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					                                             Skype Commands
Speak the voice command in the left hand column clearly and watch
the outcome on your screen.

Voice Command                                Description

Skype Commands

Status Online                                Set Status As Online
Status Away                                  Set Status As Away
Status Do Not Disturb                        Set Status As Do Not Disturb
Status Invisible                             Set Status As Invisible
Status Offline                               Set Status As Offline
Set Call Forwarding                          Set Up Call Forwarding
Change Profile Picture                       Change Profile Picture
Add Video                                    Add Video To Mood
Change Profile Sounds                        Change Profile Sounds
Edit Profile                                 Edit Profile
Link To MySpace                              Link To MySpace Profile
Privacy Settings                             Set Privacy Settings
Account Settings                             Set Account Settings
Buy Skype Credit                             Buy Skype Credit
Change Password                              Change Skype Password
Sign Out                                     Sign Out Of Skype
Close Skype                                  Close Skype

Contact Commands

New Contact                                  Add New Contact
Create Contact Group                         Create New Contact Group
Import Contacts                              Import Contacts
Search Skype Users                           Search For Skype Users
See Contact Categories                       See All Contact Categories
Show Outlook Contacts                        Toggle Showing Outlook Contacts
Sort Contacts By Name                        Sort Contacts By Name
Sort Contacts By Status                      Sort Contacts By Online Status
Hide Offline Contacts                        Hide Offline Contacts
Hide Offline Contacts With Call Forwarding   Hide Offline Contacts With Call Forwarding
Voice Command                          Description

Contact Commands

Hide Contacts Without Shared Details   Hide Contacts Who Have Not Shared Contact
Backup Contacts                        Backup Contacts To File
Restore Contacts                       Restore Contacts From File
Manage Blocked Contacts                Manage Blocked Contacts

Conversation Commands

Send Instant Message                   Send Instant Message
Send SMS                               Send SMS
Send Voicemail                         Send Voicemail Message
Send File                              Send File
Play Games                             Play Games
Open CrazyTalk Avatar                  Open CrazyTalk Avatar
Play Backgammon                        Play Backgammon
Play Chinese Checkers                  Play Chinese Checkers
Open InnerPass                         Open InnerPass Share And Collaborate
Open Call Recorder                     Open Pamela Call Recorder
Send Fax                               Send Fax
Skype Outlook                          Skypify Outlook With Skylook
Organise Extras                        Organise Extras
Get Extras                             Get Extras
Small Profile                          Small Profile
Large Profile                          Large Profile
Hide Profile                           Hide Profile
Remove From Contacts                   Remove From Contacts
Add People                             Add People
Rename Contact                         Rename Selected Contact
Leave Conversation                     Leave Conversation
Block Contact                          Block Selected Contact
Notification Settings                  Open Notification Settings Window
Find                                   Find
View Old Messages                      View Old Messages
Mark Unread                            Mark As Unread
Remove From Conversations List         Remove From Conversations List
Recent Conversations                   See Recently Closed Conversations

Call Commands

Call Contact                           Call Contact
Video Call                             Video Call
Answer Call                            Answer Call
Ignore Call                            Ignore Call
Mute Microphone                        Mute Microphone
Hold Call                              Hold Call
Voice Command         Description

Call Commands

Hang Up               Hang Up Call
Audio Settings        Audio Settings
Turn My Video Off     Turn Video Off
Hide Me               Hide Myself View
Turn Video Off        Turn Video Off
Take Video Snapshot   Take Video Snapshot
Video Settings        Video Settings
Learn Call Quality    Learn About Call Quality

View Commands

View Contacts         View Contacts Pane
View Conversations    View Conversations
View History          View Conversation History
Contact Phone         Call Or SMS Phone
View Directory        View Directory
View Shop             View Shop
Compact View          Compact View
Default View          Default View
Change Language       Change Language
Share Skype           Share Skye With A Freind
Skype Options         Skype Options

Help Commands

Help Me               Launch Answers And Support
Welcome Screen        Show Welcome Screen
Call Quality Guide    Call Quality Guide
Check Updates         Check For Updates
About Skype           About Skype

Other Commands

Next Contact          Next Contact
Previous Contact      Previous Contact
Down Five Contacts    Down Five Contacts
Down Ten Contacts     Down Ten Contacts
Up Five Contacts      Up Five Contacts
Up Ten Contacts       Up Ten Contacts
Select Contact        Select Contact
Start Call            Start Call
Call Contact Skype    Call Contact Skype
Call Contact Home     Call Contact Home
Call Contact Mobile   Call Contact Mobile
Call Contact Office   Call Contact Office

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Description: Skype is a global Internet telephony company, to clients worldwide by providing free high-quality phone service, is gradually changing telecommunications industry. Skype is a network of real-time voice communication tool. IM has other functions required, such as video chat, voice conferencing over, people chat, transfer files, text chat and other functions. The free high-definition voice conversations with other users, you can make domestic and international calls, whether fixed telephone, mobile phone, PHS can dial, and can call forwarding, SMS and other functions.