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					                 Skype Connect and Skype for Asterisk: What are their Roles?

Taking Skype-to-the-Max: The FREETALK Connect incorporates Skype for Asterisk and simultaneously
supports Skype Connect profiles and its associated services. One complements the other to optimize
FREETALK Connect’s use of Skype services and reduce ongoing communication costs.

To summarize where is each employed:

•   Both support SkypeOut calling at Skype’s favorable international calling rates.
•   Both support routing of inbound calls based on the originating Skype Online number.

Skype for Asterisk

•   Skype for Asterisk supports Skype-to-Skype calling from IP phones.
•   Skype for Asterisk feeds Skype Contacts’ presence information to IP phones 1 that support Skype
    calling from the IP phone’s display.

Skype Connect

•   Skype Connect supports multiple Business SkypeID’s within a Skype Connect profile and, as a
    result, supports routing of inbound calls based on SkypeID’s.
•   Skype Connect supports identification of the Skype Online number used to make an inbound call
    and, as a result, supports routing of inbound calls based on Skype Online number.
•   Skype Connect allows a business to use either Skype Online numbers or the business’s legacy
    PSTN number 2 for the callerID for Outbound calls.
•   Skype Connect provides more granular tracking of inbound/outbound calling activity
•   SkypeOut calls via Skype Connect voice channels are 0.8 cents/minute for calls terminated in the
    U.S. until Dec. 31, 2010

A more detailed comparison of Skype for Asterisk and Skype Connect follows.

1 Skype Contact lists can be displayed on the screens of Aastra, snom and Polycom IP phones.
2 Use of a legacy PSTN number for CallerID associated with Skype Connect requires business verification by Skype..
                                          Skype Connect                      Skype for Asterisk
Primary Element                     Skype Connect Profile               Asterisk Channel
Where?                              Skype Infrastructure Cloud          Embedded Skype for
                                                                        Asterisk s/w
Voice Channels supported 3          Up to 300                           One per license
Skype-to-Skype Inbound              Yes, to PBX Inbound Route           Yes, to PBX Inbound Route
Enterprise (Multi-user)             Multiple                            One 5
Skype for Business
SkypeID’s 4
Access Enterprise Skype             No                                  Yes
Accounts from Skype client
User Skype for Business             Yes                                 Yes
SkypeID’s 6
Max Skype Online Numbers            Unlimited, independent of           10, associated with SkypeID
Recognize Skype Online              Yes, individually 7                 No
Recognize Inbound CallerID  Yes                                         Yes
Click-to-Call               Yes, using any Enterprise                   Yes, single SkypeID
SkypeOut Outbound Routes Yes                                            Yes
Skype-to-Skype Outbound     No                                          Yes, from supported IP
Routes                                                                  Phones
Skype Contacts on IP Phone No                                           Yes, Aastra, snom, Polycom
CallerID for Outbound Calls Yes, Skype Online Number                    Skype Online Number or
                            or verified PSTN Business                   Business Mobile Number
Fixed cost                  None                                        $66 per license 8
Monthly cost                $7.95 per voice channel                     $7.00 per Skype Online
                            $7.00 per Skype Online                      number
SkypeOut Minutes            Skype Tariffs10                             Skype Tariffs

3  Equivalent to number of lines on a traditional PSTN trunk
  Enterprise-owned SkypeID’s to call into an enterprise
5 A FREETALK Connect can be associated with multiple Skype for Asterisk Business Skype Accounts but each Account must
be set up, via the FREETALK Connect Administrator Portal, as a separate Phone Service on FREETALK Connect. On the
other hand, one Skype Connect profile can support multiple Skype Accounts/SkypeID’s that are managed via Skype
Manager and only one Skype Connect-associated SIP Phone Service is set up on the FREETALK Connect.
  Enterprise-owned SkypeID’s for User (Employee) Skype accounts
  For instance, recognize if a Skype Online inbound call is coming in on, say, a U.S or U.K number.
8 Note that a call into the FREETALK Connect via a SkypeID that is routed to a Skype client is considered to use two voice
channels, requiring two Skype for Asterisk licenses or two Skype Connect voice channels.
9 Prices are subject to change at Skype’s discretion.
   0.8 Cents/minute for calls terminated in U.S; SkypeOut promotion for Skype Connect only until Dec. 31, 2010
                         Skype Connect                 Skype for Asterisk

Business Reasons   •  Direct inbound calls        •   Direct outbound calls
                      from identified source          over Skype to Skype
                      to specific user, team or       Contacts at no charge
                      Auto Attendant              •   Call Skype Contacts
                   • Identify and direct              directly from IP phones
                      Skype Online inbound        •   Take advantage of
                      calls by, say, country or       SkypeOut tariffs to over
                      “local” number                  180 countries; no
                   • Use Skype Online                 country-specific
                      number or business’s            contracts required
                      PSTN number as
                      CallerID for a profile
                   • Take advantage of
                      SkypeOut tariffs to over
                      180 countries; no
                      contracts required
Purchase from      Skype Manager (Skype           Skype Store (SfA licenses)
                   Credits, Online Numbers, Store (SfA
                   Voice Channels)                licenses)
                                                  Skype Manager (Skype

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