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Degree Audit is broken into groups for checking requirements. The program looks for multiple items as it
processes. It checks for overall credits required for the degree, the overall cumulative GPA needed for graduation,
the major GPA needed for graduation, and whether all of the required courses have been successfully completed
with an appropriate grade.

As the Degree Audit software checks each requirement, it takes into account courses that have been completed,
courses that are currently in progress, and courses for which the student is registered but has not yet started. Based
on Cazenovia’s institutional requirements, Degree Audit will calculate what is still needed.

A sample record for a student attempting to complete a Bachelors degree is shown below. The degree requires 120
credits completed overall, with 45 of those credits taken in residency at Cazenovia College. The student must also
have an overall cumulative GPA of a 2.00.

1)   Program Status: In Progress
                                                    Current..........           Anticipated(*).......
                                     Required       Earned Remaining            Additional Remaining
2)   Institutional Credits:             45.00        72.00       0.00                18.00       0.00
3)   Institutional GPA....:             2.000        2.114**      Met*
4)                 Credits:            120.00        72.00      48.00                  18.00          30.00
5)                 GPA....:             2.000        2.114**      Met*

(*) Anticipates completion of in-progress and registered courses
(**) GPA does not include credits with pending repeats

1) This block, shows the overall program status of “In Progress” – the student is currently/actively working toward
degree completion but does not have everything required either completed or registered.

2) Under Institutional Credits – reading across – it shows that there are 45 “residency” credits required to be taken
at Cazenovia for this program. The student has currently “earned” (completed ) 72 of them so the residency
requirement has been met. The last two columns show Anticipated Additional and Remaining (credits) .
Anticipated Additional shows the number of currently registered credits. Remaining calculates the number still
required if the requirement has not yet been met.

3) For the Institutional GPA, the program requires a cumulative grade point average of 2.00. The student has
earned a GPA of 2.114, so that requirement has been met. But, note the ** after the GPA which designates the GPA
does NOT include any courses that are currently being “repeated”. If you were to go to the student’s transcript, you
would find a cumulative GPA of 2.04. This student has 2 courses in “repeat” which will show further in the audit.

4) The values shown in the Credits row relate to the overall credits required for the degree. The degree requires 120
credits (Required), the student has earned 72, so there are 48 remaining to be completed to meet the requirement of
the total overall number of credits completed. The student is currently registered for 18 credits (Additional
Anticipated), so the number remaining after all registered courses are completed is 30. Note, this is an overall credit
total and does not mean these are the “right” credits for graduation. Also note that student actually has 75 completed
credits, but one of the courses being repeated this term was previously completed (3 credits) with a grade of C.
These 3 credits have been subtracted from the “total completed” to date.

5) The GPA is required to be a 2.00, with the student having earned a 2.114 to date. This is the same information
shown in field #3 since transfer work grades are not calculated into your cumulative GPA. The asterisks denote that
the current GPA does not take into account any courses that are currently being repeated.
Degree Audit is laid out somewhat like an outline with each section having one or more requirements that must be
completed. There is an overall status for the entire program (which prints immediately before the credits/GPA
information). Additionally, each section will have a status associated with the requirement(s) in that section, and
each of the individual requirements has its own status. The status for the requirement prints to the immediate left of
the requirement and is a one-digit character.

The statuses used for the program/requirements are:

C        COMPLETE                   This requirement/section is complete.
W        WAIVE                      A part of or the entire requirement has been WAIVED by the Registrar.
                                    There will be printed text that defines what has been waived.
I        IN PROGRESS                When there is more than one “requirement” in a section and one of the
                                    requirements has been started and/or completed but the other(s) have
                                    not been completed nor will they be completed during this term.
P        PENDING                    The remaining requirement is being done during the current term and
                                    if it is successfully completed, the requirement will be completed at
                                    the end of this term.
N        NOT STARTED                No part of the requirement has been started.

Often there will be statuses associated with the courses as well. The legend for these statuses print at the bottom of
the Degree Audit, if they have been referenced in the audit. The comprehensive list of these statuses are:

*IP      IN PROGRESS                Course is currently being taken.
*PR      PRE-REGISTERED             Course is registered but has not yet started (either a future term or
                                    will be taken during the “current” term but has not yet started).
*TE      TRANSFER                   This course was taken at another institution.
*RA      REPLACEMENT                This course is a repeat attempt and will replace another instance
         ATTEMPT                    of the same course from an earlier attempt.
*RP      REPLACEMENT                This is the “original” course that is being replaced.
*G       GRADE                      Course failed the minimum grade requirement
*GPA                                Credits shown are applied only toward gpa
*U       PRIOR USE                  Credits have been used elsewehere in the degree audit
*F       FORCED OVERRIDE            An override has been forced to enable the course to be used in this section.