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									                                                                                            ALIA National Advisory Congress, 25-26 November 2005

                                                                                                                  ALIA 2005-2006 plan
                                                                                   Achievements to November 2005 and priorities for 2006

9. Achieve membership          2005                                                                 2006
    growth through             Membership growth and retention                                      Membership growth and retention
    recruitment and            July 2004-June 2005 membership year results above/within             Recruitment campaign for institutional members
    retention programs         target:                                                              Recruitment campaign for Associate and Library
    covering all career         2% net membership growth and 92% retention rate                     Technician membership
    stages and sectors          74% student member retention rate (up from 63% in 2003-04)
    (Object 5)                  64% prospects converted to members (up from 35.5% in 2003-          Member services
                               04)                                                                  Review and redevelop membership web pages including
                                62% of new members joined via website                               tailored gateway for new members
                               Recruitment campaign for institutional members starting              Integration of PD services with membership database
                               November                                                             Launch redeveloped ALIA CIPS February 06

                               Member services
                               Online shop and online registration for events launched
                               Personalised bulk email facility for communication with
                               members now available as marketing tool
                               Activities of New Graduates Group and New Generation Policy
                               and Advisory Group

                               Metcalfe Award recognising high achievement by a personal
                               member in their first five years of practice first awarded in 2005
                               ALIA merit award Letter of Recognition reinstated

ALIA 2005-2006 plan- Achievements to November 2005                                                                                                        1
3. Promote library and         2005                                                            2006
    information services as    Resources, including personal profiles and promotional          Pilot participation in careers fairs by Quorum group
    a career (Object 3)        materials added to education web pages
                                                                                               Proposal in development for research on future education,
                               Instigated partnership with Innovation and Business Skills      employment and career needs
                               Association (IBSA) to develop LIS careers promotional
                               materials                                                       Investigate opportunities for utilising government and
                                                                                               other programs
                               Library schools visit by Local Liaison Officers and groups
                                                                                               Library schools visit by Local Liaison Officers and groups
                               Investigated information required by secondary school careers

ALIA 2005-2006 plan- Achievements to November 2005                                                                                                      2
                                                                                                                          ALIA 2005-2006 plan
                                                                                         Achievements to November 2005 and priorities for 2006
1. Lobby and advocate to       2005                                                        2006
    ensure equitable access    Submissions to government and other bodies                  Ongoing lobbying and advocacy
    to information (Objects    - Role of ICT in building communities and social capital    - National broadband strategy
    1, 4) **                   - Adult Learning Australia Towards a learning revolution in - National site license initiative
                               Australia                                                   - Access to government publications
                               - Proposal for national licenses for online resources       - Copyright
                               - Inquiry into the distribution of the Parliamentary Papers - Workforce planning and education
                               - Joint Standing Committee on Migration inquiry into skills Promotion
                               recognition, upgrading and licensing                        - Library and Information Week 2006 to focus on public
                               Partnerships and forums                                     - National Simultaneous Storytime 2006
                               - Digital amnesia: the challenges of government online
                               - National Licensing Reference Group                         Further develop advocacy web pages
                               - Australian Society of Archivists memorandum of
                               understanding signed
                               - Australian Libraries Copyright Committee new
                               arrangements for submissions
                               - forum on National Library for Health proposal (Health
                               Libraries Australia group)

                               Invitations to participate and ALIA positions taken up
                               - National Broadband Strategy Implementation Group Digital
                               Content Working Group
                               - DEST 2005 reading summit steering committee
                               - NetAlert ‘Librarians’ guide to the internet’ advisory
                               - Peak bodies forum
                               - Adult Learning Australian summit
                               - National Financial Literacy Foundation
                               - WA gender pay gap report

ALIA 2005-2006 plan- Achievements to November 2005                                                                                                  3
                               International initiatives
                               - IFLA Management of Library Associations Section – mid
                               session meeting hosted
                               - World Summit on the Information Society
                               - Library-related principles for the International Development
                               Agenda for the World Intellectual Property Organization
                               - Australian National Committee of the Blue Shield endorsed

                               - Library and Information Week 2005- new model adopted
                               - National Simultaneous Storytime – growth in participation
                               and consolidation of model with DEST

                               Redeveloped advocacy web pages to be launched December

2. Research and report         2005                                                             2006
   on trends in                Employment web pages and inCite feature articles, including      Research to be included in proposal for research on future
   employment in the           reports on the sector labour market                              education, employment and career needs (Initiative 3)
   sector (Objects 2, 3,
                               Workforce planning and education issues discussed at NAC
                               regional meetings to contribute to developing ALIA's
                               advocacy agenda in workforce planning.

10. Increase the               2005                                                             2006
     participation and         Group activities and membership 2005 will be reported in         Report on location and coverage of group activities and
     engagement of             2005 Annual Report – dependent on group annual reports to        distribution of group members consolidated from 2005
     members (Object 5)        the Board                                                        annual group reports to the Board

                               Revised National Advisory Congress and regional meetings –       Guide for ALIA groups and workshops for group office-
                               12 regional meetings held, up from 8 in 2004; increase in        bearers
                               attendance numbers for regional meetings

                               Group planning and reporting
                               - Group planning calendar available through office-bearers’
                               guide web pages
                               - Group annual reporting streamlined

ALIA 2005-2006 plan- Achievements to November 2005                                                                                                           4
6. Address key issues of        2005                                                            2006
    professional practice       Task force on future directions for ALIA publishing to report   Implement recommendations of publishing task force
    through ALIA’s              to Board (November)
    publishing program                                                                          Planned publications include
    (Objects 2, 3, 5)           Managing editor appointed                                       ILRS code
                                                                                                Resource guides on policy and service issues for public
                                Publications                                                    libraries
                                New or revised policy statements and guidelines – Education,    Report on survey of internet access in public libraries
                                Libraries and privacy, Standards for teacher librarians,        Guidelines for Australian health libraries (4th edition)
                                ALIA’s role in research (for Board endorsement November)        Policy statements and guidelines including: Government
                                ILRS code discussion paper and revised draft Code -             publications, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander protocols
                                aliaPUBNEWS – subscriber numbers continuing to grow             for library and information services, Preservation
                                - Group newsletters

8. Implement the ALIA           2005                                                            2006
    Stars program (Objects      First ALIA Stars promoted LIW 2005                              Highlight ALIA stars as best practice examples in
    3, 5)                                                                                       submissions and advocacy
                                Program discussed and ideas sought at NAC regional
                                meetings                                                        Link to Library and Information Week 2006 and the Public
                                                                                                Libraries Reference Group ‘Library stars: best of the best’

11. Communicate and             2005                                                            2006
    promote the                 Communication of initiatives and priorities through             Communication of initiatives and priorities through
    Association’s priorities,   President’s and Executive Director’s columns and other          President’s and Executive Director’s columns and other
    achievements and            articles in inCite, aliaNEWS, aliaPUBNEWS                       articles in inCite, aliaNEWS, aliaPUBNEWS
    activities (Object 5)
                                NAC and NAC regional meetings

                                Conference papers
                                - Paper on ALIA’s membership retention strategies delivered
                                at International Not-for-profit conference
                                - ‘Raising library salaries in News South Wales, Australia’
                                paper at IFLA WLIC 2005 included coverage of ALIA’s role
                                in the pay equity case

ALIA 2005-2006 plan- Achievements to November 2005                                                                                                            5
                                                                                                                          ALIA 2005-2006 plan
                                                                                          Achievements to November 2005 and priorities for 2006
4. Deliver career-long         2005                                                         2006
    education for the          Education                                                    Education
    profession working         New education statements endorsed                            Education forum planned in conjunction with 2006 biennial
    collaboratively with       Education forum (April)                                      conference
    educators, employers       Library technician educators meeting (September)             Report on education trends based on 2005 Annual course
    and practitioners          Educators consulted on revising annual course returns        returns
    (Object 3)                 Annual course returns report to the Board (November)         Consultation with educators on higher education and TAFE
                                                                                            education issues and trends
                               Professional development (PD)
                               PD calendar and program 2005                                 Professional development (PD)
                               PD web pages redeveloped and regular PD column in inCite     PD calendar and program 2006
                               Extensive group PD activities and events                     Promote ALIA PD services and program to institutional
                               PD scheme promoted through NAC regional meetings,            members through 2006 recruitment campaign
                               President’s inCite articles and presentation                 Group PD activities and events
                               Power searching with the pros workshops through Top End      Review agreements with external PD providers
                               group and National Office partnership – exceeded
                               participation and financial targets                          Mentoring
                               Promotional workshop on ALIA PD services and career          Further develop mentoring programs
                               development kit at NeXt LT conference
                               Paper on PD at Public Libraries Australian conference
                               Member benefit through agreements with PD providers for
                               management and professional education and training

ALIA 2005-2006 plan- Achievements to November 2005                                                                                                      6
                                                                                                                              ALIA 2005-2006 plan
                                                                                             Achievements to November 2005 and priorities for 2006
Innovation and learning
10.4 facilitate involvement    2005                                                            2006
of members in policy           Policy and advisory groups have drafted and reviewed policy     Policy and advisory groups terms of reference and
development                    statements, contributed advice for submissions and advocacy     membership reviewed in accordance with 2-year cycle
                               activities, represented the Association, assisted with
                               development of information resources for members, planned       Contribution to policy development by policy and advisory
                               and presented forums and co-ordinated consultations and         groups, self-nominating groups and members
                               surveys on practice and policy issues.

                               Policy and advisory groups terms of reference and
                               membership reviewed in accordance with 2-year cycle

                               Contributions to policy development by self-nominating
                               groups and members

5. Extend the knowledge of     2005                                                            2006
    LIS workers and            Conferences and symposiums included                             Conferences and symposiums endorsed or proposed
    promote innovation         Information online conference (February)                        Biennial conference (September)
    and excellence through     Australian Committee on Cataloguing seminar (February)          Australian Committee on Cataloguing seminar (September)
    conferences and            Forum on purchasing agreements and licensing (February)         Library stars: best of the best, Public Libraries Reference
    symposiums (Objects 2,     Digital amnesia: the challenges of government online seminar    Group forum (September)
    3, 5) **                   (April)                                                         Education forum (September)
                               NeXt national library technicians conference (September)        New Librarians Symposium (NLS 3) (December)
                               International evidence-based librarianship conference           Research seminar (in partnership with RAILS)
                               New directions in special librarianship symposium               Beyond 2006
                               (November)                                                      Information online 2007
                                                                                               Library technicians conference 2007
                               All met or exceeded financial and attendance targets            Biennial conference 2008

ALIA 2005-2006 plan- Achievements to November 2005                                                                                                           7
7. Encourage research and      2005                                                         2006
    the use of research        Research committee and REAP                                  Research committee and REAP
    results in the sector      Statement on ALIA’s role in research drafted (for Board      Research Committee to advise on research priorities
    (Objects 2, 3)             endorsement - November)                                      Develop guidelines for partnerships in research
                               Redeveloped research web pages                               Foster new practitioners involvement in research
                               New approaches to facilitate adding conference papers to     Evaluate effectiveness of REAP initiative
                               ALIA E-prints
                                                                                            Research awards
                               Research awards                                              Further develop guidelines for applying for research awards
                               Research awards granted:
                               - Dunn and Wilson Scholarship awarded to Sharon Uthmann
                               - Ray Choate Scholarship to Kate Watson and Chelsea Harper
                               to investigate blog and wiki technology for enhancing
                               reference service processes
                               Guidelines and resources for applying for research awards

                               Awaiting decision on application for Approved Research
                               Institute status for the Research Fund

ALIA 2005-2006 plan- Achievements to November 2005                                                                                                    8

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