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									                MUSIC LISTENING

You will hear TWO VERSIONS of ‘Roxanne’. Each version will be played
THREE TIMES. Answer the following questions.

1.Compare the introductions of both versions of ‘Roxanne’.
(Hint: Mention INSTRUMENTATION (what instruments are used)
and the length of the introductions)

                                               (4 Marks)

2. Which of the below best describes the vocal lines of the
two versions?
   They are both the same 
   They are nearly the same, but version one has more notes that
    version two 
   They are nearly the same, but version two has more notes than
    version one 
   They are completely different   
3. Both versions have the same time signature, what is it?
Circle the correct answer.

      3/4            6/8           2/4         4/4

4. Both versions are written in a different style, put an ‘A’ next to
to the style you feel best describes version A, do the same for
version B.

POP                       BLUES               JAZZ   

        REGGAE                     FOLK                  ROCK   

5. Which version do you like best. Give THREE MUSICAL
reasons for your choice.

                                                            (4 Marks)

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