
        Belmaker                                             -- Mariela Kamburova, Angelika
90.28   Media use among nonsmoker women                      Velkova, Stela L. Georgieva
        increases overweight risk: Results from      90.41   Characterizing changes in health care
        a large cross-sectional population based             using decompositions: An integrated
        study in Brazil -- Michael M. Schlüssel,             framework -- Facundo Luis Crosta
        Taisa R. Cortes, Alexandre S. Brito,         90.42   Research about nutrition of poor people
        Gilberto Kac                                         above 18 years old from Alto do Zeca
90.29   Public health in megacities and urban                community, Maceió-Alagoas (Brazil) --
        areas: Overall conceptual framework                  Adriano Antonio da Silva Pedrosa-
        and some results from the megacity of                Moreira, Klaysa Moreira Ramos-
        Dhaka, Bangladesh -- Alexander                       Pedrosa, Antonio Piranema de
        Kraemer, Heiko Jahn, Md. Mobarak                     Mascarenhas Pedrosa
        Hossain Khan                                 90.43   Study about nutrition habits in children
90.30   Disparities in inpatient health services             from the community Sombra dos
        utilization in Chilean older people --               Eucaliptos, Maceió-Alagoas (Brazil) --
        Soledad Martinez-Gutierrez, Maria                    Adriano Antonio da Silva Pedrosa-
        Luisa Garmendia                                      Moreira, Klaysa Moreira Ramos-
90.31   Lifestyle and social conditions                      Pedrosa, Antonio Piranema de
        associated with self-rated health in                 Mascarenhas Pedrosa
        South Africa -- Flavia Senkubuge,            90.44   Influence of social support during
        Olalekan A. Ayo-Yusuf                                pregnancy among low-income pregnant
90.32   Themes identified for neighborhood                   in the Brazilian largest city -- Ana C. F.
        characteristics and perception                       Silva, Maria H. D. A. Benicio
        questionnaire (NCPQ) for assessing           90.45   Dental services utilization -- Ludmilla
        neighborhood environments in Karachi,                Awad Barcellos, Maria Helena
        Pakistan -- Naveed Janjua, Romaina                   Monteiro de Barros Miotto
        Iqbal                                        90.46   Dental services effectiveness -- Maria
90.33   Strong urban-rural inequity in the acces             Helena Monteiro de Barros Miotto,
        to safe water and sanitation in Argentina            Ludmilla Awad Barcellos
        -- Daniel Alejandro Maceira, Pedro           90.47   Public health matters reach political
        Ariel Kremer                                         decision makers thanks to research --
90.34   Vaccination status of a state in                     Marie-France Raynault, Sylvana Cote,
        northeast Brazil -- Dayana Dourado de                Louise Seguin
        Oliveira, Luana K. C. Castro, Marciana       90.48   Transsexuality and health: Access and
        Gomes da Costa, Camila do Vale                       integral care status in the Brazilian
        Gomes, Mônica Elinor Alves Gama                      public health -- Marcia Ramos Arán,
90.35   Non-random distribution of the                       Daniela Murta
        proportion of ill-defined causes of death    90.49   Infrequent prenatal exposure to acute
        in Brazil -- Elisabeth C. Duarte, Walter             doses of alcohol in Inuit communities of
        M. Ramalho, Leila P. Garcia                          Canada: A public health concern? --
90.36   Stress as an occupational health risk for            Sarah Fraser
        dentists -- Pozos R. Blanca Elizabeth
90.50   Social exclusion and health inequity in               Spichak, Elena V. Zhukovskaya II,
        Mexico: A socio-spatial analysis --                   Arina M. Ustugova
        Guillermo J. Gonzalez-Perez, Maria            90.62   Food intake of young people, 15 to 25,
        Guadalupe Vega-Lopez                                  in the city of Belo Horizonte, Brazil,
90.51   Knowledge, attitudes and behaviors                    according to anthropometric profile and
        regarding organ donation and                          health vulnerability index -- Adriana
        transplantation: A survey among first                 Lúcia Meireles, César Coelho Xavier,
        year medical students -- Zeynep                       Aline Dayrell Ferreira Jr., Mery Natali
        Baykan, Melis Naçar, Refika Yamanel,                  Silva Abreu, Waleska T. Caiaffa
        Aslihan Özge Uzun, Seyma                      90.63   Smoking cessation among civil servants
        Daglituncezdi, Hatice Davran, Gülen                   in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil -- Mariana
        Murt                                                  Miranda Autran Sampaio, Claudia de
90.52   Impact of the directly observed therapy               Souza Lopes
        (DOT) on the prevalence of soil-              90.64   Individual and contextual characteristics
        transmitted helminthiasis in low income               associated to the functional limitation in
        children from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil --               Belo Horizonte, MG, 2002-2003: A
        Lêda M. Costa-Macedo, Fátima                          multilevel analysis -- Amélia Augusta
        Haddad S. Machado, Haroldo J. Matos                   de Lima Friche, Cibele Comini Cesar,
90.53   Living environment is a social                        Mery Natali Silva Abreu, Vitor Camargos
        determinant of health -- Amna Rehana                  Passos, Deborah Carvalho Malta,
        Siddiqui                                              Waleska T. Caiaffa
90.54   The investigation of factors effecting        90.65   Trends on AIDS mortality and social
        smoking addiction levels of nursing                   index in São Paulo city -- Km Paiva, N.
        students -- Cantürk Çapik, Dilek Cingil               Farias, S. Alencar, R. Cardoso
90.55   Socio-economic status and risk of             90.66   Anthropometry, physical activity practice
        congenital malformations -- Elisabetta                and smoking among under graduate
        Del Bufalo, Aldo Rosano Sr.                           students iin health care programs at a
90.56   Narratives of identities in a mutual-help             Brazilian university -- Silvia Justina
        group for alcoholism in Rio de Janeiro,               Papini-Berto, Luciana Bronzi Souza,
        Brazil -- Carla de Meis, Camila Andrade               Patrícia Moreira Donato, Maria
        Araujo                                                Antonieta Barros Leite Carvalhaes
90.57   Healthy lifestyle behaviors among             90.67   Neighborhood characteristics and self-
        adolescents in Turkey -- Aysun Ardic,                 rated health in the Pró-saúde study: A
        Melek N. Esin                                         multilevel approach -- Simone M.
90.58   Potential years of life lost due to deaths            Santos, Dóra Chor, Guilherme L.
        by external causes: Differentials based               Werneck
        on race/skin color -- Edna M. Araujo,         90.68   Spatial distribution of tuberculosis in Rio
        Maria Conceição Nascimento Costa,                     de Janeiro state in 2000 -- Roberto de
        Nelson F. Oliveira, Eduardo Mota,                     Andrade Medronho, Juliana Jorge
        Vijaya K. Hogan, Tania Maria Araujo                   Teixeira
90.59   Incidence of soil-transmitted                 90.69   Relationship between short stature and
        helminthiasis (STH) infection in low                  obesity in a Brazilian survey -- Rosely
        income infants from Rio de Janeiro,                   Sichieri, Erly Catarina Moura, Flávia
        Brazil -- Lêda M. Costa-Macedo,                       dos Santos Barbosa, Alexandre S. Brito
        Fátima Haddad S. Machado, Haroldo J.          90.70   Prevalence of inadequacy for
        Matos                                                 macronutrient and fiber intake among
90.60   The factors affecting health related                  Brazilian university students in the
        quality of life of the Turkish older adults           health care field -- Silvia Justina
        living in Manisa -- Pinar Baysan, Erhan               Papini-Berto, Luciana Bronzi Souza,
        Eser V                                                Patrícia Moreira Donato, Maria
90.61   The clinic-economic analysis of the                   Antonieta Barros Leite Carvalhaes, Jose
        preventive scheme of replaceble                       E. Corrente
        therapy patients with hemophilia a by         90.71   Weight gain management in smoking
        the concentrate of VIII factor -- Irina I.            cessation treatments -- Silvia Justina
        Papini-Berto, Erly Catarina Moura,            91.01   Detection of 563C-t and 1311C-t as the
        Maria Antonieta Barros Leite                          most common G6PD gene in Pakistani
        Carvalhaes                                            population using RFLP based PCR --
90.72   Socioeconomic inequality and mortality                Bushra Moiz
        risks in Brazil: An ecological study using    91.02   Genomics and public health: Building
        governmental databases -- Juliana P.                  public "good?" Stakeholders' point of
        Machado, Daniele P. da Silveira,                      view -- Beatrice Godard, Lise
        Marcia F. Piovesan, Martins ACM                       Levesque
        Martins, Sasson D. Sasson, Fonseca AL         91.03   CYP3A5 genotype is associated with
        Fonseca                                               blood pressure and have an interaction
90.73   Inequalities in maternal mortality ratio in           with calculated 24h urinary sodium
        Brazil: Is the growth of private                      excretion level in Japanese male -- Ling
        healthcare insurance market making a                  Zhang, Koichi Miyaki, Wei Wang,
        difference? -- Sonia Maria Marinho de                 Masaaki Muramatsu
        Souza, J.a. Torres                            91.04   Narrative accounts on risk and disease
90.74   Sal's consumption in adolescents:                     of breast cancer patients invited to
        Predominance and factors of risk --                   participate in genetic testing within
        Carlos M. Albuquerque Sr., Carlos                     academic framework in Brazil -- Alicia
        Pereira, Antonio Jose Oliveira, Vitor                 Navarro de Souza
        Manuel Rodrigues
90.75   Analysis of dengue fever epidemic and
        the socio-economic conditions --              92                             12:30-14:00
        Roberto de Andrade Medronho,                                           Sadrivaan A and B
        Andrea Sobral de Almeida                      Poster: The Impact of Changing
90.76   Risk behaviours in a sample of                Demography On Public Health
        university Portuguese students -- Carlos
        M. Albuquerque, Carlos Pereira,               92.01   Resilience and stressful situations in a
        Madalena Cunha, Rosa Martins                          population in Colombia displaced by
90.77   Determination the attitudes of the                    force -- Elizabeth Lopez, Luis Alvis-
        Turkish infertile women towards on                    Estrada, Angel Paternina
        surrogacy and oocyte donation -- Hakan        92.02   Primary care in China: Population
        Yaren, Selim Kiliç, Muharrem Ucar,                    diversity and health disparity -- Wei
        Mahir Gulec, Adnan Atac, Fatma                        Wang, Ai Min Guo, Rong Xiao, Xiuhua
        Demirel, Ceren Karabulut, Ozlem                       Guo, Yan He, Ai Nan Wu, Xiaoqin Lu,
        Demirel                                               Zhongwei Jia, Juan Du, Man Li
90.78   Evaluating the efficacy of premarital         92.03   Clustering risk factors for cardiovascular
        education given to the couples -- Esin                disease in rural Pennsylvania population
        Ceber, Mehmet Akif Ersoy, Aysegul                     -- Kimberly Y.Z. Forrest, Susan E.
        Bilge, Gulengul Mermer, Ummahan                       Hannam
        Yucel, Hatice Topcu Ersoy, Aysun              92.04   Sexual behaviour among Nish university
        Eksioglu, Mahide Demireloz, Zehra                     students (Serbia) -- Aleksandar M.
        Baykal                                                Visnjic
90.79   Factors associated with breast cancer         92.05   The medical problems of teenager's
        screening behavior -- Ayse Nilufer                    pregnancy -- Nadezhda Petrushkina,
        Ozaydin, Neslihan Cabioglu, Pemra                     Elena V. Zhukovskaya II, Dmitry K.
        Unalan, Bahadir Gulluoglu, Serra                      Volosnicov III
        Gorpe, Sena Kaleli, Vahit Ozmen               92.06   Health problems and health-care
                                                              seeking behavior of the elderly in
                                                              Bangladesh: A study in rural and urban
91                             12:30-14:00                    area -- A. S. M. Nurullah Awal, M. N.
                         Sadrivaan A and B                    Sani
                                                      92.07   The relationship between paternal age
Poster: The Growing Importance of Public
                                                              and birthweight: Evidence from Hong
Health Genetics
                                                              Kong 2000-2005 -- William B.
        Goggins, Emily Y. Y. Chan, Sian            94                             14:00-15:30
        Griffiths                                                                   John Snow
92.08   Implementation of labour certificate
        program by example of Chelyabinsk          Health Policy Processes in India, Vietnam
        region -- Oleg V. Peshikov, Elena D.       and China – Findings From HEPVIC
        Grafova                                    Project.
92.09   Development of scenarios for health        Moderators: Andrew T. Green, Thanh Huong
        expenditure in the new EU member                       Nguyen
        states: Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary,
        Poland and Slovakia -- Stanislawa          94.01   Health policy processes in Vietnam:
        Golinowska                                         Findings from the HEPVIC project --
92.10   Demographic changes and effects of                 Thanh Huong Nguyen, Maitrayee
        globalization on alcohol consumption               Mukhopadhyay
        patterns and drunk driving in Hong Kong    94.02   Health policy processes in India: The
        -- Jean H. Kim, Sing Lee, Joseph TF                case of abortion policy -- Karaikurichi
        Lau, Sian Griffiths                                V. Ramani, Werner Soors
92.11   Demographic challenges for public          94.03   The health policy process and key
        health in Mexico -- Guillermo J.                   determinants: China case studies -- Xu
        Gonzalez-Perez, Maria Guadalupe                    Qian, Tim Martineau
        Vega-Lopez                                 94.04   Comparison of health policy processes
92.12   New demograhical pathways towards a                in India, Vietnam and China –Findings
        rise of the natural increase rate --               from HEPVIC project -- Nancy Gerein,
        Corina-Aurelia Zugravu, Cornelia                   Philippa K. Bird, Andrew T. Green, Tolib
        Rada, Suzana Manolescu                             N. Mirzoev, Stephen C. Pearson
92.13   Visual health in elderly: The impact of
        demography changes -- Zelia Zilda
                                                   95                             14:00-15:30
        Lourenço de Camargo Bittencourt,
                                                                                Rudolf Virchow
        Rita de Cassia Ietto Montilha, Ana Maria
        R. Fonseca, Maria Ines Rubo de Souza       International Health Worker Migration:
        Nobre, M. Elizabete R Freire Gasparetto    Current Trends, Challenges and Potential
93                            14:00-15:30          Moderator:    Manuel Dayrit
                              Louis Pasteur
                                                   95.01   Global trends in international migration
Collaborative Public Health Research in                    of health workers -- Pascal Zurn
Diverse International Contexts: Forging            95.02   Health professional mobility on the
Partnerships, Conducting Assessments,                      European agenda: Examples, trends,
Adapting and Testing HIV Prevention                        and next steps -- Guido Offermanns
Interventions in Brazil, Mongolia,                 95.03   WHO code of practice on the
Kazakhstan and Tajikistan.                                 international recruitment of health
                                                           personnel: Key elements and updates
Moderator:    Rogério M. Pinto                             on the process -- Jean-Marc Braichet
93.01   Collaborative public health research in    95.04   International support for initiatives
        diverse international contexts: Forging            addressing health worker migration
        partnerships, conducting assessments,              concerns, with a focus on the WHO
        adapting and testing HIV prevention                code of practice on international
        interventions in Brazil -- Rogério Pinto           recruitment of health personnel --
93.02   Collaborative public health research in            Mubashar Sheikh
        diverse international contexts: Forging
        partnerships, conducting assessments,      96                             14:00-15:30
        adapting and testing HIV prevention                                   James Flemming
        interventions in Tajikistan -- Anne E.
International Public Health Co-Operation            Moderators: Judy Overall, Alena Petrakova
between Universities                                98.01   Welcome and introduction of the topic --
Moderators: Oliver Razum, Doris Bardehle                    Judy Overall
                                                    98.02   Global community of practice: Public
96.01   International public health co-operation            health education taskforce -- Alena
        between universities -- Ulrich Laaser               Petrakova
96.02   International public health co-operation    98.03   Validation and testing of the self-
        between universities -- Luka Kovacic,               assessment tool for public health
        Ulrich Laaser                                       education in sub-saharan African
96.03   Eurostat's public health data and                   countries/AfriHealth network -- Kuku
        indicators -- Hartmut Buchow                        Voyi
96.04   Networking public health networks in        98.04   Lessons learnt: Development of a QA
        SEE-countries - the MetaNET project --              system for pharmacy education -- Ian
        Doris Bardehle                                      Bates
96.05   Co-Operation in Public Health Research      98.05   GHWA Perspectives of Scaling up
        and Teaching in SEE Countries --                    Education and Training of Health
        Jadranka Bozikov, Lijana Zaletel-                   Professionals -- Erica Wheeler
96.06   Experience with university partnership
        between India, Turkey, Nigeria and          99                             14:00-15:30
        Germany in the field of public health --                           Florence Nightingale
        Bassey E. Antia, K. R. Nayar
96.07   Challenges of international collaboration   Symposium On Health Inequalities: From
        in public health education (focus India -   Childhood to Old Age
        USA) -- K.R. Thankappan                     Moderator:    Nicholas James Spencer
                                                    99.01   Effect of exposure to poverty, biological
97                             14:00-15:30                  vulnerability, and early psychosocial
                              Sergio Arouca                 vulnerability on the occurrence of
                                                            asthma attacks among seven year olds
New Trends in Knowledge Dissemination
                                                            in the Quebec birth cohort -- Louise
Moderators: Ulrich Laaser, Alena Petrakova                  Seguin
                                                    99.02   Effect of current, lagged and longitudinal
97.01   The workplan of the WFPHA antenna
                                                            exposure to poverty on children's health
        office in Geneva -- Thomas Vogel
                                                            trajectories in a Québec cohort study --
97.02   How can WFPHA effectuate global
                                                            Béatrice Nikiéma
        public health publication strategies --
                                                    99.03   A gender and life course perspective on
        Ulrich Laaser
                                                            health and function in the urban elderly
97.03   Global knowledge and information
                                                            populations of Latin America and the
        sharing networks -- Alena Petrakova
                                                            Caribbean -- Maria-Victoria
97.04   On the relevance of editorial
        independence in scientific publishing --
                                                    99.04   Life course social conditions and
        Ana Marusic
                                                            comorbidity linked to frailty in Latin
97.05   How to develop a global journal of
                                                            American older men and women --
        health practice? -- Eckhard Kleinau
                                                            Beatriz Alvarado, Maria-Victoria
97.06   Why a newsletter for the WFPHA
        community? -- Charlene Bright

                                                    100                            14:00-15:30
98                             14:00-15:30
                                                                                    Allen Jones
                            Andrija Stampar
                                                    Using Innovative Social Mobilization and
Strengthening Health Systems through
                                                    Capacity Building Approaches to Reduce
Quality Improvement in Public Health
Child Mortality by Increasing Immunization          102.03 Duplication of family health services -
Rates                                                      expression of user's dissatisfaction --
                                                           Silvana Martins Mishima, Vanessa
Moderator:    Gaby Jabbour                                 Garcia de Paula, Maria José Bistafa
100.01 Improving and sustaining immunization               Pereira, Lauren Suemi Kawata, Maria
       coverage in Kyaka health sub-district,              Cecilia Puntel de Almeida, Ana Carolina
       Kyenjojo district, Uganda - village health          Campos, Yasmin Bujdoso
       team (VHT) strategy -- D.K. Sekimpi          102.04 Primary Health Care in Venezuela: Old
100.02 Improving EPI coverage by                           Strategy and New Practice -- Sarai
       strengthening the capacity of graduating            Vivas-Martínez, Maria E. Martínez,
       health care professionals and practicing            Carlos H. Alvarado, Wolfram G. Metzger
       health extension workers -- Melaku           102.05 Trends in labor contracting in the family
       Samuel                                              health program in Brazil: A telephone
100.03 Social mobilization and capacity building           survey -- Sabado N. Girardi, Cristiana
       in immunization in 3 priority districts             L. Carvalho
       (Keita, Konni, Madaoua) of Tahoua
       region, Niger -- Gagara Magagi
100.04 Q & A -- Meriam Farag
                                                    103                           14:00-15:30
                                                                                     Behcet Uz
                                                    Successful Partnerships Between Academia
101                           14:00-15:30
                                                    and Practice
                              Refik Saydam
                                                    Moderator:    Marcia Erazo
Food Safety & Veterinary Public Health
                                                    103.01 Community partnership and innovative
Moderators: Francisco Guillen-Grima,
                                                           practice to improve youth's educational
            Chakib Kara-Zaitri
                                                           and health issues in underprivileged
101.01 Food safety awareness of selected                   neighbourhoods -- Angèle Bilodeau,
       urban consumers in Canakkale, Turkey                Jean Bélanger, Francis Gagnon,
       -- Nukhet Nilüfer Demirel ZORBA                     Nathalie Lussier
101.02 Helicobacter pylori prevalence in            103.02 What leadership skills underpin
       Turkey: A population-based, cross-                  successful partnerships between
       sectional, screening with the 13C-urea              academia, practice and community? A
       breath test -- Ayse Nilufer Ozaydin, A.             study of five partnerships in South Africa
       Sinan Turkyilmaz, Sanda Cali                        -- Walid El Ansari
                                                    103.03 Remote telemedicine in urban settings:
                                                           Prognostic value of chest pain -- Clareci
102                           14:00-15:30                  Silva Cardoso, Antônio Luiz Pinho
           Charles-Edward Amory Winslow                    Ribeiro, Waleska T. Caiaffa
Revisiting Primary Health Care in the 21st          103.04 Global partners in anesthesia and
Century I                                                  surgery: A model partnership between
                                                           two academic institutions to build
Moderators: Mohammad Shahbazi, Cheryl                      surgical and perioperative services in
            Easley                                         Uganda -- Doruk Ozgediz, Gerald
102.01 Performance of lipid profile request                Dubowitz, Sudha Jayaraman, Michael
       between public and private sectors --               Lipnick, Laura Goetz, Cephas Mijumbi,
       Luciano Duro, Maria Cecília Assunção,               Jacqueline Mabweijano, Samuel
       Iná S. Santos                                       Kaggwa
102.02 Inequalities in the access to medical
       specialty appointments in the city of São    104                           14:00-15:30
       Paulo, Brazil, 2005 -- Suzana A. F. A.                                      Nusret Fisek
       Penteado, Sonia A. A. Sbarra, Chester
       L. G. César                                  Financing Global Public Health
                                                    Moderator:    Zigmond A. Kozicki
104.01 Cooperation, integration and long-term      107.01 Open minds to mental health in schools:
       commitment: What Solomon Islanders                 Inclusion, child and disability rights, and
       and development workers say about                  prevention of stigma -- Kerim Munir
       health sector aid -- Alexandra LC           107.02 The WHO Global Programme on Mental
       Martiniuk                                          Health and Substance Abuse --
104.02 The Brazilian cash transfer                        Benedetto Saraceno
       program:"Programa bolsa-família" a
       study in Ceilândia city -- Valéria F.
       Paiva, Denise O. Silva                      108                            16:00-17:30
104.03 Perception and utilization of free health                                Andrija Stampar
       services by nursing mothers in Igbo-ora,    Tobacco Control: A Truly Global Public
       Oyo state, Nigeria -- Awolola Adeyemi       Health Effort
104.04 Coordination, management, and
       ultilization of foreign assisstance for     Moderators: Theodor Abelin, James
       HIV/AIDS prevention in Vietnam --                       Chauvin
       MaiHuong T. Nguyen, Nam T. Tran             108.01 Who's public health strategy to
104.05 Public health journals' public health              implement the WHO FCTC and save
       perspective -- Bekir Kaplan, Dilek                 millions of lives -- Douglas Bettcher
       Aslan                                       108.02 The role of treaties in public health - the
                                                          example of the FCTC -- A. Ezra Ogwell
105                           16:00-17:30                 Ouma
                                Allen Jones        108.03 The Bloomberg Initiative to Reduce
                                                          Tobacco Use: Highlights and Lessons
Global Health Governance: Opportunities,                  Learned? -- Kelly Henning
Challenges and Complexities                        108.04 The perspective of a national public
                                                          health association: Moving forward
Moderator:    Margaret Hilson
                                                          collaboratively for effective global
Speakers:     Joanne Hamilton, Ambassador                 tobacco control -- Bertha Maegga
              Edwardo Barboso, David
                                                   109                            16:00-17:30
                                                                                 Sergio Arouca
106                           16:00-17:30          Applied Research in Chronic Diseases
                             Louis Pasteur
                                                   Moderator:     Yiliang Zhu
Pharmaceuticals and Public Health
                                                   109.01 The effect of health beliefs about
Moderator:    Kamal K. Midha                              mammography and breast cancer and
                                                          reminding through telephone on
106.01 Pharmaceuticals and public health:
                                                          screening mammography again --
       Building and implementing a global
                                                          Hasret Yalcinoz Baysal, Sebahat
       vision for 2020 -- Kamal K. Midha
106.02 Pharmaceuticals and public health --
                                                   109.02 An evaluation of determinants of
       Erdogan Colak
                                                          adherence to antiretroviral therapy in
106.03 Public health and pharmaceuticals --
                                                          AIDS patients in Gert Sibande district,
       Mehmet Domac
                                                          Mpumalanga Province South Africa --
                                                          Laszchenov Muzimkhulu Zungu
107                           16:00-17:30          109.03 Mortality trends of cutaneous malignant
                            Rudolf Virchow                melanoma in Brazil -- Gulnar Azevedo
                                                          e Silva, Lenildo Moura
Strategies for Mental Public Health                109.04 Study of environmental tobacco smoke
Moderator:    Bulent Coskun                               exposure rate among 18-30 years old
                                                          people in Yazd and its associations with
       health beliefs and social pressure --        111.03 Health service demands and insurance
       Mohammad ali Morowatisharifabad                     for migrant workers in cities with high
109.05 Does the cancer screening reduce the                speed economic growth: The case of
       cost of cancer? -- Nobuo Koinuma                    Shenzhen -- Jinquan Cheng
109.06 Strategy to support weight management        111.04 Health sector reform in comparative
       in type 2 diabetes -- Lihua Wu                      perspective: An unending quest --
                                                           James W. Bjorkman
                                                    111.05 Constructing of indicators system for
110                            16:00-17:30                 evaluating organizational performance
                              Refik Saydam                 of centers for disease control and
Health Information Systems                                 prevention -- Yanhua Hao, Qunhong
                                                           Wu, Hua Su, Lijun Gao, Ning Ning, Shu
Moderator:    William P. Brandon                           Gao
110.01 Linking policy to practice in Armenia --     111.06 Impact on access to health care of the
       Katie Qutub                                         introduction of managed care strategies
110.02 Cancer incidence in Llatin America: An              in the health system of Colombia --
       update -- Maria Paula Curado,                       Ingrid Vargas, M. Luisa Vazquez,
       Marianna DC Cancela                                 Amparo Mogollón
110.03 Subjectivity as a key concept for
       epidemiological studies -- Mario
                                                    112                             16:00-17:30
       Alejandro Chavero
                                                                            Florence Nightingale
110.04 A Delphi study on the impact of the
       interventions proposed to the GAVI           Human Rights, Health Rights and Ethics
       alliance health system strengthening
                                                    Moderators: Claire R. Brown, Bettina
       program -- Ana Paula Cavalcante
       Oliveira, Cristianne F. Rocha, Denis
       Porignon, Petra Ten Hoope-Bender,            112.01 Refugee right(s) to health and education
       Wim Van Lerberghe, Gilles Dussault                  -- V.P. Fynn
110.05 Mortality by external causes in the intra-   112.02 Public health research and the role of
       urban space in Brazil -- Edna M.                    human research ethics committees in
       Araujo, Maria Conceição Nascimento                  promotion of ethical standards for
       Costa, Nelson F. Oliveira, Vijaya K.                conducting research involving humans -
       Hogan, Francisco Santana, Tania Maria               - Dr Yordanka Borissova Krastev
       Araujo                                       112.03 Civil rights protection for public health in
110.06 Evaluation of communicable disease                  China: Legislations and challenges --
       statistics according to the SPOindex of             Huan Xu, Mu Li
       provinces in Turkey -- Asli Davas            112.04 Integrating theories of social justice into
       Aksan, Raika Durusoy                                public health intervention planning --
                                                           Eric Breton, Evelyne de Leeuw
111                            16:00-17:30
                                  Behcet Uz         113                             16:00-17:30
                                                                Charles-Edward Amory Winslow
Health Policy Research
                                                    Research on Human Resources in Health
Moderator:    Jean A. Shoveller
                                                    Moderators: Leslie Nickels, Alena Petrakova
111.01 A qualitative study on health policies for
       childhood diabesity prevention in the        113.01 Management of the workforce in health
       Dominican Republic -- Helda Pinzon-                 in the Brazilian public health system --
       Perez, David Hernandez-Martich,                     Celia Regina Pierantoni, Ana Claudia
       Ammar Ibrahim                                       Pinheiro Garcia, Thereza Christina
111.02 Health diplomacy as an aid to human                 Varella, Maria Ruth dos Santos, Tania
       security -- Jeffrey Levett, Takehiro                França, Karen dos Santos Matsumoto
113.02 Dimensions of professional autonomy                 stressed teachers -- Farshad
       among Mexican nurses: Implications for              Ghazalian
       health system strengthening -- Allison
       P. Squires
113.03 Current prehospital trauma care in          115                           16:00-17:30
       Kampala, Uganda and a pilot training                                  James Flemming
       program for lay-first responders --         Social Aspects and Health Behavior
       Sudha Jayaraman, Doruk Ozgediz,
       Michael Lipnick, Nolan Caldwell, Justin     Moderator:    Heidol Lysol
       Miyamoto, Jacqueline Mabweijano,            115.01 Healthy behavior: A goal to be
       Rochelle Dicker, Renee Hsia, Laura                 accomplished by Brazilian young people
       Goetz                                              -- Sandhi Barreto, Valeria MA Passos,
113.04 Primary care practitioners (PCP) and               Luana Giatti
       their health status and self-care: What     115.02 Development of neighborhood
       interventions in a context of decreasing           observations checklist (NOC) for
       demographic PCP in France? -- Joël                 developing countries: Themes identified
       Ladner, Antoine Kuntz, Elizabeth                   for a city of a developing country --
       Mauviard, Pierre Heurtebize, Magali                Romaina Iqbal, Naveed Janjua
       Manzano, jean-Francois Caillard             115.03 Does alcohol cause injury: The bottle's
                                                          fingerprints on the victims -- Ted R.
                                                          Miller, Rebecca S. Spicer
114                           16:00-17:30
                              Nusret Fisek
School Health                                      116                           16:00-17:30
                                                                                   John Snow
Moderators: Bosiljka Djikanovic, Claudia
            Garcia Serpa Osorio-de-Castro          Supporting Local Health Communities
114.01 Injury and social determinants among        Moderator:    Roger S. Magnusson
       in-school adolescents in six African        116.01 Integrating public health to healthcare
       countries -- Karl Peltzer                          local governance in Québec :
114.02 Changes in physical activity in                    Challenges arising from bringing closer
       preschoolers and first-grade children: A           population and organization
       longitudinal study -- Erik Sigmund,                perspectives -- Mylaine Breton,
       Dagmar Sigmundová                                  Raynald Pineault, Jean-FréD.éric
114.03 Non-specific musculoskeletal pain in               Lévesque, Lise Lamothe, Jean-Louis
       schoolchildren: Relationship with                  Denis
       ergonomic factors of child educational      116.02 Multi-network negotiation to implement a
       environments -- I.L.K. Jayaratne, D.N.             community building strategy in local
       Fernando                                           development -- Jocelyne Bernier,
114.04 Do third grade school marks predict total          Pascale Mantoura, Louise Potvin
       and cause-specific mortality? A life long   116.03 Health seeking behavior of general
       follow-up of Swedish children born in              population: An experience from
       1915-29 -- Denny Vågerö, David Leon,               Islamabad -- Sara I. Gilani, Sarah T.
       Bitte Modin                                        Mir, Tooba Mazhar, Sana Ali, Sofia
114.05 Body figure perceptions and                        Tariq
       preferences among Kuwaiti female            116.04 Community interventions: Building on
       university students -- Yearul Kabir,               research evidence and implementing in
       Tasleem Zafar                                      local settings -- Arja R. Aro
114.06 Bullying among students in Samsun,          116.05 Determining effective knowledge
       Turkey -- Ahmet Turla, Sevgi Canbaz,               translation of health research findings to
       Yildiz Peksen                                      community members of Aklavik, NWT --
114.07 The study of the effect of physical                Janis Dawn Huntington, Karen
       activities on drug on drug use change in
       Goodman, Rachel Munday, Christopher       Moderator:    Ronald Labonte
116.06 Evaluation of the effectiveness of
       primary health care in south and          120                           11:00-12:30
       northeast Brazil: Methodological                                      Andrija Stampar
       contributions -- Luiz A. Facchini
116.07 Stillbirth: Unheard cry of newborns --    Implementation of the Threat Agent
       Mohammad Rasheduzzaman Shah,              Detection and Response System in Former
       Nazma Begum, Qazi Sadeq-ur Rahman,        Soviet Union Republics
       Abdullah Baqui                            Moderator:    Trevor Shoemaker
                                                 120.01 Introduction to the biological threat
Thursday, April 30, 2009                                reduction program and the threat agent
                                                        detection and response system --
                                                        Trevor Shoemaker
117                         09:00-10:30          120.02 The threat agent detection and
                              Allen Jones               response system in Georgia:
                                                        Challenges and successes -- Paata
Millennium Development Goals: Why Still                 Imnadze
So Far?                                          120.03 The Electronic Integrated Disease
                                                        Surveillance System (EIDSS) for
Moderators: Sabahattin Aydin, Isabel de la
                                                        veterinary and public health in
                                                        Azerbaijan -- Tamiilla Aliyeva, Oleg
Speakers:    Augusto Paulo, Abdul Rahman                Salimov
             El-Awadi, Nata Menabde, Samir       120.04 BTRP training program in Central Asia:
             Banoob                                     Experience in Kazakhstan and
                                                        Uzbekistan -- Michael Schmoyer,
                                                        Adubois Marufov, Dilafkor Mirdjalilov
118                         11:00-12:30          120.05 Human seroprevalence of brucellosis in
                              Allen Jones               three regions of northern Azerbaijan --
                                                        Afrail Ismayilov, Danielle V. Clark,
Diet, Physical Activity and Health: National            Huseyn Hajiyev, Tahir Nuriyev, Piraliyev
Implementation of the Global Strategy                   Saleh, Sadigulla Bagirov, Afag
Moderators: Pekka Puska, Gulden Pekcan                  Aslanova, Amanda Lane, Matthew
118.01 WHO global strategy and background,
       action plan and its implementation --
       Pekka Puska                               121                           11:00-12:30
118.02 National measures giving effect to the                                  Louis Pasteur
       WHO global strategy on diet, physical
                                                 Panel On the Impact of Violence On Public
       activity and health in Turkey -- Gulden
118.03 EPODE as an example of best practice      Moderator:    Saul Franco
       education programme to prevent obesity
                                                 Speaker:      Michel Wieviorka
       -- Christophe Roy
118.04 Progress made by the private sector,
       including commitments for the future --
       Niels Christiansen                        122                           11:00-12:30
                                                                       Florence Nightingale

119                         11:00-12:30          Reforming Public Health Education I
                           Rudolf Virchow        Moderators: Apryl Brown, D.K. Sekimpi
Globalization and Health: The Case for           122.01 Strengthening public health education in
Redistribution, Regulation and Rights                   population and reproductive health in
         Africa through North-South partnership:     123.05 In-service training for primary health
         The Gates Partners experience --                   care: A distance education initiative in
         Adesegun O. Fatusi, Amy O. Tsui,                   Brazil -- Raphael Augusto Teixeira de
         Gbolahan Oni, Tsiri Agbenyega, Agnes               Aguiar, Maria José Grillo, Edison
         Chimbiri, Fikre Enquselassie, Oladosu              Corrêa, Mara Vasconcelos, Horácio
         Ojengbede, Ebenezer Ojofeitimi,                    Pereira Faria, Juliane Corrêa, Ricardo
         Isabella Quakyi                                    Alexandre Souza
122.02   Pharmaceutical care provision by            123.06 A multidisciplinary health education
         Malaysian community pharmacists via                program experience to adequate newly
         smoking cessation services --                      graduated health workers to work in
         Mohamad Haniki                                     primary health care services in Brazil --
122.03   Sun protection behaviors among                     Julio Baldisserotto Sr., Ananyr Porto
         married women of Yazd, Iran -- Hossein             Fajardo, Vera Pasini, Maria Helena
         Forghani                                           Schimit
122.04   Changes in dental education for primary
         health care: The Brazilian experience
         with Prosaude -- Maria Celeste Morita,      124                           11:00-12:30
         HaddadAE Haddad, BrenelliS Brenelli,                                        John Snow
         CuryG Cury, Campos FE Campos,               Controlling the Tobacco Epidemic II
         ChristófaroMA Christófaro
122.05   Utility of Health Belief Model (HBM) in     Moderator:    Federico Paredes
         dietary education for type II diabetic      124.01 Smoking and age at natural menopause
         patients -- Gh Sharifirad, A. Kamran               in a cross-sectional study of Turkish
122.06   Adding human and social sciences in                women -- Zeynep Dilek Aydιn
         the medical education -- Mario Parada       124.02 Tobacco, alcohol and other drugs use
         L., Jorge Gregoire I., Dunny Casanova              by students of pharmacy in the
         Z., Alma Vidales M.                                University of Barcelona – Spain --
                                                            Adriano Antonio da Silva Pedrosa-
                                                            Moreira, Klaysa Moreira Ramos-
123                            11:00-12:30
                                                            Pedrosa, Antonio Piranema de
                           James Flemming
                                                            Mascarenhas Pedrosa
Training Multidisciplinary Health Workers II         124.03 Smoke-free cities -- Francisco A.
                                                            Armada, Hiro Ueda
Moderators: Ileana M. Prejbeanu, Wolney
                                                     124.04 Adverse effect of tobacco use on
            Lisboa Conde
                                                            pregnancy outcome: A multi-center
123.01 Evaluation of the model of health                    hospital based study in Karachi,
       workers' qualification -- Serafim B.                 Pakistan -- Shafquat Rozi
       Santos Filho                                  124.05 Smokeless tobacco consumption:
123.02 Promoting core synergism:                            Possible risk factor for coronary heart
       Multidisciplinary collaboration in training          disease (CHD) among young patients in
       health professionals, the case of Moi                Bangladesh -- Muhammad Aziz
       University -- Job Siekei Mogire,                     Rahman, M. Mostafa Zaman
       Gabriel-Mahasi Buluku, Gabriel Mahasi         124.06 Restrictions on smoking at home and
       Buluku                                               urinary cotinine levels: First report --
123.03 Bandeira Cientifica Project: The                     Azam Baheiraei, Afshin Mohsenifar,
       experience of education for public health            Hooman Sharifi Milani, Roghieh
       system -- Luiz F. F. Silva, Andrea B.                Kharaghani
       Spessoto, Bandeira Científica Project
123.04 Improving health management
       performance in Serbia: External               125                           11:00-12:30
       evaluation of learning outcomes after                    Charles-Edward Amory Winslow
       training -- Vesna Bjegovic Mikanovic,         Gender Discrimination and Violence against
       Zorica Terzic Supic, Jelena Marinkovic        Women I
Moderator:    Leonor M. P. Santos                 127                              11:00-12:30
125.01 Action research on domestic violence                                          Behcet Uz
       during pregnancy: A strategy for           Improving Performance and Productivity of
       qualifying health professionals -- Karen   the Health Team III
       M. Giffin, Sônia M. Dantas Berger,
       Tizuko Shiraiwa, Janaina Aguiar            Moderator:    Luiz F. F. Silva
125.02 Gender-based violence and public           127.01 Interdisciplinary practice in health
       health: The HIV prevention intervention           care: A promissory path for
       among abused women in South Africa --             professionals and patients -- Denise E.
       Rakgadi Mohlahlane                                Pires, Eliane Matos
125.03 In the United States, sexual violence      127.02 Capacity of senior health managers for
       costs more than drunk driving -- Ted R.           health challenges of public health sector
       Miller                                            reform in Pakistan -- Abdul Hakeem
125.04 Socio-demographic determinants of                 Jokhio
       violence against Portuguese pregnant       127.03 Improving the uptake of
       women -- Carlos Pereira, Odete                    periconceptional folate supplementation:
       Amaral, Nélio Veiga                               What do women think? -- Danielle
126                          11:00-12:30          127.04 Factors associated with the duration and
                            Sergio Arouca                the quality of pharmaceutical dispensing
                                                         in a primary healthcare facility from Belo
Health Problems of Migrants, Refugees and                Horizonte, Brazil -- Souza L. D'Ávila,
Minorities III                                           Ávila A. Assunção, Almeida S. Belisário
                                                  127.05 Back pain knowledge improvement
Moderator:    Vijaya K. Hogan
                                                         through communitary health agents’
126.01 The Turkish versions of the revised               qualification in Amazon region --
       illness perception questionnaire (IPQ-R)          Fabiola Olea Albieri, Daniella R.
       and the brief illness perception                  Gomes, Cariel B. S. Denti, Luciana G.
       questionnaire (Brief IPQ): Pilot                  Medeiros, Luiz F. F. Silva, Bandeira
       validation in Turkish migrants living in          Científica Project
       Germany -- Patrick Brzoska, Nazan
       Ulusoy, Yüce Yilmaz, Oliver Razum
126.02 Pregnancy and maternity health of          128                              11:00-12:30
       immigrant women in Portugal -- Sónia                                    Refik Saydam
       F. Dias, Cristianne F. Rocha               Poverty, Health and Development:
126.03 Prevention strategies for elderly          Achieving the Millennium Development
       migrants in socially disadvantaged         Goals (III)
       neighbourhoods: The role of
       neighbourhood agencies -- Katrin Falk,     Moderators: Ardiana Gjini, Flavia
       Susanne Kümpers                                        Senkubuge
126.04 Childbearing health and service needs      128.01 Preventable perinatal mortality in Belo
       of migrants and refugees to Montreal,             Horizonte, 1999: Social inequalities and
       Quebec (Canada) -- Anita Gagnon,                  the role of hospital care -- Sonia
       Olive Wahoush, Geoffrey Dougherty,                Lansky, Elisabeth Franca, SV
       Jean-Francois Saucier, Cindy-Lee                  Subramanian, Ichiro Kawachi
       Dennis, Elizabeth Stanger, Becky           128.02 A new inequity-in-health index based on
       Palmer, Donna E. Stewart                          Millenium Development Goals:
126.05 Addressing immigrants' health: Policy             Methodology and validation --
       responses in Bulgaria -- Albena G.                Hernando Gaitan-Duarte, Javier H.
       Kerekovska, Iskra S. Mircheva,                    Eslava-Schmalbach, Helman Alfonso,
       Stoyanka T. Popova                                Henry Oliveros, Carlos Agudelo
128.03 Food insecurity in Mexican older people      130.01 Exposure to pesticides and traces of
       from rural areas -- Andrés Méndez                   pesticides in breastmilk in a region
       Palacios M, Carmen Ortega Almazán,                  where apple cultivation is widespread --
       José Alberto Rivera Márquez                         Gunferah Sahin, Ersin Uskun, Recep
128.04 Examining the applicability of the                  Ay, Tufan Nayir
       information-motivation-behavior skills       130.02 Occupational injuries among workers
       model of HIV preventive behavior in                 from primary health care centers in
       Uganda -- Michele L. Ybarra, Julius                 Brazil -- Leila P. Garcia, Luiz A.
       Kiwanuka                                            Facchini
128.05 An evaluation of the cervical screening      130.03 Surface water pollution downtrend as
       programme in Johannesburg, South                    result of environmental management --
       Africa -- Waasila Jassat                            Lev D. Rozman
                                                    130.04 Analysis of policy: The environmental
                                                           health program, Recife, Brazil -- Tereza
129                           11:00-12:30                  Maciel Lyra, Jose Luiz Correa de
                               Nusret Fisek                Araujo Junior
Progress of Prevention and Control of               130.05 Evaluation of job stress and job stress
HIV/AIDS, Malaria, and Tuberculosis III                    induced hyper tension -- Narmadha
                                                           Sambasivam, Habeeb Ibrahim Abdul
Moderator:    Amy Hagopian                                 Razack, Jegan RS, Mathar Sahib Abdul
129.01 The "virgin" HIV puzzle: Can                        Razack, Babu J
       misreporting account for the high            130.06 Behavior in solid waste management of
       proportion of HIV cases in self-reported            the citizens in Ban Thale Noi community
       virgins? -- Eva Deuchert                            in the southern Thailand -- Wattana
129.02 Determinants of correct knowledge and               Sripotchanart
       misconception about TB transmission          130.07 Educarci al cambiamento: Esperienze
       among ever married women in India and               educative sull'ecoefficienza (Educating
       Bangladesh: Evidence from recent                    ourselves to change: Educational
       national surveys -- Aklimunnessa                    experiences about eco-effinciency) --
       Khandoker, Md. Mobarak Hossain                      Maria Grazia Petronio, Simone Pagni,
       Khan, Alexander Kraemer, Mitsuru Mori               Bibiana Losapio
129.03 HIV/AIDS in rural areas of Brazil:           130.08 Eco-health=human health: A human
       Cultural implications for health                    ecosystem approach -- Emine Ozmete
       promotion -- Patricia Neves                  130.09 Heavy metals content in a polluted area
       Guimaraes, Denise Martin, Francisco J.              from Romania -- Nicoleta Muntean,
       Quirino Santos, Danielle Groleau                    Mariana Vlad, Calina Creta, Edward
129.04 A risk based framework for knowledge                Muntean
       sharing in TB management: A case             130.10 The future of global environmental
       study in the United Kingdom and the                 health: An integrated modelling
       Netherlands -- Chakib Kara-Zaitri,                  approach -- Henk B.M. Hilderink
       Henriëtte L. G. Waarbeek ter                 130.11 Telemarketing and masticatory muscles
129.05 Sex/health education as a means to                  pain: An occupational approach --
       prevent HIV/AIDS infection among                    Alcylene Carla de Jesus dos Santos,
       street kids in Cote D'Ivoire -- Diakaridja          Maria Isabel Pereira Vianna
       Soura                                        130.12 Cardiovascular mortality and arsenic
                                                           (As) exposure by drinking water in
                                                           Auvergne (France) -- Nathalie
130                           12:30-14:00                  Marchiset-Ferlay, Chantal Savanovitch,
                         Sadrivaan A and B                 Marie-Pierre Sauvant-Rochat
                                                    130.13 Noise levels in shuttle busses: A
Poster: Environmental and Occupational
                                                           descriptive study -- Tahsin Gokhan
                                                           Telatar, Funda Sevencan, Songül A.
                                                           Vaizoglu, Cagatay Guler
130.14 Linking behavior risk factor surveillance               Jagoda Doko Jelinic, Krunoslav Capak,
       system data and air quality data to study               Danijela Stimac, Drazen Stojanovic
       the impact of air pollutions to health         130.27   Representations of teachers concerning
       behaviors -- Lina S. Balluz                             about the organization of the work in the
130.15 Evaluation of employers' attitude                       school and the promotion of wholesome
       towards occupational health and basic                   educational environments -- Ana Maria
       practices concerning occupational                       Fontenelle Catrib, João Batista Vianey
       health and safety in small scale                        Silveira Moura, Meirecele Caliope
       enterprises -- Cantürk Çapik                            Leitinho
130.16 Management of ergonomics at                    130.28   Stress among Brazilian nurses who
       workplace -- Piia Tint                                  work at emergency department --
130.17 Healthcare waste management in                          Catherine M. F. Pinto, Graziele
       different health facilities of Nepal -- Rita            Menzani, Estela R. F. Bianchi
       Joshi                                          130.29   Aspects of human pressure on the
130.18 Attributable fraction of work accidents                 environment -- Ileana M. Prejbeanu,
       related to occupational noise exposure                  Cornelia Rada, Corina-Aurelia Zugravu,
       in a city in southeastern Brazil --                     Monica Laura Cara
       Adriano Dias, Ricardo Cordeiro                 130.30   Dental pain and absenteeism in a
130.19 Research on current situation and                       workers sample -- Maria Helena
       changing trend of vector biology in the                 Monteiro de Barros Miotto, Ludmilla
       reservoir area of Three Gorges -- Li Zhi-               Awad Barcellos
       jin Sr.                                        130.31   Wengchuan earthquake and drinking
130.20 Evaluation and control of human and                     water safety -- Dan Zhang Sr., Jinquan
       environmental exposure to pesticides in                 Cheng Sr., Yuebin Ke Sr.
       Brazil -- Leila P. Garcia, Antonio J. C.       130.32   Exposure to organic solvents among
       Cardoso, Lenita Nicoletti, Aramis C.                    furniture workers in Karabaglar, Izmir --
       Beltrami, Andre V. P. Guerrero                          Aliye Mandiracioglu, Serap Akgur,
130.21 Indoor and outdoor exposure levels of                   Nesrin Kocabiyik, Ufuk Sener
       airborne bacteria and mold in various          130.33   Iron deficiency in newborns of mothers
       environments of Ankara, Turkey -- Sibel                 smoking cigarette during pregnancy --
       Mentese Jr., Abbas Yousefi Rad III,                     Magdalena Chelchowska, Leszek
       Munevver Arisoy II, Gulen Gullu Sr.                     Lewandowski, Jadwiga
130.22 Effect of migratory and seasonal                        Ambroszkiewicz, Joanna Gajewska,
       farmworks on coverage of vaccination of                 Mariusz Oltarzewski, Tomasz
       aged 0-5 years children in Sanliurfa in                 Maciejewski, Teresa Laskowska-Klita
       Turkey -- Ibrahim Koruk, Zeynep                130.34   Vitamin D deficiency and effect of
       Simsek, Suda Tekin Koruk                                vitamin D supplementation in children
130.23 An intervention study: The effectiveness                on vegetarian diet -- Jadwiga
       of sustainable mobile healthcare                        Ambroszkiewicz, Witold Klemarczyk,
       services for migratory and seasonal                     Magdalena Chelchowska, Joanna
       farmworkers -- Zeynep Simsek, Ibrahim                   Gajewska, Mariusz Oltarzewski, Teresa
       Koruk, Onder Yasar                                      Laskowska-Klita
130.24 Historical and exposure reconstruction         130.35   Prevalence of sharps-induced injuries
       in the Taconite mining industry – Study                 among health workers in Ibadan, Nigeria
       design -- Jooyeon Hwang, Gurumurthy                     -- Chimere May Ohajinwa
       Ramachandran                                   130.36   The call for a new standard for water
130.25 Are rural healthcare workers at more                    quality in health care facilities --
       risk? Comparing the occupational health                 Zigmond A. Kozicki
       and safety experience of rural and urban       130.37   Ergonomics in schools: Situation in Sri
       healthcare workers in British Columbia,                 Lankan early adolescents -- I.L.K.
       Canada -- Negar Chavoshi                                Jayaratne, D.N. Fernando
130.26 Medical waste management in                    130.38   Assessment of dietary consumptions,
       Primorsko-Goranska county, Croatia --                   nutrition habits and body mass indexes
       Albert Cattunar, Vladimir Micovic,                      of working women -- Nihal Ilter
130.39 State of health related with nutrition at    130.51 Establishment and ensuring
       55-70 years people from Dolj county,                sustainability of occupational health
       Romania, in different socio-professional            services -- M. Ariff Tengku
       contexts -- Emilia Pãtru, Andreea L.         130.52 The role of occupational health nurse in
       Golli, Ciprian L. Pãtru                             hazard and risk assessment of work
130.40 Heath center workers' health profile                environment -- Oya Nuran Emiroglu,
       from a family health center in Vitória-ES,          Gülümser Kublay, Bilge Topuksak
       Brazil and its impact on public health       130.53 Integrative and participatory pesticides
       services -- Cátia R. Gardioli, Etelvina             risk assessment and management in
       B. V. Pereira, Giovana R. Santos,                   Brazil: Assessing rural workers'
       Josiana S. M. Lima, Katia R. C. S. Lima,            vulnerabilities and linking research to
       Leila M. R. Miguel, Lucienne V. Caldas,             action -- Frederico Peres, Josino Costa
       Stefania O. Ladislau                                Moreira, Karla Meneses Rodrigues, Luz
130.41 Accidents increase in bad housing                   Claudio
       conditions: A cross-sectional study --       130.54 The prevalance of sick building
       Fehminaz Temel, Songül A. Vaizoglu                  syndrome among employees of a public
130.42 Housing and immediate environment                   corporation and its relationship between
       conditions and their association with               some risk factors -- Alev Yucel, Sefer
       health in a health center region --                 Aycan
       Fehminaz Temel, Songül A. Vaizoglu           130.55 Environmental health and nursing: An
130.43 Levels of work-related stress and mental            interdisciplinary experience in
       health problems among emergency                     education, research and practice --
       ambulance workers in Edirne – Turkey -              Angela M. M. Takayanagui, Susana
       - Burcu Tokuc, Yaser Turunç, Galip                  Segura-Muñoz, Sueli Paccagnella
       Ekuklu                                              Correa de Araújo, Marlene Duarte
130.44 The attitudes of university students                Mendes
       towards the environment and                  130.56 Investigation of knowledge, attitude and
       environmental problems -- Sibal Erkal,              behaviours of employers working at hair
       Hande Sahin                                         dressers, barbershops and beauty
130.45 Drinking water quality in rural areas and           saloons in Odemis about diseases
       water related diseases in Kosova for the            transmitted via blood -- Yelda C.
       year 2007 -- Burim R. Kotori                        Dönmez, Eda Dolgun, Gülhan Çay, Asli
130.46 Effluents of radiographic image                     Kalkim
       processing -- Jamyle Calencio                130.57 Determination of some physical and
       Grigoletto, Eliana Leão Prado, Sérgio               chemical parameters in public water
       Marcos Sanches, Angela M. M.                        supplies in RibeirÃo preto-SP, Brazil --
       Takayanagui                                         Sérgio Marcos Sanches, Jamyle
130.47 Dentists' quality of life from Espírito             Calencio Grigoletto, Eliana Leão
       Santo state, Brazil 2007 -- Margareth               Prado, Eny Maria Vieira, Angela M. M.
       Pandolfi, Maria Helena Monteiro de                  Takayanagui
       Barros Miotto, Ludmilla Awad Barcellos       130.58 Risk management: The relations
130.48 Effect of pollution on neurobehavioral              between environment risk factors and
       function of printing workers -- Hui Wang            the impact on the public health of the
130.49 The mobile phone usage attitude of                  rural zone in Brazil -- Eliana Leão
       Hacettepe University medical faculty                Prado, Jamyle Calencio Grigoletto,
       third grade students -- Mehmet Kaya,                Sérgio Marcos Sanches, Angela M. M.
       Songül A. Vaizoglu, Alparslan Merdin,               Takayanagui
       Emrullah Yilmaz, Gökce Yildirim,             130.59 Victimization and occupational accidents
       Abdülkerim Yildiz                                   in the Pró-saúde study -- Flávia dos
130.50 Women in construction industry of India:            Santos Barbosa, Guilherme L.
       Impact on health -- Sanghita                        Werneck, Maria Helena Hasselmann,
       Bhattacharyya                                       Claudia de Souza Lopes, Eduardo
                                                           Faerstein, Dóra Chor
130.60 Occupational health of professionals           130.71 Environmental risk and waste
       nursing: A preventive approach -- Karen               management in a university hospital in
       Rossetto Braga, Tatiana Haddad                        Canada: A case study -- Angela M. M.
       Gomes, Rosilene Nilo Santos                           Takayanagui
130.61 Drug residues in edible animal products        130.72 Occupational contact dermatits: A
       and public health -- Ayhan Filazi                     compensation process gone wrong --
130.62 Cryptosporidium ssp. oocysts, giardia                 Andre Rose
       ssp. cysts and virus in sewage and             130.73 Antimicrobial effect of potassium
       sewage sludge: An approach for public                 sorbate on brucella melitensis in tulum
       health -- Karina Aparecida de Abreu                   cheese -- Ahmet H. Dinçoglu, Bahri
       Tonani, Fabiana Cristina Julião, Tania                Patir
       Maria Beltramini Trevilato, Angela M. M.       130.74 Evaluation of revised smoke-free
       Takayanagui, Susana Segura-Muñoz                      legislation on environmental tobacco
130.63 Identification and quantification of heavy            smoke exposure and smoking status of
       metals, parasites and bacteria in urban               administrative personel of an university -
       wastewater before and after treatment in              - Nuray Yesildal, Gozde Metin, Omer
       the sewage treatment station of Ribeirão              Miroglu, Okan Ozturk, Ayhan Tanyeli,
       preto, s.p -- Karina Aparecida de                     Fatih Ak, Sinemis Cetin Dagli
       Abreu Tonani, Meire Nikaido, Tania             130.75 Dengue prevention: Toward a
       Maria Beltramini Trevilato, Angela M. M.              technology of control of domiciliary use
       Takayanagui, Susana Segura-Muñoz                      of water containers -- João Bosco
130.64 Work hours and work ability among                     Jardim Sr., Virgínia T. Schall, Héliton S.
       nursing personnel: The contribution of                Barros Sr.
       domestic work -- Lúcia Rotenberg,              130.76 Brucellosis due to brucella suis in a
       Luciana Fernandes Portela, Rosane                     swine herd associated with a human
       Harter Griep, Frida M. Fischer, Paul                  clinical case in the state of São Paulo,
       Landsbergis                                           Brazil -- Raphaella B. Meirelles, Luis A.
130.65 Association between job strain and                    Mathias, Luis Samartino
       psychological distress: Results from           130.77 Domestic violence against men -- Filiz
       five epidemiological studies in Brazil --             Koc
       Tania Maria Araujo                             130.78 Effect of roasting process on antibiotic
130.66 Epidemiological situation of accidents by             residues in edible tissues of poultry by
       scorpions in Brazil in the last five years -          FPT method -- Seyed Amin Khatibi,
       - Andreia P. C. Dantas                                Afshin Javadi
130.67 Job stress and occupational accidents          130.79 Health of expatriate workers in Qatar: A
       in the Pró-saúde study, Brazil --                     priority -- Wasif Alam
       Alexandre S. Brito, Antonio Carlos M.          130.80 Convenience of public bodies for use by
       Ponce de Leon, Guilherme L. Werneck,                  handicapped persons in city center of
       Dóra Chor, Eduardo Faerstein, Claudia                 Isparta -- Tufan Nayir, Ersin Uskun
       de Souza Lopes                                 130.81 Drinking water fortification with iron and
130.68 Working conditions, psychosocial                      vitamin C as a public health strategy to
       factors and health effects of medical                 reduce anemia among children in day
       residents and practitioners in a Mexican              CARE centers of Belo Horizonte city,
       hospital -- Martha Edilia Palacios Nava               Brazil --
130.69 Occupational health under a gender             130.82 Control banding -- Sarah Elizabeth
       perspective: A study on recovery from                 Keyes
       work among Brazilian nurses -- Lúcia
       Rotenberg, Rosane Harter Griep,
       Joseane Pessanha, Luciana Gomes                131                           12:30-14:00
130.70 Situation of Brazillian program for                                     Sadrivaan A and B
       surveillance of accidents caused by            Poster: Building a Civil Society to Support
       venomous snakes -- Andreia P. C.               Healthy Communities
       Dantas, Daniel N. Sifuentes
131.01 Hygienic practices among poultry               131.14 Building alliances to advocate for
       butchers -- Rajesh Kumar                              strengthening reproductive health
131.02 Strengthening third level health care                 policies and programmes in India --
       services: Experiences from the                        Jayeeta Chowdhury
       Argentinean northwest -- Daniel A.             131.15 The ways of popular participation:
       Maceira, Pedro Ariel Kremer                           Understanding this process in a poor
131.03 Effect of learning organization workshop              community in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil --
       and mentoring on referral system for                  Nilza Rogéria de A. Nunes
       antenatal care in south Sulawesi               131.16 The challenges of popular participation
       Indonesia -- Veni Hadju                               in the public health care -- Lucia C.
131.04 Developing family empowerment post                    Oliveira
       for enhancing human development                131.17 Violence towards primary health care
       index -- Kuntoro Kuntoro                              workers in Samsun, Turkey -- Ebru
131.05 Connecting communities for health --                  Kaynar Tuncel, Cihad Dundar, Ahmet
       Harpreet Brar, Shakeela Abid                          Tevfik Sunter Sr., Sevgi Canbaz, Yildiz
131.06 Empowering communities through home                   Peksen
       safety: Joint Israeli-Palestinian initiative
       to support healthy communities -- Yael
       A. Rockoff                                     132                           12:30-14:00
131.07 Public as the part time health workers:                                Sadrivaan A and B
       Need of the hour -- Habeeb Ibrahim             Poster: Child Labour: Economic and Health
       Abdul Razack, Jegan RS, Mathar Sahib           Effects
       Abdul Razack, Narmadha Sambasivam,
       Babu J                                         132.01 The evaluation of video-based lamaze
131.08 The integrated system of inspection (ISI)             method on controlling primiparas labor
       as a tool for performance management                  pain -- Tzu-Suan Huang, Pei-Ju Tseng,
       in the supplementary health sector,                   Shou-Cheng Yen, Yi-Wei Hsu, Hui-
       Brazil -- Gislaine Afonso-Souza,                      Chuan Shih, Tao-Hsin Tung, Fu-Li
       Antonio Ponce-de-Leon, Flavio J. F.                   Chen
       Oliveira, Luis Sa                              132.02 Effort-reward imbalance and
131.09 The role of private sector: CSR --                    absenteeism among nursing personnel
       Nirmal Elangovan                                      in Brasil -- Rosane Harter Griep, Lúcia
131.10 A case study of community leadership in               Rotenberg, Maria de Jesus Mendes
       the resolution of health problems --                  Fonseca, Paulo Vasconcellos-Silva,
       Yvette Marie Clarisse Saya, Georges                   Paul Landsbergis
       Batala-Mpondo, Jonas Moukoubouka
131.11 Democratization of the management of           133                           12:30-14:00
       national health care system (SUS) in the
                                                                              Sadrivaan A and B
       municipality of Santo André, São Paulo,
       through the consolidation of the councils      Poster: Community Mental Health
       of popular participation -- Catherine M.
                                                      133.01 Preventing depression: Culture and
       F. Pinto, Cristina M. Athayde, Vania B.
                                                             depressogenic cognitive vulnerabilities -
                                                             - Justin Thomas
131.12 Why in this place? -- Thereza Christina
                                                      133.02 Study of prevalence rate and reasons of
       B. Coelho, Andréia Beatriz Silva dos
                                                             depression in Birjand University of
       Santos, Ewen Speed, Larissa Castro
                                                             medical science students and provide a
       Rodrigues, Samanta Cardoso Góes,
                                                             proper educational pattern -- Narges
       Hèlvia Fagundes
                                                             Moasheri, mohamad Reza Miri, Mitra
131.13 The role of community health workers
                                                             Moodi, hamid Reza Mashreghi
       and environmental health specialists in
       health care: The case of Vitoria-ES-
                                                      133.03 Childhood depression and violence: A
       Brazil -- Hélia M. Mathias, Juliana S.
                                                             study in Brazilian low-income school-
       Bastos, Liziane L. Souza, Thaís Wolkart
                                                             children -- Joviana Quintes Avanci,
         Simone Assis, Raquel Oliveira, Thiago                  Mohd Aznan Md Aris, Niza
         Pires                                                  Shamsuddin
133.04   Common mental disorders among                 133.16   Mental symptoms and its association
         pregnant adolescents -- Celise                         with domestic violence among women
         Meneses, Claudia de Souza Lopes                        attending a primary health care center in
133.05   Shared experience as the basis for a                   Ankara -- Ozge Karadag, Sarp Uner,
         sense of belonging and social                          Merve S. Durak, Seda Demiregen, M.
         transformation -- Claudia M. Abreu,                    Fazil Bagci
         Eliana D. Rodrigues                           133.17   Mental symptoms and its association
133.06   Headache: Perceptions and practices of                 with social participation among first and
         a Pakistani -- Sara I. Gilani                          forth grade students of business
133.07   Mental health problems in a Turkish                    administration and computer
         primary care sample -- Hasibe                          engineering faculties of a private
         Kadioglu, Ayse Ergun, Ayse Yildiz                      university in Ankara -- Ozge Karadag,
133.08   The effects of nursing education and                   Banu Cakir, Sabahat Tezcan
         training on reducing burnout in mothers       133.18   Use of the PSC-17 in Turkish school-
         who have a mentally disabled child --                  aged children -- Meryem Öztürk, Semra
         Sonay Bilgin, Sebahat Gözüm                            Erdogan
133.09   Borderlands and spatial identity: A           133.19   Economic burden of three common
         narrative inquiry into the mental and                  psychiatric disorders in Malaysia -- Rizal
         emotional experiences of rural first                   Abdul Manaf, Syed Mohamed Aljunid,
         nations' women in Canada -- Brenda L.                  Hamid Abdul Rahman
         Green                                         133.20   Risk factors of depression among adults
133.10   Satisfaction about neighbourhood                       attending primary care clinics in
         conditions in relation to well-being status            Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia -- Mohd
         among married adults living in Dhaka                   Aznan Md Aris
         megacity and its adjacent rural area:         133.21   How to develop training programs for
         Results from a cross-sectional study --                primary health care workers on mental
         Md. Mobarak Hossain Khan, Oliver                       health promotion -- Bulent Coskun
         Gruebner, Alexander Kraemer                   133.22   The relation between child discipline
133.11   Harmonica music therapy: Emerging                      practices and behavioral problems in a
         public health promotion strategy in                    rural area in southeast of Turkey -- Olga
         global perspectives -- Victor SungHee                  Ozdener, Nureddin Ozdener, Gulsah
         Yun                                                    Seydaoglu, Aysegul Tahiroglu, Muhsin
133.12   Further training needs of nurses on                    Akbaba
         community mental health -- Ruhi S.            133.23   School health nursing interventions to
         Tabak, Nilgun Sarp, Lale Afrasyap,                     acquire positive health behaviours --
         Kader Sarlak                                           Kader Mert, Seçil Aksayan
133.13   Hopefulness and religious behaviors           133.24   Effect of tsunami on adolescents' mental
         among adolescents in Yazd (Iran) --                    health: A Sri Lankan experience --
         Mohammad ali Morowatisharifabad,                       Thilini Agampodi, Suneth Agampodi,
         Elahe Shirzad                                          Pushpa Fonseka
133.14   The introduction of experts by                133.25   Mental health care in Brazil: A reform
         experience in a Barcelona psychiatric                  analyse -- Lucia Abelha, Giovanni
         hospital due to the implementation of                  Lovisi, Sylvia Gonçalves, Letícia F.
         the EMILIA (Empowerment of Mental                      Legay
         Illness Service Users: Lifelong learning,     133.26   Community mental healthcare services
         Integration and Action) project -- Paz                 in São Paulo, Brazil -- Andreia F.
         Flores, Roser Izquierdo, Carmen                        Nascimento
         MasFerrer, Tecille Domingez, Eithne           133.27   Stigmatization of medical school
         Leahy                                                  students towards schiczophrenia: A
133.15   The prevalence of depression among                     qualitative study -- Hatice Ikiisik,
         elderly patients attending primary care                Serdar Sülün, Gülsen Polat, Pinar Ay,
         clinics in Kuantan, Pahang Malaysia --                 Melda Karavus
133.28 The relationship of marital adjustment      134.05 Tobacco use and its determinants
       with somatisation level -- Oya                     among students of grade 8, 9 and 10 of
       Fidanoglu, Seyhan Hıdıroğlu, Onur                  Kirtipur municipality of Nepal -- Sanjeev
       Özlem Kose, Pinar Ay, Dilsad Save,                 Raj Neupane
       Melda Karavus                               134.06 Cigarettes and their adverse effects:
133.29 Depression and associated factors                  Views of Pakistani population -- Sara I.
       among medical students: A cross-                   Gilani
       sectional study in Kayseri, Turkey --       134.07 Trends of smoking: An experience from
       Melis Naçar, Zeynep Baykan, Saliha                 a household survey in Pakistan -- Sara
       Özsoy, Serpil Poyrazoglu, Fevziye                  I. Gilani
       Cetinkaya                                   134.08 Iranian dentists' familiarity with tobacco
133.30 Measuring emotional overload in                    cessation programs and barriers to
       relatives of people with psychiatric               adherence -- Arezoo Ebn Ahmady,
       suffering of pelotas-RS, Brazil -- Elaine          Reza Hosseinpour
       Tomasi, Luiz A. Facchini, Roberto           134.09 Theoretical knowledge about smoking:
       Piccini, Elaine Thumé, Ricardo A. Silva,           Comparison of two instructional
       Helen D.G. Silva, Aliteia S. Dilelio               methods in elementary school students -
133.31 Suicide attempts in schizophrenia --               - Alberto De Vitta
       Clareci Silva Cardoso, Waleska T.           134.10 The prevalence of tobacco use among
       Caiaffa                                            health science college students (HSC):
133.32 Drug and driving among long distance               Riyadh, Saudi Arabia -- Khalid M.
       self employed automobile drivers in                Almutairi, Wadi B. Alonazi
       Nigeria: Public health implications --      134.11 Effectiveness of a mobile smoking
       Victor O. Lasebikan                                cessation service in reaching smokers
133.33 The effect of precede model-based                  at workplaces -- Zaswiza Mohamad
       educational program based on                       Noor, Mohamad Haniki Nik Mohamed,
       depression level in patients with                  Samsul Draman, Mohd Aznan Md Aris,
       coronary artery bypass grafting --                 Siti Halimah Bux Shaik Rahman Bux,
       Seyyed M. Mehdi Hazavehei, L.                      Norny Syafinaz Ab Rahman
       Sabzmakan, Akbar Hassanzadeh, K.            134.12 Cigarette, alcohol and substance use
       Rabiee                                             among Trakya University students --
                                                          Halil Evren, Burcu Tokuc
                                                   134.13 Tobacco smoking and alcohol
134                           12:30-14:00                 consumption in Polish population of
                         Sadrivaan A and B                pregnant women -- Teresa Laskowska-
Poster: Controlling the Tobacco Epidemic                  Klita, Magdalena Chelchowska,
                                                          Jadwiga Ambroszkiewicz, Joanna
134.01 Why the children are at risk in their              Gajewska, Mariusz Oltarzewski
       homes by exposing environmental             134.14 Parental and school factors related to
       tobacco smoke? -- Şafak Taner                      adolescent smoking in Malatya, Turkey -
       Gürsoy, Meral Türk Soyer, Meltem                   - Gulsen Gunes, Mine Kaya, Mehmet
       Çiçeklioğlu, Zeliha Öcek, Feride Aksu              Ali Kurcer
134.02 Marketing research in the posters with      134.15 Factors for the high prevalence of
       message against tobacco -- Gustavo A.              tobacco use in Bulgaria -- Stela L.
       Vargas Sr.                                         Georgieva, Angelika Velkova, Mariela
134.03 Civil society organizations and                    Kamburova, Ivanka Mollova
       knowledge: Contributing to global           134.16 Tobacco law and tobacco consumption
       tobacco control -- Raphael Lencucha,               among Chilean scholars -- Maria Elena
       Anita Kothari, Thelma Sumsion                      Alvarado, Carolina Nazzal, Faustino
134.04 Tobacco harm reduction: Promises and               Tomas Alonso
       pitfalls of “product performance” and       134.17 Gender difference of the effects of
       “product transition” strategies -- Roger           medical therapy for smoking cessation:
       S. Magnusson                                       The experience of health promotion
                                                          program at Cheng Hsin General
         Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan -- Yi-Wei Xu,                Dikbas, Özgür Önal, Evrim Gurhan,
         Shou-Zheng Yen, Pei-Ru Zeng, Zi-Xuan                  Cem Sengül
         Huang, Fu-Li Chen, Wu-Shyong Chien,          134.28   Factors attaching the teenagers to the
         Tao-Hsin Tung                                         smoking, and its influence on teenager's
134.18   The effectivenesss of medical therapy                 health -- Nadezhda P. Petrushkina
         for smoking cessation: The experience        134.29   Social characteristics of the hardcore
         of health promotion program at Cheng                  smokers: What specific messages of
         Hsin General Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan --              prevention and reduction of risks? --
         Pei-Ju Tseng, Yi-Wei Hsu, Tzu-Suan                    Marie-Pierre Tavolacci, Hélène Marini,
         Huang, Shou-Cheng Yen, Wu-Shyong                      Laurent Bailly, Joël Ladner
         Chien, Fu-Li Chen, Tao-Hsin Tung             134.30   The role of nurses and midwives in
134.19   Households with smoking restrictions in               preventing smoking among pregnant
         Guadalajara, Mexico: Characteristics                  women: An intervention study -- Nuriye
         and associated factors -- Maria                       Karakus, Gul Ergor
         Guadalupe Vega-Lopez, Guillermo J.           134.31   Subjective norms and enabling factors
         Gonzalez-Perez                                        influences on smoking behavior -- A.
134.20   Frequency of smoking, alcohol and                     Kamran, Ghollamreza Sharifirad
         addictive drug use in a university in east   134.32   Smoking prevalence among Mugla
         of Turkey and the factors affecting -- S.             School of Health Sciences students in
         Erhan Deveci, Yasemin Acik, A.                        Mugla University and the increasing
         Ferdane Oguzoncul, Figen Deveci                       causes of smoking -- Metin Picakciefe,
134.21   Opinion and attitude of Turkish                       Pembe Keskinoglu, Banu Bayar,
         parliamentarians on smoking and new                   Kilichan Bayar
         legislation for tobacco control -- Hilal     134.33   Smoking status of university teachers
         Ozcebe, Hikmet Pekcan, Ozge                           and education of the university teachers
         Karadag, Guledal Boztas, Mehmet                       in service about smoking -- Metin
         Kaya                                                  Picakciefe, Pembe Keskinoglu, Banu
134.22   The short period effects of “smoke-free               Bayar, Kilichan Bayar
         workplaces law” on the cigarette
         smoking among workers in Kayseri,
         Turkey -- Ahmet Özturk, Serpil               135                            12:30-14:00
         Poyrazoglu, Sule Sarli                                                Sadrivaan A and B
134.23   Smoking among women in Serbia --             Poster: Gender Discrimination and Violence
         Jelena Marinkovic, Snezana Simic,            against Women
         Janko Jankovic, Bosiljka Djikanovic
134.24   Prevalance of smoking during                 135.01 Violence against adolescent girls as a
         pregnancy and breastfeeding and                     phenomenon and the relationship
         socioeconomical determinants -- Isil                between violence, drug abuse and
         Ergin, Hür Hassoy, Feride Aksu, Gokce               depression -- Ersin Uskun
         Aslan, Ozgur Alavci                          135.02 The indirect effects of domestic violence
134.25   Smoking behavior and cessation                      on sustaining employment: Health and
         experiences among current smokers                   mental health issues -- Martha L.
         living in Ankara, Turkey -- Michele L.              Coulter, Cara de la Cruz, Carla
         Ybarra, A.Tulay Bagcı Bosi, Nazmi Bilir,            VandeWeerd
         Jodi Summers Holtrop, A.K. Salih Emri        135.03 Patterns of minor psychiatric disorders
134.26   The viability of technology-based                   among battered women clients of
         smoking cessation programs in                       emergency care units -- Iracema
         developing countries: Findings from a               Viterbo Silva, Estela Maria Aquino
         survey in Ankara, Turkey -- Michele L.       135.04 Dating violence in the city of
         Ybarra, Tulay Bagci Bosi, Nazmi Bilir,              Manaus/Amazonas/Brazil -- Kathie
         Jodi Summers Holtrop, A.K. Salih Emri               Njaine, Simone Assis, Joviana Quintes
134.27   Smoking status of teachers and their                Avanci, Fernanda Mendes Lages
         opinions about the law numbered 5727 -              Ribeiro, Queiti Batista Oliveira
         - Mehmet Bostanci, Elif Turhan, Emel
135.05 Responding to domestic violence                       community based, cross-sectional
       against women in Turkey: The national                 study, Aydin, Turkey -- Pinar Okyay,
       research on domestic violence against                 Filiz Ergin, Emine Didem Evci, Mehmet
       women in Turkey -- Henrica A.F.M.                     Ali Bilgen, Mete Onde, Erdal Beser
135.06 Social problems and its impact on the
       family: Gender-based violence -- A            136                           12:30-14:00
       silent global pandemic -- Padmini                                     Sadrivaan A and B
       Murthy, Gopal Sankaran                        Poster: Health Problems of Migrants,
135.07 Social determinants of domestic               Refugees and Minorities
       violence between intimate partners: A
       population-based study in a middle            136.01 The important determinants of quality of
       sized city in southern, Brazil -- Karen              life in patients on continuous ambulatory
       Glazer Peres, Adriana J. Anacleto                    peritoneal dialysis -- Vesile ŞENOL,
135.08 Prevalence of female genital mutilation              Murat H. Sipahioglu, Cengiz Utas,
       (FGM) in women and girls – Child in                  Ahmet Ozturk
       Ibadan, Nigeria -- Hamidu A. Oluyedun         136.02 Rehabilitation care at Sahara refugee
135.09 Values and attitudes of midwifery and                camp -- Priscila Neves Silva
       nursing students on gender inequality         136.03 Medical intervention at immigrant camps
       and adolescent sexuality -- Burcu                    in Greece from 09/01/2007 –
       Tokuc, Ufuk Berberoglu, Gamze                        22/12/2007 -- Olga Adrami, Athina
       Saraçoglu, Ülfiye Çelikkalp                          Spilioti, Ioannis Keramidas, Theologia
135.10 Mortality after acute myocardial                     Sideroglou
       infarction in Chile: Is still different for   136.04 Acculturation and body mass index
       women than men? -- Carolina Nazzal,                  (BMI) among Vietnamese Americans --
       Maria Elena Alvarado, Ramon Corbalan,                Jenny Yi
       Faustino Tomas Alonso                         136.05 The necessity of community based
135.11 Violence against women as a public                   rehabilitation at the Sahara refugee
       health problem in Croatia: From practice             camp -- Priscila Neves Silva
       to policy, from policy to practice --         136.06 How religious aspects influence in
       Gordana Pavlekovic, Marina                           Jewish disability's conceptualization --
       Ajdukovic, Danijela Lazaric Zec                      Carolina Valdebenito
135.12 Alcoholism and the family: Narratives of      136.07 KAP study on HIV/AIDS in the garments
       alcoholic's women on the marital                     workers of Dhaka city -- A. S. M.
       relationship in mutual-help groups in Rio            Nurullah Awal
       de Janeiro, Brazil -- Luciana Araujo          136.08 Patient diversity and effective
       Gomes                                                communication strategies in diabetes
135.13 Violence against wives and associations              management: General practitioner
       with inconsistent condom use among                   perspectives -- Helen E. Borland,
       clients of female sex workers in Haiti --            Regina Quiazon, Nalika Unantenne
       Marie-Claude Couture, Julio C. Soto,          136.09 Nutritional status of indigenous people
       Edit Akom, Gérard Joseph, Maria-                     from six indigenous territories in
       Victoria Zunzunegui                                  southern Brazil: A school-based study -
135.14 Do determinants of domestic violence                 - Teresa Gontijo de Castro, Ilaine
       differ across regions? Evidence from                 Schuch, Wolney Lisboa Conde,
       Asia and Africa -- Monika Sawhney                    Juracilda Veiga, Carmem Lucia Dutra,
135.15 Violence towards married women in the                Priccila Zuchinali, Laura Augusta
       provincial centre of Samsun -- Ebru                  Barufaldi, Ronaldo Bordin, Roger dos
       Kaynar Tuncel, Cihad Dundar, Yildiz                  Santos Rosa
       Peksen, Sevgi Canbaz, Ahmet Tevfik            136.10 Induced abortion in Italy: A comparison
       Sunter Sr.                                           among immigrants and women living in
135.16 Prevalence and risk factors of domestic              their country of origin -- Marzia Loghi,
       violence against married women and                   Alessia D'Errico, Alessandra Burgio,
       their attitude toward violence: A                    Roberta Crialesi
136.11 Health personnel problems and needs          137.07 The knowledge level of people living in
       when providing healthcare to immigrant              the central Malatya on the risky posture
       population in Catalonia -- Rebeca                   that lead to neck, upper back and low
       Terraza Nuñez, M. Luisa Vazquez                     back pain -- Filiz Çiledag, Leyla
       Navarrete, Ingrid Vargas Lorenzo, Tona              Karaoglu
       Lizana Alcazo                                137.08 Promoting public health through
136.12 Nutritional status of women and children            intersectoral actions for improving
       in the indigenous Teréna, Brazil --                 essential medicines access -- Jorge L.
       Thatiana Fávaro, Dulce LB Ribas                     Magalhaes, Núbia Boechat, Adelaide
136.13 Association between psychosocial work               M. S. Antunes
       features and common mental disorders         137.09 New-born babies exposure through
       among informal workers -- Ana Cláudia               radiological investigations -- Ioana
       C. S. Silva, Tania Maria Araujo                     Sorop, Elena Dadulescu, Daniela
136.14 Health disparities and marginalization in           Mossang, Ileana M. Prejbeanu, Corina
       Bosnia-Herzegovina -- Elizabeth                     Pera, Emilia Pãtru Sr.
       Hammond                                      137.10 Health promotion at the university
                                                           setting: The development of health-
                                                           promoting universities -- Josefa
137                           12:30-14:00                  Ippolito-Shepherd, Carmen Gallardo
                         Sadrivaan A and B                 Pino, Ana Martinez, Cecilia Peñacoba,
Poster: Health Promotion as a Strategy for                 Rosa Cristina González Pozo
Intersectoral Action                                137.11 Intersectoral action for health:
                                                           Promoting health in urban communities
137.01 Oral health and quality of life perception          through intersectoral collaboration,
       by adults with and without oral health              participatory approaches, and
       assistance -- Anya P. G. F. Vieira,                 effectiveness evaluation -- Alvaro H.
       Carlos Santos Castro Filho, Paula V.                Matida, Helena Monteiro, Dais
       Silveira                                            Goncalves Rocha, Fernando Antonio
137.02 Food poverty among adolescents in                   Calvalcante Dias, Carlos dos Santos
       Europe: How can it be explained? --                 Silva, Simone Tetu Moysés, Regina
       Gintare Petronyte                                   Bodstein, Ronice Maria Pereira Franco
137.03 Dance strategy of health promotion for              DE SÁ
       child from public school of Fortaleza -      137.12 Network Märkisches viertel: An example
       Ceará- Brazil -- Mirna A. Frota, Patrícia           of local health promotion -- Maja
       R. F. Lima, Viviane Mamede                          Schuster
       Vasconcelos, Maria Fátima A. S.              137.13 Perspective of the use of CDC – Atlanta
       Machado, Luciana A. Mota, Conceição                 manual to evaluate physical activity as a
       Albuquerque                                         strategy for the evaluation of body
137.04 A comparative study towards the mean                practice/physical activity directed to
       of weight six month infants in Ahwaz city           health promotion: Potentiality and
       east rurals in 2007 with year 1993 --               deficits -- Vanessa Almeida, Andrezza
       Soraya Ashrafizadeh, Shahla Vaziri                  C. Moretti, Paula Ischkanian, Márcia
       Esfarjani, Narges Eslami                            Westphal, Claudia Maria Bogus
137.05 Effectiveness of a short-time lifestyle-     137.14 Establishing intersectoral cooperation in
       modification program in normalizing                 order to ensure public health security in
       impaired plasma glucose independent of              region of Bitola -- Vlado Trajkovski,
       body-weight loss in overweight adults --            Toni Konjanovski Sr., Marija Vrckovska
       Joao Felipe Mota, Eric B. Rimm,              137.15 Life skills for a healthy life: Tool for
       Roberto Carlos Burini                               sustainable human development --
137.06 Postural education in elementary school             Rosa Cristina González Pozo, Josefa
       students: Investigating the role of the             Ippolito-Shepherd, Carmen Gallardo,
       teacher, educational games and parents              Ana Martinez, Cecilia Peñacoba
       -- Alberto De Vitta                          137.16 Bamboo method: Promoting health in
                                                           Brazilian's northeast communities --
         Ronice M. P. Franco DE SÁ, Rosane          137.27 Promotion of quality of care in Brazilian
         P. S. Salles, Maria Socorro M. Freire,            maternities: A case report -- Christiane
         Janete A. AraÚjo                                  Maia, Andressa Amorim, Regina Maria
137.17   Mobilizing SUS: A strategy to strengthen          Goncalves Barcellos
         participatory and democratic               137.28 The perception of body pregnant
         management -- Maria Constantina                   teenagers -- Ana Maria Fontenelle
         Caputo                                            Catrib, Cristina de Santiago V. Falcão,
137.18   Gym's city- Proposal physical active in           Fabiane E. de Sá, Nathalia P. Sousa
         Pernambuco/ Brasil -- Márcio Menezes       137.29 Educational activities in family health
137.19   Clinical and epidemiological aspects              program -- Maria Constantina Caputo
         related to term pregnancy anemia --        137.30 Financial investment in physical activity
         Monica Laura Cara, Florinel                       projects as an implementation strategy
         Cornitescu, Nicolae Cernea, Stefania              of national policy of health promotion in
         Tudorache, Dominic Iliescu, Alex                  Brazil -- Danielle K. A. Cruz, Adriana
         Comanescu                                         M. Castro, Aline Bressan, Deborah
137.20   Potentially healthy municipalities                Carvalho Malta
         network: A way of conducting public        137.31 Stroke awareness public health
         policies and producing health -- Ana              research project in Mississippi delta:
         Maria Sperandio                                   Lessons learned -- Mohammad
137.21   Everybody's school: Joining the dots up           Shahbazi, Sophia Leggett, Gerri
         between health, education and inclusion           Cannon-Smith, David Brown, Chris
         -- Kátia Edmundo, Sergio Meresman,                Arthur
         Rosangela Bieler Berman, Geisa             137.32 Implementing breast cancer early
         Nascimento, Daniela Bonatto                       detection in a primary health care
137.22   Health education and sanitation in                setting in São Paulo city, Brazil -- Luiz
         indigenous lands in the Brazilian                 Antonio DAngelo, Rosicler DiLorenzo,
         Amazon -- Leandro Luiz Giatti, Renata             Silvia Helena Bastos
         Ferraz de Toledo, Maria Cecilia Focesi
         Pelicioni, Silvana Audrá Cutolo, Luciana
         Pranzetti Barreira, Aristides Almeida      138                           12:30-14:00
         Rocha, Leonardo Rios                                                Sadrivaan A and B
137.23   Water provided by beverages and food       Poster: Health Threats of Rapid
         consumed by a 75-years old population      Urbanization
         living in institutions -- Chantal
         Savanovitch, Laurence Simongiovanni,       138.01 Rapid urbanization in India -- Habeeb
         Laurence Mioche, Marie-Pierre                     Ibrahim Abdul Razack, Mathar Sahib
         Sauvant-Rochat                                    Abdul Razack, Jegan RS, Babu J
137.24   Setting the aspects of meet the            138.02 Correlation between ways of
         demands of a child with special health            transportation to work and health in
         needs: The relationship of home-health            Beijing workers -- Xiuhua Guo, Yan He,
         units -- Roberto José Leal Sr.                    Hong Wang, Ling Zhang, Fen Liu, Huan
137.25   Population exposed to contaminated                Wang, Yunning Liu, Yanxia Luo,
         water and health promotion in a                   Xinghua Yang, Wei Wang
         peripheral urban neighborhood in the       138.03 Neonatal home care: Possible reality for
         Brazilian Amazon -- Leandro Luiz                  Brazilian public health care system --
         Giatti, Natasha Lima da Silva Neves,              Ludmila Nunes Costa Gomes;,
         Giselle Nayara de Moraes Saraiva                  Marcela de Andrade Batista, Hilton
137.26   Producing local knowledge in vulnerable           Soares de Oliveira, Natália Ferreira de
         contexts: An interactive website in               Oliveira
         Manguinhos, Brazil -- Fátima Pivetta,      138.04 Car accidents in the United Arab
         Lenira Zancan, Marcelo Firpo Porto,               Emirates -- Sharifa A. Al Adawi Sr.,
         Consuelo Nascimento, Viviane Nonato,              Buthaina S. Al Ameri Sr., Fatme Al
         Fabiana Souza, Ludmila Cardoso                    Anouti
138.05 Healthy cities experience in Iran; A                 Amir Mahmood Harirchi, Hamid Soori,
       national evaluation study -- Seyed                   Hajieh Jaafari, Fatemeh Goodarzi
       Abbas Motevalian                              139.12 The experiences of psychiatric
                                                            inpatients: Do psychiatric inpatients
                                                            judge fairly? -- Sepideh Omidvari, Ali
139                            12:30-14:00                  Shahidzadeh Mahani, Ali Azin, Ali
                         Sadrivaan A and B                  Montazeri, Amir Mahmood Harirchi,
Poster: Improving Performance and                           Hamid Soori, Hajieh Jaafari, Fatemeh
Productivity of the Health Team                             Goodarzi
                                                     139.13 Patient and provider satisfaction with
139.01 Evaluation of factors which affect the               health care to cardiovascular
       use of health care facilities -- NÝhal G.            emergencies in Brazil: Cardiosatis
       Aydogdu, Zuhal Bahar                                 scales – minas telecardio project --
139.02 Oral health epidemiological study                    Graziella Lage Oliveira, Clareci Silva
       realized by health agents -- Maria Vieira            Cardoso, Antônio Luiz Pinho Ribeiro,
       Saintrain, Anya P. G. F. Vieira                      Waleska T. Caiaffa
139.03 Role of Iranian nurses in public health --    139.14 Working caregivers - Perspectives from
       Reza Negarandeh                                      employees and employers -- Iren
139.04 The association between                              Bischofberger
       socioeconomic factors, obesity and
       obstetric outcomes in two different
       regions in new south Wales (NSW)              140                          12:30-14:00
       Australia -- Warwick B. Giles, Roslyn J.                             Sadrivaan A and B
       Giles, Andrew M. Bisits
                                                     Poster: Innovative Approaches On
139.05 Examination of knowledge and
                                                     Emerging Diseases
       experience of Ege University students
       towards family planning methods and           140.01 Homeopathy contribution to dengue
       morning after pill -- Aynur Uysal,                   epidemics control in Macaé -- Laila
       Rahime Yaris, Asli Kalkim                            Aparecida de S. Nunes Sr.
139.06 The validity and reliability of the Turkish   140.02 Determining mercury levels of anchovy
       version of Spreitzer's psychological                 caught from Black Sea and Marmara
       empowerment scale -- Sarp Uner,                      Sea, and a group of individuals with
       Sevgi Turan                                          different fish consuming habits and
139.07 Motivation on job performance of nurses              evaluating these individuals
       at university college hospital, Ibadan,              neurologically -- Derya Camur, Cagatay
       Nigeria -- Hamidu A. Oluyedun                        Güler, Songül A. Vaizoglu, Eser Basak
139.08 Do doctors in primary attention and                  Sevgi, F. Betül Ozdilek
       internal medicine know the cost of            140.03 Infantile asthma: The maternal care
       cardiovascular medicines? -- Sonia                   reflect -- Mirna A. Frota, Rita C.A.N
       Cibrian, M. Teresa Rigo, Aitziber                    Santos, Osvaldo A. Sousa Filho, Ana
       Etxagibel, Gaspar Tamborero, Margarita               Amélia C. Sales, Lorena B. Ximenes,
       Servera, Miguel Caldentey                            Vanessa G. Silveira, Juliana C.
139.09 Technical efficiency of public hospitals             Machado
       in Khuzestan province, Iran -- Aliasghar      140.04 The epidemiology and factors
       Ahmad Kia Daliri, Asghar Zarei                       associated with nocturnal enuresis in
139.10 Challenges to provide a network                      Southeast of Turkey -- Ali Gunes,
       between health managers in Brazilian                 Gulsen Gunes, Adem Akilli
       cities -- Christiane Maia, Dirce Guilhem      140.05 Innovative approaches on emerging
139.11 The experiences of patients referring to             diseases -- Tricia A. Smith
       the emergency department and their            140.06 Towards a bigger success in eye care in
       attendants: Do the patients and their                Bangladesh -- A. S. M. Nurullah Awal
       attendants judge fairly? -- Sepideh           140.07 Correlation of some nutrients with
       Omidvari, Ali Azin, Ali Shahidzadeh                  colorectal cancer mortality in Korea --
       Mahani, Ali Montazeri, Farid Abolhasani,             Chae yoon Kim
140.08 The knowledge attitude and behaviours                  Anahí Dreser, Kitty K. Corbett,
       of female health professionals regarding               Veronika J. Wirtz
       the breast cancer in Çorum, Turkey --         141.08   Existence of anti-tobacco news in
       Yeliz Yelen Akpinar, Iskender Gün,                     selected newspapers: Example from
       Fevziye Cetinkaya                                      Turkey Hacettepe University non-
140.09 Knowledge and attitudes regarding                      smokers' group -- Zeynep Deveci,
       Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever                        Hediye Çiftçi, Selma Ay, Ayse Güney,
       (CCHF) among patients and their                        Dilek Aydin, Esra Guner, Gamze Unlu,
       relatives: A study from Ankara, Turkey --              Ayse Kucukkaya, Tugba Varli, Hatice
       Sefik Evren Erdener, Asli Ercan, Dilek                 Onder, Buket Polat, Nurgul Çirak, Merve
       Aslan                                                  Çelik, Dilek Aslan, Mahmut S. Yardim,
140.10 The knowledge level of last year                       Nazmi Bilir
       medical students in Ondokuz Mayis             141.09   Thinking inside the box: Is breakfast
       University about avian influenza --                    cereal contributing to the hyperendemic
       Ozlem Terzi, Sevgi Canbaz, Cihad                       of childhood obesity? -- Smita Nitin
       Dündar                                                 Naidoo
                                                     141.10   Mass media and epidemiologic
                                                              prevention -- Inesita S. Araujo Sr.
141                            12:30-14:00           141.11   Internet and health: The existing
                         Sadrivaan A and B                    knowledge in Brazil -- Andre Pereira
Poster: Mass Media in Public Health                           Neto
                                                     141.12   The use of electronic computers and
141.01 Cancer prevention campaigns and                        internet from children at a Greek
       internet access: Promoting health or                   provincional area -- Olga Adrami,
       disease? -- Paulo Vasconcellos-Silva,                  Triantafyllia Loukou, Athina Spilioti,
       Luis David Castiel, Rosane Harter                      Dimitrios Mammas, Ioannis Keramidas,
       Griep, Margareth Zanchetta                             Ioanna Ignatiadi, Christos Koufalis
141.02 Can it work? Multi level marketing            141.13   Health content analysis of organ
       (MLM) in health education -- Olufunke                  donation and transplantation news in
       A. Akiyode                                             Turkish print media -- Meriç Colak,
141.03 Health in India: Reality & challenges --               Didem Hekimoglu, Fisun Sözen,
       Habeeb Ibrahim Abdul Razack,                           Mehmet Haberal
       Narmadha Sambasivam, Jegan RS,
       Mathar Sahib Abdul Razack, Babu J
141.04 Enhancing ehealth literacy through new        142                           12:30-14:00
       information and communication                                          Sadrivaan A and B
       technologies -- Catalina Lopez-
                                                     Poster: Poverty, Health and Development:
       Quintero, Mushon Zer-Aviv, Yehuda
                                                     Achieving the Millennium Development
141.05 Social marketing contribution in public
       health interventions for the improvement      142.01 Deliberate self harm and suicide: A
       of nutritional habits: The Greek reality --          review from Pakistan -- Muhammad
       Ariadne-Beatrice Kapetanaki, Tim                     Shahid, Adnan A. Hyder
       Lang, Martin Caraher, Panagiota Sourtzi       142.02 Declining poverty and better access to
141.06 Mass media and awareness of cancer                   health care improved the health status
       do not stimulate health preventive                   of Malaysians -- Hematram Yadav
       behavior in oral cancer patients and          142.03 Iron supplementation program as an
       their relatives -- Kowalski ISG                      indicator of the quality of attendance
       Kowalski, Souza CP Souza, Kowalski                   provided by primary health care services
       LP Kowalski                                          -- Patrícia Colombo, Neil Novo, Yára
141.07 Review of campaigns that promote the                 Juliano
       rational use of antibiotics in the            142.04 Mothers perceptions of complementary
       Americas and Spain -- James I. Rankin,               feeding practices: An exploratory
                                                            qualitative study -- Nahid Salarkia
142.05 Prevalence of malnutrition in under 6-                growth curve of a suburb low
       years children in South Khorasan in                   socioeconomic level population -- José
       2006 -- Mahmood Hajiani                               Ricardo Dias Bertagnon, Jane E.
142.06 The evaluation of nursing practices for               Armond, Conceição Aparecida de Matos
       preventing newborn infants from                       Segre, Cintia Leci Rodrigues, Neil Novo
       abandonment in Hat Yai hospital --           142.18   Will developing countries achieve
       Suthisa Jaroensin                                     Millennium Development Goal number
142.07 What explains the association between                 five without addressing the issue of
       poverty and mental health in early                    unsafe abortion? A case study in Sudan
       childhood? -- Sylvana M. Cote                         -- Joyce Wangui Kinaro
142.08 Infant mortality and social economic         142.19   Effects of a supplementary food in child
       factors: A world analysis -- Roberto                  nutrition -- Fernando Ruben Gonzales,
       García de Alba Godinez Sr., Alfonso                   Paola Bedregal
       Ruiz Gómez Sr., Rene Juan Hernández          142.20   Rubella seroprevalence in children aged
       Gutiérrez Sr., Ramón Topete Macedo                    between 0-59 months with low
       Sr.                                                   socioeconomic level in Adana province
142.09 The meaning of family planning in view                in Turkey -- Necdet Aytac
       of women in reproductive age --              142.21   Impact of an intervention to promote
       Raimunda M. Silva, Kelly N.C Araújo,                  exclusive breastfeeding among
       Escolástica R.F. Moura, Lya A.C Bastos                adolescents and their mothers in Brazil -
142.10 Breaking the vicious circle of                        - Elsa R. J. Giugliani, Lilian C. Espírito
       malnutrition and seeking medical aid in               Santo, Luciana D. Oliveira, Leandro
       rural Nepal by adequate provision of                  Nunes
       food during sickness: A cross-sectional      142.22   Examining the potential roles of
       study in Amppipal hospital, Gorkha,                   traditional healers in expanding HAART
       Nepal -- Sylvia Janich, Susanne                       programs in rural western Uganda --
       Wiesmeth, Dinesh Devkota, Babu Ram                    Janis Dawn Huntington, Walter Kipp,
       Giri, Che Wankie, Sabine Twork, Robert                Tom Rubaale
       Friis, Joachim Kugler                        142.23   Reducing child mortality and achieving
142.11 Recall errors and the optimal length of               Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)
       recall in household diarrhea surveys --               in Bangladesh -- Abu Hasanat
       Syed Nabeel Zafar, Stephen P. Luby,                   Mohammad Kishowar Hossain
       Carlos E. Mendoza                            142.24   The role of planning in the development
142.12 The roles of protective institutions                  of Oman's health care system: --
       against harmful widowhood practice in                 William P. Brandon
       Igboland -- Nnenna C. Igwe, King O.          142.25   Diarrhea in 0-59-month-old infants living
       Odor                                                  in two health center regions in Ankara --
142.13 Relationship between the mean of                      Tulay Bagci Bosi, Fehminaz Temel,
       length of six-month infants with kind of              Sevkat Bahar Ozvaris, Levent Akin
       nutrition in rural areas in Iran -- Shahla   142.26   The clinical efficacy of sedoxin injection
       Vaziri Esfarjani, Soraya Ashrafizadeh                 monotherapy in HIV-infected patients: A
142.14 Dropping out of school among                          pilot study -- Peng-Gao Li, Jin-Chu Lan
       adolescent boys and girls: Implications      142.27   Vitamin B12 levels and neurological
       for economic development and health                   findings in three villages in Canakkale
       among younger population -- Syed                      region, Turkey -- Coskun Bakar,
       Farid-ul Hasnain                                      Handan Isin Ozisik Karaman, Alper
142.15 Study of essential new-born care policy               Baba, Fatma Sengunalp
       of private nursing homes of India --         142.28   Traditional practices regarding
       Mohsin Shaikh                                         pregnancy, labour, postpartum period
142.16 Bronchopulmonary dysplasia of                         and family planning used by women
       premature newborns -- Yuliya                          living in Kutahya -- Nimeti Dereli, Aynur
       Ismailova, M.K. Serikbay                              Uysal, Asli Kalkim
142.17 Comparison of the intrauterine growth        142.29   Determinants of birth weight: A
       curve of the city of São Paulo with the               retrospective study -- Mahmut Kilic,
         Aydan Dogan, Aysegul Koc, Eylem             143.03 Socio-cultural realities and importance
         Yalman                                             of interventional of AIDS education --
142.30   Violence against children in                       Sajith Jayasree Sadanandan, Sreeja
         Guadalajara, Mexico: A public health               G. R
         perspective -- Maria Guadalupe Vega-        143.04 Use of traditional complementary and
         Lopez, Guillermo J. Gonzalez-Perez                 alternative medicine for HIV patients in
142.31   Establishing a foundation and                      Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa -- Karl
         empowering education & research: A                 Peltzer
         'student-professional' partnership --       143.05 Attitudes of HIV positive patients in
         Habeeb Ibrahim Abdul Razack,                       South Africa to traditional healers and
         Gnanaprakash K, Thiruvengadarajan                  their practices -- Sumaya Mall
         VS, Alagusundaram M, Madhusudhana           143.06 Toward improved reproductive health
         Chetty C                                           care for HIV-infected individuals in
142.32   Nutrition and the vulnerability of rural           developing countries -- J. Moodley, D.
         children to imbalance diet related                 Cooper, L. Myer, V. Zweigenthal, L.-G.
         diseases in Nigeria -- Femi Tinuola                Bekker
142.33   Achieving child health related              143.07 Teaching sex education through parents
         Millennium Development Goals – Role                and the learning needs of the children --
         of education -- Monika Sawhney                     Sureeporn Kritcharoen, Kanjanee
142.34   Trends of antenatal care utilization in a          Phol-In, Thitiporn Ingkathawornwong,
         teaching hospital in Pakistan -- Dr                Jarun Sritaweewat V
         Tooba Mazhar, Dr Saadia Mustafa, Dr         143.08 Analysis of the correlation between
         Mustafa Javed                                      quality of life, level of fatigue and these
142.35   Health and social assistance systems in            in cases of inpatients with early-stage
         the challenge of reducing poverty - The            tuberculosis -- Demet Unalan, Ferhan
         case of Brazil -- Lenaura de V. C.                 Soyuer, Ahmet Öztürk
         Lobato                                      143.09 Family health teams strategy for
142.36   Reducing infant and maternal mortality :           HIV/AIDS/STI prevention and care --
         The experience of Belo Horizonte city,             Silas Pereira Barbosa Jr., Maria
         Brazil -- Sonia Lansky                             Eugenia Lemos Fernandes
142.37   The challenge to reduce infant mortality    143.10 Study on human resource quantity trend
         in Brazil: Perinatal causes of death and           for TB prevention and control in China --
         health care practices -- Elisabeth                 Huan Xu, Hao Chen
         Franca, Sonia Lansky                        143.11 Promoting new models of masculinity to
142.38   The role of TLR3 in HBV infection in               reduce HIV vulnerability among
         placenta and newborns of HBsAg                     adolescent boys in Brazil -- Neilza A. B.
         positive women -- Suping Wang,                     Costa
         ShuZhen Li                                  143.12 Empowered youth to confront HIV-AIDS
                                                            -- Marzina Khan
                                                     143.13 Public private mix model in enhancing
143                             12:30-14:00                 tuberculosis case detection in district
                          Sadrivaan A and B                 Thatta, Sindh, Pakistan -- Jamil Ahmed
Poster: Progress On Prevention and Control           143.14 The effects of peer-education on
of HIV/AIDS, Malaria, and Tuberculosis                      sexually transmitted diseases and safer
                                                            sexual life knowledge and behaviour of
143.01 Input-output analysis of resource                    young people -- Zeynep Simsek, Evin
       utilization in HIV/AIDS control program:             Kirmizitoprak
       The example of central region in Ghana        143.15 Perceptions and HIV/AIDS preventive
       -- Ebenezer Koomson                                  behaviors among Uighur students in
143.02 Health seeking behaviour and                         China -- Abdugheni Ubul, Boosaba
       accessing the art among HIV positive                 Sanguanprasit, Paranee
       adults in Kweneng district, Botswana,                Vatanasomboon
       Africa -- Maggie Dimakatso Mokonoto           143.16 Early detection of infectious diseases in
                                                            adolescent pregnancy: Antenatal in
         public health system in Brazil-Fortaleza-              Cuadra Hernández, Infante Xibillé
         CearÁ -- Ana Paula Soares Gondim,                      César, Sandra Sosa
         Mary Braga Lima, Paulo Germano                143.27   Lessons learned with tuberculosis active
         Carvalho, Danilo Pinheiro, Fernando                    case finding in two prisons, municipality
         Carvalho, Bruno Ferreira, Joana                        of Guarulhos, Sao Paulo, Brazil -- Vera
         Cavalcante, Gemimma RÊgo, Elen                         M. N. Galesi, Maria Josefa P. Rujula,
         Virgilio, Guilherme Neto, Ana Paula                    Regina Maura C. M. Abrahão, Pericles
         Sena, AmÂndio Santos                                   A. Nogueira
143.17   Experience of the implementation of the       143.28   Analysis of the tuberculosis trend in the
         program supported by the Global Fund                   S. Paulo state (SPS) 1998 to 2007 --
         to fight against HIV/AIDS in region Bitola             Maria Josefa P. Rujula, Vera M. N.
         -- Toni Konjanovski Sr., Vlado                         Galesi
         Trajkovski, Elonora Adamovska III             143.29   Oportunity and completeness of web-
143.18   Adherence to the treatment:                            based TB surveillance system -- Laedi
         Experiences of adolescents with                        A. R. Santos, Vera M. N. Galesi
         HIV/AIDS -- Regina Garcia Lima, Maria         143.30   Vulnerability and HIV / AIDS in
         Fernanda Kourrouski                                    adolescence: An epidemic that
143.19   Estimation of the incidence and                        advances in women -- Eliane Carnot
         completeness of reporting of                           Almeida, Marcella Miranda Assis,
         tuberculosis in Izmir 2003-2005:                       Antonio Jose Veiga Roldão, Walmir
         Capture-recapture methods -- Sema                      Augusto Pires, Bruno Ferraz Lopes
         Ozgur Sakarya, Aliye Mandiracioglu,           143.31   HIV/AIDS knowledge behaviour and
         Safak T. Gursoy, Munevver Erdinc                       atitudes of university studentsand
143.20   Tuberculosis active finding case in                    youths: Evaluation of HIV/AIDS peer
         health units: Perception of health                     education programmes in Turkey and in
         professional -- Maria Cecilia V. Santos,               Armenia -- Meriç Colak, Alper Kýlýç
         Cleide L. Martins                             143.32   Adjunctive micronutrient
143.21   The social representation of dot by                    supplementation improves clinical
         healthcare professionals from                          outcomes of pulmonary tuberculosis
         Guarulhos, Sao Paulo, Brazil -- Valdir                 patients -- MM Weigel, Rodrigo Xavier
         Souza Pinto, Vera M. N. Galesi, Ana                    Armijos, Rocio Ivonne Chacon-Carmona
         Maria C. Lefevre, Fernando Lefevre
143.22   The social representation of dot by TB
         patient from Guarulhos, Sao Paulo,            144                            12:30-14:00
         Brazil -- Valdir Souza Pinto, Vera M. N.                                Sadrivaan A and B
         Galesi, Ana Maria C. Lefevre, Fernando        Poster: Public Health Approach to
         Lefevre                                       Pharmaceuticals and Medical Supplies
143.23   Impact of nutrition education on the
         nutritional status of tuberculosis patients   144.01 Donor leverage and equitable access to
         in Ibadan, Nigeria -- Hamidu A.                      essential medicines -- Chee Khoon
         Oluyedun                                             Chan
143.24   TB ciranda: Evaluation of educational         144.02 Preparing for HPV vaccination in South
         project at Sao Marcos school,                        Africa: Key challenges and opinions --
         municipality of Mogi das Cruzes, Brazil -            Jane Harries, Jennifer Moodley, Mark
         - Regiane A. C. De Paula, Valdir Souza               A. Barone, Sumaya Mall, Edina
         Pinto, Milton Parron Junior, Ana Maria               Sinanovic
         C. Lefevre, Fernando Lefevre                  144.03 Entry and price response in markets
143.25   The challenge of tuberculosis control in             without patent protection: The case of
         prisons, Sao Paulo state, Brazil -- Vera             pharmaceuticals in Argentina -- Daniel
         M. N. Galesi, Laedi A. R. Santos, Maria              A. Maceira
         Josefa P. Rujula, Valdir Souza Pinto          144.04 Study on prevalence of self medication
143.26   Sex work in Mexico: Vulnerability of                 in a south Indian district -- Habeeb
         male, travesti, transgender and                      Ibrahim Abdul Razack, Jegan RS,
         transsexual sex workers -- Silvia Magali
         Narmadha Sambasivam, Babu J,                       Eliane C. Correa, Giselle S. Calado,
         Mathar Sahib Abdul Razack                          Dirceu B. A. Barbano
144.05   Medical devices alerts as an input data     144.15 Impact of the health public politics to
         for the health technology assessment --            guarantee the drugs access in Brazil:
         Carla J. F. Cruz, Evelinda Trindade,               The measure DHS experience -- Giselle
         Stela Melchior                                     S. Calado, Claudia S. C. da Cunha,
144.06   The perceptions of community                       Dirceu B. A. Barbano
         pharmacists of herbal medicine in           144.16 The work context and occupational
         Ibadan, Nigeria -- Hamidu A. Oluyedun              health: An ethnographic study in a
144.07   Program of high cost medicines in the              university hospital, Southeast Brazil --
         Brazilian health system, 2000-2004 --              Lucas P. Melo, Marcos S. Queiroz
         Francisco A. Acurcio, Eli I.G. Andrade,     144.17 Study of the anti-mycobacterial and
         Mariangela L. Cherchiglia, Augusto A.              cytotoxicity of medicinal plants used in
         Guerra Jr., Cristina R. Brandão,                   traditional treatment of tuberculosis in
         Alessandra M. Almeida, Odilon V.                   northern Mexico -- Oscar Beltran, MM
         Queiroz, Grazielle D. Silva, Daniele A.            Weigel, Rodrigo Xavier Armijos
         Szuster, Daniel R. Faleiros, Elias A.
144.08   Automedication -- Adriano Antonio da        145                           12:30-14:00
         Silva Pedrosa-Moreira, Klaysa Moreira                                Sadrivaan A and B
         Ramos-Pedrosa, Antonio Piranema de          Poster: Revisiting Primary Health Care in
         Mascarenhas Pedrosa                         the 21st Century
144.09   Contribution to pharmacosurveillance
         through the study of prevalence of the      145.01 So close and so far: Primary health care
         use of allopathics and phytotherapics in           and health promotion - From Alma Ata
         communities assisted by peslutan 2004              declaration to Ottawa charter -- Alvaro
         -- Adriano Antonio da Silva Pedrosa-               H. Matida
         Moreira, Klaysa Moreira Ramos-              145.02 Polyclinics and public health: The
         Pedrosa, Antonio Piranema de                       lessons from (and for) England --
         Mascarenhas Pedrosa                                Ardiana Gjini
144.10   Pharmaceutical public services provided     145.03 Survey peoples' willingness of donation
         by districts of the state of Santa                 in bone tissue at the hospital ambulatory
         Catarina – Brazil -- Silvana Nair Leite,           services in Taiwan -- TaChin Yen,
         Ana Paula Veber, Eliana Dielh, Elisete             Chao-Ying Yang
         Navas Sanches Prospero                      145.04 Type 2 diabetes screening in Mexican
144.11   Scarcity and abundance: Medical                    primary care -- María Guadalupe
         imaging equipment supply in Brazil --              Alvear, Ivor Toledo
         Marco Antonio Ratzsch Andreazzi,            145.05 Notification of abuses against children
         Maria de Fatima Siliansky Andreazzi                and teenagers as an intrument for
144.12   The role of courts in providing access to          detection and prevention of violence in
         health care services: The case of the              primary healthcare in Fortaleza, Ceará,
         supply of medicine in the Brazilian                Brasil -- Anya P. G. F. Vieira, Geisy L.
         public health system -- Danielle Borges            M. Luna, Luiza Jane Eyre de Souza
144.13   Medicine access and pharmaceutical                 Vieira, Deborah Pedrosa Moreira,
         services evaluation in Brazilian health            Juliana Guimarães Silva
         care system: A review -- Rosana I.          145.06 Effects of nursing staff employment on
         Santos, Carine R. Blatt, Junior A. Rosa,           patient satisfaction, job satisfaction and
         Vanessa de B. Sartor, Maria C. Calvo,              hospital infections -- Serap Sökmen,
         Mareni R. Farias                                   Cantürk Çapik, Ayse. B. Savci
144.14   Impact of the health public politics to     145.07 Elderly access to dental treatment: A
         guarantee the drugs access in Brazil:              primary health care context --
         The program of high cost drugs                     Alexandre F. Bulgarelli Sr., Wilson
         dispensing -- Claudia S. C. da Cunha,              Mestriner Jr Sr., Soraya F. Mestriner,
                                                            Ione C. Pinto
145.08 To what extent community health                      Antonia O. Silva, Luipa Michele Silva,
       workers and outreach sites increase                  Maria Adelaide S. P. Moreira, Marga
       access to basic health services, East                Simon Coler, Maria Adriana Coler,
       Shewa, Ethiopia -- Dawit S. Seyum,                   Cristina Katya T.T Mendes
       Tilahun Nigatu Haregu, Wakgari D.           145.18   The breastfeeding practice at a
       Deressa                                              northeast Brazilian state -- Luana K. C.
145.09 Decentralization and primary health care             Castro, Marciana Gomes da Costa,
       in the 21st century: A view from Latin               Dayana Dourado de Oliveira, Clesiane
       America and the Caribbean -- Marino J.               Souza da Silva, Sueli Rosina Tonial
       Gonzalez                                    145.19   Traditional bone setters and the rural
145.10 Profile of the demand assisted in basic              health status in India -- Mathar Sahib
       units in the south and northeast regions             Abdul Razack, Habeeb Ibrahim Abdul
       of Brazil: Differences by care model --              Razack, Babu J, Jegan RS
       Alessander Osorio, Elaine Tomasi,           145.20   Children and adolescents with cancer:
       Luiz A. Facchini, Roberto Piccini, Elaine            Experiences of their diagnostic itinerary
       Thumé, Denise Silveira, Fernando                     -- Regina Garcia Lima, Michele Miyauti
       Vinholes Siqueira, Aliteia S. Dilelio                Silva, Maria Laura Figueiredo
145.11 Assessment of infant feeding and some       145.21   The family health program and the
       maternal related factors in Tehranian                rationale for matrix-based strategies in
       mothers, Iran -- Zinat Kamali, Bahareh               mental health, in the city of São Paulo,
       Rasouli, Zohreh Haj Mirsadeghi, Shahla               Brazil -- Marisa Klemenc, Margarida M.
       Roodpeyma                                            C. Marques
145.12 Retraining of family physicians in          145.22   Report of community inclusion efforts for
       Armenia addresses the primary                        the elderly in São Paulo, Brazil --
       healthcare practice needs -- Armine A.               Margarida M. C. Marques, Marisa
       Danielyan, Karine A. Gabrielyan, Sara                Klemenc, Maria de Lourdes Soares
       Lewis, Richard A. Yoder, Mikael                      Schalch
       Narimanyan                                  145.23   Hollenhorst plaques as markers for
145.13 Primary health care in São Paulo, Brazil:            future risk of vascular disease -- Ashraf
       As perceived by users, doctors, nurses               A. Luqman, Sophie Bakri, Bhupesh
       and managers -- Paulo E. M. Elias,                   Pathik, Krishnaswamy Chandrasekaran
       Aylene E. M. Bousquat, Maria Cecilia        145.24   Strategies and challenges for integrating
       GP Alves, Nelson Ibanez, Juan S. Y.                  PHC with other health system levels:
       Rocha, Ana Luiza Viana                               Experiences of major urban centers in
145.14 Family health or traditional basic care?             Brazil -- Patty F. Almeida, Ligia
       What is the view of the users, doctors,              Giovanella, Maria Helena Magalhães
       nurses and managers in São Paulo,                    Mendonça, Sarah Escorel, Mônica CM
       Brazil? -- Paulo E. M. Elias, Aylene E.              Senna, Carina Pacheco
       M. Bousquat, Maria Cecilia GP Alves,        145.25   Primary health care in Brazil:
       Nelson Ibanez, Ana Luiza Viana                       Implementing a comprehensive PHC
145.15 Utilization of the family health program             approach - Limits and possibilities --
       in a Brazilian metropolitan region: A                Ligia Giovanella, Sarah Escorel, Maria
       methodological approach -- Aylene E.                 Helena Magalhães Mendonça, Patty F.
       M. Bousquat, Maria Cecilia GP Alves,                 Almeida, Carla LT Andrade, Mônica
       Ana Luiza Viana, Paulo E. M. Elias                   Delgado, Maria Inês C. Martins, Márcia
145.16 Basic attention plan to promote                      Fausto, Marcela Cunha
       preventive health among the elderly --      145.26   Work of nursing in primary health in
       Maria Adelaide S. P. Moreira, Maria                  Campinas, Brazil -- Dalvani Marques,
       Adriana Coler, Cristina Katya T.T                    Marcia Regina Nozawa, Marcelle
       Mendes, Paloma Henrique Picado,                      Regina Benetti, Ana Paula Rigon
       Joedna Souza de Medeiros, Antonia O.                 Garcia, Suely Itsuko Ciosak, Eliete
       Silva                                                Maria Silva
145.17 Characterization of the elderly             145.27   Gender issues in the work of nursing in
       assistance in health care facilities --              primary health in Brazil: Nurses'
         perceptions -- Dalvani Marques, Suely       145.37 Vaccination status of 12 – 23 month-old
         Itsuko Ciosak                                      children and convenient of data
145.28   Young men's experiences with STI                   obtained from mothers and primary
         testing in British Columbia, Canada --             health care center records, in Trabzon-
         Jean A. Shoveller, Rod Knight, Joy                 Turkey -- Murat Topbas, Sinan Kazaz,
         Johnson, John Oliffe                               Gamze Çan, Emine Çan, Asuman
145.29   Structuration of public basic attention            Yavuzyilmaz, Safak Sunbul
         health as a contribution to infant          145.38 Association of hypertension and
         mortality in Aracaju/SE-Brazil -- Ana              diabetes in patients with cardiovascular
         Carolina A. Lavigne de Lemos Jr.,                  disease -- Sadegh Rezapour II,
         Taize Cássia Nascimento Macedo,                    Mahnaz Mardani Jr., Susan Kheirian III
         Renata Alves da Silva, Ana Márcia           145.39 From socialisation to privatisation of
         Menenzes de Oliveira, Cleide Virgínia              health services in Turkey (1960-2008) --
         Azevedo de Carvalho                                Bülent Kýlýç
145.30   Individual counselling intervention in      145.40 Development of a novel metallo-lipid
         increasing physical activity a                     microparticle delivery system for a
         randomized controlled trial -- Adile               leishmania mexicana vaccine --
         Tumer                                              Rodrigo Xavier Armijos, Hugo
145.31   Revisiting primary health care in the              Alarcon, Clarissa Gomez, Rosina
         21st century: How Kenya is struggling              Rodarte, Joanna Valencia, Carlos
         with control of diarrheal disease in               Bravo, Juan Novaron
         children -- Joel Odhiambo Gondi             145.41 Adapting evidence based cancer
145.32   Knowledge of the acupuncture among                 education programs for use at the
         users of an emergency dental section of            community level: The case of breast
         a public health service in São Paulo,              cancer awareness among Bangladeshi,
         Brazil -- Camila da Silva Gonçalo,                 Pakistani and Indian women -- Zul
         Maria Paula Rando-Meirelles, Maria da              Surani, Loraine Agustin, Lourdes
         Luz Rosário Sousa                                  Baezconde-Garbanati
145.33   Local experiences in primary health care
         in Brazil: Inter-sectoral approaches in
         large towns -- Mônica CM Senna,             146                             12:30-14:00
         Mônica Delgado, Ligia Giovanella,                                     Sadrivaan A and B
         Sarah Escorel, Maria Helena Magalhães       Poster: Successful Partnerships Between
         Mendonça, Patty F. Almeida, Maria Inês      Academia and Practice
         C. Martins, Marcela Cunha, Márcia
         Fausto                                      146.01 The quality of collaboration among
145.34   Quality of primary care services in 37             medical research centers, universities,
         cities of the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil:          health executives and the communty in
         Characteristics of the organization of             Iran -- Saeed Asefzadeh
         assistance -- Elen Castanheira, Ivete       146.02 Stakeholder roles and partnerships in
         Dalben, Rodolfo F. Puttini, Margareth S.           programmes -- Kabatabazi Patricia
         Almeida, Karina P. Patricio, Maria I. B.    146.03 Oral health status in Cabo Verde, Africa:
         Nemes                                              Partnership with a Brazilian educational
145.35   The antibiotics prescription in public             institution -- Antônio Carlos Frias,
         health service of a city in São Paulo              Simone Rennó Junqueira, Celso
         state, Brazil -- Claudia Fegadolli,                Zilbovicius, Maria Ercilia Araujo,
         Roberta Alvarenga-Reis, Andréia                    Maristela Vilas Boas Fratucci
         Paganotti                                   146.04 Post graduate courses for executive
145.36   Role of the partnership between medical            health officers -- Alma Vidales, Lionel
         students from developing countries and             Grez, Gabriel Zamora
         those from developed countries in           146.05 The crisis of university hospitals in Brazil
         promoting service to the community                 -- Antonio J. C. Cardoso, Leila P.
         show case: "Rwandanmark "                          Garcia, Roberto J. Bittencourt, Andre V.
         cooperation -- Egide Abahuje IV                    P. Guerrero, Joao B. de Sousa, Gustavo
         A. S. Romero, Maria I. M. B. Junqueira,              and enforcement function -- Laksono
         Tania T. Rosa, Paulo R. Marques                      Trisnantoro
146.06   Fusion -- Damon T. Arnold                   146.17   Implementation of new assistance
146.07   Ass. Professor, PhD -- J.J. Jensen Sr.,              models and redefinition of professional
         J.J. Jensen Sr.                                      practices: The health teaching-services
146.08   Regulation of the private health sector              relationship in southern Brazil --
         by a governmental agency in Brazil:                  Maristela Chitto Sisson
         Public policy for social justice and good   146.18   Community & prevention: The
         health care delivery -- Flavia C.                    experience of the condom banks --
         Cordeiro Biesbroeck, Patricia                        Fernando Salis, Monia Mariani Besch
         Nascimento Goes, Jussara Macedo             146.19   An example of pharmacy education and
         Rotzsch, Maria Angela N. Scatena                     research for the Brazilian health care
146.09   Regulation of the private health sector              system -- Rosana I. Santos, Eliana E.
         by a governmental agency in Brazil: A                Diehl, Célia M. T. Campos, Ana L. G.
         public policy to promote integration and             Santos, Mareni R. Farias
         interoperability of private health sector   146.20   The project for the prevention of obesity
         data with the national health information            in children at primary schools in Denizli
         systems -- Patricia Nascimento GOES,                 (2008-2012) -- Mehmet Gündogdu, Ali
         Flavia C. Cordeiro Biesbroeck                        Ihsan Bozkurt, Ibrahim Ertan Aktas,
146.10   Academic and health authority                        Özgür Sevinç, Ümmühan Bas Aslan,
         collaboration for promotion of youth                 Sehmus Aslan, Zeliha Gökçe, Emel
         health in Nova Scotia, Canada --                     Dikbas
         Donald B. Langille, Michael Allen,          146.21   Public private partnership in
         Andrew Lynk, Mary Beth LeBlanc,                      immunization service provision in Sri
         Evelyn Schaller                                      Lanka -- Suneth Agampodi, Ananda
146.11   Assessment and relevant techinques of                Amarasinghe
         cognitive-positive multimodal therapy       146.22   Geoprocessing, public health and
         practices: Arabian perspective -- Abdel              spatial analysis -- Walter M. Ramalho,
         Sattar Ibrahim                                       Christovam Barcellos, Simone M.
146.12   Performance of peslutan in ten years                 Santos, Elias Rassi
         (1996-2005) -- Adriano Antonio da           146.23   University-health services partnership:
         Silva Pedrosa-Moreira, Klaysa Moreira                Training professionals for the integrality
         Ramos-Pedrosa, Antonio Piranema de                   of primary health care (PHC) -- Silvana
         Mascarenhas Pedrosa                                  Martins Mishima, Maria Cecilia Puntel
146.13   Teachers' perception on the eye health               de Almeida, Maria José Bistafa Pereira,
         in the school under public health                    Maria do Carmo Gullaci Guimarães
         perspective -- Maria Elisabete R. F.                 Caccia-Bava, Nélio Augusto Mesquita
         Gasparetto, Rita de Cassia Ietto                     Domingos, Yasmin Bujdoso
         Montilha, Maria Inês Nobre, Zelia Z. L.
         C. Bittencourt, Sonia Maria Arruda
146.14   An evaluation of the environmental          147                             12:30-14:00
         health of the primary schools in                                      Sadrivaan A and B
         Kecioren district of Ankara -- Bilal        Poster: The Global Threat of Chronic
         Bakir, Omer Faruk Tekbas, Recai Ogur,       Diseases
         Mustafa Alparslan Babayigit, Abdullah
         Kilic, Serdar Uslu                          147.01 Analysis of screening tests coverage at
146.15   An important aspect of school                      private health system in Brazil:
         environmental health practices: Water --           Stimulating strategies to prevent and
         Bilal Bakir, Omer Faruk Tekbas, Recai              control breast and cervical cancers --
         Ogur, Mustafa Alparslan Babayigit,                 Claudia S. Zouain, Renata F.
         Abdullah Kilic, Serdar Uslu                        Cachapuz, Karla Santa Cruz Coelho
146.16   Using soft-system management                147.02 The relationship between quality of life
         technique for transforming Yogyakarta              and self-care agency in chemotherapy
         city health office for more stewardship            treated lung cancer patients -- Saliha
         Altıparmak, Çiçek Fadıloğlu, Şafak                      province, Turkey -- Ersin Nazlican,
         Taner Gürsoy, Osman Altıparmak                          Hakan Demirhindi, Muhsin Akbaba
147.03   A theory of ‘institutional gaps': A study of   147.13   A major chronic disease: Obesity in
         the role of civil society organizations in              childhood and adolescence -- Safak
         global health governance -- Raphael                     Ergul, Asli Kalkim
         Lencucha, Anita Kothari, Thelma                147.14   Syndrome metabolic risk factors in
         Sumsion                                                 university students -- Aguilar-Barojas
147.04   Mass supplementation of folate, vitamin                 Saraí II, Elsy del C. Quevedo-Tejero II,
         B12 and vitamin B6 to reduce the                        Kitzia González-Juárez, Dennys
         burden of cardiovascular diseases in                    Calderón-Ramón, Mario A. Patiño-Trejo,
         Pakistan -- Mohammad Perwaiz Iqbal                      Lorena Y. González-Luciani, Ana I.
147.05   Preschool lipid profile and pertaining to               Ancona-López, Jenisabel De Dios-De la
         school overweight taken care of in the                  Cruz
         health center school Dr. Ananias Pereira       147.15   Sun protection behavior among adults in
         Porto of the University of Santo Amaro -                the Brazilian state capitals -- Lenildo
         - Patrícia Colombo, Marcela Pandolfi,                   Moura, Deborah Carvalho Malta, Gulnar
         Eduardo Leão, Eduardo Silva, Willy                      Azevedo e Silva
         Souza, Caroline Murakami, Camila               147.16   Glysemic control and related factors in
         Silva, Ligia Ribeiro, Mônica Silva,                     three different hospital outpatient clinics
         Suellen Souza                                           in Istanbul -- M. Fatih Onsuz, Ahmet
147.06   Hepatitis B and C virus seroprevalence                  Topuzoglu
         in central of Sanliurfa in Turkey -- Suda      147.17   The prevalence of diabetes mellitus
         Tekin Koruk, Ibrahim Koruk, Bensu                       among male police officers aged 30-59,
         Gürsoy, Celal Calisir, Fehmi M. Yüksel,                 in the military police of Teresina city,
         Fadile Yildiz Zeyrek, Zeynep Simsek                     Piauí State, Brazil -- Edna M. S. Silva,
147.07   Meta-analysis/systematic review of                      Gina T.R. Monteiro
         interventions against metabolic                147.18   Survival of patients under renal
         syndrome -- Ali Yawar Alam                              replacement therapy (RRT), admitted in
147.08   Vitamin D deficiency as a major public                  2000 according to the entry modality,
         health burden in the United Arab                        Brazil 2000 – 2004 -- Daniele A.
         Emirates -- Fatme Al Anouti, Justin                     Szuster, Mariangela L. Cherchiglia,
         Thomas                                                  Isabel C. Gomes, Alessandra M.
147.09   Fat intake profile, socioeconomics                      Almeida, Juliana Alvares, Waleska
         status and anthropometric relationship                  Teixeira Caiaffa
         among adults living in a Brazilian             147.19   Relationship of some nutrients with
         middle-town -- Katia C.P. Mclellan,                     chronic degenerative disease mortality
         Gustavo D. Pimentel, Jose E. Corrente,                  in Korea -- Jung Eun Park
         Eric B. Rimm, Roberto Carlos Burini            147.20   International childhood obesity project --
147.10   Nutritional status and body composition                 Lalanthica Yogendran, Cassie
         of hospitalized patients: Nutritional                   Rickard, Yuichi Temma, Rene Schunk,
         transition consequence -- Katia C.P.                    Joseph Herbert, Zoi Tsianou, Kathryn
         Mclellan, Julia L.D Bernardi, Patricia B.               Swaby, Ufara Zuwasti
         Frenhani, Patricia S. Jacob, Cristiane         147.21   Factors associated with metabolic
         SR Soares, Vania A.L. Merhi                             syndrome in rural communities from
147.11   Prevalence of overweight in children                    Brazil -- Adriano M. Pimenta, Gustavo
         aged 7 to 10 from Vitória/ES, Brazil: A                 Velásquez-Meléndez, Andrea Gazzinelli
         population based approach -- Carolina          147.22   Prevalence of metabolic syndrome in
         Perim Faria, Maria del Carmen Bisi                      the adult population living in federal
         Molina, Nagela Valadão Cade, Eliana                     district - Brazil -- Aline C. Figueiredo,
         Zandonade, Larissa Rangel Nascimento                    Marina K. ITO, Eliane, S. Dutra, Edgar
147.12   Evaluation of obesity in adult women                    M. Hamann, Kênia M. B. Carvalho
         living in Karatas primary health center        147.23   Fruit and vegetable intake among adults
         area in Karatas district of Adana                       living in federal district of Brazil --
                                                                 Marina K. ITO, Aline C. Figueiredo,
       Eliane, S. Dutra, Edgar M. Hamann,        150.03 Prevalence and characterization of
       Kênia M. B. Carvalho                             escherichia coli O157:H7 isolated from
147.24 Developmental trajectories of body               cattle -- Irfan Erol, Charles W. Kaspar,
       mass index in early childhood -- Laura           Muammer Goncuoglu, F. Seda Bilir
       E. Pryor, Evelyne Touchette, Richard             Ormanci, N. Deniz Ayaz
       Tremblay                                  150.04 Prevalence of staphylococcus aureus
147.25 The case control study among the                 and intestinal parasites among food
       osteoporotic and non osteoporotic                handlers in Sanliurfa, southeastern
       women aged 40 and over getting check             Anatolia -- Zeynep Simsek, Ibrahim
       up in the medical center of the                  Koruk, Aysegul Cicek Copur, Gülcan
       University of Hacettepe -- Gulsun                Gürses, Nebiye Doni
       Polatkan, Soheila Rabieypoor, Ayse        150.05 Serotype identification and antibiotic
       Akin, Sevkat Bahar Ozvaris                       resistance profiles of salmonella spp.
                                                        isolated from broiler carcasses -- Y.
                                                        Emre Gencay, N. Deniz Ayaz, Yildiz
148                           12:30-14:00               Ayaz, Aylin Kasimoglu Dogru
                         Sadrivaan A and B       150.06 Cadmium pollution, still a public health
Poster: The Role of the Private Sector:                 and food safety problem in Romania --
Corporate Social Responsibility                         Corina-Aurelia Zugravu, Monica Parvu
                                                 150.07 Prevalence and risk factors of
148.01 Brazilian public and private health              cutaneous leishmaniasis in two villages
       systems: Differences, similarities and           of Adana province, Cukurova region,
       lessons learned -- Neil Mascarenhas,             Turkey -- Muhsin Akbaba, Zeynel
       Yasmin Bujdoso, Amelia Cohn                      Sutoluk, Ekrem Atakan, Hakan
                                                        Demirhindi, Davut Alptekin, Selen Kis
149                           12:30-14:00               Uludag
                                                 150.08 Detection of coxiella burnetti in ruminant
                         Sadrivaan A and B
                                                        abortion samples from Turkish republic
Poster: Tourist’s Health & Health Tourism               of northern Cyprus by PCR -- Hasan
149.01 Beaches, bars and the burj: Is there
                                                 150.09 Bio-terror or biosafety? -- Hakan
       capacity in the healthcare sector to
       parallel the tourist boom in the United
                                                 150.10 Significance and place of zoonoses in
       Arab Emirates? -- Carol Campbell,
                                                        public health -- Nejat Aydin, Bekir
       Hazel Broome
                                                 150.11 Veterinary public health and food safety
150                           12:30-14:00               -- a. Serpen, N. Yaman, H. Dede
                         Sadrivaan A and B       150.12 Availability of articles on veterinary
                                                        epidemiology in an open access virtual
Poster: Veterinary Public Health & Food                 health library -- Ana H. L. Marins,
Safety                                                  Luciana T. Cavalini
150.01 A survey on aflatoxin M1 level in non-    150.13 Interferences Between Avian Influenza,
       pasteurized milk samples in Chenaran-            Poultry and Human Health -- Ahmad
       Iran -- Mohsen JamPour, Maysam                   Tatar, Anis Abbasi
       Tehrani Sharif, Seyed Mohsen Alavi,       150.14 Evaluation of awareness of people who
       Seyed Ghasem Alavi                               referred to avian influenza informative
150.02 Serotype identification of listeria              centers about AI in Gorgan, Iran -- Anis
       monocytogenes isolated from ground               Abbasi, Ahmad Tatar
       turkey by multiplex PCR and relation      150.15 Production of enterotoxins and toxic
       between serotype distribution and                shock syndrome toxin by
       antibiotic resistance profiles -- Irfan          staphylococcus aureus strains isolated
       Erol, N. Deniz Ayaz                              from bovine mastitis -- Antonio Nader
                                                        Filho II, Luiz Augusto Amaral, Oswaldo
       Durival Rossi Junior, Ruben Pablo          Speaker:      Andrew Fraser
       Schocken-Iturrino, Luciano Ferreira
                                                  153.01 How the WHO Health in Prisons Project
                                                         achieves policy review, development
151                          14:00-15:30                 and change: Is this applicable in all
                           Rudolf Virchow                parts of the world? -- Lars Moller
                                                  153.02 Making a difference in the mental health
Dying to Be Counted: Challenging                         of those in compulsory detention --
Indigenous Infant and Child Mortality and                Angela Greatley
Morbidity in An International Context             153.03 Good prison health is good public health
Moderator:    Jane Freemantle                            -- Andrew Fraser
                                                  153.04 Why all WHO regions should consider
151.01 The Canadian perspective -- Janet K.              the WHO health in prisons country
       Smylie                                            network approach -- Corey Weinstein
151.02 The New Zealand perspective -- Susan       153.05 Discussion -- Lars Moller /Alex
       M. Crengle                                        Gatherer
151.03 The road to juvenile justice -- Jocelyn
       R. Jones
151.04 The North American perspective --          154                            14:00-15:30
       Maile Taualii                                                     Florence Nightingale
151.05 An Australian perspective -- McAullay      Making Roads Safe around the World: A
       D. McAullay
                                                  Public Health, Economic, and
                                                  Transportation Challenge
152                          14:00-15:30          Moderators: T. Bella Dinh-Zarr, Mighty Fine
                               Allen Jones
                                                  154.01 Introduction/overview of international
Human Resources for Health: Time for a                   road safety efforts -- T. Bella Dinh-Zarr
Global Mobilization, the Role of the Global       154.02 The international road assessment
Health Work Force Alliance                               program (iRAP): Improving road
Moderator:    Hugo S. Mercer                             infrastructure around the world -- John
152.01 Welcome and introduction of the topic --   154.03 Improving road safety in Vietnam (Asia
       Hugo S. Mercer III                                Injury Prevention Foundation) -- Greig
152.02 Human resources for health: Time for a            Craft
       global mobilization, the role of the       154.04 Regulatory and legislative approaches
       Global Health Workforce Alliance --               to prevention of motor vehicle injury and
       Francisco Campos                                  related mortality in U.S. teenagers --
152.03 Human resources for health: The role of           Joyce Pressley
       the Global Health Workforce Alliance --    154.05 Road safety for travelers: Data and
       Isabel de la Mata                                 advocacy -- Rochelle Lee Sobel
152.04 Human Resources for Health Research
       (HRHR) – Has anyone seen them? --
       Carel Ijsselmuiden                         155                            14:00-15:30
                                                                              James Flemming

153                          14:00-15:30          Personal Hygiene and Health
                                John Snow         Moderator:    Peter Orris
Improving the Health of the Socially              155.01 Hand washing and hygiene -- Valerie
Marginalised: Achieving policy review and                Curtis
sustainable change, based on 15 years             155.02 Oral health problems and current status
experience of the WHO Health in Prisons                  in Turkiye -- Sabri Hasan Meric
Moderators: Lars Moller, Alex Gatherer            156                            14:00-15:30
            Charles-Edward Amory Winslow         159.01 Megacities: Challenges and lessons for
                                                        global health -- Francisco A. Armada
Reducing the Public Health Burden of
                                                 159.02 Urbanization and health -- Banu Citlak
Osteoporotic Fractures in Men and Women          159.03 Maternal and child health issues
Moderator:    John A. Eisman                            associated with urbanization -- Deborah
                                                        Klein Walker
156.01 Osteoporosis: The scope of the public     159.04 Megacity and public health -- Kazunari
       health problem -- John A. Eisman                 Satomura
156.02 Delivering assessment & treatment for
       fracture secondary prevention: A global
       problem -- Paul J. Mitchell               160                           14:00-15:30
156.03 Strategies for more effective fracture                                     Behcet Uz
       secondary prevention in Canada -- Earl
       Bogoch                                    The Global Threat of Chronic Diseases I
156.04 Strategies for more effective fracture    Moderator:    Luiz A. Facchini
       secondary prevention in the United
       Kingdom -- Alastair R. McLellan           160.01 Enhancing global capacity in the
156.05 Overview of key elements of successful           surveillance, prevention, and control of
       strategies for effective secondary               chronic diseases: Seven themes to
       fracture prevention: What does & what            consider and build upon -- Bernard C.K.
       doesn't work -- J. Timothy Harrington            Choi, David V. McQueen, Pekka Puska,
156.06 Strategies for more effective fracture           Sylvie Stachenko
       secondary prevention in Oceania --        160.02 Functional limitations associated with
       John A. Eisman                                   chronic health conditions among school-
                                                        aged children, in Kayseri, Turkey --
                                                        Vesile Senol, Mine Sigmali, Elcin Balci,
157                          14:00-15:30                Fevziye Cetinkaya
                            Sergio Arouca        160.03 Rethinking global health challenges:
                                                        Towards a “Global Compact” for
South to South Alliances                                reducing the burden of chronic disease -
Moderator:    K. Srinath Reddy                          - Roger S. Magnusson
                                                 160.04 Nutritional status among the children of
Speakers:     Celia Almeida, Laura Magaña,              age group 5-14 years in selected
              Xiulan Zhang                              arsenic exposed and non- exposed
                                                        areas in Bangladesh -- Dr.Md.Rezaul
158                          14:00-15:30         160.05 Problems that nurses confront in
                             Louis Pasteur              primary health care (in Kosovo) in
The Role of National Institutes of Public               relation to diabetic patients at risk from
Health in Advancing the Populations' Health             developing foot ulcers -- Bukurije Cikaj

Moderator:    Pekka Puska
                                                 161                           14:00-15:30
Speakers:     Paulo E. Gadelha Sr., David                                      Refik Saydam
              Butler-Jones, Alice Dautry, Yu
              Wang                               Building Capacity for Applied Research
                                                 Moderator:    Maria Lúcia Teixeira Garcia

159                          14:00-15:30         161.01 Construction of evaluation indicators in
                           Andrija Stampar              oral health for managers of the public
                                                        health system of the area of Osasco,
Urbanization, Megacities and Public Health              São Paulo, Brazil -- Maria Ercilia
Moderators: Toshitaka Nakahara, Hilal                   Araujo, Antônio Carlos Frias, Celso
            Ozcebe                                      Zilbovicius, Simone Rennó Junqueira,
                                                        Fausto Martino
161.02 Psychometric characteristics of Form         163.01 Morality, money, "Menschenrecht" and
       B of the multidimensional health locus of           medicine: The Council of Europe
       control scale in Iranian youth -- Mahdi             approach to health governance -- Piotr
       Moshki                                              Mierzewski
161.03 Handing over the baton: Emergence of         163.02 Framework for good governance in
       technical assistance and policy research            health systems -- Jose-Manuel Freire
       institutions in India -- John-Michael        163.03 Health system governance in time of
       May                                                 crisis -- Peter Makara
161.04 Uncertainty analysis of quality adjusted     163.04 Monitoring good governance in health
       life years lost -- Rebecca S. Spicer                care systems -- Eric Koornneef
161.05 Technology for evaluate minister of          163.05 Public health ethics and good
       health investment in national policy of             governance in health -- Ulrich Laaser
       health promotion: The case of national
       physical activity network of health
       system -- Danielle K. A. Cruz, Adriana       164                          16:00-17:30
       M. Castro, Aline Bressan, Deborah                                          Allen Jones
       Carvalho Malta                               Panel On Partnership Toward Making a
161.06 Building capacity for applied public         Difference in Global Health
       health research through a community-
       centered academic health department --       Moderator:   Theodor Abelin
       William C. Livingood, Robert G.              Speakers:    Sylvie Stachenko, Pekka
       Harmon, Nancy Winterbauer, Thomas                         Puska, Paulo Buss
       Bryant III, David Wood
                                                    164.01 TBD -- Sylvie Stachenko
                                                    164.02 TBD -- Pekka Puska
162                           14:00-15:30           164.03 TBD -- Paulo Buss
                               Nusret Fisek
Global Governance for Health Development            165                          16:00-17:30
Moderators: Dooso Radido, Imran Arain                                          Rudolf Virchow

162.01 Comparative analysis of primary health       Regional Cooperation of Public Health
       care policies implementation from a          Associations: The Experience from the
       governance perspective -- Natalia            African Region
       Yavich, Ernesto P. Báscolo                   Moderator:   Mengistu Asnake
162.02 Health sector governance: Essential
       intervention -- Michele Forzley              165.01 Working towards an African network of
162.03 Public private partnerships and                     public health associations -- D.K.
       implications for health care provision:             Sekimpi
       The case of Global Fund and HIV and          165.02 RSPAF work in Francophone Africa --
       AIDS in India -- Anuj Kapilashrami                  Mathias Somé
162.04 What are knowledge hubs?                     165.03 Bridging the language gap in African
       Contributing to health systems                      public health movement: Experience
       strengthening in the Asia-Pacific region -          from Cameroon -- Dominique Knodji
       - Anna M. Klinken Whelan                     165.04 Regional cooperation of public health
                                                           associations -- Mengistu Asnake

163                           16:00-17:30
                           Andrija Stampar          166                          16:00-17:30
                                                                                Louis Pasteur
Good Governance for Health
                                                    The Virtual Campus in Public Health: An
Moderators: Piotr Mierzewski, Jose-Manuel           Initiative of the Pan American Health
                                                    Organization to Improve the Public Health
                                                    Competencies of the Workforce
Moderators: Charles Godue, Alena                   Moderator:    Amy Hagopian
                                                   168.01 Children left behind: How US
166.01 The development of the public health               metropolitan areas are failing America's
       workforce in the region of the Americas -          children -- Barbara Krimgold
       - Charles Godue                             168.02 What's new about the new public
166.02 Live Demonstration of the Virtual                  health? -- Niyi Awofeso
       Campus in Public Health -- Juan             168.03 Health status of children and youth in
       Baudilio Jardines                                  the UAE -- Caroline Barakat Haddad,
166.03 The VCPH: a Country Perspective --                 Rania Dghaim
       Campos F. E. Campos                         168.04 Demoghraphic transition,
                                                          epidemiological transition and one
                                                          possible impact: Ageism -- Nesrin
167                           16:00-17:30                 Çilingiroglu, Gulay Sain
                                John Snow
Child and Adolescent Health Research               169                             16:00-17:30
Moderator:    Russell Morgan                                  Charles-Edward Amory Winslow
167.01 Prevalence, socio-demographic and           Health Promotion and Behavioral Aspects
       behavior determinants of childhood
                                                   Moderator:    Paul L. Ranelli
       obesity in Babol, the north of Iran --
       Karimollah Hajian-Tialki, Parvin            169.01 Health promotion in urban vulnerable
       Sajjadi Sr., Ali-Reza Razavi                       territories in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: A
167.02 Reality drives design of a randomized              community-based approach -- Marcelo
       control community based intervention:              Firpo Porto, Fátima Pivetta, Lenira
       Observations from research involving               Zancan, Bruno Milanez, Jairo Freitas,
       Palestinian refugee youth -- Judy                  Gleide Guimarães
       Makhoul, Rima Afifi, Rima Nakkash           169.02 Development of body and meditation
167.03 Adverse events following immunization              practices in the regions of Santo Amaro
       from a peri-urban community of Dhaka               and Cidade Ademar: São Paulo, Brazil,
       city -- A. S. M. Nurullah Awal, M. S.              2007 -- Suzana A. F. A. Penteado,
       Islam                                              Tieko Aoki, Fátima M. C. Lico, Maria
167.04 Child labor in Pelotas: Occupational               Luíza S. Almeida, Margarida M. C.
       characteristics and contribution to the            Marques
       economy -- Luiz A. Facchini                 169.03 Characteristics of suicide attempters
167.05 Will changes in health policy improve              attended in a public hospital in Rio de
       child health status in India? -- Monika            Janeiro, Brazil -- Letícia F. Legay,
       Sawhney                                            Giovanni Lovisi, Lucia Abelha, Simone
167.06 Domestic violence and machismo:                    Agadir, Diego Fonseca
       Examining the role of machismo on           169.04 Prenatal care and social risk factors for
       different types on violence among                  pregnancy evolution in Romania --
       females -- Paula Repetto, Margarita                Cornelia Rada, Ileana M. Prejbeanu,
       Bernales, Sarah Miner, Lilian Ferrer,              Suzana Manolescu
       Rosina Cianelli                             169.05 Risk and protective factors for mortality
167.07 Determination of high risk regions of              in a 35 year follow-up of 50,000 young
       cutaneous leishmaniasis in Turkey                  men in Sweden -- Anders Romelsjö,
       using exploratory spatial analysis --              Ingrid Davstad, Marlene Stenbacka,
       Reha Demirel, Saffet Erdogan                       Anders Leifman
                                                   169.06 Adult population lifestyle, knowledge
                                                          and attitudes towards health -- Tanja
168                           16:00-17:30                 Knezevic, At All
                             Refik Saydam          169.07 Impact of modernization on reduced
Demographic Change and Public Health                      duration of breastfeeding: Implications
                                                          on child health status in low income
        countries -- Monika Sawhney, Collins       172                          16:00-17:30
        Opiyo                                                               James Flemming
                                                   MCH & Reproductive Health Research
170                           16:00-17:30
                                                   Moderator:    Vijaya K. Hogan
                      Florence Nightingale
                                                   172.01 Challenging the health system of the
International Health Cooperation and
                                                          autonomous community of Cantabria in
                                                          Spain: Evaluation of an innovative
Moderators: Arja R. Aro, Jiming Cai                       gender health policy framed in the
                                                          women's health plan -- Angeles Cabria
170.01 Food and nutrition policies: Cooperation
                                                          Sr., Margarita Pla Sr.
       or containment? -- Heather R. Yeatman
                                                   172.02 The participatory model of risk
170.02 Health care private sector in Brazil:
                                                          communication: Identifying gaps in risk
       Three waves of the private health
                                                          perception of breast cancer and
       insurance state regulation -- Danielle
                                                          screening amongst lay and professional
       Conte-Alves, João Boaventura Branco
                                                          groups -- Lai Fong Chiu
       de Matos, Claudia S. Zouain
                                                   172.03 Does the adherence to dietary protein
170.03 Strengthening public health systems
                                                          recommendation from institute of
       with an international NGO code of
                                                          medicine during pregnancy and
       conduct -- Wendy Johnson, Amy
                                                          postpartum increase body weight loss
       Hagopian, Jirair Ratevosian
                                                          during postpartum? -- Maria Beatriz
170.04 Analysis of public health related
                                                          Trindade Castro, Rosely Sichieri,
       organizations: Proposal for
                                                          Gilberto Kac
       Mesoamerica and the Dominican
                                                   172.04 Dissemination of parenting programs in
       Republic -- Miguel Ángel Gonzalez-
                                                          Sweden during ten years: Lessons for
       Block, Silvia Magali Cuadra-Hernández,
                                                          evidence based public health -- Anton
       Jorge Motta-Borrell
                                                          CJ Lager, Karin Guldbrandsson, Sven
171                           16:00-17:30          172.05 Maternal mortality in Bangladesh:
                              Nusret Fisek                Learning from the past, moving towards
                                                          the future -- Özge Tunçalp
Issues in School and Occupational Health           172.06 A web-based decision support system
Moderators: Apryl Brown, Jirair Ratevosian                for sexual health in the United Kingdom
                                                          -- Chakib Kara-Zaitri, Richard Sutton,
171.01 Musculoskeletal pain, work environment             Robert Hamilton
       and retirement from labour market
       among middle-aged Danes 2000-2006 -
       - Else Nygaard, Karsten Thielen, Drude      173                          16:00-17:30
       Molbo, Finn Diderichsen                                                 Sergio Arouca
171.02 The bullying tendency among the 6th,
                                                   Nutritional Research
       7th and 8th grade students in primary
       schools -- Kamer Gür, Nefise Bahcecik,      Moderator:    Habeeb Ibrahim Abdul Razack
       Ayse Yildiz
                                                   173.01 Health and nutrition: Problems and
171.03 Neck, upper back and low back pain
                                                          interventions after 25 years of
       prevalences with the Iinfluencing factors
                                                          democracy in Argentina -- Daniel
       among the population living in the
                                                          Alejandro Maceira, Mariana Stechina
       central Malatya -- Leyla Karaoglu, Filiz
                                                   173.02 Anorexagenic public health? -
                                                          preventing obesity associated illnesses
171.04 Laws and policies to support well being
                                                          and eating disorders in the United Arab
       of children: An international comparative
                                                          Emirates -- Justin Thomas, Eric
       analysis -- Emily Joy Nicklett, Brian
                                                          Breton, Serah Theuri
                                                   173.03 Cross-national comparison of the
                                                          association between race and obesity
         prevalence in older adults -- Kiarri N.              Herve Villet, Pierre Déchelotte, Joël
         Kershaw, Ana V. Diez Roux                            Ladner
173.04   Overweight and obesity in adolescents         174.06 Factors influencing the daily television
         in northwest Russia in 2007: Do                      watching period among 5-8 years old
         international and Russian criteria                   children -- Songul Yalcin, Bekir Kaplan,
         produce different results? -- Svetlana L.            Mutahher Akcaer, Muhittin Celik, Eda
         Khasnutdinova, Andrej M. Grjibovski                  Köksal, Belma Tugrul
173.05   Standardization of national data
         collection activities for European health
         information on nutrition and physical
                                                       Friday, May 1, 2009
         activity -- Grit Neumann, Wilhelm Kirch
173.06   Evaluation of an intervention in women        175                            09:00-10:30
         aimed to reduce obesity through                                                Allen Jones
         counseling in healthy behaviors --
         Marcia Erazo, Anna Pinheiro, Paola            Social Determinants of Health: And Now
         Gaete, Johanna Silva, Tito Pizarro, Jose      What?
         Miguel Ayala                                  Moderator:     Ronald Labonte
173.07   Predictive model for severe food
         insecurity for the Brazilian municipalities   Speakers:      Mauricio Baretto, Ndioro
         -- Muriel Gubert, Maria H. D. A.                             Ndiaye, Michael Marmot, Xenia
         Benicio, Joseane P. Silva, Tereza E. C.                      Scheil-Adlung
         Rosa, Leonor M. P. Santos

                                                       176                            11:00-12:30
174                             16:00-17:30                                             Allen Jones
                                   Behcet Uz
                                                       Dialogue with Global Nursing Leaders
Social Determinants of Health
                                                       Moderator:     Barbara J. Hatcher
Moderator:     Corina-Aurelia Zugravu
                                                       176.01 Perspective from Nazareth College --
174.01 Social determinants of health in Taiwan                Marie O'Toole
       -- Tung-liang Chiang                            176.02 Perspective from Center for Child
174.02 Sexually transmitted diseases                          Protection and Family Support -- Joyce
       knowledge, and related influential                     Thomas
       factors among males -- Seval Akgun,             176.03 Perspective from the International
       Coskun Bakar, I.Irem Budakoglu,                        Council of Nurses -- David Becton
       A.Dilek Simsek, Rengin Erdal                    176.04 Perspective from WHO Liaison to Iraq --
174.03 Socioeconomic inequalities in health-                  Naeema Al-Gasseer
       related behaviors and health status in a
       representative sample of Greek adult
       population: The Hellas health I study --        177                            11:00-12:30
       Filippos T. Filippidis, Yannis Tountas                                      Andrija Stampar
174.04 Death by external causes; A study about
                                                       Migrant Health towards a Multi-Sectoral and
       race/color identification by skin in
       medical legal institute of
                                                       Inclusive Approach
       Salvador/Bahia/Brazil, 2007 -- Andréia          Moderator:     Davide Mosca
       Beatriz Silva dos Santos, Thereza
                                                       177.01 Angle from nation with great variety of
       Christina B. Coelho, Edna M. Araujo
                                                              complex migration flows and involving
174.05 Health behaviours and prevention
                                                              migrants with high vulnerability levels --
       demands in health students: A cross-
       sectional study at Rouen university                    Mexico- Ministry of Health
                                                       177.02 WHO's efforts in the domain of migrant
       health campus (France), 2007 --
                                                              health, in particular with respect to the
       Francois Rouger, Sebastien Grigioni,
       WHO migrant health resolution -- Daniel             undergraduate public health education -
       Lopez Acuna                                         - Sian Griffiths, Josette Sin-yee Chor,
177.03 With migrants for migrants: As a key                Janice Yue, Fowie Ng
       concept for social inclusion -- Ramazan      180.02 Institutional self-assessment in public
       Salman                                              health education -- Alena Petrakova,
177.04 Angle from the private sector with                  Rebecca J. Bailey
       respect to the health of labour migrants -   180.03 Narratives elaboration as part of a
       - Rob Donnelly                                      health professionals education strategy -
                                                           - Roberto T. Kinoshita Sr., Sidnei, J.
                                                           Casetto Sr., Jaquelina Imbrizi Sr.,
178                            11:00-12:30                 Alexandre O. Henz Sr., Angela A.
                               Louis Pasteur               Capozzolo Sr., Fátima Queroz Sr.
Public Health Genomics                              180.04 Education in context: Community
                                                           oriented approach to training public
Moderator:     Helmut Brand                                health workers -- Gabriel Mahasi
178.01 The role of public health observatories             Buluku, Job Siekei Mogire
       in public health genomics -- John
                                                    181                            11:00-12:30
178.02 Public health genomics and international
                                                                               James Flemming
       activities -- Angela Brand
178.03 The Turkish GENAR institute for public       Building a Civil Society to Support Healthy
       health genomics: A practice model for        Communities
       personalized medicine -- Serdar Savas
                                                    Moderators: Mohammad Al-Motlaq, Heslley
                                                                M. Silva
179                            11:00-12:30          181.01 A model for population's involvement in
                              Rudolf Virchow               healthcare management -- Varuzhan
Revisiting Primary Health Care: Bringing                   Avanesyan, Ruzanna Melyan, Susanna
Care Closer to People by Improving Health                  Mkrtchyan
Worker Retention in Remote and Rural                181.02 Formative study on the media use,
Areas                                                      lifestyles and values of the Vietnamese
                                                           youth -- Nam T. Tran, MaiHuong T.
Moderator:     Manuel Dayrit                               Nguyen
179.01 Increasing access to health workers in       181.03 Leadership networking for health
       remote and rural areas: Global overview             promotion -- Rosilda Mendes, Marcia
       of issues and introduction to WHO                   Faria Westphal, Claudia Maria Bogus,
       programme of work on health workforce               Juan Carlos Aneiros Fernandez
       retention -- Jean-Marc Braichet              181.04 Community-based prevention for
179.02 Medicalization of rural areas in Mali: An           disadvantaged older people: The link
       effective solution to improve access to             between participation and health --
       health workers -- Henri Dubois                      Susanne Kuempers, Anja C. Dieterich,
179.03 Moderated discussion: Challenges in                 Katrin Falk
       implementation at the country level --       181.05 Networks of youth travelers, binge
       Manuel Dayrit                                       drinking, and STI risk on a
                                                           Mediterranean island -- Antonis
                                                           Theocharous, Sevil Sonmez, Yorghos
180                            11:00-12:30                 Apostolopoulos, Georgia Nathanael,
                        Florence Nightingale               Manolis Mathioudakis
                                                    181.06 An innovative model of a community's
Reforming Public Health Education II
                                                           capacity to act on its living conditions --
Moderator:     D.K. Sekimpi                                Pascale Mantoura, Louise Potvin
                                                    181.07 The effect of educational program based
180.01 Multidisciplinary integration to public
                                                           on Basnef model on pregnant women
       health training: Moving towards
        breastfeeding behavior in Arak city –       183.02 Delivery of health care to women
        Iran -- Akbar Hassanzadeh, Gr                      inmates in a "Mega-Jail" -- Lilyan Kay,
        Sharifirad, P. Golshiri, M. Barati                 Lasha Pierce
                                                    183.03 Violence against women in Serbia – An
                                                           overview of development of the inter-
182                            11:00-12:30                 sectoral collaboration last fifteen years --
                                 John Snow                 Bosiljka Djikanovic, Stanislava
Environmental and Occupational Health I                    Otasevic, Snezana Simic

Moderator:     Fauzia Khan
                                                    184                             11:00-12:30
182.01 Effects of exposure to biomass
                                                                                   Sergio Arouca
       combustion in respiratory function --
       Luiz F. F. Silva, Marisa Dolhnikoff,         Health Promotion as a Strategy for
       Paulo Hilário N. Saldiva, Bandeira           Intersectoral Action
       Científica Project
                                                    Moderator:     Feryal Subasi
182.02 Social networking in the promotion of
       influenza vaccination of health care         184.01 Environmental and public health cost-
       workers -- Anna Llupià, Alberto L.                  benefit evaluation of the bus
       García-Basteiro, Victòria Olivé, Laura              transportation system in Sao Paulo,
       Costas, Sebastiana Quesada, Pilar                   Brazil -- Simone Miraglia, Luiz Kulay,
       Varela, José María Bayas, Antoni Trilla             Diego Veronez
182.03 Occupational health, safety &                184.02 Health promotion as a means of
       environmental management activities in              resistance to juvenile violence -- Fatima
       an automative factory in Adana -- Ferdi             Madalena de Campos Lico, Marcia
       Tanir                                               Faria Westphal
182.04 The evaluation of occupational health        184.03 Health promotion and diseases
       status and risks of dental technicians in           prevention programs as strategy for
       Denizli, Turkey -- Belkis Yurdasal, Ali             integrality in Brazilian private health care
       Ihsan Bozkurt, Ilkay Öz, Evrim Gurhan,              -- Michelle Mello
       Seher Tanrıverdi, Nurgul Bozkurt,            184.04 Children as Stakeholders of Their Own
       Erdogan Tas                                         Health: A Health Promotion Strategy --
182.05 Quantification of arsenic (As) exposure             Mª Carmen Davó-Blanes, Rocio Ortiz-
       by drinking water in Auvergne (France)              Moncada, Daniel La Parra, Andres
       in the cardiotox cohort -- Cecile Marie,            Agudelo Suarez
       Nathalie Marchiset-Ferlay, Chantal           184.05 Daily consumption of fruits and
       Savanovitch, Luc Fontana, Jean-René                 vegetables: The household influence,
       Lusson, Marie-Pierre Sauvant-Rochat                 Belo Horizonte-Minas Gerais, 2002-
182.06 Analysing the health impacts of                     2003 -- Aline Dayrell Ferreira, Waleska
       globalised workplaces: A study of                   T. Caiaffa
       outsourced call centers in New Delhi,        184.06 Disparities in injury mortality patterns:
       India -- Papia Raj                                  Comparing Uganda and the United
                                                           States -- Doruk Ozgediz, Sudha
                                                           Jayaraman, Michael Lipnick, Justin
183                            11:00-12:30                 Miyamoto, Nolan Caldwell, Jacqueline
           Charles-Edward Amory Winslow                    Mabweijano, Renee Hsia, Rochelle
Gender Discrimination and Violence against                 Dicker, Laura Goetz
Women II
Moderator:     Heidol Lysol                         185                             11:00-12:30
                                                                                       Behcet Uz
183.01 Delay in presentation to healthcare
       facility in gynecology in-patients -- Sara   Innovative Approaches On Emerging
       I. Gilani, Omar Hyder, Aftab Iqbal,          Diseases
       Sarah T. Mir, Sana Ali, Tooba Mazhar
Moderator:    Luiz A. Facchini                                                   Nusret Fisek
185.01 Action plan for the control of              Public Health Approach to Pharmaceuticals
       tuberculosis -- Lia L. Steinberg, Valeria   and Medical Supplies
       A. Lopes, Minervina Junqueira, Mario
       Bracco                                      Moderators: Marino J. Gonzalez, Carla J. F.
185.02 Internet-based China information                        Cruz
       system for disease control and              187.01 Learning and focalization in an
       prevention -- Wang Longde                          Argentinean program of distribution of
185.03 Implementation of complementary and                medicines -- Daniel A. Maceira
       alternative medicine (CAM) in health        187.02 Knowledge and viewpoints of health
       care system -- Vuk Stambolovic, Nina               personnel on HPV in primary health
       Bulajic                                            care settings Ankara, 2008 -- Ayse
185.04 Innovations in preventing hepatitis B              Tulay Bagci Bosi, Levent Akin
       and C and HIV/AIDS in Moldova -- Yulia      187.03 Assessment of pharmaceutical
       Johansen, Katie Qutub                              assistance to pregnant women under
185.05 Bordetella pertussis seroprevalence                public health care in the town of Praia
       among 6-14 years old school children in            Grande, Brazil -- Marlene R. S. Vieira,
       Ankara, Turkey -- F. Nur Aksakal,                  Paulo A. Lorandi, Aylene E. M.
       Gulendam Bozdayi, Mustafa N. Ilhan,                Bousquat
       Mustafa N. Ceyhan, Evin Aras, Sefer         187.04 Analysis of two cases of irregular
       Aycan                                              medicine sales on internet -- Verano C.
                                                          Dutra, Luciana T. Cavalini
                                                   187.05 The use of anti-asthmatic drugs in
186                           11:00-12:30                 children in northeast Brazil -- Djanilson
                             Refik Saydam
                                                          B. Santos
Progress On Prevention and Control of              187.06 Pharmaceutical services for non-
HIV/AIDS, Malaria, and Tuberculosis I                     complicated malaria by p. vivax e p.
                                                          falciparum in high-risk municipalities of
Moderator:    Mengistu Asnake                             the Brazilian Amazon: Organization of
186.01 HIV knowledge and willingness to                   services, prescribing, dispensing and
       participate in new preventive                      adherence to treatment -- Claudia
       technologies (NPT) trials among a                  Garcia Serpa Osorio-de-Castro,
       Nigerian refugee population --                     Monica Rodrigues Campos, Elaine Silva
       Oluwaseun Oladapo Akinyemi                         Miranda, Martha Cecília Suárez-Mútis,
186.02 HIV risk perception and risk taking                Leticia F. Freitas, Paula Pimenta Souza
       among men who have sex with men
       (MSM): Challenges for internet based
                                                   188                           14:00-15:30
       follow up surveys among hidden
                                                              Charles-Edward Amory Winslow
       populations and sexual minorities --
       Axel J. Schmidt, Michael Bochow             Health and Climate Change: WHO's Call for
186.03 Perception of quality of life among HIV-    Action by Health Care Providers
       infected patients after initiating
       treatment in Brazil -- Lorenza N.           Moderator:    Peter Orris
       Campos, Cibele Comini Cesar, Mark           188.01 Health and climate change: World
       Guimaraes                                          health organization's call for action by
186.04 Dots evaluation in primary health care in          health care providers -- Maria Neira
       Rio de Janeiro -- Haroldo J. Matos,         188.02 Case study: India -- Ravi Agarwal
       Angela M. S. Longo, Paulo Henrique de       188.03 Case Study: United Kingdom -- David
       Almeida Rodrigues Sr., Carlos                      Pencheon
       Gonçalves Serra                             188.04 Case study: United States of America --
                                                          Anna Gilmore Hall
                                                   188.05 WHO program -- Susan Wilburn
187                           11:00-12:30
189                           14:00-15:30         192.01 Using film for culturally-relevant
                          Andrija Stampar                reproductive health promotion in Timor-
                                                         Leste -- Nadine Hoekman
Managing the Migration of Public Health           192.02 Making facilities birth-friendly in Timor-
Professionals: Engaging with the Diaspora                Leste -- Susan M. Thompson
Moderator:    Anita Davies                        192.03 Supporting the Promotor Saude Familiar
                                                         (Community Health Worker) Program in
189.01 The ethical global perspective -- Peggy           Timor-Leste -- Paul Vasconselos
       Clark                                      192.04 The role of international health NGOs in
189.02 The diaspora and public health capacity           an independent Timor-Leste -- Rui
       building -- Alena Petrakova                       Maria de Araujo
189.03 Human resources for health: Migration
       and retention -- Yoswa Dambisya
                                                  193                           14:00-15:30
                                                                            James Flemming
190                           14:00-15:30
                                John Snow         Tobacco Control in Turkey
Reducing Injuries and Violence through            Moderator:    Hikmet Pekcan
Community Action to Address Determinants          Speakers:     Nazmi Bilir, Dilek Aslan
of Health
Moderator:    Deborah Klein Walker
                                                  194                           14:00-15:30
190.01 A theorhetical framework for reducing                             Florence Nightingale
       injuries and violence through community
       action -- Larry Cohen                      Turkish-Greek Solidarity Building: Public
190.02 Models of community action to improve      Health and Health Disaster Management
       injuries and violence in the United        Moderators: Ali Coskun, Vicky
       States -- Joyce Pressley                               Papanicolaou
190.03 Child safety action planning in European
       countries -- Joanne Vincenten              194.01 Greek Turkish collaboration program --
                                                         Jeffrey Levett
                                                  194.02 Turkish perspective -- Ali Coskun
191                           14:00-15:30         194.03 Aegean interface: Ambulance rally and
                                Allen Jones              112 training -- Turhan Sofuoglou
The Role of Health Care Workers in                194.04 EMS in Greece -- Anastasia Zigoura
Addressing Communicable Diseases in the           194.05 EMS in Istanbul -- Serpil Yaylaci
WHO European Region                               194.06 Solidarity -- Dimitris Pyrros
                                                  194.07 Intervention and summary -- Marvin
Moderator:    Nedret Emiroglu                            Birnbaum
                                                  194.08 Skopje Declaration revisited -- Ulrich
Speakers:     Srdan Matic, Rebecca Martin,
              Marten Kivi                                Laaser
                                                  194.09 Solidarity building summary -- Jeffrey
                                                         Levett, Ali Coskun
192                           14:00-15:30
                             Rudolf Virchow       195                           14:00-15:30
                                                                                Louis Pasteur
The Role of the Academically-Linked NGO
in Development of the Government Health           Using Information Technology to Enhance
Sector: The Case of Timor-Leste                   Public Health Capacity: Experiences,
Moderator:    Mary Anne Mercer
                                                  Lessons Learned, and Challenges
                                                  Moderator:    Jean-Jacques Akamba
195.01 Global knowledge network for public          197.01 Economic assessment of treatment of
       health workforce: Innovative approach               glomerulonephritis in Bulgaria --
       to strengthen public health capacity                Jasmine Pavlova, Tsvetelina Petrova-
       worldwide -- Alena Petrakova, Thomas                Gotova, Boriana Delijska, Valentin
       Cook                                                Lazarov, Lora Afanasieva
195.02 Oasis: An open source standards              197.02 Practice of female population towards
       compliant health information system for             breast cancer: An experience at a
       low resource environments -- Michael                tertiary care hospital in Rawalpindi --
       Clarke                                              Sara I. Gilani, Tooba Mazhar, Sana Ali,
195.03 Experiences and challenges of a public              Sarah T. Mir, Sofia Tariq, Asif Z. Malik
       health association IT network -- Manjula     197.03 Second primary malignancies
       Alles                                               associated with nasopharyngeal
195.04 The use of IT technology in Africa: The             carcinoma in Hong Kong: Incidence and
       case of UNACOH and ECSAPHA --                       risk factors -- William B. Goggins,
       D.K. Sekimpi                                        Ignatius Yu
                                                    197.04 Nutritional status of children and their
                                                           mothers' perception: A population-based
196                           14:00-15:30                  approach -- Carolina Perim Faria,
                             Sergio Arouca                 Maria del Carmen Bisi Molina, Pilar
Revisiting Primary Health Care in the 21st                 Montero López, Nagela Valadão Cade
Century II                                          197.05 Uncontrolled hypertension: Evidence
                                                           pointing towards inadequate health
Moderator:    Victor O. Lasebikan                          systems and unhealthy life style -- Ali
196.01 Reaching millions through scaling-up                Yawar Alam
       community health actions -- Bihita
       Bidhan Khisa                                 198                           14:00-15:30
196.02 General assessment of the                                                  Refik Saydam
       immunization program in Yemen and
       recommendations for its improvment.          Disaster Preparedness and Management
       Aden (Yemen) -- Jameel A. Saleh
                                                    Moderator:    Anuj Kapilashrami
196.03 Contributions of the local health councils
       in the consolidation of the family health    198.01 Healthy public policy development using
       program of Brazil -- José Patrício                  health impact assessment and
       Bispo Jr.                                           adaptation of flash flood and mudslide
196.04 Accuracy of screening oral pre-                     victims in Thailand -- Jakkrite
       malignant and malignant lesions in                  Pinyaphong
       primary care -- Paulo Frazao, Luis           198.02 Communication inequalities during
       Claudio Sartori                                     public health disasters: Katrina's wake --
196.05 Health services and some determinants               Kalahn A. Taylor-Clark
       after one year of transformation in          198.03 Disaster management based model for
       primary health care services, Edirne,               public health -- Jeffrey Levett, Vicky
       2008 -- Muzaffer Eskiocak, Seval                    Papanicolaou
       Alkoy, Gamze Saraçoglu, Hasan                198.04 Why are older people health needs
       Dedeler, Ufuk Berberoglu, Faruk                     being forgotten during post disaster
       Yorulmaz                                            relief in developing countries? A health
                                                           care provider survey of 2005 Kashmir,
                                                           Pakistan earthquake -- Emily Y. Y.
197                           14:00-15:30                  Chan
                                 Behcet Uz          198.05 Social support, fear and willingness to
The Global Threat of Chronic Diseases II                   comply with non-pharmaceutical
                                                           interventions against pandemic
Moderator:    Suneth Agampodi                              influenza among U.S. university
                                                           students -- Yuan-Chiao Lu, Sandro
       Galea, Vanessa Perez, Guipeng Liu,
       Rebecca Coulborn, Monica Uddin,
       Arnold Monto, Allison E. Aiello
198.06 Assessment on current status of public
       health emergency response capacity
       and constructing evaluation indicators
       system in China -- Qunhong Wu,
       Yanhua Hao, Ning Ning, Mingli Jiao,
       Lijun Gao, Hong Sun, Libo Liang,
       Peisen He

199                           14:00-15:30
                               Nusret Fisek
Health and Geopolitics
Moderators: Andre Pereira Neto, Claire R.
199.01 Access to organs for transplantation: An
       analysis of the Brazilian legal criteria
       and context -- Fabio B. C. Gomes
199.02 Are there tangible benefits for Chinese
       rural-suburban schoolchildren under
       cooperative health insurance schemes?
       Findings from a survey of schoolchildren
       -- Jane Mingjia Zhu, Yiliang Zhu
199.03 Mortality records in one district in the
       capital of Turkey, 2007 -- Fehminaz
       Temel, Ipek Sanlisoy, Suleyman N.
       Sendur, Yuce Islamoglu, Arif Aslan,
       Bahar Guciz Dogan
199.04 Robust public health policy making in
       uncertain times: The role of foresight
       and futures studies -- Sally A. Fawkes
199.05 Biodiversity and prospective scenarios:
       Building a participative management
       model for the national biodiversity policy
       in Brazil -- Solange Baraldi, Daniel C.Jr
       Alvão Sr., Wagner J. Martins Sr.

200                           15:00-15:45
International Media Conference

201                           16:00-17:00
                                Allen Jones
Closing Ceremony
Moderator:    Hikmet Pekcan
Speakers:     Paulo Marchiori Buss, Ulrich
              Laaser, Mengistu Asnake

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