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									                         REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS

  Sanofi-aventis Biomedical Innovation Award (SABIP) Program
                        Application deadline: January 6th, 2011

Biomedical Innovation Funding Awards (BIFAs)

Sanofi-aventis encourages researchers from across MIT to collaborate in exploring
innovative research to advance knowledge in the area of human health though basic and
applied research. We welcome proposals focused on technologies for detection and
monitoring, targeted delivery systems, or devices for use in the following areas: diabetes,
cancer, inflammation (e.g. RA, MS), fibrosis, and diseases of the eye (including painless
delivery methods, artificial retinal systems). Proposals that provide solutions to issues
related to aging are welcome. Proposals that enable more efficient production or
improved quality of biopharmaceuticals during biomanufacturing are welcome.
Nanotechnology proposals for delivering small molecules, biologics or siRNAs specifically
for treating the diseases mentioned above are welcome. Highly innovative applications in
other areas will be considered.

The funds available will provide MIT researchers with financial support to enable
innovative research projects in furtherance of the objectives of a Strategic Alliance that
Sanofi-aventis and MIT entered into on May 5th, 2010. It is anticipated that awards will be
between $100,000-$150,000/year with periods of performance of up to two years. It is
estimated that between five and eight awards will be made this year.

January 6th, 2011 – BIFA application deadline
February, 2011 – Review/selection of proposals by MIT/Sanofi-aventis Joint Scientific
Steering Committee
April 1st , 2011 – Earliest start date for BIFA projects


The Sanofi-aventis Biomedical Innovation Award (SABIP) Program is open to MIT faculty
or members of the research staff with principal investigator privileges. No PI may submit
more than one proposal to this RFP.

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Please complete the cover sheet, the Research Plan and the budget page in accordance
with the attached Instructions and Cover Sheet document.

The completed documents should be sent electronically as 3 separate files to
cbi@mit.edu by 5 p.m. on January 6th, 2011.

List of requirements for consideration:

   1. Cover page

          a. Use the cover page provided and complete the information requested for
             each PI on the project

          b. Include a brief abstract that can be shared publicly

          c. Include the following statement on the cover page: “This proposal may
             include potentially patentable material that has not been publicly disclosed.
             Please distribute only to individuals who are involved in the review process
             and who have received the proposal review instructions, and treat this
             material as confidential information.”

   2. Research Plan

          a. Submit no more than 5 pages of single spaced text (this page limit does not
             include references or illustrations)

          b. Interdisciplinary and multi-PI applications are encouraged.

          c. If you have interacted with someone at Sanofi-aventis in the development
             of this proposal, please include their names and titles.

          d. Include the following statement in the footer of each page of your proposal:
             “Sanofi-aventis Biomedical Innovation Award (SABIP) Program Proposal
             review – do not distribute”

   3. Budget

          a. The project accounts will be set up under the CTPID profit center so
             please use the budget template provided as CTPID allocation rates are
             already formulated in this template.

          b. If you would like assistance completing your budget, please contact Lissa
             Natkin at natkin@mti.edu. Final OSP-approved budgets will be completed
             for awardees only by CBI. You do not need OSP approval for your
             proposal and budget at this time.

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The review criteria will emphasize the importance of the scientific problem, novelty of the
ideas, relevance to the focus areas, potential impact of the work, and likelihood of
success. Likelihood of success will be determined by a number of factors including
expertise of investigator in topical area and identification of an internal champion within
Sanofi-aventis for the project. The promise of opportunities for long-term funding to
continue the research project beyond the seed fund period of performance will also be


   1. Deliverables – A joint scientific steering committee (JSSC) will review progress of
      the research annually. PIs will be asked to provide an annual progress report and
      may be asked to update the steering committee on progress during scheduled
      meetings via a short power point presentation. In addition, PIs and associated
      researchers will be required to participate in an annual symposium hosted by
      Sanofi-aventis at MIT.

   2. If funded, Sanofi-aventis will appoint an appropriate representative to interact with
      the PI and act as a liaison for exchanging information and materials.

   3. PIs should send publications resulting from the award to the Center for Biomedical
      Innovation, ATTN: Stacy Springs (ssprings@mit.edu).

Any questions should be directed to Dr. Stacy Springs at ssprings@mit.edu or 617-253-

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